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You are so right. I woke up this morning already a change in things

Posted By: mtMOM on 2008-04-22
In Reply to: Good things come out of bad.... - recycled

I thought I'd go back to MTing, after yesterday, but today lots of my things are selling in e bay and I am on way to being a power seller already. Plus, DH left me 50 bucks on the counter with a note saying for me to buy groceries to cook the things I like to. Now I know that sounds really old fashioned, but he has been doing all of the cooking since I work all the time and I have not eaten much in a while, because he is not very good at cooking. His way of trying to help I guess. He never said to go back to get a job, he was surprised that quiet little me made this move. So, you are right, I am going to see what happens and trust instincts. Maybe give myself permission that it was an okay move. At this point, I am making exactly the same amount off e bay as transcribing, and I have over 500 vintage items to sell so that will last a while. Even if just for a month or two, gives me time to regroup. Thanks for your support here. I thing we recovering MTs and people who are in the life (Mting) need a group like that around here. LOL.

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After sleeping on this, I woke up this morning
Wondering if this is even true. How do we know? Can the statements be validated? I'm not saying it's not but this could but the ultimate knife in TTs back. I would just like to know for sure.
Your puter should ask you Sun. morning about making the time change. Just follow the 'custom'
As much as things change
there, yes it will change again, for better or worse, who knows, I sure don't.
Interesting how things never change.
did the same exact thing to me. The manager at that time was supposed to retire because she had breast cancer and her assistant was just as nasty. I had just started with them then and felt really bad about her having breast CA, but I caught on real fast and they did not like me asking questions at all. Guess they expected me to flounder for myself with their platform.
Yes, too many "games"....some things never change. sm
A leopard may shed, but never loses its spots!!

Things change quickly, I would look twice -sm
All Type has just done a major cut on their MTs pay rate - major.  At least 80% of their work is done outside of the country and more is being shipped every day.   You are being hired to keep their business moving because many are leaving with the pay cuts and they need you to work while they make the conversion to India complete.  They will need editors to cover the inadequacy of those reports but American MTs can wave so long to their jobs with All Type.  All Type should take down their American flag and fly the flag from the country they support - India.   
things can change very quickly sm
so be careful because you might change your tune!
I agree. That's the ONLY way things will ever change. nm
Things change - speaking up
I've been with SS for a little over a year. They have a good sound player. As for not being able to understand the doctors, every company has those ~ you get used to them. As for the ex-QA person ~ there is no man in charge that I know of. Old-MT ~ that man was gone not long after you posted that about your problem ~ replaced. I watched it all happen. Everyone has been very kind to me there. We occasionally get snappy Globals, but they are GLOBALS and so if someone takes it personally, that would be their problem, I would think. If it applies to you, you follow it. You can tell often that it's aimed at newer employees who haven't been following the instructions and need a heads up. I belong to a photography group and they have the same problem ~ they send out globals because it's a common problem and easier to do so than going by individuals.

People keep saying to look at the archives and I say that's not entirely good direction. There are always handfuls of people who want to bitch and moan. Things are not as they used to be, no. I was working for Transcriptions Ltd. when it went into MQ and making $20 to $30 an hour at times ~ paid $2 per page. Those days are gone .. but they also didn't offer benefits then either.

I still have alerts for here and MQ (where I worked for years until 2005) just from the days of when I was looking for work in this field again. That's the only reason I come in here from time to time.

As for the warm bodies that the QA person experienced .. I was one myself as I got back into this field and it was SoftScript that gave me a chance to do so. Getting used to new accounts is not always easy. I thought QA people were supposed to be helpful. I had been overseas and unable to work where I was for a few years. That's part of the job of QA, I would think. BTW .. QA people make mistakes too.

So ... there's a bit of a different slant ~
Except - if things change with regard to offshoring,
hiring an American union member may be the most cost-effective way to go.

Making offshoring undesirable and EXPENSIVE should also be on MTs' agendas, this coming year.
I agree. I think someone woke up this am
Sour attitude.
Don't mind the typos - just woke up!!
Sorry to be snitty, just woke up and am tired - sm
Actually now that I think about it, one of my docs is an ESL but again she is not bad, and I do her every day for the most part, she just butchers a few words here and there and always spells those out as she knows she is not saying them right. But I have been happy there, hit the ground running and all the accounts I am on with with I have direct dealings with the doctors are quite happy with my work and performance. My good work just landed me 2 new doctors from one of my more lucrative accounts with them. I am sure there are/were some unhappy people with them, but then again that is the case with all companies. I have dissed on a few here that some rave about, so it is all the same. Some companies fit and some don't, depends on the person, their situation (and abilities as well).
Woke up to no work early this a.m.

So, it's slow already, and this is the last payperiod before Christmas.  How are you doing on this payperiod with your company?

I woke up at 1 a.m. and stayed until 7 a.m. to find 2 reports for me. Not a good way to start off the week.  Wondering what your company will do for you and your family this Christmas paycheck. 

BTW: When this MT worked inhouse at a hospital eons ago, there was always a holiday bonus for the Christmas paycheck, and it was never less than 1,000.00.  Paid for Christmas and more.  Now that they have outsourced, guess what this MT is getting? 40.00 until the end of the week for food money for a family of 5.

Ho ho ho. Happy Holidays. Hope you will fare better!


Nothing will change unless we make it change..SM
As long as we accept the exploitation that this MT profession has reduced us to, it will keep going on.  The top of this is the outsourcing.... well, get your legislators involved....better yet, the MEDIA.  How many patients know their private medical information is being outsourced to halfway around the world? The squeeky wheel gets the grease.  Do the patients know that their info won't be sold by some unscrupulous MT (halfway around the globe) to insurance companies, etc., making all this Medical records privacy a joke. It's not just our T-shirts being made in other countries; it's our most personal, private medical information, of which the public is not being made aware of.  Not to speak of undercutting out profession to the bare bone.  Granted, most US MTs are willing to work below market wage just to have a job, especially in economically-deprived areas, where outside jobs are scarce, and kids need to be fed and mortgages need to be paid.  MTSOs know this.  I'll bet they'll be the first to lobby against any action against outsourcing.  (Wouldn't you be...if you got people to work for pennies while you're raking in the big $$$'s ?  Still, notwithstanding the outsourcing problem, we're still going along with all the BS...working for pennies, whatever the client wants, he gets... ever notice how all of the MTSO flak seems to be re. unpaid work...mostly, demographic issues we're not even paid for... bec. It has to be done.. Part of the job... The client put the wrong info but we have to correct it...all unpaid work.  Just give me a job with nothing but straight transcription, w/o the unpaid/demo. flak..I'll take it even at the present, absurd pennies-per-line state of the profession.
There was no work for me this morning and . . .

that was okay. I spent more time with my 2 babies. I held my 9 1/2 month old in my arms while he struggled to stay awake and finally gave in to his sleepiness. As I type this, I am listening to my "almost 2-year-old" laying on the living room floor "watching" TV talking to herself, curled up with her blanket, and almost sleeping. It makes me smile. Just about 15 minutes ago, I snuck outside and gave my horse a carrot and she nickered a nice hello. THAT is why I'm home.

I work for Transcend. Have been for about a 1-1/2 months. I have learned a lot and I hope to learn more. I checked my Ps and Qs before I left my in-house, cushy, very solid clinic position to work at home. I checked the money situation. (I was also lucky enough to land an IC job with a local clinic that pays .12cpl, but only comes out to $100 a week as they don't have much work for me.) I hemmed and hawed over it for 7 months before I made my decision to stay home. I will admit it, it is a little frustrating not to have work, but, there will be work later. I may never have benefits through them, I may have to marry my (not so darling...ha ha) boyfriend (the father of the two kids) in order to get health insurance....but I'll deal with it. I LOVE being at home. (BF is jealous and wants to be home to, my Dad, who is soon to be retiring, is jealous as well. Course, they're MEN and wouldn't be able to work and watch the kids, but I'll let them be jealous!)

When I first started with transcription over 7 years ago, I never even thought of working at home, never really crossed my mind. I feel very lucky to be in a career that allows me to do both, be at home and still have a career. I'm not afraid of hard work or minor setbacks. I've put up a 1/4 mile of horse fence in 90+ degree weather, this is easy. Sure, it may come with some "bull****, and slow times, and frustrating times, but then I have a morning like I did today...(see above)...and I sigh...and smile. To each his/her own. If ya don't like the stew, get out of the pot.

Your post was on this morning because
Very funny. Thanks for the morning
My, my, having a bad morning? Sheesh.
I can't see what was so offensive about the first post.
I had one similar this morning

Only it was from Meditech.   Never applied there.  Letter sounded pretty similar to yours though.

No, just out of work this morning


Electric off this morning?
I think they had thunderstorms this morning and maybe a tornado.  Their electric may be off.
Sorry, Monday morning
I could not find any posts on this company.
Thanks, I actually have an interview in the morning. nm

I applied this morning
I took the test by playing and pausing. Then I went back through the dictation and filled in and corrected. I had to play each section about 4 times to finally get it all.
My deposit was in this morning
When did you send your line count to invoices?

I'm not a cheerleader, I just think the good things should be mentioned as well as the bad.
2 cpl isn't worth getting out of bed for in the morning.
Not a single job this morning. nm
No work this morning. nm
We get disrespected each and every morning
Anyone have work at MDI this morning? nm
I guess it is possible but not at the rate it went out this morning. I think if it gets a little
LATE in terms of their LATE which is not late but well within TAT but not 1 hour it seems to disappear. My account flew out the window this morning in about 30 minutes from yesterday so I doubt it got done that fast.
Thanks for the morning lesson on ethics.
I love MT work... I get up in the morning
put on a blonde wig and a tight dress, look like Anna Nicole Smith and type all day long.  And I'm not even a woman!
Guess someone got up with an attitude this morning.

You know, I rarely do visit this site, but when I do and I have something worthwhile to say to clarify for someone that really does have a question to answer.  I like to answer it.  One would wonder if you would be so bold if you were not afraid to use your real name and stand behind your bold statements.  There are many great MTs who really would have pertinent questions.  One person's experience with a company may not be the same experience that another MT might have.  As for my snobby nose, I think you can ask anyone that really knows me and you would find that I am probably the most caring, professional and strong advocate for the MTs that you are ever going to run across.  Thanks for your time and you have a wonderful day.

Morning! Can any of you computer-savvy MTs tell me how to
From another program in Word based on 65-character.  I know I saw it on here somewhere.  TIA!
I was curious about that post this morning
too and did a little checking. I got curious because of the middle eastern sounding name for an email address. They also had an address listed in Viena VA plus a phone number. I did a check on the area code of the provided number and it was out of North Dakota. I would not think this was a reputable place to work, if even existent. Maybe that is why post was removed.
Another morning with no work ... sigh. nm
I don't care if it is 3 am Sunday morning, get up and

I had mine this morning but let me ask about wrong
This is my first time hearing about your pay being wrong. Give some background. Has it happened to you or someone you know? Thanks
Yippee I actually did run out of work this morning!
Just went on out to the garden and picked some strawberries and rhubarb and made a pie.  Let's see what other fun I can have today. The weekend is coming up and I'm betting there'll be more than plenty and no long line of people waiting to do it.
The Intranet is down but being reset. Try again in the morning if you do not get in.
I just called my lead in a panic, but she said not to worry as long as they are in by the 31st at midnight we are OK and if it were down then, they would take them manually. Has not happened to me in the 2 years I have been with them!
The intranet will be down until Monday morning. sm
The upgrade pulled the system down but it will be back up by Monday morning.
Weird, I had work this morning and all day. sm
I will say that if you are going to hit no work, generally it is on a Monday a.m. after payroll ended Sunday night; everyone who was short on hours during the week ends up making up time on Sunday nights and it takes a few hours for Monday's work to stockpile.

There's a BUNCH on there now!
Oh yes...I pulled 25 echos in a row this morning
even though the work is always routed evenly to all MTs at my company.  Right.
Wondered where my better dictators were when I got on at 3 a.m. this morning.
It is really irritating when pets are put the good/best dictators in their pool and I am put the worst.  Glad you GOT your lines, because I took the beating doing what we should have been sharing, report-wise, rather than leads filling pools of their pets with the good stuff!
Thought the same thing when I saw that this morning.
Since yesterday was Sunday, DD would have gone through this morning
If payday falls on a weekend or a holiday, then direct deposit will go through the next business day. Mine was in my bank account last night around midnight.
And the first thing Monday morning sm
the coffers are empty and you spend considerable time flexing your hours.
I get the morning assignment from my liaison
and never hear other than that. And I think that is great. I am here to work, not get caught up in endless e-mails.
I hope that each and every one of you have a wonderful day and that we are all capable of making our line counts or even more.  Have a great day!!!!