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companies with reasonable insurance

Posted By: I like TransTech... on 2008-01-26
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... but not enough to have my premiums double from one payday to the next.  Surely there are companies still with reasonable insurance.  I get it that everything is going up everywhere but please if you have information on companies wtih still reasonable rates I need to know. 

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What about Keystrokes insurance, is it reasonable?
Is Transtech's insurance reasonable?

Axolotl insurance is very reasonable. Unfortunately, I did not pass the testing with 14 years exp.
I'm not sure what my problem was. I thought the transcription testing was easy but apparently my headphones are just an awful quality because I just did not hear what it actually was on some parts of the test.  In any event, obviously people have and do pass their tests. I was in the same situation. I needed affordable insurance and Axolotl was very reasonable, I want to say like $300 a month for family so I was pretty bummed when I did not pass the test but best wishes on whatever you decide.
Keystrokes has new insurance (finally) that is reasonable and good coverage. sm
The cost for a single person is $404 per month but they pay 1/2, so it is $202 or $101 per pay check (1st and 15th). I received my papers and card and rx card last week and the coverage is better than the BCBS that I had with others. $20 per visit co-pay, instead of $50.
The new insurance is very reasonable. I pay $200/month and they pay $200/month. sm
Unfortunately, I have had to use it a lot since it changed and I am very happy. They have covered everything.

The insurance is actually $80 cheaper per month than I paid at the local hospital, which is a large employer.

I am sure a lot of insurance companies are trying to do that...
Thanks--that's very helpful. Just the insurance companies
Do companies really contribute to insurance?

I am not sure if it is where I live or what, but I just discussed employee status with my company, and they wanted over $450 a month for health insurance for a very high deductible plan (5000 family) with a copay (20%).  I specifically asked if the company paid part of that, and she said yes, 50%.

I went online to e-insurance and priced out a comparable policy, and it was around $200 a month for a family high-deductable policy with an HSA option.  How can it be that a group policy costs over 3 times what an individual policy costs?  Or do the companies fudge a little bit when they say 50%?  I find it really hard to believe that my company will not give me any kind of raise but will automatically pay $5400 a year towards my insurance without batting an eye.  (BTW, the other option was $850 a month which would put them paying over $10000 a year for insurance).

What am I missing here?

You have a choice of 2 insurance companies, sm
and various plans.  I have the choice plan with Coventry, single coverage, and for medical, vision, and dental, it runs about $65 a pay period.
Insurance companies pay out 10s of thousands
that are not guaranteed. They tell you every surgery has no guarantee its going to work and we type that phrase daily. I believe IVF should be covered under every policy as a necessity for maternal and parental well being.
Call insurance companies in your local

yellow pages that advertise health insurance.   Call several to get comparisons. 

Check einsurance.com.

How much if family health insurance at these companies?

Transtech, SOAP, Futurenet, and Transolutions?

Do they include dental and/or vision with that?

Needing to make a choice and health insurance is the most important thing right now with 2 small children.


Do any companies offer insurance that covers IVF? sm

Does anyone happen to know if any companies offer insurance that covers IVF?  I have been in this business for nearly a decade and have been doing QA for the last 4, but I would take a job right now with just about anyone as long as they offered insurance that covered IVF.  It is so expensive out of pocket, and I really need the coverage.  I have even been considering taking a job out of the transcription industry to get this coverage.  So, I guess if anyone knows anywhere at all I can get this coverage.. please help!!!  I am unfortunately in a state where this coverage is not mandated... so it is very hard to come by... :(

I am not sure if this was the right board... but I thought it was worth a shot... :P

With so many IC jobs/companies, would think MTs are buying insurance outside
Any companies hiring with BCBS as the insurance?
If there are, do they pay well? By well I mean 9-10 cpl.
Also, Medware switches insurance companies OFTEN, which can be inconvenient. sm
I have had to switch primary providers more than once because of this, and had to switch dentists twice before I finally just dropped the dental plan. I think we have had 4 different health insurance companies in 8 years.
Companies that provide afforable health insurance?
I was wondering if anyone can tell me what companies provide affordable health insurance. I need to provide insurance for my family with good coverage and affordable premiums. I can't wait 90 days or more before benefits start. I need to work at a company that provides benefits pretty quickly. I know...seems impossible these days. Thanks for any help you can provide!
Any companies letting part-timers buy in on the health insurance? sm
Just wondering if there are any transcription companies where you can work 20 or 25 hours a week and get in on the health insurance plan even if you have to pay the whole premium yourself? Thanks
Any companies offer health insurance for part time?

Are there any companies out there that offer benefits to PT employees, such as health insurance?
I know it's a rarity but I know hospitals do.
Companies w/Escription accounts that offer affordable family insurance??
I realize that affordable is subjective so whatever information anyone can give woudl be appreciated. The majority of Escription accounts offer IC only. Thanks
Any companies offer part-timers chance to buy into group insurance? need coverage ....

I've been looking at prices for solo medical insurance and while I can probably afford some coverage, I'm feeling rather paranoid about having insurance canceled if I actually get sick -- I'm fairly ignorant about what protections may have been passed and may just be responding to other people's horror stories.


Anyway, I'm not entirely sure I want to work full time for any of the nationals ... they seem to have gotten awfully rigid wrt daily line counts within certain fixed hours ... some days I'm simply creaky and hate feeling pressured ... so part time to start seems more reasonable than jumping in with both feet.  Any infor or recommendations appreciated ... 


I think that is reasonable
as a starting point. I am making twice that, but with over 10 years experience, working on one hospital account, at 8 cpl plus incentive
No. Must mean that they are a fair and reasonable
company to work for. If not, I would have left a long time ago.
Reasonable rates
Reasonable rates to you may be unreasonable to others.

If you don't feel you're being paid for your experience, then you're not.

As you can see below, when MTs start posting anything regarding rates, line counts, etc., flames start.

Decide what is reasonable for you and what is fair compensation for your experience. If MQ isn't paying it, talk to them. If they are, then congratulations!

Because someone might ask you a reasonable question?
I don't get it.
yes, they have very reasonable ins rates
i do hope you will consider the Florida hospital account because we really need help on there. thanks
In my experience, it is reasonable to believe
That being said, some are capable of doing 3 times as many lines. A lot depends on the account.
Keystrokes: How reasonable do you think

it would be to expect this:  We require a minimum of 1200 lines per day.  This must be achieved within 1 week of starting on an account. For radiology accounts, we require a minimum of 120 reports per day.  I ask how reasonable due to the fact of learning a new account, a new platform in all probability, getting down the account specs for each and every account if in a pool, entering with each report POSSIBLY new short cuts/macros if current Expander does not work with their system, loading of demographics in particular or whether they populate, and all the things, including ESLs, that impact production especially when starting over.

Keystrokes states nothing about a training period before starting on an account.  Any current Key Strokes employees want to comment? 


I don't think it is reasonable with ANY company.

The platform can be time-consuming.  I know they have several Meditech accounts and they are not user friendly at all.  I only had about an hour of training, but even if I had more it still takes actually using the platform to really learn it.  Also you've got 200-300 dictators to deal with and you have to look up every name and that takes time.  Then it depends on how good the dictators are, how good the sound files are, do you use a C-phone or get reports via FTP, etc.   I just don't think it fair to expect anyone to be up to speed after only a week even if the platform is great, the dictators are great, etc.   I also think that is more of a blanket statement.  I have seen similar statements from other companies and it isn't enforced, but I know it sure can be a turn-off when you are looking for a position.

No, that sounds reasonable - sm

It really does.  I am just so sick of it.  Believe me, I have been in this business long enough and have fought so hard to keep myself busy and not complain.  I have taken as many jobs and as many accounts as I can in the effort to keep supporting my family.  That is what this type of production work is about.... keep yourself busy whether you are an employee or not, you really are your own boss when you work at home.

It's just that I have been through this now with several accounts.  My nerves are frazzled from this fight.  I do feel resentful towards the management of any of these companies who consistently run out of work, act like it's just the most wonderful thing in the world that we are staying right behind the dictators (Yeah, good for you!!!) and yet there is very little communication or concern for those of us who are struggling to get by with not enough work.

I am especially resentful towards management for HOUNDING and THREATENING us to meet our committment when there is not enough work and chastising us to go to 2nd, 3rd, 4th backup accounts to meet that.  Do they not know or understand how much that slows a person down to have to relearn and remember all the account specifics and new doctors along with the fact that there is barely any work on those accounts either?!

You try to talk to them about it and they act like they have no idea what you are talking about and that things are GREAT!  Thanks, think about me when you get that nice warm meal at dinner time tonight and how I hope I can make what food we have stretch until, hopefully, work picks up again!  Jerks!

How long is reasonable to be on 100% QA sm
New company's QA is picking me apart on style issues, and each Editor sends me different guidlines.  I have been on QA for a little over a week now, which is probably the longest I have ever been on QA for a new company.  I have maintained a 99 to 98% QA score everywhere I have worked, but this is starting to make me a little discouraged. 
How long is reasonable to be on 100% QA
I, too, have been on QA for almost a week and I feel absolutely stupid. Doesn't seem to matter about the medical content of the report, but more the silly stuff, putting in an a or a the. I feel worse than I did when I first started many years ago and now am questioning everything I type. Very frustrating. Wish I knew which company you were talking about to know if I'm there! Hopefully it will get better.
You got a reasonable amount sm
from what I've seen for raises - a full half-cent would be great, but it's hard to give that to deserving MTs when companies can't get hospitals or clients to pay more.

I definitely have sympathy but I'm afraid that you were lucky to get anything at all, unfortunately. I wouldn't feel insulted - I'd be grateful that they were even able to grant a small raise in these tough economic times.

I'd advise you to try again when the economy picks up.
Any companies have Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance? sm
I am an IC looking for a new job as an employee- need healthcare bad!  Due to a pre-existing condition, Blue Cross has been the only company that will insure me so looking to get them again.  Anyone know of companies that have this?
I believe it's quite reasonable to request a deposit on the..
equipment. WMX does not require you to use their computer, but your personal computer must meet the system requirements to be used, so update it if you must. The deposit is deducted over 4 pay periods IIRC, and you will get it back when you leave the company and return the equipment.

Too bad you take this stance. I wonder how many good companies you've passed on. WMX is one of the best. It's a shame you'll never know that.

Thanks. That sounds very fair and reasonable. (nm)
Amen, a reasonable person out there!

I have no problem waiting until actual payday, since every other Monday IS the actual payday. Some of you must be poor budgeters to get so irritated and blaming TT because your check is not where it should be. How about be thankful that you work for a great company and have a job!

Axolotl's benefits are very reasonable.
Medical and Dental are under $65 per pay (twice a month) and the Company pays the vision, which has great coverage!! They have 401K with match, PTO and flex spending.  The PTO rates are very generous.
Its a reasonable line request
Even with a slow, troublesome platform and lots of crappy ESL, I always do more that 1600 lines per 8 hour shift.  The only way I wouldn't is if I ran out of work or had a lot of interruptions, or just felt like goofing off.
I do have a job a reasonable amount of work
with good pay.  I just haven't worked for this low of pay in many years.  It averages about $10.00 an hour when all said and done, and I didn't know if that is a waste of my time, or get more work at my other job for more money.  It seems the latter one is better, but in this day and age, I always think 2 jobs are more secure just in case one gets low on work.  What would you do in this case?  It is an IC position. 
BC/BS - single is reasonable and good coverage...
Family is outrageously expensive. I know they are trying to change it, but still expensive.
Not familiar with them but 1000 sounds reasonable
Wow, a company with actual ppl and not reasonable facsimilies!
It's nice to know there are still companies out there that give a darn about you. I'm sorry for your losses and very glad you didn't have to worry about HR coming down on you cuz u took 1 minute too long on your time off. Jobs worries can add so much stress to a person's already hectic life.
It is finally in place June 1st. It is reasonable and sm
really good. My sister has had it for yours and says Guardian is better than BCBS.
If it is reasonable rental fee and you get your deposit back, not
TransTech allows splits and has reasonable benefits sm
I have health, dental, vision, life and long-term disability. I bought the most expensive health plan because I felt I needed it. Just for me, it is $65 a paycheck. Considering the amount of insurance and the fact that I chose the most expensive plan, that is not bad. There are 2 other plans to choose from, this was what was right me.

Btw, I work a split shift.
Is OSI's the cost family coverage fairly reasonable or sky-high? nm
Decent place to work - the owner is fair and reasonable.
I have known GG, the owner, for a long time. I worked for her as an IC and never had a problem, except for the no work syndrome, but that was about 5 years ago. Hope they are busier now.

If I had to go back and work for a company, JLG would be the place.

I am a remote employee directly for a hospital now, so no need to work for a company.

I can vouch for JLG anytime. Pay is always on time, their staff is friendly and professional, never had a problem with QA.

It absolutely is NOT a reasonable request for a minimum line requirement!

We are not machines!  20 years ago when I started out, my first job had a requirement of 800 lines per day (8 hours), that's 100 lines an hour.  Five years later it was 1000 lines a day.  I think the standard right now is around 1200 lines a day.  Now, someone's asking for 1600 as a minimum!?!?!!? 

I'm not saying there aren't people out there that can meet and exceed 1600 in a day.  I'm simply saying making 1600 a minimum requirement is absurd and unfair.

Would ya'll say that Medware's family ins coverage is relatively reasonable cost-wise? nm