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You have to be kidding. Per your own words, DR

Posted By: MT/ME on 2006-03-06
In Reply to: Don't let the comments scare you - sm

is not the best. Any poor MTs coming from MQ have been beaten to death by now - they don't need another company that is not THE BEST. Let's see - what was I being tactful and leaving out? It takes 4-ever and a day to actually start - criminal background checks - yeah, I know, no big deal, but still creepy - physical exams, and plenty of other hoops - probably a month to get started. Computers were garbage and platform was down often, though none in my account received 1 cent of downtime pay. Platform antiquated and also allowed for prime cherry picking. As a newby, I used to watch the good work get sucked right out of my pool from my coworkers. Backstabbing galore, office politics, no supervision whatsoever. Pay was on the low side, but was told it was due to how great hospital accounts were - not really. MTs expected to adhere to a strict schedule - quality of work was poor as we got hospital leftovers from inhouse staff. DR also has had run-ins with the labor board and were found guilty of whatever it was they were caught doing. So, yes, let these comments scare you - check the company board archives - always lots of negative about DR. In fact, this is the first time I have ever read positives, so I honestly suspect its their recruiter trying to snag some newbies. DR was even posted about just last week - go thru pages and search for them. Good luck to you! Definitely not a good replacement for MQ. If you're close to the breakdown point, as I was when I left MQ, DR is likely to push you right over the edge.

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Definitely need the Sted's Derm&Immuno Words and a Path&Lab Words to do derm. Lots of weirdness!
Sted's Ortho Words, a lab words book, at least 1 drug book, and your AAMT BOS 2nd
You are kidding right!!

Well, if you like it then that is good for you, but I have definitely worked on better platforms.  This takes me back to the 1990s.  I personally think it sucks, know a lot of other people who thinks it sucks, and have not seen all these happy people on the forum talking about how much they love it.  I read the forum every day, and all I see are the people losing jobs as they are transcribing them and a whole lot of people complaining about how bad the voice quality is on the new platform and how the new platform does not have enough hot keys and too much mouse work.  Maybe we work for a different Transcend!!!

No kidding...nm

Are You Kidding Me?

Well itís nice to know that HIS management understands their program. Itís just another rah-rah scam to make the industry think that HIS is wonderful. If HIS was as perfect as they claim, HCR Manor Care wouldnít be looking to sell. Why would they drop such a wonderful company that only took 7+ years to make a profit?


Plain and simple, HIS only interest in a US team is to gain clients. It sounds like a good sales presentation, but when it comes down to it, the client ends up being offshored due to the high US MT retention rate. Why the high retention rate if HIS is so perfect? So keep painting the pretty picture HIS, but your image in the industry is destroyed.  



I was just kidding
about them guessing. It's just their lines are never the same as mine, or anyone elses for that matter. Report what? This is their Standard Operating Procedure and always has been. They just don't tell you that when they hire you. Best thing to do is find something else, and if that doesn't work, keep on truckin'. Also, do you ever find it odd that you don't know any of the other MTs that work there? Check any Email from them. Do you see your name or a distribution list? They must have something to hide. Good Luck and keep your chin up.
Was just kidding.

I thought it was kind of cute, thought maybe we could now do some pole dancing to earn some extra money in between reports, good exercise I hear.   I do typos all the time and I hate to post some of the times because I am afraid that I will do the same.   Seriously to me it is great to be an IC and not an employee have been doing it for 20+ years.  

Good luck in making the right decision, just did not want you to base it on the 7.5% of SS you had to pay.



Are you kidding? A lot of us did
are they kidding???
i have 2 QA jobs and get paid 18 at one an hour and 18.75 at the other per hour.. THAT IS A DISGUSTING LINE RATE! GOOD GOD!
kidding? You have to be kidding...sm

You must be deluded to even have a thought that you can get no ESL MDs at least in a hospital or MTSO setting.......unless you work for yourself and you pick only Anglo dictators.....

The Hispanics are of great number in the USA now, they are the largest minority in the USA, 40 million of them.  And Michigan has it's ARAB community.........tons of Arabs live in and around Ann Arbor and other areas of Michigan.

Even small town America (think New Mexico) - all have ESL mds....NM being mainly native American and Hispanic from Spain and Chicano-Hispanic from Mexico....

Nowhere in the USA any longer....except perhaps MAINE......and VERMONT.....maybe they have no ESL MDs.

GOOD LUCK......*L*

No kidding. sm
I'd like to see what their speech recognition does with an ESL doc dictating the word esophagogastroduodenoscopy. 
No kidding.
Are they kidding?????
You are kidding us, right?
You were actually threatened by women who wanted to keep you bad enough for themselves? Aren't we just a little full of ourselves!
No, I'm not kidding...

This REALLY happened to me once! I'm not being full of myself, as you put it. I am being totally honest. Nothing about the situation was flattering, whatsoever! I felt completely violated. It was a terrible experience to go through as a single parent trying to make ends meet.

A few years ago, I had accepted a job with a company and had actually turned in my resignation to my current employer. When my team leader found out where I was going, she called someone she knew at that company and told them lies about me. When the company I was talking to got her call, they reneged and stopped talking to me altogether.

I panicked. I was JOBLESS! Then, my team leader called me and told me she wanted me back. She was the hero in her mind. My team leader TOLD ME HERSELF what she had done--as if she had done me a FAVOR! She told me that she did that just to keep me with her. I wouldn't have had any idea what had happened if she hadn't told me what she did.

As previously mentioned, I was a single parent at the time, and the sole breadwinner; so, I had no other choice but to work for her until I found something else. I did find something else about a year later, after that particular team leader had moved on to another company.

You certainly seem to be a very judgmental and very bitter person. Perhaps it is YOU who is full of yourself! Until you go through this sort of experience, I don't think you have any room to talk at all!
no kidding
I work VERY PART TIME (1.5-3 hours per day) for a company and make $1400.00 per month. However, I am a 17-year MT/QA/auditor/instructor/manager, know how to use ShortHand 8 to the best of its ability, and make it my business to know every physician's business. Also, the Shapin management person who is posting here is most unprofessional. It would be more professional not to respond to the accusations on this board. Makes him/her look very immature and argumentative.
no kidding! lol
Are you kidding me?
Is that SE status or as an employee? 
R U kidding me??????????
They may have a mentor program but the company overall is the P-I-T-S, management, communication, you name it. Revolving door indeed. QA is a complete and utter joke and the worst I have ever seen in 12 years of experience. Your newbies can do better anywhere except OSI.
Not kidding
Heather is a super mentor manager.  The mentor program is the only program that is not the P-I-T-S as you put it but it will give them good experience.  It is not a good longterm choice but the program itself is good.
Of course not!!! Are you kidding? U think they
Just one more thing to show they don't have it together!
No..... are you kidding?
Almost that per week.
No kidding? nm
Are you kidding - is this it?
I don't have a lot of experience with nationals. Are these the ONLY companies that don't make you punch a time clock? Unbelieveable if true!
No kidding!
I'm an American MT, and I do a great job! Yippie! It's a a bunch of &$@#.
Are you kidding....7.4 cpl is low
I am working for a wonderful company with good bennies, low health premiums, etc. (small co).  I make 8.5 cpl with only 1 specialty and only about 5 different docs and a couple PA-Cs.  No ESL.  I feel like I'm in heaven.   Just started and averaging about 1500 lines per day.  I also might add that there are incentives.
Are you kidding?
please tell us your kidding?! nm
No kidding, MQ is getting
rediculous, I had to leave.  Can't WAIT to start at KS, since I have typed for the account I am going to have with them before, through MQ.  
Are you kidding?

Axolotl pays you EVERY character regardless whether it is a macro or short cut.  Please, do not assume how a company pays just because you don't understand why some programs are not compatible.

We use Lotus Notes.  Our platform is EXTREMELY easy.  Axolotl makes it the best for their MTs as possible. 

No kidding...
I'm really fed up. If they don't get me going early this week, I'm moving on. I shouldn't have to bug a company to start working.
LOL! No kidding!
I come on here almost every day, and it's always the same old posts about Transtech. I'm sure it's probably a good place to work, and I love my company as well, but I don't feel the need to come on here and let the world know all the little reasons I why I love them. If someone asks, I will tell, but this really is overkill. Tone it down a notch, please. This is getting old.
Are you kidding me?
Sounds like this company has some major issues and not just the platform. Makes no sense to me. What platform is this?
You have got to be kidding!!!
Are You Kidding Me
Why the heck would TT feel anything whatsoever is wrong when it is stated payday is MONDAY. Anything before that is a BENEFIT. My DD after the change was there on Monday. As expected! Yes, I have seen a pending deposit earlier, but I NEVER depend on that, I feel it as a bit of luck and assurance. Unbelievable you are angry about this. Geez.
They must be kidding. They don't even
have accounts yet.  They are having sales people work on getting clients.  I told them to call me when they are up and running.  I don't have time for that stuff. LOL
Are you kidding me?

If so, then I'd suggest you look at what you are typing here.  Are you really that childish? 

Smooches...  I love everyone! 

No kidding
for the prize for over-posting. I'm sick of it, too. A subsidiary of Nuance. Sheez. Enuf already.
You must be kidding!
You have got to be kidding me!
Futurenet is far from falling apart. I have always been treated with respect and dignity by the people there and always have work by making sure that I treat them the same - with respect and dignity. Not only that, what you describe is not FN but Medquist. Perhaps you should work for them for awhile and then you will realize what you have here and how you should appreciate it and be happy for it. The only place I was ever screwed over and demeaned as a supervisor, MT or QA person was with MQ and never ever at Futurenet. The management there are the best. If you want to know the difference - seriously - go work for MQ for a week and then talk to me about disrespect and abuse of employees.
You must be management or a favorite because I've been with FN over 3 1/2 years now and am being treated the same way...on several accounts with no work daily, begging for work, getting no responses to emails or phone calls, and I am a consistent MT who has been very reliable with my work when I had it. There's no kidding around when you barely make enough in two weeks to pay one bill and all you're told is to be patient and wait for the slow time to be over...even though you just started a new account and have no work there either. If you have no complaints about getting work then I applaud you but we are NOT KIDDING about not getting the work.
Are you kidding? Do other MTs really act like that?
Unbelievable!! I always knew there were a few, but it seems like much more than a few.....

Here is 2 cents worth on the MT profession.....

It is our job to help make the patient document precise and accurate. It doesn't matter if we are MTs or QA or the CEO of a hospital. The bottom line is the patient and their medical record.

Sometimes many of us take things tooooo personal and forget what the bottom line is. Yes, we need to make money, however, that comes second to the PATIENT!!!

I think if everyone can keep that in mind, maybe we can be more humble and cordial to each other and work as a united team in the medical record/transcription industry.

you are kidding, right?
You HAVE to be kidding me
oh i hope u let us know how they are posting for jobs.  this is a joke right?
Are you kidding...?
I don't know where you are getting your rates, but hasn't anyone told you hospitals pay10 cpl for work done in Pakistan and India?  And that most clinics won't go above 12 cpl?  Most want to pay 11 cpl?  I live on the the West Coast - maybe you have better luck on the East, but you guys are way way off...
Are you kidding about this?
I would think no job wants to hire you and not ever know when you are available.
you have got to be kidding me
You trade wages and raises for the freedom of not being an employee.

You are gonna have to explain this one..... There are no more raises for ICs than there are for employees and the pay very often is no higher so what does an IC get in that trade?

Is TT kidding?
We now have to send emails when we don't get our lines in describing why and what day/hours we will make it up, which also applies to the times there is no work.  So what happens on the last day of the pay period when there is no work - they expect us to make it up the next pay period?  And what happened to being able to use our PTO if we are sick and not having to make up that time?  They expect me to work every day of my life? Ya right!  They have way too many supervisors with nothing to do!  I've been there 3 years and I think this has now pushed me to retire.
Is TT kidding?
Been there 2 years; this is the best one yet. I'm still chuckling. If you have the flu or a bad tummy bug, etc, you have no idea when you will be making up your lines. Also, they send too many blanket emails instead of calling the few MTs causing problems and having a frank chat with them.
You have got to be kidding me!! sm
Wow...0.07 a line typed and 0.03 a line edited for afternoons and nights or weekends and MUST have experience. Anybody who takes this is crazy!!
Are you kidding?...sm
The QA persons know EXACTLY every time whose reports they are QAing.