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You actually choose which plan you want to go with. sm

Posted By: Crystal on 2007-08-29
In Reply to: What type of insurance do they offer? Just me, SM - Felicity

They offer many different plans at different rates. You choose the coverage you want and that is the plan you go with.

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Don't worry just find out and then have a plan A and plan B
I have gone through something like this but not with that company. I too am the insurance provider for my family and there are preexisting conditions, so a private policy is no good.
First of all, I work elsewhere but had the same situation. I fell short of line count, but not because of me, because they did not have enough work, and I like many others cannot make quota because of the way they count lines. Then, on last paycheck there was a negative on insurance money taken out of check. I thought I lost insurance, but found out at the end of the year, they did an audit and found out that I overpaid all year and so I actually was owed money that check.
In the meantime, I found another job but have to wait 90 days for insurance. Can't find a policy to bridge the 2 jobs, insurance is on my mind all the time. My heart is with you. Personally I am getting the 90 day meds, working on my second job which will become my real job and if I lose the insurance, Cobra will kick in in case of disaster so that is like major medical.
Sorry such a long post, but I suggest: Not to panic. You probably did not lose insurance. Call the benefit provider to see you are still covered, not the employer. If you are not still covered, get 90 days of Rx if your plan covers by mail and be billed, immediately get another job which is a better place to work anyway (I found one) and in 90 days you will be okay. Some places like Disriter cover the first of the following month, but I would not necessarily suggest you work somewhere which is not so great just for insurance. You can consider TransTech. That would be my suggestion. Sorry for such a long post. But this hit a nerve and I wanted you to understand some options, as I have gone through it. Good Luck.
Which to choose???

It appears I may be looking for a transcription job in the near future.  I'm just looking for someplace to call home.  I have multiple years acute care hospital experience, the last 5 years being done here at home.  I come here to find help and after reading through the first couple of pages, I feel like I might as well make a list of all companies across the US, put them in a hat and draw one!!

*I* think my requirements are pretty simple:  Nice, reliable company that treats me with the same respect that I show them, 11 cpl, and plenty of work.

Anyone know of companies that fit that description?  Of course, I prefer a small company over large but have done both and been happy in both situations.  Surely there is a company out there that would be a good fit??

Which to choose??
Sorry, 11 cpl is what I have been paid at the last two employers I've had....as an IC. Guess I could settle for 10 cpl:)
Who to choose?
Have offers for Cymed, TRS, Transolutions, and Silent Type.  They all seem to have pros and cons.  I want to be happy at my job.  Any suggestions out there??? 
You cannot pick and choose
I don't know how you think you can pick and choose. You get the jobs assigned to you by the queue managers. You cannot even see what jobs are available.

SS has been a terrific company for me. I too stick to schedule but at times have to flex because of kids, etc. and they do not have a problem with that from time to time.

Which offer should I choose?

Hi all...I currently have two job offers that I'm trying to decide between.  I was wondering if any of you could give me some ideas, suggestions, input, opinions, whatever...

I was offered clinic work with Axolotl and also offered acute care with WEBMEDX.  They are both full time employee positions, but Axolotl offers 1 cent more per line, which possibly will go up to 1.5 cents more per line after 30 days.

I've read a few posts on here about WEBMEDX and it seems mostly good things are said about them.  I haven't read much on Axolotl at all, so I'm not really sure what decision to make.  Any advice is welcomed and very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance. 

Are you going to choose to keep the computer?
I know they said that they would uninstall everything on the computer if we wanted to keep it, I just have a funny feeling about that, I don't trust them!!

If we don't want it, do we have to pay to ship it back? Is anyone going to purchase it for 260?
They do need people to choose a
schedule and stick to it, I believe. There is plenty of OT available right now, while they are still hiring. I have no idea how much flexibility your life requires, of course. I try to stick to my schedule, but when an emergency has come up, they have been very nice.

In my opinion, and trying to consider it from a business standpoint, their aim will probably be to cover the account with enough people so they don't need much OT in the future. But how it works out will just depend on the skill and production levels and dependability of the people they hire, I suspect. That makes it hard to predict future OT needs.

Good luck in your decision. I'm happy with them, but I don't have kids or another job or other a complications to work around.
Have to choose IC over Employee?? ....sm
Hi!  Well, after all the testing, thinking, interviewing, etc., I find myself really torn apart.  I have wonderful job offers with fine companies, but the problem is that, at this time, I have too much family obligations to truly commit to employee status....my dad just passed away two months ago, and I am having to care PT for my 89-year-old mom, along with my 3 kids, and with all this going on, I can commit to working long-term and PT hours all through the week, some weekends, but really need FLEXIBILITY, and cannot sacrifice family time for $$$.  I have been doing this for 16+ years, but with my father's long, drawn-out death, I find I have to, in all conscience, spend as much time with my family (what really matters), but help out my husband with finances steadily.....do any of you ladies have suggestions for good IC companies where I can work hard, have experience in EVERY field, and still be able to BE THERE for my poor mom and family?  Thanks everyone so much in advance!!  
I would choose Transform
I have worked for both, if you are talking about Accustat in Wisconsin, and I currently work for Transform and they are awesome and very very flexible with hours, etc. The system is really easy to use and make great money on. I have no complaints about Transform at all. Good luck.
You choose to work
12-hr days and weekends, but that doesn't mean it's the norm. I work M-F, no weekends, 1st shift. Not all accounts are hospitals either. Some people choose to work nights/weekends because of the differential or preference, but just because we got into this profession doesn't mean we HAVE to work that shift as there are all days and shifts available. I think the newer MTs and part-timers generally get stuck with those awful shifts anyway.
I'm not knocking you if that's what you CHOOSE
to do, and you shouldn't knock those of us who CHOOSE not to work those crap shifts. Free will, baby. I have experience and am good at my job, so don't worry about me... LOL
Yes they can do require that. You can choose to go or
not as an IC but you also should be prepared to be without that job if you choose to stay home.
Or you could choose to look for a different profession, sm
where you are not so demoralized that you feel (jokingly or not) that you are a victim.
LOL. No. I had to choose my own beneficiary. Are there companies sm
that do that?
If you could pick between OSi and TransTech, which would you choose? nm
They are not well thought of. I would choose Andrewsw or M-TEC. nm
It can if we choose to MAKE it happen. -nm

Webmedx - you can choose between 2 plans - sm
500 vs 1000 deductible.
If one of mine forced me to choose between the two,
I pick and choose what I take from this board

I first started coming here about 6 years ago when I started going to school for MT.  The posts almost made me give up before I had even finished.  I was sure I would never find a job and that I made a horrid mistake, but because I had already paid for the classes I decided to continue, and found a job 2 months before I ever graduated.  I have been working for 5 years now, and have never been without job, and I make a very good line rate with an awesome company.  I like coming to this board and looking around since I don't really have a relationship with co-workers in this business, it is nice to see what others are thinking, but for the most part I take everything with a grain of salt. 


But what happened to you about the recruiter is pretty horrid.  I can't believe somebody would do such a hateful thing, but in the end they may have done you a favor, I don't think I would have wanted to work for a company that was so rude and unprofessional. 

choose being the operative word
That is what I said. You do have the right to choose the shift and pay you want. All i said was if you don't have what you want, then get out and find something that does give you what you want instead of all the ragging on about how miserable everyone is. I don't care when anyone works. I just get tired of all the people who complain but do nothing to help themselves.
Would you choose $15 with no incentives over straight production??
I have an offer to go shift lead at $15 an hour or another company is offering me 0.9 a line with production incentives on a fairly easy clinical specialty account with what looks like a lot of normals.  Would most of you go for the certain money or take the production in hopes that you can work up speed and eventually make more?  Not sure what to do here.  Thanks
I agree public should know. I think drs. know but choose to ignore.
Okay..HELP.. I have had some job offers, who would you choose, Wedmedx, Medscribe, or MDI-FL.
Each has its good points and bad. I just want to make a good choice and have no desire to job hop. Line rate obviously is important but so are benefits.. So help me out if you have any suggestions at all, even a different company to apply with that you think are better than these. Thanks in advance for your ideas and/or suggestions.
I believe they have several to choose from - affordable and decent coverage, IMO
Really? Could have sworn people choose when to get sick.
Posters can choose emoticons from the choices given
If you choose employee status, there is not that much freedom..sm
These days, most companies make you punch time clocks and want you to demonstrate 8 hours within a certain window, sometimes 12, sometimes 8 hours. With the larger companies, gone are the good-old days where your full-time status was based on your productivity. It's a shame. I work for Webmedx and would love to get out of this business, but now is not the time for me to do so. Good luck.
make sure you choose search entire web
instead of search MT stars website
Then you should be fine at Diskriter if that's where you choose to work, Jeannal.
There are angry, negative people all over this board and, unfortunately, this line of work affords people the opportunity to job jump a lot more than most others. You will see negativity about any company on this business if you inquire on a message board, but the best thing to do is what is best for you.

Again, I'm very happy at Diskriter and would highly recommend them to anyone. I can only speak for myself.

Best of luck wherever you decide to work.

Seems a pretty selfish attitude ... I suppose you also choose sm
the work types you want to do and leave the cra* for everyone else.  If you don't want weekend work, type for a clinic.  Otherwise, you should pull your share of the load with the rest of us.
Maybe it's a "pick and choose" rule.. depends on who is being talked about
I see a couple of names in that post, but haven't seen it deleted yet. Hmmm. Wonder why?
I guess I don't understand either. As for holidays, I CHOOSE to work them sm

my kids are grown and gone. They like to come for Thanksgiving, but not Christmas.  I have a choice, sit around and pout over it Christmas Day, or work...knowing that what I am doing means another woman who has little ones at home can be with them.  I feel like I am making a difference. 

I am working July 4th, always have.  I'll work Labor Day too, no big deal, although it falls on my Monday off and I won't get comp time, however, I am going to treat myself a nice meal out that week so I don't feel put upon.

I feel EXTREMELY lucky to have a full time job with benefits, regardless of working holidays, a part time job where they don't care when or how much I do (though I try for 500 to 750 a day even though their full time is only 800), and I have been offered a PT QA position in addition to these.  I can eat and pay our $4+ a gallon gas.  I can pay my bills and most importantly, I can be saving a huge amount of money in case something changes economically and it will. 

Grow up and understand this is part of this industry.  People don't take holidays off from being sick, injured or dying.

All the old reviews say they're horrible. Listen to those MTs and choose another company. nm
MTSO's can choose to hire quality union members

or there are many of us out there who are working on our own accounts and are ready to form a more MT-friendly MTSO. 

This is the beginning of the end for treating MTs as if they have no valuable skills.  Offshoring has been proven costly - multiple layers of QA, litigation for patient care mistakes that sneak through.  India, Pakistan are becoming targets -See Mumbia-the group of us who have been studying this have seen a 20% return to TRANSCRIPTION PERFORMED ON U.S. SOIL.

Offshoring was fun for the corporates while it lasted - those who gave no care to patient care, only to the bottom line.  It's come full circle now - the work is coming back to us.  Don't let anyone scare you further regarding offshoring - the work is returning from ESL countries across the board.

Within the past week I have spoken with 5-different Dell Support Agents, all located on US soil (verible), and compared total call time for the same computer scenario as 5-Dell Support Agents canvassed 6 months ago, admittedly located in Pakistan.  The AMERICAN agents averaged 2-5 minutes per call; Pakistanis averaged 8-25 minutes per call.  Multiply the extra 20 minutes by even 1,000 cals per day - OUTSOURCING BRAGS HUGE SAVINGS and the cost appears very small at the outset - BUT WHEN YOU ADD ALL OF THE PROOFING, LANGUAGE BARRIERS, TIME SPENT ON HOLD, ETC., IT IS COSTING EACH AND EVERY COMPANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS YEARLY TO OFFSHORE OUTSOURCE.

There is proof - the work is coming back.  And contrary to what we've been told, not all doctors are agreeing to VR - they cannot be forced and many of them are still using VR platforms for FULL TRANSCRIPTION. 

We have done a lot of research before bringing this to light.  The technology is not advancing as quickly as our paychecks are shrinking.  We are being lied to.



We give up on your naysayers. Great company, but if you choose to believe it's fishy, your loss.
Webmedex or Medware? Which would you choose in terms of benefits, specifically medical ins costs.
Any know what the difference is with these companies in terms of pay and what the preminums are for family medical insurance?
Who would you choose, Medware, Golden Isles (GIMT) or Mag Mutual? Weighing options and offers etc..
IWho do you think would be the best to work for??
There is NO work at Transtech. Maybe they just choose special people to send work to
new MQ pay plan
It's been in QNews, snail mail and on MQ's home page under the QNET as promised by Frank for the last six mths.
What do you like about this new MQ plan?

I would just love to know what people like about this new plan because the way I see it they are not paying for your internet service anymore which is essential to getting this job done and they are not offering any kind of weekend incentives which is when they are always begging people to work and also, the part that really is laughable is even if you are part time and say work 15 hours a week and want to work 20 instead one week you have to get that approved.  Now, they are always begging people to work so why do we have to get approval to work extra.  I can understand over 40 hours but if you are part time what is the big deal.  As long as you put your hours in that you are supposed to, why do we have to go through the trouble of calling our supervisors and asking to work an extra hour or so. 

I don't see much of any kind of incentives in this new plan.  I mean if you type over 1200 - you get a small increase.  Say you type 1500 well you would make an extra $1.50 that day.  What kind of incentive is that?

I just don't get it.  Maybe I am missing something and people can explain to me what they like about it.  I would LOVE to hear it. 


new plan
There is nothing to like
well i DO like the new plan
It adds up to a lot of $ to have 18 days PTO at production rate vs. 10 days, plus now the 6 holidays at time and one-half. The difficulty premium adds another level of fairness and compensation to the skill tier.

As far as part-timers having to ask to work an extra hour or two -- where do you read that? i went back and looked and see that your option is to work between 8-39 hr a week -- if it requires permission, i guess i missed it. I can see where it would help in scheduling and TATs though.

As far as the lack of I/N payment now, that's not a plus, BUT you CAN claim it on your taxes along with your books, etc.

It may not be an exciting plan for those who have limited skills and just can do the easy stuff, but for me, it works well enough.

Better than MQ's new plan. sm
You would need to check with their recruiter for what you would make. They have the MQ-type quarterly bonus and shift bonus for night, which allows one to make good money.
TRS pay plan help!!!
I have been working at TRS almost a month now and still cannot undestand the pay scale.  I thought I did,but I am lost.  I am on a difficult account and I am having trouble making line count.  My first pay check is coming up soon, and I need to get another job.  Should I hold out, or run for the hills?  I hate to jump ship, but  I don't want to stay too long if I cannot make any MONEY!!!!!!! thanks
Pay Plan
Well I am one of the MTs who does like the pay plan. I've done quite well on it. I would suggest that you talk to your supervisor and ask for a better explanation of it and be sure you understand it. Once you have a good grasp on it, it's not that tough. Good luck and I hope you stick it out!
The plan is this
IMHO: Hire good typists to transcribe for peanuts; then hire qualified MTs to QA for peanuts.

Ain't globalization fun?
Thank you - I may have a plan now!

Thank you all for your comments...

I am still racking my brain (which is not helping my production by the way)...but I may have just brewed up a plan!!!

Since I was meeting double the LPH requirements, I am just going to slow way down and meet the required production - they require set hours...they are going to get it...they will still get quality work, but I am not going to stick my neck out anymore...

Instead, I am going to focus on the smaller company and pray it turns out good. I will take the extra time from the national and even out the line count I need with the smaller company..and hopefully, it will all fall into place and I will decide the smaller company is my answer...

In the meantime, I am keeping my foot in both doors and looking out for myself for once!!!  Staying more and more loyal to the one who actually appreciates me....yup, the smaller company


What new plan?
But it isn't quite going according to plan.

I like how you stated that the benefits SHOULD flow into our countries when companies are allowed to compete better.  Unfortunately SHOULD and ARE are two different things.  So far the only things happening is that the companies are getting huge, billion-dollar tax breaks that are benefitting other countries.  The profits that the companies are making are not benefitting the US workers, they are lining the pockets of shareholders and CEOs.  They're not creating jobs here and they're not benefitting this country. Whereas, look at India and China and all the news reports of how their economy is growing at an unprecedented rate.  This theory can only work if other countries cooperate and the American companies use profits to grow their businesses, instead of lining the pockets of their CEOs.