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Can't find any info on JLG. Anybody here work there? NM

Posted By: JS on 2009-08-08
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Trying to find info on Encompass on this board, can't find any recent. sm
Anyone have any current info. Any employees out there? Give me the low-down if you can! Thanks a million.
Where can I find this info? NM
where can I find this info?
Yes, I was totally clueless!! But have another job!!!
Where did you find this info?
I just searched BBB online and they had no listings for DRC at all. I personally have little faith in the BBB. On a few occasions years ago I defered to them for recommendations for services I was thinking of using. Two of the three times I used a BBB-recommended company I got poor service/burned and wasn't ever going to trust their opinion again.

So, unless you called the BBB in their area I really question the validity of the rating. If they do have a bad rating what is it compared to? One F from one disgruntled employee? As we all know, not all MTs can cut it and if someone got fired they could have made a complaint in spite. Even if someone made a valid complaint to the BBB about DRC I really don't care. I speak from my experience. DRC is not a fly-by-night company. They have a good rep, treat their employees well, and I plan to work there until my hands fall off.
Did that. All I could find was old info or job ads...Thanks! nm
To: "Where can I find this info?"


here is your answer

: Where can I find this info? NM - current OSi'er

her replacement has been working for WEEKS training to do her job and nobody has said a word. Check your QA.

Trying to find contact info for MDI-MD and MDI-FL
Since no contact info is allowed on this board, please feel free to post a link to info about what they hire (Employee, IC, PT, FT, etc). Thank you.
Any info on ZyloMed? I can't find out anything about them.
All Type in NJ. Any info? I can't find
any current info on this company. Thinking of applying for MT position. Does anyone have any info to share? The good, bad, or the ugly? Coming from a huge national, I just want to feel like a human and have regular work. Not a lot to ask for?
Any info on D&L? Can't find them in the archives. TIA. nm
I Know Why No One Can Find Info For Datakey.

I was hired by DatakeyMT quite a few weeks ago and these people DO NOT keep in touch. 

First, I was hired.  I had to e-mail them the next day and remind them they hired me.  Then, I was sent the software, which I had some trouble with (I won't go into how many critical grammar errors the manual had).  They tried to help and then just stopped e-mailing me after I sent a screen shot of the configurations and told them it still wasn't working.  After 3 hours, I figured it out myself.  They cheered for that.  Then, I was sent 2 test files; 1 was 6 seconds, the other 7.  I told them there was nothing but silence on these files.  That was 3 weeks ago.  No more correspondence whatsoever.

What a waste of time.  Not to mention, the platform seemed VERY time consuming.

The way I see it, if they find info on mine they
But I wonder 'bout ID theft, too.
Just in case the info you find is old...
Any info older than 3 months or so will be outdated. Iscriptor has recently been updated and it is much faster now than it used to be as the files now load in the background while you transcribe unlike before where you had to wait in between each report for your completed to upload and the next sound file to download.
where do you find info that they are in bankruptcy?
Anyone with info on B.I.G.? I searched but could not find! nm
Yes, if I ever find a company who will do it I will certainly share the info. :)
Any new info. on eTrans Plus. I can't find anything since 2006. sm

Any feed, good and/or not so good is appreciated.  I'm trying to weight out the pros and cons. 


Any info on MD-IT out of Colorado? Searched but find nothing. Thanks.nm
Any recent info on JLG? I couldn't seem to find anything. TIA

Is there any info on p.r.n. Medical Transcription? Can't find anything. nm
I can't find any info. I applied a few days sm
ago and have heard nothing. Curiosity is getting the best of me.
could not find anything in archives regarding "All Type". Anyone have info on.....

Do they only hire employees, or IC's also:  What platform do they use:  Are they a good company to work for?

Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.

RE: could not find anything in archives regarding "All Type". Anyone have info on.....
From their web site: At ALL TYPE, our goal is to recruit and retain the very best medical transcriptionists. We would like you to consider joining us. If you qualify, you would be a welcome part of our team of highly trained Medical Transcriptionists (MTs). ALL TYPE transcriptionists enjoy the flexibility of being in an at-home environment as full-time employees or if you prefer, as independent contractors. Our staff retention rate is high for good reason.Our MTs say they have never worked in a happier group or for a company that attended to their issues in such a responsive way. As a matter of fact, many of our new MTs are referrals from our existing MT staff. See what our people say....(click here)

We pay our MTs highly competitive rates.
You have the opportunity for career advancement.
You'll use cutting-edge technology.

Anyone know any info on Silent Type out of New York? I don't know how to find in archives. Thnx
Any current info on Med-Scribe? They're hiring and all I can find on here is from 2004. Thx!
Searched archives and cannot find info on MedScript Services, Inc. and Inscribe software...sm
They are also on the web as MedScript Services, Inc. I think that they're based in Naples, Florida. I also believe that they use a platform called INSCRIBE. Any comments on the software or company?
they cant "make you work certain hours" but they can find someone that is willing to work them
If not, they dont have to hire you as IC or anything for that matter. So yes it is perfectly legal.

If she hires you as an IC and it doesn't state in your contract when she needs that particular IC coverage and she then dictates what hours you work, she cannot do that.

But she can refuse to hire you if you don't provide the coverage that she is looking for.

How did you find them to work for. nm
Why do you find work for your W2
employees first?  Does this mean your ICs aren't as important? 
No work again? Find another job.
Not being disrespectful or uncaring here, but I have had work pretty consistently since being at TT, rarely ever completely run out. If I was sitting around with no work, making omelets, etc., I would be working for someone else.
Go to work for them and you'll find out
I work for SS but not on Meditech. I will see what I can find out for you. nm
Find a company with work already

darn!  There's a suggestion...  There are plenty that advertise...  Most MTs on this board swear they can transcribe anything and can do so many lines a day, so look around that's what you do.

There's no such thing as job hoppin' if the compay doesn't have enough work for you.  Find another company that does.  Take control of your life and stop letting people walk all over you. 

The statement made by the other poster is most certainly a fact...  these companies take advantage because they have MTs who take their crap day in and day out...  move on already!

Could u please tell me where u work PT that u r happy? I need to find a new job too! nm
I guess you'll find out when you go to work there....sm
Just be sure to not resign from Transcend until you see if this other company is truly all they told you they would be.
I work for them and find their QA staff to be quite helpful.
They are some of the most knowledgeable that I have run across but would never call them rude.  They are very nice.
Don't work for a service who offshores. Let them find someone else
Why not? If your current company is out of work, you need to find another, and another and another,
you can make a decent weekly income. I've been there and done that, sometimes 5 companies at once, until I finally landed a decent position with consistent workflow.

How do you pay your bills making less than $500 a week?
I don't think you'll find any work here..unless you have a C-phone...
Not much work here to keep me busy or even make my line requirements.
By the TT MTs. They are so busy with work, they find time to come here
Whenever you find a place to work in MT'ing that (sm)
doesn't have slow times, let us all know.
Sad you have to come to this website to try to find out anything, they are already out of work today
Work can be really low at times and I find the sound to not be the
best but it is not any worse than a lot of the other places.
Lets just hope they are not overhiring lately and we will find we are all going to be out of work
especially after Summer.
I find it very hard to believe that all work types are on a 1-hour TAT(sm)
Are you talking about stats or everything?  Do you have this 1-hour TAT in writing?  I've never even heard of hospitals being on that tight a TAT.
Yea, you left out the fact that nobody is forcing you to work where you do...find a better job if
When there is a lot of work, do you find it hard to make 1100?
cause I sure do.
i don't find that to be true, i work there & haven't had problems with pay. sm
never have i encountered disorganization or rude people so far. maybe things have changed or wrong company?
Yep. couldnt tell you excited we were to find out why we dont hardly have any work. Obviously, it is
going elsewhere and so are we.
lol You'll be hard pressed to find work with
I've been trying to find a company with steady work