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Wow I'm impressed!

Posted By: Fran on 2008-07-13
In Reply to: Can you share how much they pay for VR? - WorkaholicMT

5.5 is really good for VR. Most companies only want to pay 3-4, although TT pays 4.5. Who do you work for? Just curious.

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Was not impressed
I was offered a position with them but turned it down. I had 3 different people contact me from them.  I had at first accepted the position and they told me the packet was mailed out that I would need before starting.  I never did receive the packet and it all seemed very disorganized.  I felt like if they couldn't even get the packet to me, what would happen with my check?
I was not impressed
The recruiter was strange. She didn't appear to know how to hold a phone interview. There were a lot of blank pauses in our conversation. Even though I have 20+ years of experience, she decided not to hire me because I made the mistake of telling her I was keeping a small part-time on the side transcription job I have had for 14 years. Also, the pay was not great. I would not recommend them.
I am so impressed with your skills
not- you sound like you are the only 1 who does well on VR, making you faster and better than most so you say. Did you break your arm patting yourself on your back?
I am very impressed with the job posting for the
non-medical Transcriptionist on the job seeker's board.  While the pay is very low, at least this person is up front in what they are looking for, seems to be honest and even offers to go that extra mile by allowing you to chat with one of their other ICs.  Wish other MTSOs were this *transparent.*
I am so impressed. What a refreshing change. Thank you!

You're welcome. I'm truly impressed with this company sm

and I think you'd be very happy should you decide to take a position with them.  It has been a long time since I have encountered such caring people as an employer.

And thanks for the compliment on my baby.  Maltese doggies are cute too.  (And no, this isn't the right board for such things but what the heck.)

Good luck! 

I've mentioned before that I was impressed
I made it partially through training and my Mom passed away; so I had to postpone.  Once I went back a few weeks later, unfortunately, the schedule was not the same, but I do not hold that against Transcend.  The recruiter was very understanding and they wanted to give me another chance, but it was due to the workflow.  I would HIGHLY recommend Transcend.  They are the only ones I have dealt with as far as nationals go that were very communicative and very, very understanding.  There will always be bumps, but if you have the big tires the bumps don't hurt as much!  HAHA!  Anyway, nice people, nice place!
I am blown away and impressed at the responses from the MDI MTs. sm
I don't think Transcend was expecting all this anger.  The company I was working for also was bought by Transcend and with the last two company purchases we basically believed the lies and comforting words and just went along.  I have seen several managers leave after telling me it would get better.  I am sure they are wondering what all this is since they did not get this kind of flack before you all.  WAY TO GO!!  I am so sorry you have to go through this though.
Wow! I'm impressed. You NEVER have to use reference material? Amazing!
Was going to work for them, but was NOT impressed with their lack of professionalism!!
WHy should I care if you are impressed or not. It it suits me, I don't give a darn if anyone
Yeah, I talked to them about a month ago and wasn't too impressed. sm
They told me pretty much the same thing, 2nd and 3rd shifts only.  I said no thanks.  Didn't sound like the kind of company I wanted to work for.  They sounded an awful lot like MQ which sent chills down my spine.
Nope.. never heard a word, which is fine by me. I'm never impressed when they never even contact
you hear how rude and unprofessional they are. Normally, I would not give any credibility to hear-say but all of this has to make me wonder. No skin off my nose. I tested with other companies and got called back within 24 hours.. Now, that is how a company should handle it..
If your impressed by bad communication and erractic work flow then it's the place for you..
I know a lot of people who have been there longer than a few weeks that have a lot better insight on MDI-FL and it's not a great review.  Yes, the people are nice but is about it.. Nice unfortunately does not pay the bills or stop you from being frustrated because no one answers your emails, well I should say, in a timely manner, and if it is a money-related question like raises etc.. FORGET IT.. you will NOT be getting an email back on that one but you do get one telling you that you need to train on another system, which requires a C-phone, and one in which you had no desire to be placed on, or you lose your benefits. When people sign up to do accounts that are internet-based, it is for a reason. C-phones are a pain in the you-know-what..and then you find out that the account you were hired for is dried up most days, then you are told that you need to do another account that requires the C-phone or you will lose benefits. Thanks but no thanks..getting old.. but truly best of luck to you in whatever you decide.