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Why pay that for a field that is drying up? Spend money going to

Posted By: school for a good job with a future. on 2007-04-01
In Reply to: Career Step is $1320 or $1560 - for enrollment


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yep, gotta spend money to make money. NM
If you go to the same store every day and spend a lot of money and your neighbor
and the storeowner gives your neighbor a $50 discount for being a new shopper, would you feel entitled to a discount because you gave the shopper so much of your business? Better yet, big insurance companies send a lot of business to doctors and hospitals and they get discounts on the medical bills that individual patients with no insurance can't get.  Are the big insurance companies entitled to this because they give more business than the individual patients?
What does that have to do with MT? I don't care how the owners spend their money. sm

You obviously need professional help.  My paycheck is always correct and on time and I am pleased with my pay.  Even IF the owner is a big gambler and spends her money on slots (which I don't believe), WHO CARES?

You really should find something healthier to obsess about.

Quick! SPEND it! SPEND it !!!!!
MQ NE work drying up

Just read on MQ's home page that they won a HUGE account down south, a hospital chain with  locations in Texas, Missouri, Louisianna, etc.

That would hopefully add some work for that region, it may be worth checking into.

Is acute care work drying up? sm
It seems most of the jobs I see posted are for clinic accounts, even at my own company.  I happen to do acute care now, but now I'm wondering how long it's going to last.  I don't want to do clinic notes.  
Anyone else finding their work drying up in the NE region. Are you sticking around or moving out. I
am not sure what to do yet.
Havent been at Scan Medical too long but finding the work drying up. Anyone else there
notice this. 
Amherst so we make less money and they get more money for MQ and bigger bonuses. Our guidelines came
from Amherst.
The company takes the money out of your salary, before they cut the check. It is your earned money,
It's about "money, money, money, mmmoonnney. Singing The Apprentice song.
I agree they should spend
some time trying to correct the problem, but the main problem was the line count situation on the Vianetta platform. When I started with them, it was lovely. Work was flowing, no major problems. Then they changed platforms. That's when the problems came. Mgmt there kept telling us they were working on the problems with the line count, but nothing ever changed. Every payday same thing - we are working on it.. yada yada yada. So the moment you question the higher-ups about the line count they want to get ugly with you. Like we weren't supposed to ask about our line count. And you know, in the end, if they would have been just a little bit more understanding and more willing to explain to us what was really going on, things might have been different.
and I agree with you. I spend
so much time making sure sometimes I've done it as right as can be done that I, don't have the volume others might produce, but I believe I have the quality. If I was the boss, I'd sure eliminate the lazy ones.
Apparently nowhere - they spend all the time on here....sm
It sounds a few of them need psychiatry help.
Exactly! I spend more time waiting for
work than I do actually typing! Such a joke!
I do not want to spend my UNPAID time...

on the phone dealing with computer problems almost every day and then make less per hour while doing it. 

I was thinking that maybe they would up the pay after a period of time and then it could be a decent place to work as far as editing compensation goes.  Like I said before, I think MQ has the right idea.  They are paying 80%, which would equal 6 cpl if Transcend went with 80% instead of the current 55%, which equals around 4 cpl.  I wouldn't be on here fussing if that were the case.  Hopefully, management will come to understand that the cut was just too much for a lot of us, especially the higher producers.  And you are right, there are a lot of people making the same amount or more editing than they did typing, but these are the people who were slower to begin with.  THAT IS A PROVEN FACT!!  I believe they will love the new editing and compensation.  I do, however, feel that it is not a fit for the higher producers, plain and simple.  So what more do I want, I want to paid a fair wage for my experience and the work that I produce.  That is what I want, and I don't think that is too much to ask.  I am not trying to break the company, just make a decent living.  I want the company to profit along with the employees.  That is what I would want if it were a perfect world. 

Server down more than it is up. You have to spend a ton of time with the
It sucks totally!
To spend more time with my kids
I knew that I could get a job doing this anywhere in the country and make an okay living doing it. It would also enable me to work around my life, not live around my work.
I truly think that if every doctor or dictator had to spend
was forced to listen to themselves for a period of time...say an hour or two, I would almost bet the farm that a lot of mumblemouths, yawners, eaters, and people who dictate in the bathroom while they are flushing would change their habits radically. Or sending their dictation EXACTLY the way they say it...um...uh...uh...ummmm........hmmmm.........dead air....You know the ones.

No one will ever convince me differently. LOL. IN a perfect world maybe. in the MT world??? Not!!!
I have 3 accts and spend 85% of my time on 1 of those; sm
I almost never run out of work. Good for you that you found some place else that is a better fit for you. However, some of us are happy and do well there.
That's so true. Sometimes I spend a lot of time (sm)
looking up old reports, more than I would like; but I want to put out a good report, not a piece of crap.  I want to be proud of my work which I am.
If docs would spend 5 seconds...sm
spelling another doctor's name, which they believe we're automatically supposed to know how to spell, it would save a lot of grief.  But MTSOs are quiescent about this, even though they know it's a hardship on us...what the heck, it's not THEIR time.  Don't want to spell a doc's name... their 5 seconds is worth more than 10 minutes of my time looking it up.  Tough!!  Blanks are in.  Let THEM fill it in.
They sure didn't spend $ on raises for us NM
No. That's a company who won't spend the time it
takes for you to get these talkers down. The test then pretty much says nothing about your actual transcription skills.

In my opinion.

transcribing....you spend your time.
Maybe you should spend your time working instead
of wasting time on stuff that doesn't matter.  Don't you have anything better to do with your time?   You actually wasted time thinking this clever little thing up?   Go find another job and quit trying to be an MT advocate.  This is getting really old.   Yawn!   Not every company has cut wages in half, so quit using the company board to get back at the your sad company.  Yawn again! 
So does yours. Perhaps you need a basic money class to learn to keep money. sm
I am off today and appalled at reading the posts on here.

Are you always this bitter? Do you have a family and friends who are safe and healthy? Count your blessings instead of being so angry and you might see that this is not a bad field to be in. It has kept food on my table for 27 years and will continue to do so. Is it harder now? You bet, but it is not impossible to make a good living of $50,000. You just have to work hard, give it your all and appreciate the good companies that are out there.

If I were an MTSO, I would find out who all these people posting such bitter posts are and find replacements for them a.s.a.p. Negativity spreads like poison, and with the world in the state it is, we should bond together not make it worse.
Money is not the root of all evil, the LOVE of money is. nm
Wow, I spend my time typing and waiting...
I pay not one bit of attention to my queue. I had not noted this AT ALL, but thanks for the heads up. Why is TT so shooting themselves in the foot? I left a shady company to come to TT just for that reason, because they had a great reputation and did not pull stuff like this. I certainly hope they realize what they are doing and nip it in the bud NOW. If they can salvage their reputation at this point, they may be able to pull out being one of the 3 to 5 left standing with all the work when this shakes out. Otherwise, they will be laughed at like MQ.
If you spend a little time reading the archives you'll see
lots of posts about how many are  unhappy at Focus and are looking or left.  
Please name the company and save us the time we might spend applying. nm
The "lead" probably quit if she had to spend her time begging for workers...sm
Doubt she was demoted - leads are too hard to come by.  She probably quit management so she could get lines herself, or quit completely because she got tired of having to constantly recruit for accounts that were understaffed.
And to top that off Laurie and I spend more time sending files, training, and doing other managerial
I'd have to agree with the testing of 6 voice files. Turned me off. Who has time to spend doing a
of those tests... I need a job not a day of testing.
Getting out of this field -
It's just a matter of time before my company sends works oversees, and I REFUSE to correct Indian, Irish, Phiillipino, or any other foreigners work for half my pay.  It's just a matter of time before this all blows up.  Let them figure it out.  If they want us Americans back - they will have to PAY big time!  I'm looking into another field as well.
I'm obviously in the field too...
I've never seen all of these so-called problems you are talking about and I do plenty of those same reports everyday as well.  Slippage occurs when someone with a Lap-Band decides to eat so much they force themselves to vomit.  It's extremely rare.  I'm willing to take the risks rather than be morbidly obese and hardly living as it is.
I don't think it's just this field

I think it's human nature.  I used to hang out on the General Hospital board on ABC.com (I'm a soap opera geek) and it amazed me at how nasty some of those women would be to other posters who weren't quite up to snuff.  I've seen all out board wars develop.  If it was a full moon and I was PMSing, I enjoyed the spectacle, but most of the time I got a little disgusted with them.  Don't even get me started on how nasty it got before the election.  

I do get surprised at some of the negativity that is posted here, but I can understand how it's hard to be really super positive in today's world. 

You know what's going on in this field, right?
This is how MTSOs are going to squeeze ALL American MTs out of the field. We are an 'unnecessary' expense for them. They don't care about quality transcription. They care about driving quality cars and living in quality homes in quality neighborhoods. And who cares about the client, and screw the worker. The sooner they can price us out of the field, the sooner they can ALL go 100% to India.

If they do that, I think it should be mandatory that they, TOO, must leave the U.S. Set up their godforsaken offices in INDIA, and move there themselves. It's a travesty to our country that these MAGGOTS feel they even deserve to live here.
So that it narrows down the field when they look into

It really shouldn't be that hard to find out which female MLS started 4 months ago with 15 years experience and is making 10 cpl, since 10 cpl is NOT a normal starting wage at Transcend.  You are aware that discussing your wages is ground for termination, right?  You really have to be careful when trying to get those referral bonuses that you give accurate information.

That is the problem with the MT field...

Everyone is always bickering and knows it all.  I am by no means a recruiter.  I was just reading the posts, had been there myself, and thought I would offer some friendly advice, but some people think they know everything and try to discourage others from something good.  Sad world today.  Sad people.

Disgrace to the whole field!
I have been in this field for 17 years sm
and am still working one job IC for 8 cents, just because I like the company.  Only made 8 cents on my last full-time job, but did have benefits.  You can sometimes make more on an easy clinic account at 8 cents, than an acute care job at 10 cents.  Count your blessings.
I could have written this myself. I'm looking into a new field. nm
Finding another field
My heart goes out to all you Heartlanders along with all the others in all fields who  have lost jobs to cheap overseas labor.  It looks like there is soon going to be absolutely NO JOBS for Americans.  Seems all the jobs that can't be offshored are considered jobs Americans won't do or there aren't enough qualified people,  the dandy explanations for greedy corporate America hiring illegals, or what is it?  HR2 visas? to fill the jobs that can't be exported.  America is in a world of hurt and God help those trying to raise children and give them a better life than you have, which is the true American Dream.
It is just a different field to break into now...
I have only been an MT for 4-1/2 years, and I am happy to hear that you found a job that you are happy with and making a good wage at.

However, to say that because MTs are not happy has something to do with their skills does an injustice to hardworking MTs. There are some of us who do 12-hour days, too.

The field is totally different that what it used to be. You can ask a majority of seasoned MTs, and they will tell you that wages are going down and the cost of benefits is becoming outrageous. It can take you almost 2 weeks to earn enough money to pay for family insurance. Couple that MTSOs who are making contracts with companies for acute care work when they have only hired transcriptionists with clinic experience, and you have some very overstressed MTs just trying to make a living. I have felt since starting I am being pushed to gain 10 years experience for each year I work. Some days you just wake up, go to work, and you are on a totally different account, totally different work type, and totally different part of the country with no warning.

Since starting in this profession, I have worked on over 20 different accounts in all areas of the country. Not only have I been required to learn medical transcription (and I have done all report types right through the OP notes), I have had to learn umpteen physician groups, hospitals in those areas, nursing homes, drug stores, county social service units...you name it.

I have consistently good quality scores, and I usually work at least 1-1/2 times my required production. I have been with my company close to 3 years, work nights and holidays, and have given up more family time than I care to consider. However, I just saw an ad where my employer is offering 10 cpl to do discharge summaries while I am doing consults for a clinic no one in the company wants to touch because of the difficulty factor, and they will not raise me above 7.5 CPL.

On top of that, I had to darn near beg today to have a technical problem taken care of that was preventing me from working. It was a 2-minute fix that took almost 40 minutes to resolve because our customer service kept telling me I wasn't even working as I had no jobs checked out and my boss kept switching her MSN messenger to say she was busy or away.

Do I feel disrespected and underpaid? YUP!

That is my reality.
yes, but when you have to go from field 1 to 20 it's "faster" to use
From out of left field....
Sent my resume to, received an email from, and then a telephone interview with Landmark. They made me a very nice offer which piqued my interest, so I went with them instead of either Superior Global or Diskriter.

Thanks so much for all of the advice on SGS and DR. I was seriously debating between the two when the Landmark offer dropped into my lap.

I started today and so far everyone has been fantastic. I'll keep everyone posted.

Thanks again!!!
"I have been in this field for over 3 decades..."
In my limited jobseeking experience I'm finding I only get to learn line rate after I spend hours
I am 30 years old and have been in the medical field since
I was 19.  My first 3 years I worked as a certified medical assistant and then I fell into transcription and I have 8 years of experience as an MT.  Can I ask why all the personal questions, not that I mind answering?
Just so you know - the subject is a limited field. SM
If you hit Post Quick Reply, put a little bit of text in the subject, SM for see message, and then put the rest in the box below.

Just trying to be helpful!