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You're lucky. Mine are usually way behind. It's

Posted By: extremely discouraging. nm on 2008-03-17
In Reply to: Line counts - happytter2


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I'm lucky...mine are all due on the 1st and 16th..
and I keep all of the samples, invoices, work done, etc., in very separated files.  Actually, a couple of times I have sent a file to the wrong one, but luckily they use different encryption programs.
Agree with this. Some lucky ones have great accts. Mine were awful, so I left. nm
you're so lucky...
to have nothing better to worry about than a harmless human typo. And if you're the person who made the typo, we forgive you (at least most of us do and the ones who don't were just going to find something to be petty about anyway).
you're lucky
I also found Steve to be quite rude when I called the office and he answered the phone.  Didn't have anyone to complain to, though, since his wife is the owner or co-owner.
Heh - maybe if we're lucky, the U.S. will go to war
Serve the suckers right. And maybe we'd get our livelihood back, to where we could earn an actual living on it, too.
You're one of the lucky ones
I know many, many people, myself included who have just recently lost their jobs to EMR. I thought the that it would never happen to me because I was told by my employer, oh, we'll still need you to do this and this and blah, blah, blah, and just as quick as a wink we were let go.
If you're lucky they will not reply.
Employment with Focus is an experience most come to regret.
You're lucky to get that. I get 5 days and 6
paid holidays, but I don't necessarily get the holiday off.  If our schedule falls on a holiday we are expected to work it unless we have been approved for PTO, and you have to ask months ahead of time.  We are able to take the day at another time w/o pay, since we already got paid for it. 
So you're one of the lucky ones who hasn't
taken a cut in pay for working longer & harder? It's sad to not be able to feel compassion for your fellow MTs who are struggling to make ends meet when their pay is being cut & the cost of living is rising. The CEOs of the MT corporations aren't going hungry, but some of our fellow MTs are really struggling. My compassion lies with them.
If you get sent home in a week, you're lucky, SM
I considered applying for an MT home-based job for a local hospital in my town. They wanted me to work in-house 8-5 for FOUR TO SIX MONTHS, even though I have 10+ years of experience and worked there several years ago, so was familiar with the docs. No thanks, especially with 2 kids at home that would need day care to the tune of $750 or so per month. I passed (the money wasn't great anyhow, but the insurance was pretty decent).

I do hear that in some parts of the country, there are still some good home-based jobs. Unfortunately, more and more hospitals seem to be either going the ASR route or outsourcing.
You're lucky you got hired hourly before they did away with it.
Figure in the $20k to $50k range, if you're lucky; less when first starting out. nm
Gosh, you're lucky! I'd love to make that much!
I do hope to at least get 9 cents a line somewhere anyway.
Even if you're FT, you'll be lucky to have enough work to get your lines,
If you're extremely lucky you get 9cp. Experience doesn't seem to count much anymore. nm
You're extremely lucky. I bet there aren't 10 of us out here employed by a hospital, working f
Lucky You ... I was not so lucky to work with that platform
Meditech - it was awful. I kept getting promised that my account was going to ChartMatrix, but it never happened and the Meditech system was SO slow. I loved TH, the people, etc. - so if you can get an account that is on ChartMatrix - hop on it. But, avoid the accounts that are on Meditech because I don't think they are EVER going to convert (and I waited quite awhile - couldn't take it any more).
I bet you 1 million $$ you won't find one on mine. Mine is
2 years old and it does not have a 9-pin serial port, nor does it have a game port.   I have used both ports on other computers so I know what both ports look like.  I also have a company provided computer and it does have the ports on it. 
Lucky you.

Not OP,  been here years and leaving shortly.

lucky you
you guys are lucky to be working. i need a job. just relocated to NC.
if you are really lucky you can
I wish I was that lucky!!! I pay $900/mo
consider yourself lucky

It's better you find out how horrific the communication is now than waste your time getting hired/quitting your other job, and them jerking you around.

Take it from someone who knows EXACTLY where you are coming from.

Well, you must be lucky...sm
Like the poster below, it took me 6 weeks to get my first check. Two weeks worth of work invoiced on the 1st was not paid until the 27th. That is beyond a long wait for 1 paycheck. Also, while I knew I would not be paid for headers/footers working in Extext, I was quite surprised when I got my check and 30% of the total line count was deducted. Considering the headers/footers only accounted for 5 to 6 lines a report, they were ripping people off big time. What excuse could they have for not sending someone a paycheck?
Lucky you!
I just emailed the payroll person to see about why the check I got was wrong and she says she only issues the check and she can't help me with any issues. I just would love a straight answer from someone and for someone to step up and do what is needed.
Your one of the lucky ones
I am no longer an IC for TTS nor will I ever be again or will i EVER refer anybody to her dungeon. LK has a serious problem with favoratism. If you are one of her goody two shoes that she not only pays on time but gives them all the good work, (cuz yes, she does cherry pick herself and give her favorites the good work so they can make more money) then you don't have any problems. Fortunately but yet unfortunately for me, I was one of those people that she Cherry picked for and when I got paid I got paid well, but I can't live on a not knowing when I was going to get paid. This is not a new problem for TTS. This has been ongoing since February of about 2 or 3 years ago, I can't remember what the year was.

There is no doubt that TTS has GREAT accounts, a GREAT platform, and LK does know how to take care of systematic problems, but she doesn't know how to run a business professionally, unless you are one of her favorites!

How lucky you are?
You must not work for a national!

Your lucky!  I worked for On-Point MTs and am owed $1400.00 that I will probably never see because the owner stole all the money her MTs earned...

I have a bounced check from one of the payments I recieved and never recieved payment for that or any of the other work I did for her.

Stay away from On-Point now and in the future.  Her name is Bawnie Bartlett and her husband is Aaron Bartlett.

I would say you got very lucky! nm
Lucky you
A lot of us did have problems getting paid. There was not always plenty of work either. Sometimes we did run out.
Lucky you....
My emails are never answered. Maybe I should use your name in my subject line in order to get a reply.
Consider yourself lucky
We still have autumn leaves.
You are so lucky! I have to drive what I can pay for. You are fortunate to have such a generous husband. :)
Lucky you, we are all not so lucky.
Boy you are lucky! (sm)

I can crank out 500 lines an hour but there's no place I've found that allows me to do that.  Sure I can do 1000 lines a day and make $20+ but if I only work 2 hours, 3 max, that's only $60 a day and no where near coming close to making $8000-$9000 a month.

If I could make HALF that a month, I'd shut up and type.  I'd be in heaven and I'd never gripe about my life/job/bills again!

I'm lucky if I make that in 6 months.  You are definitely NOT the norm and I'd hate for people to think that you're making a normal average salary ... the work pool would be saturated and those of us with 16+ years experience and in a normal crappy MT situation would be even worse off.

I hope you count your blessings every day because there are tons of us who wish we were in your shoes!

Gal! Please don't fall for this. Sounds like a bunch of hype to me. Telling you that you are lucky? This is is the jargon of a company who knows it's an employer's market and, believe me, once they get you, they will use you up and discard you without looking back! You will be using your equipment, financial resources, and knowledge to line their pockets. Run the other way.
and you are lucky she does
If she didn't and took all she could, you might be the one who ends up with nothing. Gee, maybe she should go ahead and take it all.
You don't know how lucky you are
Rudeness is their game.
I just got VERY lucky...
I was responding to multiple ads on the job seekers board and MDI happened to have a position listed. I wasn't hired for that one, though. They actually take the time to read your resume in detail and find a perfect fit for you; in my case, the position they offered me wasn't yet advertised. I consider myself very fortunate.

Be patient when you apply. There is a lengthy telephone screening process and once you start, you are limited to 5 reports per day (yes, their QA program is that thorough). I was on a 5 reports/day limit for the first week or so.

The upside to this approach is that you have time to get very comfortable with their formatting and style, and you can use the extra time to load up your Expander so when they cut you loose, you're ready to hit the ground running.

Good luck to you. I honestly cannot say enough positive things about this company.
You are one lucky...
gal (or guy) to have found something so easily and quickly and that sounds just perfect.  I like the 12-hour window. 
Consider yourself lucky!
That place is a mess unless you like a company that changes the terms of your contract, schedule, pay, etc. whenever they feel like it and management that can't communicate properly to save their life!
You must have been one of the lucky ones
DIT does not seem to want to pay anyone anymore other than the office personnel. They've given me two NSF paychecks so far, yet told me funds were there and to go ahead and redopsit them. They bounced again. Now they won't even respond to phone calls, emails or messages left. They even profess to be Christians. Well, if they are Christians, then they sure have a seriously warped idea of what Christianity is all about! BEWARE AND DON'T GO THERE.
Right..either she's VERY lucky to just have--sm
a job, or maybe her kids like to eat 3 meals a day..... just as the MTSOs' kids like to do. 
We could only be so lucky.
I hope she gets the help she needs soon.
You are lucky!
It didn't work for me but maybe they have improved it and I need to update. Either way it was a heads up so someone else doesn't go through this hell. I was actually insulted by this employer because I was too stupid to run the equipment; it wasn't the equipment it was the Magic Jack. Anyway, you are lucky if it works for you! :)
You aren't missing a thing by doing clinic...i did clinic for 16 years after doing acute care for 8...take this and do not look back...the nationals are a nightmare and getting worse. You are so lucky.
you got lucky.......................nm
I consider myself very lucky
Just donít have the stuff others post on here. I absolutely do my work and hear from hardly anyone ever. Probably the best job I have ever had. Too bad others have such a tough time.
You were lucky to even get a response from them!
I have had my foot pedal for about six weeks now and have yet to hear back from anyone about this "great" account that they have waiting for me!  I have tried to call the office multiple times, get an answering machine, and no one returns your calls.......I have since taken another job, but I am now one foot pedal richer! 
But.... you sound like the lucky ones. What's the saying??
Thank goodness for unanswered prayers or something like that..
Maybe I just got lucky, but has anyone else tested lately?

When I tested for the company I've been with for nearly 2 years, the transcribing section was absolutely horrid. To this day I still don't have a clue how I passed their testing. Four reports of the worst possible dictation I have ever heard in my career.

Then I test for a few places this week (just in case things don't turn around at my company) and I had 2 reports that were an absolute breeze. One was very, very long, but both were as good as you can possibly get.

I'm just wondering. Is this now part of the recruiting process to make it look as if their accounts were that easy, or did I just get plain lucky?

Anybody who didn't know any better would know that this is definitely not the norm.

Just a thought.