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Yea, you left out the fact that nobody is forcing you to work where you do...find a better job if

Posted By: you don't like the one you have on 2005-12-26
In Reply to: Here is what you save because I work from home - the least you could do is reciprocate


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Yes, you left out the fact that you don't know what you're talking about. sm
Keystrokes pays unemployment in every state that we have employees in (38 at this point).

Supply reference books? Supply fax machine? Yes. If someone cannot get something that will help them, the owner of Keystrokes always helps out.

My husband is a tradesman. He is an employee and is union. He has had to pay for his own tools, his own vehicle to and from work, his own clothes that are destroyed constantly, his own gas. Why should transcription be any different?

I have worked for Keystrokes for 5 years. I transcribe when needed, as many as 15,000 lines per pay period. I have had slow periods like everyone else.

Yes, I get paid a salary I earn in. If you want to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, filling in when transcriptionists call in or don't start their shift on time, giving up hot meals and nights out because a Transcriptionist cannot work their shift, then become management.

I have heard every excuse in the book. I have proofed work from experienced transcriptionists that look like a novice transcribed it. I have worked schedules around everyone's personal lives.

Think management is all fun and games? Think again. I make a good dollar because I earn it.
The only thing you are doing is forcing the
MTSO to outsource because you think you're worth more than they are paying. The MTSO's have to make a living too to stay in business, and if they can't then more and more work will be outsourced overseas - not keeping it here in the USA. They have an obligation to the client to get the work done on time whether you like it or not.If the MTSO charges too much the client WILL look elsewhere (and even overseas) to keep the cost down - like it or not.
They are forcing the whole company to go SR

They've been testing SR on Chartmatrix.  They have proclaimed it a success.  They are going to implement it on every account they have starting in 2 weeks.  They are going to simultaneously cut the rates they pay SR to supposedly stay competitive.  So we are being forced to go SR company-wide, which would ALREADY be a pay cut, but this is double-whammy pay cut because they're lowering SR pay BEFORE they force us to go SR.

REMARKABLE?  You can bet their Karma will be, sooner rather than later.

Yes they do send work overseas and do not hide this fact. There is plenty of work and they do pay
well. Overall, I like having work as I have been at places where you had to fight to keep busy so this works for me.
Why are all these companies forcing VR at half rate? Are they losing money?
It's a well know fact WORK is
being returned to offshore. Mary, you don't know the whole story.
It's a well know fact WORK is
being returned to offshore. Mary, you don't know the whole story.
It's a well know fact WORK is
being returned to offshore. Mary, you don't know the whole story.
It's a well know fact WORK is
being returned to offshore. Mary, you don't know the whole story.
It's a well know fact WORK is
being returned to offshore. Mary, you don't know the whole story.
As a matter of fact, I'm out of work
right now. It happens everywhere occasionally. Only thing I don't like is, whenever I ask for a backup, I'm told that work is low across the board and to flex. I've seen people on here say, all you have to do is ask and they give you a backup account. Hasn't happened for me.
They post because someone WILL in fact go to work for them -
Sad but true.
It's no rumor there is not enough work. That is a fact.

Yep, I am rather sure of that fact that we work for the same company . . .

You are so very wise to get out of the MT field at this time.  I would NEVER recommend anyone go into this field now.

Of course, there are still those who like to be home in their PJ's babysitting their kids and will allow their pay to be cut in half by VR. 

Definitely NOT a happy camper now.


Yep, I am rather sure of that fact that we work for the same company . . .

You are so very wise to get out of the MT field at this time.  I would NEVER recommend anyone go into this field now.

Of course, there are still those who like to be home in their PJ's babysitting their kids and will allow their pay to be cut in half by VR. 

Speaking only for myself, I am definitely NOT a happy camper now of our company's decisions.


Note post on main board re: MTIA forcing credentialing. Can we say police state?
Transtech DID have a service help out with their work -- I know for a fact -- about a year ago.
How long have you been with TT?  Anyone in mgmt will tell you that they outsourced work to another service in the past.
My company claims the offshore work is excellent. In fact, I
Ummm, I work outside my comfort zone, in fact, do all worktypes on 2
both speech and traditional, and I don't have any work, either.
I actually left about a year ago and work for another company that's running out of work. Have to
Much good work going to India. Bad work left
they cant "make you work certain hours" but they can find someone that is willing to work them
If not, they dont have to hire you as IC or anything for that matter. So yes it is perfectly legal.

If she hires you as an IC and it doesn't state in your contract when she needs that particular IC coverage and she then dictates what hours you work, she cannot do that.

But she can refuse to hire you if you don't provide the coverage that she is looking for.

I don't work for TT but when I left my former job I
was hired over the phone with the new company on my first phone interview with them. Companies do not always test if you have the experience and they can tell that you know your stuff when they talk to you.
This is a fact and you might as well accept it for what it is -- FACT !
It would be a sevice that uses ExText, such as Keystrokes, and I don't know who else uses it.  I would think that Keystrokes is as big or bigger than TT now, however, wouldn't you?
I left for no work. There is work on some accounts, but NO
work on other accounts.  
I left MQ and went to work for them. I am level 8 SM
and on an account with lots of ESLs and started out doing DS which for me, not very productive. I put in my 2 weeks notice, and told my team leader why.
I left last year because the work kept
running out. Sorry to hear that the situation hasn't improved--looks like I did the right thing. Oh well...
What work will be left? N-D getting new accounts?
Yes, I can't afford to have no work so I left TT
I dislike the turn of events as they were my favorite company. I have nothing bad to say about TT. I simply got another job.
Sure, but what kind of work is left . sm
for straight typing?  VR rejects? 99% ESL and 100% crap?  At this point in time, there doesn't seem to be any reason for the VR MTs to envy the straight typers.
She left OSi to work for MedWare as an editor. (nm)
If even that much work left, and hopefully they will be able to afford aspirin. (nm)
I left due to no work for 2 months and they were STILL hiring
when that was going on.  I would stay clear for a while unless you can survive off of 200 lines per day and want to work 24/7 and fight over the lines as they come in.
I left there as they were always running out of work from overhiring.

Are there any companies left that do not work on platforms?
I have five years' experience but have never worked on a platform before.  I have worked straight out of my own version of Microsoft Word and am nervous about my productivity with learning a new platform.  Can you still use Expanders with platforms?  Any info would be helpful. Thanks.
I noticed that when I left DSG to work for another company...
my lines increased dramatically...don't know if it is because of the ESLs on the account or what, but lines were so hard to get.
Left 3 months ago for lack of work
and haven't looked back.  It is just the nature of the beast than when a network of accounts change to VR and MTs are doing more lpd now, there will be less work to spread around.  There were already problems with not having enough work, so I did not wait for the transition to VR  I had already moved down over the previous year from full time to part time because of lack of work.  Glad I made the move because I am also the sole breadwinner for my household and can't afford to go without work.
How did you find them to work for. nm
Why do you find work for your W2
employees first?  Does this mean your ICs aren't as important? 
No work again? Find another job.
Not being disrespectful or uncaring here, but I have had work pretty consistently since being at TT, rarely ever completely run out. If I was sitting around with no work, making omelets, etc., I would be working for someone else.
I just left a company due to lack of work, Monica.

Are there any good companies to work for left??? Suggestions?
Looking for a place to call home. I am so tired of all the disorganized, cheap, and discouraging companies out there. I just cannot find a good fit. I work hard.. very hard.. and I would just like a company to be fair back, decent pay, benefits, organized.. etc.. Help...
I worked there for over a year...left because of lack of work...
one months lots of work, the next three months no work, so on and so forth...when there is a little extra work they do a big hire and once again the faithful MTs who stick by them have no work...I have been gone for over a year and it is still the same way...
Are there any companies left who don't send work offshore?
Ditto. Please don't buy a computer for work from this company. I left (sm)
this company because of lack of work.
I also vote for Webmedx - used to work for the Q, left long ago sm
Have not worked for Transcend or SoftScript so can't judge. I agree with the above poster; pay good, shift diff, PTO, decent bennies. Lots of work. Keep in mind there are two parts of Webmedx - the one on Enterprise platform and ChartMatrix; the ChartMatrix side seems to have more negative reviews.
Tired: Has worked picked up at FN. Used to work there and left for WX. sm
Would kind of like to go back. Loved the gang; I used to be a YOGer. Had to leave about 1-1/2 years ago because of no work. Still mostly IC? Thanks.
Go to work for them and you'll find out
I work for SS but not on Meditech. I will see what I can find out for you. nm
Find a company with work already

darn!  There's a suggestion...  There are plenty that advertise...  Most MTs on this board swear they can transcribe anything and can do so many lines a day, so look around that's what you do.

There's no such thing as job hoppin' if the compay doesn't have enough work for you.  Find another company that does.  Take control of your life and stop letting people walk all over you. 

The statement made by the other poster is most certainly a fact...  these companies take advantage because they have MTs who take their crap day in and day out...  move on already!

Can't find any info on JLG. Anybody here work there? NM