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copy/paste is against the rules.. we were

Posted By: typing along on 2006-05-17
In Reply to: Has anyone ever been let go from Transhealth for - failure to meet line count? sm

from the onset to NEVER EVER copy and paste. If you are doing this you should stop it soon before they figure it out and you get in trouble.

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Copy and Paste....

I have a few of my own standards in MS Word that I will copy and paste into Meditech, but I find the tabs do not translate over to Meditech. Do you have this problem as well? It is aggravating because I have to fix these when I go back to the Meditech screen

thanks for the copy and paste--sm
but latest and related are not the same thing. all I am seeing are posts that were placed after mine and nothing in relation to the original post questioning the company. sorry again.
If I had to copy & paste my IM to an email...

...because I needed a conversation documented, I would do it.  I would find a way.  Even if I had to get a disposable camera and take a couple of darn pictures of the computer with the IM on it.  LOL!  

By the way, what happens if you doin't respond to the IM?  Are you an employee with the co?  No co. would make me do IM, but that's me.  What is the co. so concerned about that they don't want something documented in email???

Should I attach or copy and paste
the questionnaire and resume into an email when sending them back to Webmedx? No preference was given.
could you quickly copy and paste your document into another? then
you could just keep adding on the lines in each document to your own master document for the day. Then you would have a line count for the day. I bet you could write a macro to do this.
but that still takes time to copy/paste

This company prob charges their client the same rate for the entire report; everyone is feeling the crunch!  So, let's hit the MT's pocket; I'd pass on companies like that.

Any company will leave you alone if you do your work, so that's not a plus!  

Put them in auto-correct - copy and paste. Quick and easy! nm
I googled labor board. Copy/paste in address bar
May have to key in either your state or company state not sure which or maybe both.

No special software. Just copy and paste the report you typed to Microsoft Word on your
computer. Under the Tools menu, select Word Count. Characters are listed with or without spaces. Take the total of either and divide by 65 to get your line count. Then match that with what your company is giving you for a line count.

If you don't have Microsoft Word, then you can download a free trial of Abacus line counting software from the internet.
Wilma reincarnated. Cut and paste same response. Cut and paste. nm
Neither. You can copy into Word but cannot copy back into Emdat.


Did anyone ever tell you why no cut/paste? I always want to know why. sm
But I'm not going to be able to continue working for them, since they just don't have enough work during the time I have available, so it won't be a problem. 
I am trying to paste...

My resume in the Transtech application form.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to do that? 




Cut & Paste why?
I have been curious about this for a while.  Why do companies need us to cut and paste our resumes into an email rather than attaching them.  9 out of 10 companies on MTjobs request this and go so far as to say they will DELETE emails with attachments.  Anyone know or have a guess?
Info is obviously a cut and paste.
Anyone could do it. Why would OSi stoop so low?
going to cut and paste your post
because everything you have said is so very, very true.  I don't have 31 years of experience - but I do have 25 years of transcription/secretarial experience and 12 years of MT - so I have a little bit of an idea what I am doing - and you are so right - if you cannot at least bring in $100 a day - why bother?  I am at that point too.  I am doing SR for 4.5 cpl now - but have something else in the works - it is my very last straw.... so not giving up quite yet.  I am so very, very sorry for what you have gone through - know you are not alone - not sure what can be done - but you are not the only one in this boat!!
I posted a cut and paste of what sm
they sent me and it clearly states that you are hired as an SC and then are offered SE status.  That's pretty clear.  My question is why would they hire you as SC status, tell you when to work and then offer you SE status?  Pretty fishy.  I understand you don't like the comment I made about being pimped out but I don't know what else to call it when folks accept this practice of working as an SC being told what and when, paying double taxes and putting up with this stuff.  your just handing your hard-earned money over!
I use Meditech and don't cut and paste
and it's fine for me.....we use Word inside Meditech so I have all my macros and stuff.
resume cut/paste
This might help you out :)
Can't bring up the article - could you cut and paste - sm
it so that we could read it??
When you paste a resume on the Job Seekers
or does it print correctly on the recruiter's side? 
Just paste it and let it go. They're looking for content, not format, when ....sm
...the resume is sent via a web contact form. If you are a good MT with good qualifications, they won't care how it's set up, but do make sure words are spelled correctly. That's a huge bugaboo when I read resumes.
Highlight all the text you want to paste and right click
your mouse.   You should get a list of options, one of which is copy.  Select copy.  Go to the page you want to paste your resume and right click your mouse again.  Again you will have options, one of which should be paste.  Click paste and there is it.    If you right click the second time and you don't get paste, go back through the above steps again and copy again and then try paste.  
Cut & paste. They expected us to type in Word and
And since you obviously know the rules
Did you miss the part about harrassing other people on the board?! Enough already, I think he/she got your point!
Not according to the rules of IC
No schedule is to be dictated. Nothing that even remotely suggests employee status is to be done with ICs.
Banking rules indicate that you must have
concrete proof that the direct deposit is going in because things do happen.  If you have your paystub with the direct deposit amount and date on it, only then you can write checks and do withdrawals.  Otherwise, it's your fault.  It doesn't matter when pay usually comes.  We went round and round with both of our banks over this because DH's pay wouldn't show up sometimes since his supervisor had forgotten to send the paperwork over to the payroll department.  It didn't matter and we had to eat all the overdraft, NSF and check collection fees.  I was so ticked off at his boss, but DH would never let me go off on the lazy good for nothing.
As I recall, the IRS rules for IC ...
specify that if the company has or asserts control over any part of your working conditions, time, production, clients, etc, then you have to be called an employee and treated as such tax-wise.

This post goes against the rules and will probably get
deleted, but I'm make like a scratched CD and again state post you resume on the job boards, search the ads on the job boards. 
That's the doctor's rules
They do the account the way the doctors want them done; I guess that's why they don't have a turn over of accounts so that we are constantly losing accounts and having to start over. They follow BOS unless it is stated in the instructions otherwise at the doctor's request.
rules of the board
Of course we all need to be able to vent our frustrations and state our opinions, whether everybody agrees with us or not. My problem with this board is the huge number of trolls who take every opportunity to wage a personal attack. That's taking freedom of speech to a level that interferes with other peoples' rights and I think there should be zero tolerance for it. Sure, state your opinion and argue if you wish, but leave the personal attacks and name-calling out of it. That's against board policy to begin with and too many people don't respect that rule. I realize of course that there's a problem with trolls on most web sites because unfortunately there's no shortage of lunatics out there, but I think the people in our field should be able to have discussions about issues and companies without some nut case using it as an excuse to exercise some sick need to be a bully. And yes, I'm name-calling but just about trolls in general, no particular person. These people need to grow up, get a life and realize how pathetic they are. And if such behavior continues to pop up on this site, the best thing anyone can do is totally ignore them. When you argue or try to reason with them, you're feeding their need and wasting your time. But my request to the moderator would be to immediately bar from the site anyone who breaks the rules concerning that type of behavior. It's not like they don't know they're not supposed to do it. They're just thumbing their noses at the rules and doing it anyway because that's what they do best.
I did not see any format rules.
As far as reformatting, I use macros to make formatting changes that seem to be frequently necessary.
change in rules
Do you have a contract with the specifics in writing? If so, threaten a lawyer to enforce it.
If not, time to get another job. You don't cover an MTSO's butt, do the junk shift and work type, then not get paid the agreed upon extra for that.

Talk about lack of business ethics.
I thought if you were an IC, you had no rules! nm
TSI now SoftMed was supposed to be atrocious with their DOS software and cut-and-paste work. Any
you get a form to put in your name, email, and paste your resume. MTSpot sends it to the recipient
one space - who makes up these rules?
What I would like to know who makes these new rules up?  The email said new national standard, something like that.  I mean, how can someone change Americas punctuation and English rules?  I was taught way back when, when I first was taught typing in high school..two spaces..who changed the rules?  Is there a *standards judge*, LOL..A *spacer judge*..Who thinks these things up and if it is national standard, do the other MTSO's know about it?
Hey, I don't make the rules - the client does! SM
This is what the CLIENT has told us. They don't want us "padding" with "This is" or adding extra words to make complete sentences. I'm as bound by these rules as the MTs!

Before posting on any board you should know the rules/
guidelines.   There is a link on the top of each page that tells you what you need to know and one of them is not to post account information.  No one is attacking you.  It is just common sense that you don't go around posting account information. 
Any company can set up any rules they want to. I have heard of a few
companies that dock you for errors. 3.5 to 4 cpl is about standard for VR from what I have seen.
BOS not written by God. Just some rules decided
we can't name accounts, against board rules here
Since when has our "Uncle" ever played by the rules?
If it's good enough for the big-shots at the top, then it's good enough for me.
Different STMs/accts have different rules SM
and expectations.  The best way to find out is to ask your STM, because someone else's experience may not end up to be yours.  Mine happens to be very strict as far as hours/lines and I will get a phone call if I am short on either for a day.  I know others who have different STMs who do not have that experience.
LOL ... well, you got me there. She is very much my "baby." Someone rules this place, sm

but it is definitely not me! 

And to anyone I offended, I apologize.  The poster just asked why someone said it was amazing, and I just said probably it was the no weekends part that was amazing.  It's nothing to me either way.  I work 3 jobs, so I do not ever have a day off.  But it doesn't seem so much like working when I have my giant iced coffee on my desk and my sweet little girl by my feet.  Thanks for noticing

They follow HR rules to the letter now SM
because I am one of the people they had to pay back overtime wages to when they were turned in to the Dept. of Labor.  I am talking thousands of dollars.
Just goes back to the rules and regulations of a
particular place. I guess if you did not care about working for that company, sure go ahead and erase and straight type using expanders. I really love where I am and tend to play by their rules as they are the ones giving me a paycheck. From what I read on here about other platforms using VR, I have a good thing going on. Hate to change horses in the middle of the stream so to speak.
What *rules* are these? Blow the whistle to who? sm
Statements like this are amusing b/c there isn't some big oversight committee regulating pay or what hospitals pay to MTSOs either.
Alltype changes the rules as they go to suit them.

IMO, they'll tell you one thing when interviewed, but the numbers just don't add up and definitely show in your pay.  They love to send reminder emails regarding working holidays unless scheduled off, and when you do there is no work.  Then, as you sit isolated from your family on the holidays, you get the peppy little emails saying check with your team leader to see if you can take off an hour here and there, and work them later in the day as you are not allowed to take ANY time off without pay (even if there is no work).  Their TAT is more important that your time with your family, also IMO.  If you don't/can't meet your required line count for full-time, they put you on part-time status.  If you're already part-time and don't/can't meet your line count, they put you on IC status (and expect you to work their schedule with minimum line count requirement of 600 lines per day).

Management is demeaning, curt, and unprofessional, and human resources person is worse, also IMO.  Check archives about email resignation that may or may not  have been initiated by human resources...and be very cautious about what they (management) tell you.  The term snakes comes to mind...but, of course, that is just my opinion.  They used to be a nice place to work years ago when G ran it.

Using people's names is really against the rules and you should not do so. It is unprofessional.
do you? Why do you think it is right to name a person and then slam their name. If you think this is right, then tell me why? It is not right and it should not be allowed.
I agree ... the rules and the players seem to change
You can't play the game FAIRLY, when they keep changing the rules. I'm very disappointed. Was looking towards a long tenure with KS, but not at this rate. All I can say ... for anyone who wants to venture into this territory ... get everything in writing.