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You've got to make it past the

Posted By: wretched exam first. - nm on 2006-05-05
In Reply to: What does Medware pay for their new ER account? nm - ER-seeker


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I've done that several times in the past. - sm
The alternative (insanity? suicide? homicide?) just isn't worth putting up with all that c_ _ p.
I've been happy for the past 2 years
No problems at all for me, and only getting better now with our annual raise (I know it's small, but it is something), holiday pay, more PTO, etc.
I've done this a couple of times in the past
I had specific questions regarding the platform and Expander program compatiblities, as well as how lines are counted among other issues. As the recruiter did not know the answer to these questions, I was given the name and number of the MT manager to speak with. At least one job I declined based on the manager's responses, not because I thought she did not handle the questions well, but found out enough to know the company was not what I was looking for.

On those occasions where I spoke directly to the MT manager, the companies were very impressed with my knowledge of both MT and word processing/computer issues and ended up wanting me to come to work to a greater degree than I feel they would have if I had not talked to the manager.

I don't think it would be inappropriate to ask. The worst that can happen is the recruiter says no and can't answer your detailed questions. In that case, that company is not a right fit for you.
I've made 50K+ in the past, but the variable is
What type of work or accounts you are doing. If you are working as a sub and get put on continually changing unfamiliar work, then you'll be lucky to struggle through 20K. The same person put on work they are good at and familiar with can easily make 30-50K+. Many of MT companies do not match familiarity of work and why many skilled MTs are making less and less.
do they hire clinic MTs? Seems I've only seen ads in the past
What is your favorite company you've worked for in the past??
I'm just curious if anyone has a favorite company that they've worked for and why are they your favorite?
I've had steady work the past 2 days on
my primary account, but I'm pretty sure it only has to do with people being off. I don't think there has been any kind of major change for the greater good or anything. So I'm not getting excited. I'll be back at the soup kitchen probably next week - so someone save my seat!
I've been on OT all but 2 days the past 4 months. If work is slow
that just means we get a chance to get caught up with TAT.  Get paid for downtime too if no work. 
You guys are lucky! The NPs I've had in the past were all extremely wordy and had endless dic-
They've used ExText in the past. Ad from 2006 said you need Word 2003. Offered 8 cpl for
Got offered 1.5 cent/line this past week....she said her editors tell her they make good $$....
I've gone to the DOL before, and they will make
10? You've got to be kidding. There aren't that many that could make it. nm
I've been able to make my hours. No, you do not lose insurance if work should run out. nm
Gee, I only make negative comments about companies I've actually worked for
and have the scoop on. I never said the line rate was high for this company, but nice fast software is what saves a good MT's line count. There are plenty of ESLs too, but no more than most acute care hospitals. So if you can't handle ESLs, you wouldn't want to work for TT (or most other hospital accounts). The new accounts are not teaching hospitals, which is good for me because I don't like doing residents. For now there is plenty of work and OT when you want it. So IMO a starting line count isn't the only important factor for how much money I can make, and certainly not the only factor in my job contentedness. They are fair and respectful and use good software, and those are the facts, not theories.
If your facts are true, make them public. You've nothing to lose and everything to gain.
How can you be putting your head on the chopping block when you are anonymous here?

Details have not been given in your posts. Please show us ALL the details.

Why would you be putting your head on the block by pointing out supposed anomalies in the raise structure?
Any recruiter can give out that information because it's the same for everyone. Any MLS can go to the website and see it. I have it here in front of me. I would like to see you defend your statements, because I'm not seeing the proof here.

Why would you be putting your head on the block regarding incentives?
Any recruiter can give out that information, if it exists. That information also can be seen in the job boards and on the website, as it's public knowledge. I sure don't see any out there, nor have I for months.

Why would you be putting your head on the block regarding enticements?
You say they are readily viewed on job boards, but yet you can't give details. Any recruiter can give that information, too, as they post the ads on the boards. They can also be seen on the website. However, looking back over a lot of weeks of posts on various boards, I don't see one "enticement," so we're going to need YOU to point them out to us.

If the enticement is the pay structure, then you're benefitting the same as everyone else. If the enticement is the ads, well, you get the same opportunity for shift differentials, the same CMT pay, the same benefits, the same production incentives, don't you? What don't you get that you deserve?

Also in regard to enticements, I've got to ask for clarification on a statement you made:

"...look at past and future ads on MT Jobs, etc."

Do you have details on what the company is offering in the future? If so, let us all in on it so people who don't work at Transcend know what to wait for.

Finally, no one should need to email you, because all of YOUR information should be made public IF IT EXISTS, and you shouldn't fear making it public, IF IT'S TRUE. Having people email simply allows you to privately promote your version without having to publically defend the truth of of your claims.

If you can't back up your claims, then please concentrate on making the best out of your own situation, okay? It's not right to make statements that can't be supported with facts. It doesn't help the company and it doesn't help you. If you're a loyal employee you should be trying to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Maybe you could offer your assistance on the quality council.
What good does it do? They've lied, they've betrayed us.

They've taken all they are going to take from me.   I am not going to waste any more time being angry.   I hate the way things ended, but I refuse to accept the blame for any part of it because I know that was a lie too, even though they did try to blame the MTs.  I know part of the problem was quality issues, but QA wasn't to blame for that either, although they have been.   

It is time to pick up and move on.   I think mgmt will reap what they sow.   For those who worked on the main account Webmedx is still hiring, though the best time slots have already been taken.  



What the heck? I've never heard that in the 8 yrs I've worked here. sm
Go back to your STM or over his or her head.
I doubt you will make enough money in 5 hours a week to make
I make 4 cents a line, work part and make
over $500 a week on part.
Great post! I make 0.085 at Keystrokes and make more than at any sm
other company in the last 5 years. Why? Because there is always work for me. I love starting work each day, knowing that the company I work for appreciates me and has plenty of work. Transtech and Keystrokes sound very similar; those of us that work for either can count our blessings that we are not part of the cesspool or huge corporate mess that makes up the biggest few companies. We do not have to worry about our jobs getting sent overseas and we see a future in this business!!!
Since you've brought it up, I've stopped SM

giving the negative info because every time I have in the past I am called a disgruntled ex-employee or told that my experience has no relation to what the company is like today.

I won't repeat the information I've given in the past, anyone can find it on searches.  I've decided to just let the people have their experience with the company and that experience will validate everything I've ever said about those people.

The same people own and run that company--they may have new names doing the management, but it still runs the same way.

You've got it ~ you've hit the nail on the head....

I can Google until dawn and still not find John Smith in NY - you know the neurologist...  Cut me a break!  I've now learned to ask my online company for a list of referring physicians (since none of the accounts are in my state) and also ask for websites for the hospitals, but I still don't take more than 5 min of my own time to find referring physicians.  I send it right through with a verify cc:... 

As far as making an educated guess, I would only do that if it was my own account and I know the dictator well.  For the online company, it is their responsibility to make that educated guess as it is their client, not mine.  I leave that up to the company to make assumptions; this way it is on their back, not mine when it comes to the legality of the report.  Ultimately, the physician is responsible when signing that report or there should be clause on those reports that state dictated but not read.  If that clause is not there, then it is the physician's responsibility to know the content, not the MT.  An MT can only transcribe what they hear and really should not be making educated guesses on anyone since we live in a world of sue-happy patients and their malpractice insurance is so high.  If there is a question, it needs to go the dictator to resolve.

JMO - been doing this for over 20 years.  

I've been a QA 15 years and I've never heard
of any company only paying for the actual Keystrokes of the blank. You would literally make less than minimum wage that way. Waaay less.
How far in the past?
I have in the past, what do you need to know?

No, they used to pay more in the past.
I have in the past
In fact, they probably like that you do rather than ask for time off when the work load is heavy.
This is what i have done in the past.
I have called a facility and asked to speak to the director of medical records. I told them that I was interested in working on transcription for their facility and asked them the name of the company. They told me with no problem.
who have you worked for in the past - sm
Sometimes it's just getting into the right place at the right time, but if you have already worked for a few places, I don't want to mention their names.
I have spoken with her in the past and she was
What did she say or do that was so rude and unprofessional?
Worked there in the past.
But frequently ran out of work. Finally had to leave.
Well, I worked for them in the past (sm)
and had trouble being paid.  There has been info here over the past 3 years showing that it's still going on.
Not that I know of...I just saw some favorable past (sm)
posts about them and thought I would see if they are hiring..
past employees
Why is it that past employees always yell the loudest?  I take pride in the work I do for Shapin and if the past employee had just asked for help and had not turned in files that weren't even edited, it may have been a different situation.  I have mentored many MTs and have seen them grow in their profession.  Say what you want about Shapin, but remember if you are a past employee, there probably is a reason and it wasn't the pay.
From past experience, I would
stay away, far away from Accupro. I was not paid what was due me and was basically called a liar. Bad business ethics.

I know another person who worked for them, who sent an email and had things in it deleted and changed to make her look bad and then had the changed email forwarded to someone else. Stay away, things may have been good a long time ago, but not anymore.
In the past they have done this in an attempt to
attract people who know/have worked on the account.
current or past MDI-MD MTs,

did your line count significantly increase at MDI over whereever you had been before? 

I believe there were posts in the past. (sm)
Check the archives. As I recall, it wasn't good!
Maybe these past posts will help --

I don't work for them but I was thinking about it and I remembered there was a lot of chatter about them within the last couple of months so I did a search of the MTStars Company Board cause I thought I remembered something that might be helpful to you.  Until you get updated info from current or past employees maybe this will help. 

Medical Axolotl [2007-08-25]

Med - employee $100/mo., employee +1 $200/mo., employee + kids $200/mo.and employee + family $300/mo.


Axolotl [2007-08-18]

Axolotl expects quality and reliable MTs. Due to the fact, they do not overstaff, it is IMPERATIVE, everyone be there for their scheduled shifts. They provide OUTSTANDING and affordable benefits, as well as more than competitive pay. If you meet the above standards as an MT, then you should apply. If you don't meet these standards, then you need to find a company who doesn't expect you to produce quality documents and to show up for your shift. I have been an MT for 13 years. Axolotl is better than any company I have ever researched or any employerI have worked for. If you are looking for former employees who did not meet the above standards, I am sure you can find them.


Good luck in whatever you decide. 


No ad, just though maybe someone worked for them in the past...
I got the same info you did, a few companies by the name of PRN Transcription but I could not find any in MA.  One in Illinois, one in Ohio.....?
Well, last day this past week my pay was
over $18.00 an hour. I don't consider that too bad myself. I personally am very happy there, no problem with anyone, they leave you alone, no IMing all the time nor emails, good support, love the platform. Great place for me.
There have been several posts about them the past
couple of weeks.  
wow now there's a blast from the past sm
I used to work for them years ago, but I think they must have gone out of business a while back. Their website has been down for a few years.
Times past it was the same as now -
If you are typing radiology, op notes or ERs - no, it would not be a good deal.  Discharge summaries, definitely!  You know when the doctors hem and haw and talk to the other doctors or take a phone call?  Or you have a dictaiton that's just dead air, no dictation?  You get paid for all that time that the doctor is not talking.  It doesn't depend on times past versus times now.  I was paid by the minute 20 yeras ago and it was the same then.  It's good money with discharge summaries, not good for op notes or ERs.
I had not had a lot of ESL in the past, just a few here and there and never Hispanic. sm
It took me 3 weeks before I felt comfortable and now it gets better every day. I really enjoy it. A friend of mine left the account and KS and called them up and started again. They told her that it is a difficult account and they understand and had her come back. Now she is happy on the account too. She had been there a while though so that might be why but she gave up in a huff and left and they took her back (about 2 weeks later).
She had an MTSO in the past and did not pay.

What I have done for the past 6 years - sm
For the first 4 years as an IC I paid quarterly to state and had hubby take out additional federal from his check.  I now have him take out additional for both, which is far easier for me.  The IRS does not care where it comes from, just that it gets paid.  Not sure if this is an option for you, but it works for me.
I have seen several posts over the past
few months (possibly by the same person) who talks about how great they pay.  Someone posted the past week that they offered 8 cpl.  That is not great pay by any stretch, especially with some of the crappy accounts they have. 
I have been compensated in the past
by extra for certain dictators and raise for being willing to work harder accounts, but had to ask, they usually won't offer :)
I know they were pretty bad in the past
Brenda Hurley has since taken over as director of operations and I think she will definitely make some big improvements here.

I would like to hear from some who are now working under Brenda's supervision to see if things have improved as anticipated.