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Where you are incorrect

Posted By: is your statement on 2006-07-12
In Reply to: I'm sorry, you are totally incorrect - sm - Jane

that half of Medware's staff is in India.  Not true, not even close.  There are only 2 accounts that are transcribed over there and edited here.  It is only done so as not to lose the account, which would mean laying MTs off.  Medware is hiring and growing and competing, just like some of the other good companies out there.  It is a matter of fact in today's global marketplace. 

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Most of the QA staff at OSi do not live in the same state as where the office is located.
The above was incorrect. It should have been
Transolutions not Transcend that she was talking about.
We have been working from home since 1985 and not with the help of the internet. We don't need medical records to be online to work from home.
Incorrect - sm
A simple failure to meet a production quota, or meet some nondesignated deadline for responding to e-mails, does not fall under the blanket term of misconduct. This is especially true if the MT has documentation to show that prior to a platform change, or supervisor change, or other company-mandated change in the ways and means of doing the job, the MT was performing satisfactorily.

Every employer files a standard dispute form against UE claims. They're protecting their interests and the interests of their stockholders. But the MT has to be just as diligent in exercising her rights to request a hearing to state her case.

I think too many MTs just assume they can't get UE, or don't think it's worth the minimal time and effort it takes to file. Most states have completely automated on-line forms now. You don't need to go to an unemployment office or anything to file.

If you were laid off, if you had your hours cut, if you took a significant pay cut, or if you left for any of a variety of just causes, you have every right to file an unemployment claim.
This information is incorrect....sm
All of the work will not be edited. There will still be some work to be straight transcribed and the reasons for these have been discussed with the employees. In the speech recognition world there is no system that can draft 100% of the work that I'm aware of.
I'm sorry, you are totally incorrect - sm
There are many more than 2 accounts being done in India AND editors are not reviewing those, reviewers are. (they are different from editors) They get paid very little and have to quickly scan the chart, they are not 100% reviewing them. This is not an assumption. This is the truth.
I'm glad you are happy there.
Incorrect pronunciation.
It's no wonder we get dictators who do not pronounce words correctly.  My daughter is getting her degree in nursing.  She is taking a pathophysiology class and today the professor asked the class if anyone knew what cashekia (cachexia) was.  This woman has been teaching for years. 
incorrect job posting
Thank you to everyone who applied for the position that was listed yesterday with First Choice.  Unfortunately that job listing was not posted by management at First Choice and we have tried to contact the adminstrator of this board to get to the bottom of it and have it removed but apparently they do not care as it still has not been removed.  Thank you again for your time and I am sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.
That is incorrect, this is a disgruntled MT..nm
Incorrect info given.
There is a post on the new MT board regarding myself and my business.  I would invite anyone and everyone to read that post...starting out being named  17 files...Please read my reply to this as my company name and personal name have been miscontrued and placed in a bad light that is not even correct.  Thank you for your time.
You're incorrect in assuming that....sm

the reports that aren't edited are the "garbage" dictations.  I currently edit on an account that has switched to editing and we have dictators that are new to the hospital that aren't on editing yet - and they talk just fine.... and we have 1 dictator who dictates very well but isn't on editing but has been at the hospital for a long time because this dictator has a PA that oftentimes dictates on their ID# and the voice profiles get confused about who is talking when this happens. 

I also know people that edit at other companies that say that not all of the reports are on editing for these types of reasons - so to presume that if a dictation isn't being presented in a draft is because it's a lousy dictator is untrue.  I've also seen some real bad dictators go through the drafts with excellent draft quality - and fot those types of reports you NEVER hear a Transcriptionist complain "but I didn't have to listen to Dr. XYZ yap at 75 miles per hour - the system did it for me and I got paid anyway!"

Incorrect info in this post...sm
Phoenix pays 9-10 cpl for their own transcription Word-based platform with a Lanier system/Acute care. They pay 8 cpl with spaces on the internet based programs for doctor work. Very different programs, different pay mechanisms, but evens out at the end. Please read the posts and the website carefully. We have NEVER reduced our rates.
I was incorrect. ETC did not mess my friend over.
Her money was wired into her account since the deposit was done nicorrectly.  They are very reliable.  I'm glad to say that only TRX has messed with my money or that of a good friend.  M
To reiterate, you are INCORRECT, not the recruiter. (sm)
Why don't you just email her and read off verbatim what I posted. I would stake my life on it that my post is CORRECT.

So, if you've got the guts to do so, email her and ask if the information I posted is correct. After which, re-post the information your second email/correspondence yieled; that is, if you're the type of person who CAN admit when you are WRONG.
Smile or not, your post was still incorrect
I apologize,..this post is INCORRECT...SM
this was incorrect information and i humbly apologize for any further postings below. you are correct...they are accountants. i ask forgiveness for anyone i have offended. i was offered a job by them and i could have sworn they said they were lawyers, not accountants. went back thru my stuff and you were were correct. i ask forgiveness of those that read here and i will be more cautious in my posts in the future, if i ever dare again.
I have contacted her about the incorrect e-mail address. (NM)
Locking this thread. She can reply to you by e-mail.

You have too many inconsistencies and incorrect info in your posts. sm
Keystrokes does not use Express Scribe; they use Scribe. Completely different things. You cannot have Vista and no one in IT or anywhere would tell you otherwise.

Barking dogs? I would have asked you to put them away too. That is not professional.

Geek squad a HIPAA violation? How? I just called IT and asked them if I should call Geek Squad about a problem I am having with my PC and they said that would be a great idea as it is my computer that is having the issue (virus I think).

I think maybe the "we" in your post is incorrect. I have not been paid yet. :( sm
I always send my invoice in the minute it comes to me, so I hope something is not messed up.  However, I did send an email to the powers that be rather than just sit here and kvetch.  I know I will be paid, but today would have been a welcome surprise.   
You are simply incorrect! I do support my family...
however, I have been able to adapt to all the changes that the medical transcription industry has encountered over the last decase; in fact, I welcome the changes and it has been interesting if you keep the right attitude.
Where is the flame. It was only stated that you had incorrect info. Calm down a little
We can see you dont like the company but there are those that do like it.

We can state our opinions as well.

No one was flaming you.
Forgot to add, the issue is lag time, not incorrect counts
You are the one who is incorrect. The owner of Zylomed would sell his mother for a dollar if he
They most certainly DO outsource offshore.  Perhaps you're not as IN THE KNOW as you thought!
I have 19 years experience and was told the same thing. I think their test is incorrect.
Not sure what you mean. I've worked at home for 18 years. Just fyi: legitamite is incorrect. Spel
May be set on incorrect file setting? type of file??
If you are using, for instance, Express Scribe to listen/transcribe, there are about 10 or so types of setting for the file you use, wav, mp3 etc.  If so, go to the top of screen, look for setting. I just click all of them.