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What is with offering less than 1/2 for VR? Have any of these sm

Posted By: NEMT on 2009-06-18
In Reply to:

... people who decide wages ever done this job?!?  Do they know what it takes to make it in this business?  Or, are they like many other people out there thinking we just type what we hear? 



So Annoyed!

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When it rains it pours. Second job offering bonus. FT job offering (sm)
has lots of work and offering opportunity to make up lines/hours from low work during the week.   Feel guilty if I don't help main account, but greed motivates me.
How much are they offering?nm
they are offering
almost .085 cpl. which is amazing but I hear that 50 to 80% of the work is VR and the pay for that is 70% of what your hiring line rate is.
Yes. When the recuiter was offering me
the position I told her I wanted to work evenings and one day on the weekend. She said, "Oh, I didn't realize you wanted to work during those times. I can bump you up." We talked on a bit about how things work with MQ and stuff and then I asked what the offer was and she said she my test scores were 99% (?I guess on both the transcription part and the click-the-answer part..lol) and she asked if I would be happy with 9.5 cpl. I asked if that included incentive and she said that would be my base rate and that incentive would be on production, paid on each check.

I see on the QNet page a payroll schedule that shows a bonus every 3 months but mine is paid on my check instead.

For ME, I was happy with that and took it and ran! I felt very excited about it.

The DQS thing, it is slow to get logged into but once it is up and running I really like it. Everything is at your fingertips, name lists, account information, and the Expander is easy to use. I have had to learn to not use macros -- at least I don't know how to do them on this if you can.

I start at 6 pm and type until midnight. My first couple of nights I was REALLY REALLLLLYY slow. I started picking up though. I get about 1400 to 1600 lines in a night most nights. Sometimes, if I have work that isn't the account I'm on, I might get 1000. I really have to stick with it though.

So far, I really like it. Apparently some people don't, by their silly posts above. Oh well.

Or else the company is offering
referral bonuses.
I'd like to know what pay scale she is offering. NM
And yet, ANOTHER company offering
But wait. They have several incentives. Who the heck could afford to put into a 401k at .005 per line??? COME ON PEOPLE, GET REAL. Stop trying to jack the MT's for heaven's sake.
Companies offering IC
Does anyone know of any companies where you can still be an IC, and they take your taxes out?  I loved being an IC, and would like to go back that way again. 
Nevada? If so, in 2/07 were offering 7 cpl and using
Exactly - TransTech is not even offering OT now
She obviously can't make quota, is pulling this trick and trying to blame TransTech. Shame on her.
Mind if I ask what MQ was offering?
I left them a few months ago, partly because of the pay, and I'm just curious what they're offering new hires. 
I thought they said in their ad they were offering 0.08 cpl?
Is this the same ad on the job seeker's board that I seen? What a bunch of liars they are if they post one rate and then offer another.
Actually they are offering it, must be a catch, but they
I have seen companies offering 10 cpl on the job ads.
Focus for one pays 10 cpl (5 for editing) for employees if you work night shift.
She was only offering reassurance, not - sm
touting. I have been with Transcend for 8 years and I can only remember maybe a rare occasion when there was no work, and it was welcoming for me. As far as us having all of MDI-MDís work; I donít recall every working on one of their accounts, in fact I have had the same 4-5 accounts for as long as I can remember, and they will give me more if I want it; all I have to do is ask. You may be feeling like MDI-MD sold you out, but give Transcend a chance, it might be better, but you will never know unless you try.
cascas: what national is offering 11 CPL?
Any suggestions on companies offering--
part-time or full-time 3rd shift radiology positions?
Is the NWU offering medical insurance again?
I had great insurance at a great rate through them years and years ago, then they dropped it because the cost was prohibitive. If they are offering it again, I applaud them. They are a good union and very unconfrontational, well spoken (guess that's a mute point, eh?) but still don't have the big bucks it would take to promote the MT industry on the level that is needed. Almost every American MT would need to join and NWU would need to find a lobbying group to help.

I would consider it a low average right now. Look at the ads to see what they're offering. nm
That is PATHETIC! Co is offering an IC position
at 5 cpl (yes, 5 cpl for an IC!!!!) with a POSSIBLE raise to 6 cpl in 90 days. That's the worst I've seen yet. I sincerely hope noone stoops as low as to accept that kind of pay.
It's more than what Cort Medical was offering at first. Is anyone still with them? nm
They are offering this same wage to QA people
with megayears of experience. That is my point!
In Florida? Are they still offering only 7 cpl with NO spaces?? nm
guess it would depend on what they are offering to
pay.  I am paid with spaces and only get 7.5 cents...so,,...just say the highest you think you are worth and see what they offer.
Last year they were offering 7 cpl with NO spaces. nm
Does anyone know what cpl rate SmartScripts is offering? sm
I have received testing materials from them and I really don't want to spend time testing for 7 cpl. Thanks in advance.
But this is an ad for a Saudi hospital offering
Why does Amherst not offering anything at all. I guess because they have enough of us idiots to do
what little work there is there is no need to pay for anything at all. I guess they would rather keep hiring than allow us to have work and get a little extra on weekends and holidays. Nice right.
Is MQ the only company offering a sign-on bonus?



If they keep offering those pathetic line rates
Are you a newbie? They're only offering 7 cpl and using Emdat. nm
They're only offering 6-8 cpl with NO spaces. That's enough to turn me off! nm
what are you offering, you offshore, have no control over your client?
what are you offering, you offshore, have no control over your client? Duh?!
meant to add that.
In 2005, they were offering 8 cpl up to 1400 lines a day. Over that,
Right and if they are offering OT, you just note it on sheet. No biggee.
DeVenture, TTS, and Lee Perfect were offering 4 cpl for eScription. nm
Softscript offering 7 cpl for acute care

Is this right? I have 3 years experience and the recruiter stated every account has ESLs.  I do not know if I can pay my bills on 7 cpl unless accounts are good. Any infor?


Why are the offering "newbies" more money than current employees?

That's odd.

It is refreshing to see Job Posts offering 10.5 cpl and 12 cpl on weekends and Holidays. sm

On the job board, SA Wynn Inc is hiring and sound pretty decent.  The pay sounds great compared to the others.  Go for it! 

I know nothing about them, as I am on the East Coast, but I was happy to see the line rates going up from 7 cpl from the other posts.

So you believe offering 2 options to clients is impossible? It's pretty cut and
dried to me. You offer Option 1 as a money-saving low rate with offshore transcription and editing. Sorry, we can't guarantee quality, but hey, you save big bucks. You then offer Option 2, quality-minded American MTs and editors, the gold standard. The rate is higher, but so is the quality of the work. Of course, you then have to make sure you hire only those who can actually maintain high quality.
You are probably right though. It wouldn't work as there no doubt are far too many companies already offshoring without the client's knowledge reaping the benefits of using low-paid foreign workers with nondiscounted line rates. Silly me.
and offering a bonus. Doesn't make sense that there
isn't work for current MTs.   Unfortunately there are lots of companies that overhire. 
And they use Emdat & are offering only H&Ps, Consults, Discharges, & Rehab right now. nm
Keystrokes is the only one there offering employee status. Does that matter? nm
D&L Services offering a great bonus program. Why not,
Any companies offering benefits on 35 hrs per week or less except Webmedex? Nm
Any companies offering just plain Word and upload to FTP?
But meanwhile as they take accounts probably by offering very low line rates until the client sees
what they got the MTs that lost the accounts scrounge around trying to get new accounts. Rather sad.
Last year offering 8 cpl w/spcs on 1100+ lpd, 8.5 cpl for 1400+ lines. nm
The newest jobs here are offering us less and less! Makes you feel like so much trash. nm
Many hotels are offering free high-speed wireless now.

 I've seen some of the major chains also have rooms setup for professional people where they have jacks for whatever equipment.  Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Panera Bread have free or low cot wireless, truck stops have low cost/free wireless. 

If you are staying in a campground many campgrounds (at least the bigger ones or ones in larger cities) are going wireless, but most at least have some type of central location where you can use dial-up.

If you know where you are going you can check the chain hotels in the area and find out if they have wireless.  There are sites that tell you where hot spots are - if you Google open hot spots you'll probably find it. 

It isn't near as hard as it used to be to get connected, just takes a bit of planning.   If you are on the road for along period and want to work going down the road if you are using a wireless card it will have a light that comes on when you hit a hot spot or you can get a hot spot finder for $20.00 or less.  I have one but it only searches for about 5 minutes and then I have to push the button again.  But this would allow you to pull over in a parking lot and download/send work. 

There are other options available, but aren't cost effective unless you travel frequently.