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Worst of the worst...I agree with RUN

Posted By: been there done that on 2008-11-21
In Reply to: Davis Transcription - out of PA - nygal

Please - don't learn the hard way!  You will only waste your time and run the risk of not making anything to boot unless you have a relative who is a big city lawyer.  Under the sugar coating is something very bitter.

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Getting the worst shift and worst work are two different things...
If you are new, you may not get the best shift, but everyone should share in the difficult work. No one person should be stuck with ESLs because they are new. Maybe the new hires won't get first pick of holidays...things like that, but shouldn't get stuck with all ESLs. Doesn't make sense.
I couldn't agree with you more, they are the worst! nm
I agree, the MTSOs are the worst.......
even worse than the doctors who dictate so miserably.
Because it is these companies which suck our blood and treat us like slaves.
And the QAs are often more horrible than the owners.
I so agree, in my experience some of the absolute worst MTs
were the ones with all the so-called experience! Obviously that says a lot for where they had worked. I have heard too often many companies do not do any type of random evaluations or spot checks on the MTs or that the QA department is short-staffed or not so great themselves...so there's a couple of possible reasons.
Yes, I agree. The sound quality with VoiceWave Player is really bad. Worst I've ever heard.
Please do not go there. It is the worst!
MDI-FL is the worst of them all.
Worst than the 1st one, can't believe she did it again!
I don't think it's the worst

If you're fast, you might just make production.

No they are not. They are the worst
Transcription Relief Services. It may be better now, but was absolutely the worst when I was there.
Ever and the first time I transcribed one, I was given 91% QA on the document.  Not to happy about that.
Another company who starts off great and then turns nasty! I planned on retiring from there in about 10 years. I actually worked for them for more than 3 years. With their massive expansion a few months ago came really rude e-mails or no response to questions, being switched on accounts with VERY different specifics endlessly, IM messages to interrupt your day for their endless *emergencies,* etc. I produced big time for them and had an outstanding QA record. They abused my good nature one time too many. I am happy where I am right now. THEIR loss!!
DSG for sure is the WORST...
I like when management BEGGED us to go on MTstars and post positive things, because they are getting bashed so badly... and I know for fact that one of the higher ups told me that she goes on and posts and changes her initials... so all of this happy, feel good stuff is probably from the people at the home office...
It is not "THE WORST"!
Please, give it a try. I love it and I work out of the Dallas office. I have a couple of friends that have worked out of other offices and were not exactly thrilled, but I think the Dallas office is the best.
Definitely the worst at communication!!
If you have problems, oh well.. If you have a complaint, oh well... If you check is always penalized, oh well... If you have realized that the line counts NEVER add up with ANY program, oh well.. Now, you get the idea.  They could care less. There is a reason why people from other countries should not run an American business. They have no idea what your saying or care and you cannot get through to them in PLAIN ENGLISH because they do not understand that language. They only understand "PENALIZE" that is their favorite word. I am sorry but I had to vent.
The worst part is...
I've been there a long time, took their crap, worked extra when asked, always had quality above 98.5, always made my line count, worked the last 2 months straight because they were behind, now there is hardly any work, worked all the major holidays for the last 2 years and this is how they repay that kind of loyalty. It makes me sad and I feel like a fool for being used for so long. All I want to do is type and do a good job. It won't be rewarded there unfortunately. I'm worried about going from the frying pan to the fire but it can't get worse than the above can it?
I thought they were the worst. (sm)
After I was hired and before actually beginning transcription with them, I had an inkling it wasn't going to be nice when I was mailed account specifics including lots and lots of QA memos with things like HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU PEOPLE THIS?!!!! and countless similar things. It may have just been one or two people, but that kind of thing is infectious in a QA department.

As far as the accounts, not just ESL, but the worst quality ESL I've ever encountered.

The owner was known for her rants on another well-known bulletin board. She also said she wouldn't sell, so when she did, naturally people were upset. Of course it was her right to sell, but those kinds of promises should never be made.

I count them as one of my worst experiences. I left after a short while and never regretted the decision. I was only sorry that I had to put such a stupid-sounding name of a company on my resume when looking for a real job.
Their accounts are the worst! nm

Yes. Not the best but not the worst. The best thing is that I do not
run out of work, and I am a high producer. That is very important to me.
The worst thing is that most of these SM
companies actually work to hire and keep the 2nd set--the ones who really don't want to be there.  The rest of us, well we can hit the road if we don't like it--that's why we have to hop around so much.
my worst is in sacramento..sm
He speaks clearly, but he has this irritating habit of, after dictating for about five minutes, stopping, and saying no, don't say that, say... and then I have to erase everything I just typed and start over again. I have begun charging extra lines for this, though, because after all, I did type it. It was not my fault he had to have it erased. grrrr...
The platform is one of the worst

go down.  If you need help with tech support, you  have to email them and it takes hours, sometimes days for them to get back to you.  Then sometimes your report does not show up on the line counter and you have to notify tech to get paid, because somehow it did not go through and another MT typed the same report. 

Any account you go on will eventually be on VR, and they only pay half  your line rate, the standard is 4 cpl for VR.  The program is not user friendly. 

No matter what they tell you when they  hire you, they will eventually put your account on VR, and it can take months and months to get it down because the system does not seem to learn.  Also, my training, well they kind of throw you to the wolves. 

Also no production incentive, etc.  On VR, it can take longer to edit the report than to type it.  You can expect your checks to drop when they switch you to VR.  All they will tell you is to be patient and it is a learning curve, keep trying, etc., etc., etc.  In the meantime, your bills get behind, you can't afford things. 

I am sorry I went with this company and am hoping to get out.




My worst experience ever was with her.

Isn't it funny how some find a home where others run?  Maybe it was timing.  Who knows?  I would not recommend taking a job with her but sounds like some are quite happy and treated well.

Good luck!

your worst enemy...
...is AHDI (formerly AAMT - note the absence of American in the new name)...while you are educating the public about Homeland Security violations, AHDI is going to be ACTIVELY working against you, facilitating & promoting CMT certification of offshore MTs (& making a ton of money doing it) & using their significant political and financial clout to globalize medical transcription under the noble-sounding rubric of Contributing to Global Commerce or some such malarkey. In the end, they have totally pulled one over on us--started out as an educational organization, more or less; exponentially grew their membership; & while no one was looking, ceased being an educational organization and became a political organization -- entirely switching their focus to the support of offshore outsourcing. Meanwhile, the MTs to whom they trafficked the CMT certification now appear to agree with their political stance simply because they are affiliated with the organization.

There are only 2 reasons I can think of for an organization to so completely betray its membership ideologically: Money & Power. Not necessarily in that order, & probably both.

Needless to say, I didn't renew my CMT certification & don't plan to ever again.
Worst Company
I too feel your pain about losing your account to India, but unfortunately it will be inevitable that everyone will lose their account to India at some time or another with this company. It seems with them, they use the US MTs to gear those accounts up for the client, make their work look really good, while in the background training the India MTs to take it over one day, and they usually do. Spheris is the worst company out there. If every US MT would just not work for them anymore, it would be a perfect world...wouldn't it!! Unfortunately, that will never happen, hence Spheris living on and screwing yet just another MT over and over again in the process. My sympathies to all MTs that have to stoop to try make a living at Spheris, I will only hope for you all that you find a better company that appreciates you and your hard work one day!!
Yes, they are by far the worst place I
have every worked.
Worst company ever!!!
I worked for Cymed for almost 2 years, but they were bought out by SPi in the summer of 2006, and things really went downhill after that. I left a year ago, and it was the best decision I have ever made! I hear that things are even worse there now than they were when I was there. They treat their MTs horribly and don't even pay for spaces. There are MUCH better companies out there to work for! You will get totally screwed over by this company.
SoftScript is the worst I ever saw
I would not wish MQ on my worst enemy! Was there for
almost 10 years and can't think of 1 nice thing to say except that I'm not there anymore. Can't help you with Webmedx, but they must be better than MQ. Best of luck to you.
they certainly aren't the worst
I asked my supervisor about the tiered pay scale a while back and they told me that it was to encourage more production out of us because it is easier to manage 1 of us typing 15000 lines a pay period than 3 of us typing 5000 lines a pay period. As far as all the hiring lately, I heard they have a lot of new accounts coming on.

I don't agree with everything they do, but I've been with most of the big names and eTrans is way better than any of them. I can actually get my work done most days without even hearing a peep from anyone at the company other than the occasional email.
Would be my worst nightmare also. NM
I can't imagine why anyone would apply for a job like that.
MQ Dallas Office - THE WORST
The worst section to work for is the Dallas office!!! Get anywhere but there.  They don't know what their doing and they are the ones who never EVER get back to you with a question!!!  Not a single one!! 
TransHealth is absolutely the WORST -- You will
This is a known fact by many MT's !
Stop being so pompous. Some of the worst MTs are US MTs.
ESL's are killer, worst I ever worked on SM
Disagree about email. They leave you alone to do horrible work.
My worst experience in life.
Worst radiology accounts I ever had - sm
There was more changing screens, adding patient demographics, and typing in yet another screen, that it took longer to set up the report than to type it....awful accounts and sound quality. I hated it.
Worst company I ever worked for.
Sounds files are horrific, worst ESLs ever (and I'm very good with ESLs and do greater than 85% ESL), all kinds of internal problems, etc.   If you look back for previous posts you do find an occasional good post about them, but you'll find 10 bad ones for 1 good one.   There have even been people who ignored all the bad comments and went to work for them only to come back here and post that the bad posts were right and they were sorry they didn't heed them.    There is always work because there is such a turnover in MTs.   I also worked in QA and was offered a management position with them and the quality of the work I saw was so bad that I had to pretty much retype every file.  
I second that-worst company I ever worked for also..nm
Radiologists were the absolute worst sm
for doing this when I worked at the hospital. They would even get in your face and yell at you, threaten your job and report you to management. The doctors were okay but the radiologists were and still are awful.
They are also the abSolute worst company. nm
The worst offender for Philippines is SPI-BPO. sm
i think they added the BPO to their name so people wouldnt realize it was them, lol.

They have work done in Philippines and in India and the quality of the work just sucks so bad.

Steer clear of them, for sure.

Oh, that is unless you are a liaer and a thief. They like to have employees who screw them. One chick worked (yeah right - i should say BILLED) for 23 hours a day - she made $7000 the first month she was there and those idiots let her.

She is STILL there too. sigh
Is the OSi I saw down further under the poll for the worst companies
the one in Atlanta? I just accepted a position with them and when I researched the archives, I saw good reports only about a month or so ago. Tell me this isn't the same one I am going to start working for!
There's no extra for that. It's just part of the job more and more lately. And the worst of th
SoftScript the worst company ever!!!
Cant that be done on any platform though. Why does it seem DQS is the worst. Is that why companies
buy this platform.  I wonder if you asked a company about it if they would be honest about every little thing they do to take away lines.  I only know for a fact that it reduced my lines tremendously going from a DOS program to DQS on the same account with the same dictators.
The worst offender has just been promoted at OSI
She will be on the chopping block when they hear from wage and hour folks.
PLEEEEZE: I would not wish OSI on my worst enemy

Not the worst, but toward the lower end of the middle.
I was paid late/wrong often. I always tell people if you can afford to be paid late, then it's an okay place to work. If you rely on them being on time and accurate, go elsewhere.

Several of the shift leads are very nice. However, one never answers you because she's busy looking like the production queen. One had more drama than Jerry Springer. The owner answers you when she feels like it or not at all. My training on my account consisted of me doing 3 notes and then I was on my own. I was told I couldn't pend to verify information if it didn't cause more than one blank. I like being left alone to type, but I like to be comfortable with the account as well.

So it isn't the worst company out there but it certainly is not the best.
Worst experience of my career.