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careful what you listen to

Posted By: notherMT on 2005-10-18
In Reply to: So, I just accepted a position with MDI-FI. Are there really people running out of work? - MDI-FI employees out there..

You might want to find out from someone who knows.  Call the office, check what the TAT log says.  There is work, they have been doing overtime on many accounts.  If that person posting isn't working, it is because they aren't trying to.  There was just an email sent around that if you account was slower you could do a different platform, etc.  Can't blame the company for this one - blame the one who sits back and waits for the company to come to them.  Don't have to, too many others who are stepping up to the plate!

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Lots of people have been burned by them..be careful, very careful. NM
Don't listen!
Trust me, honey. If you want to find out about OSi, you don't need to be reading this board. All of the "ex-OSIers" get on here and criticize OSi for trying to weed out the bad employees and become a better company. They make assumptions of upper management when they really have NO IDEA. Then they wonder why THEY aren't invited to the home office parties or why OSI doesn't take their "parties" on the road. Well, I'll tell you why...because OSI doesn't want people like them at their parties. Would you want someone that does nothing but criticize you to come to your parties? I think NOT!

If you're really interested in working with OSI, this is not the place to research. OSI is a wonderful company and they treat their employees with respect. Some will tell you that OSI shorts them on lines, OSI gives the easy dictators to their "favorites", and so on and so on, but if you believe that then you're just as ignorant as the people saying it. OSI is growing VERY rapidly and will only continue to grow. If they really were doing all of this stuff, there's no way they would be where they are today. So--don't listen to all of the nonsense on these posts. It's nothing but a bunch of unintelligent people getting together to complain because they have nothing better to do with their time.
Well we know what it is really like and if they want to listen to em, then they
are passing up a great opportunity.

I am happy here. I guess that is all that counts.

You don't listen
You are not understanding. I was never told that they weren't hiring. I was told she was too busy to hire. Didn't you read my initial post??!! Also, there were many other things going on besides that. Like I said, I am not putting their business in the streets, just a fair warning. Oh, and by the way, I am not an MT.
Yes, but 100% listen
so it is really a cut in pay for me.
Don't listen to them...sm
I've used Meditech with rad before and averaged $25/hr. Just depends on how lines are counted, etc. You know how it is. It all depends on the company/client.
That's not VR. On VR, you have to listen to
every report the whole way through and make corrections throughout the report, and there are generally a lot of corrections to be made because VR isn't what it's cracked up to be. VR will never be able to go straight through to the client without a complete listen/edit. I think you're thinking of QA, not VR (voice recognition reports). QAs fill blanks and/or do full listens/grading AFTER the MT has already either transcribed or fully edited the VR report.
Listen to this
I just got to work (am on the West Coast) and all of my accounts are packed full of work. This after nearly two months of famine. I am not complaining, just amazed.
don't listen to these people
find out for yourself. There's a whole lot of MTs at MQ that have been 'around the block' a few times and have been w/them for years. MQ is the biggest for more than a few reasons, one being that they have more to offer.
I just don't want to have to listen to the whining when this happens, as you know it will. nm
You should listen up to Listenup.

Listen, there is some truth to some of this
I just left spheris. I do not have anything bad to say about them. I simply woke up one day and decided to give my notice without having another job. I left 2 weeks ago, and today I accepted a job offer. I simply did not like working for Spheris. Nothing bad to say, but the reports I pulled for samples from India had a lot of typos. Whole pages were crossed out and medications spelled wrong. That is the truth. I often wondered how do they reach 98% accuracy. I really do not think the MTs in India could maintain 98% quality. My guess is they probably are not required to maintain any accuracy, because every report I pulled was really, really messed up.
Teletrak? did anyone listen to the
tapes on their site? They have voice files right there to listen or download.
I agree... but listen sm
The big nationals who underpay and push things through... nobody hires them anymore except for the most impossible hospital accounts. They are not going to last very long. Also, the best thing to do is for the companies to demand quality MTs and editors, pay well and take less profit, get better paying accounts.
Listen please. I've been at this many many
years. MDI is not DOING anything to you. I am confident they are not over-hiring. The doctors have to DICTATE consistently for there to be consistent work. It was just a few weeks ago with MDI that I didn't even take a day off for weeks as we were so busy. This morning, my accts are extremely low to empty. This business fluctuates, people, depending upon holidays, hospital deadlines, bla bla bla. Try to relax. It will not be this slow for long. I can tell you though, when the work was heavy, I felt almost alone out there -- very few people seemed willing to pitch in. I take the attitude to make hay while the sun shines. You newbies to MDI, if you'll just hang in there, I am confident you will be glad you did. Those that can't afford to, being this is SE status, you are certainly free to get back-up acct's with other companies for security. And don't neglect to talk with your liaisons, or even the recruiter. Let them know your needs/concerns. Things may look scary if you are new, but it is my firm belief that MDI will take care of you like no other company, and CARES like no other. Do what you have to, but I recommend hanging in there.
Listen to your second thoughts
As an employee, if your line counts is low for what ever reason, this puts your health insurance in jeopardy and happens too often. I would stay as IC.
You don't want to listen to this poster.
Really, it would be decent advice--except that you don't want to have anything whatsoever to do with Softscript!  Try any other company but them.  This person posting is either SS management or has never worked for them. 
This person is management - do not listen to
them!! They most certainly will as it happened to me!! I did a great job, but took time off due to a family emergency. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE ABOVE POSTER!! PLEASE!! SHE IS KNOWN TO POST HERE ALL DAY!!
Thank goodness you are all starting to listen!!!
None of what was posted on the board was to stir the pot but rather save a bunch of wonderful MTs that are being messed with. It is so true and I would look for another position ASAP.
They said we couldn't have people listen in - sm
nothing at all was said about discussing it afterward, and we were told all things regarding this merger were supposed to be 'open & transparent', & that no one would be kept in the dark. We're all entitled to our opinions.
I see you didn't listen to my last post sm
TT MANAGEMENT DOES NOT GET PAID HOLIDAYS. They are SALARIED. That means NO EXTRA for overtime, NO COMP DAYS either. They work when they are told. I can't be told to work on my days off, but management CAN and they frequently DO work on their so-called time off. Given that I make more than many people in management at TT, I will not begrudge them taking off Christmas or New Year's or whatever pittance they get in the way of a holiday off. I know 3 people in management who worked yesterday, from home on their *paid holiday* so that those of us who were working had a go-to person. They have management around between 6 a.m. and midnight 7 days a week, 356-1/4 days a year, and tech support too. If this **** you off so much, GO FIND A JOB WITH A SALARY and get a grip! I have had a salaried job and guess what? Worked more hours in a year for less pay than I get on production. You just aren't bright enough to see the writing on the wall. How is it you MT when you can't read?
So, listen to this, you would rather continue to retype
a VR report for only 4 cents a line rather than train it where you could hopefully just zip through it? It will never improve as long as being deleted. Does that really make sense to you? You are paid 8 cents a line if straight, 4 cents if VR and yet you would continue to retype time after time?? Again, this is making sense to you?
so 500 lines/hr listen through & edit???
Absolutely - listen carefully!

Though not at Transcend, I have just recently been a victim of exactly the sequence of events and circumstances posted above.  It was sooo hard to keep my mouth shut, with a lead sending condescending, negative, accusatory, power-hungry, and just plain idiotic e-mails.  Just couldn't do it, wanting to have my side/opinion/defense known to all the blind CC's - management.  The power went to her head, and it was like being assaulted through e-mail on a daily basis.  When I made a suggestion, it was rudely shot down immediately. 

I wish I had though, because it was my demise.  It also was a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situation, though, so I really still don't know what I could have done differently.  You have to respect yourself, you know?

Anyway, to the posters who said just keep doing a good job -- that doesn't really matter anymore.  There is no work ethic anymore.  There are plenty in line waiting for your job.  There is no one to help us.  We are at their mercy.

And to the suggestion, if you don't have resolution, go higher -- YEAH, RIGHT!!!  Management just LOVES that!  Look where it got me!!  That absolutely does not work anymore - so please, please just follow the rules and keep your mouth shut about everything!

MT LITTLE is just sharing an experience, you better listen to your fellow US MTs.
I dont know why even other countries can view this site. MT LITTLE is just giving a general warning to everybody concerned with the MT industry. Kasmir pls go home.
I am glad I did not listen to the nastiness of this board. Going to sm
Keystrokes was a good move for me. What kind of promises could be made? We do our work, we get paid. We know our pay rate from the day we are hired. We have a book sent to us that explains their expectations and our benefits. There should be nothing to have a broken promise about.
Listen, Howie, go back to surfing the net...
or recruiting more followers or however you spend your days. Most of your minions are fleeing the cult. Your lies are becoming apparent to even the most naive and foolish among the Evil Q MTs. About time!
I agree that QA is there to listen to blanks that the MT cannot understand...
However, there are times I see so many reports where people do not even try to find the blanks and think someone else is going to do that for them...I wouldn't spend hours finding a blank either but you made it sound as if you didn't even try to find the blank...obviously you are the type of MT who are not talking about so you shouldn't get offended...I don't think doing QA means your above anyone...you are there for an extra set of ears to see if you can hear a blank but some MTs take advantage of QA as a backup to not finishing the report...
Co I work for, large national, allows normals. Of course, you must listen
You make a lot of good points. Listen up, MTSOs.
Hi, Unfamiliar. An already typed report comes up on the screen. You listen SM
just as you always did to the dictation and hop the cursor along the sentences and down the page with the dictation, making corrections as needed, such as correcting formatting, names, spelling, and wrong words, correcting and adding punctuation, filling in blanks, and so on.

It seems to require somewhat different skills from straight transcribing--ability to read and decide what and how to edit fast and accurately are needed, in addition to the ability to listen and type. I have the audio speed cranked up at or close to maximum on dictators I'm familiar with and whiz through those reports. Some make more editing and love it, some make less and hate it.

But all produce a lot more lines editing than transcribing. My company pays exactly half the transcribing rate for editing, feeling the average person produces about twice as many lines per minute of dictation on our platform, but some produce significantly more. So when you see someone fussing about how she's going broke earning only 60% of her transcription cents-per-line rate for editing, it's possible that she's significantly below average in her ability to edit quickly. Or something else is wrong, because at current pay rates a competent Editor should be making a decent or even better living.
maybe we're hoping companies listen up when setting
next year's goals...

Short attention span, now listen closely
I have reached the age of retirement. I do not have children to raise. I have a husband who pays for the housing, the vehicles and I pay only small household bills as in gas and electric. I have no debts. That was not the case years ago but now is. I work PART time now, my choice. I do not have to work 2, 3 and 4 jobs, donít now even have to work part if I do not want to. I have money in the bank, financially well off now and will get in almost $2,000 a month now on social security because of my strong earnings in the past. I do not have to struggle like in years past. What do you not understand now? As my daughter says, donít hate.
All the old reviews say they're horrible. Listen to those MTs and choose another company. nm
How is editing for them? 100% listen, fill in blanks, lots of feedback
Be careful
Be careful
All I can say is be careful...
You will get a great offer, good training and be happy as a lark ... until you're out on your own, no one from IT will respond to your inquiries about technical problems, and they'll train you on one account (one that gives you great line counts) and then presto-chango, you're typing every ESL doc they dug out from wherever it is they hatch them from and you'll make ZERO dollars. I think the problem here is, like a lot of others, the good dicatators are going through VR (you'll notice, Transcend has a TON of openings for VR editors), and we (the MTs) are getting stuck with the dopes who cannot talk. I'm giving some serious thought to switching to editing - I'd rather do that and do twice the work, than try to figure out what these jokers are saying. Anyway, I was making great money during training with Transcend, but am now LOSING money and trying to decide if I should look elsewhere.
Be careful, though
My training went exceptionally well and I was on cloud 9. Then - WHAM!!! They put me on the account I was hired for (of course, no one told me it was different than the one I trained on), and it is AWFUL. I made great money right after training, until this new account ... now I'm taking a loss. These dictators are AWFUL - so I hope for your sake, when your training is over, they don't do the same to you.
Be careful. (sm)
I don't know if they do this anymore, but I was hired at a gross line count and then they changed things after hiring. I did the math, and I came out as losing money. Many others were complaining of the same bait and switch at the time.

I also ran into the absolute rudest QA staff of my long career at JLG. It sounded like the owner was going to try to straighten them out at the time, but I didn't stick around to see whether she did.

I had the highest line rate at JLG that I've ever had (13 cents, can't remember if with or without spaces); however, the constant running out of work and being asked to take the day off!, constant switching around of accounts combined with the rudest QA ever made it absolutely not worth it. I've come to the point I realize that it's the entire package an MT has to look at. Others have paid less, but I've been happier.

I hope this helps. I know you asked for those with a happy experience, but I thought I'd give you an honest experience.
Be careful
Whether you can do it or not depends on what they hire you for. Look at the postings a few days ago where people talk about the one account with all the ESLs that people scream about.
Be careful with them
Good pay, but many many problems. 2 yrs with them & I can't take it any more.
Careful about A. They will tell you
that you are hired for tier 3, but then say they meant 2 or 1 and give you a much lower rate!!
Be very careful.

You're not supposed to be sending intercompany information anywhere.  I would get it in writing first that your ISP isn't going to be tracked and your info handed over to Transcend so they can fire you.  With all the info on this board about what they are doing, Transcend still has their weekly cattle calls on the job seekers' board, so it doesn't look like Transcend is going to lose anything.

Just be very careful.

Be careful
There are huge tax implications. Yes, you get to deduct for certain home-office expenses, but only under specific guidelines and there is a minimum amount that you must have spent out of pocket. If the company is paying you very, very well, then I'd say go for it. Under no circumstances should you take an IC/statutory emp. (where they pay no taxes) job at the same rate of pay as an employee. Please take the time to consult with a tax person before getting yourself in what could be a very expensive proposition. You won't be sorry.
And be careful.
It can mess up your Word program so that some of your commands won't work any more (if you use Word for anything else).
And be careful.

It can mess up your Word program so that some of your commands won't work any more (if you use Word for anything else).

Be careful
Depending the account you get you may spend more time with the demographics than it is worth and the line counts can be off if you copy/paste into regular Word and check them yourself, or even using a line counting program.
Be careful
Check the archives, where it is posted that they do not pay on time or do not pay at all, as well as some taking or having taken legal action against them.
Be Careful
I worked for them and made no money. When a QA position opened, I tested for it. They claimed I didn't pass. However, 2 years later, I am the QA director for another company. Hmmm. I think someone had a friend or relative that wanted the job too.
Be careful
This company makes a lot of promises they don't keep, their Editor is extremely difficult to work with, and their employee turnaround is awful.  Watch yourself.  I worked for them for two years and am SO glad to be done.
Be very careful...sm
They will tell you they pay for spaces but when you get your check (six weeks later) you will see you are not because the IType system they use does not count them.  When you inquire you are lied to and told they are not sure what is up.  They keep you on the hook but know all along they are not paying for spaces.  Apparently, they have been doing this for several years.  Do a search on this board.  As well, still waiting for my last check and it's been several months.  Won't respond to calls or e-mails.  No work either most days.