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Posted By: ?? on 2008-10-30
In Reply to: sounds like you work at - - sm

You complimenting or complaining? OP makes perfect sense to me.

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Could someone maybe elaborate on why they are
Please elaborate...
Will you elaborate?
Could you please elaborate?
Can anyone elaborate on the
mean stuff this woman did? I have been in contact with her via email and from what I understand after the 45-day waiting period, then checks come every 2 weeks. Did I misunderstand that? Also, she does pay gross line, but I'm not sure 6-7 cpl works out to be 10-11 cpl as she has stated to me. Any more information on her, especially the meaness!, would be appreciated.
Can you elaborate?
I am actively searching for employment and anything you want to share will certainly be helpful to me.  Thank you!
Can you elaborate?
How did you determine there was a discrepancy? If it's just the lag time, that doesn't mean there is a problem with 'lines being counted' per se, only with the amount of time until the information is available. I'd really like to know because I have not had a problem...

Can you elaborate?
Please tell us why .... tell us the positives. Want to know.
Please elaborate
I used to work there and thought it was the pits. Crappy accounts with very heavy ESL. Nasty emails from a VP whose alter ego was a typing cat (or was it a dog?) or some such nonsense. QA person with superinflated ego. Newbs promoted to QA in months (and by newbs I mean new to MT, not just new to the company). I could go on and on. Nobody knew anything about the benefits and I don't even know if they had a human resources dept or not. Please do tell how they have suddenly become great, and I'm not being sarcastic.
can you elaborate?
Seriously? Please give me some details if you don't mind because I have just started with them, but have had major computer issues and am thinking of throwing in the towel. Which team were you on? I hate the fact that the recruiter hired me for clinical when she didn't even know it was acute care/hospital work or she lied! I must admit, I have the same feeling you do. I have only been working for them about three weeks and it seems like three years!!!
Please elaborate....
All you say is, no good...all bad and ugly.

That doesn't offer the OP (or any of the rest of us who'd like to also know) any information whatsoever to enable him/her to make a decision on whether or not the company would be good or bad for THEM.

Your post is of no value to the OP or the rest of us who are looking.

I'm asking that if you have any information on the company on WHY you say it's no good or bad and ugly, would you please elaborate on that?

What is bad and ugly to YOU may not be what others consider to be the same.

to elaborate...
Upon being hired I was quoted line rates, counts, etc.  These turned out to be false and the recruiter informed me she was not a recruiter so I shouldn't hold her accountable for misquoting them to me.  Their platform does not give you anyway to track your progress or verify work that you have done.  You can check line counts but there is no way to go back and check what work you have done.  So when my line count actually went down by 50 lines while I was logged off eating lunch, that sent up yet another red flag.  And with the platform there was no way for me to go back and manually check each report.  Lots of miscommunication and half truths and the recruiter and trainer will tell you completely conflicting things about how things work there as well.  I took a job with them against the recommendations of many, many MTs on here.  Check some older posts.  Looks like they were right.  I didn't stay long.  Hope that gives some insight.
Elaborate, please
They just requested a phone interview with me, and I'd love more info about the company, etc. TIA.
can you please elaborate?
30+ need to elaborate.
I love it there. Of course, anything that is said positive about any company is completely ripped apart by the posters on this board that there is really no use in saying anything.
Could you elaborate why? Low pay etc
Just curious as I was contemplating applying
It was such an elaborate lie

Oh, they told us the account was going to Powerscribe - but they totally lied about what that meant!  They upgraded our hardware and software, made us go through training on how to edit Powerscribe, told us we would all be editors and even made us promise to give it an honest try and we'd probably like it - then the minute the docs got trained they sent NOTHING for editing, they did all the editing themselves!  Nobody told us that would happen, we were led to believe we'd have the same amount of work as before, but we'd be editing VR instead of typing it.  And still nobody will admit they are NEVER going to send us editing jobs.  We just get told over and over that nobody knows why they're not sending us any work!

Shows how much all the faith and loyalty our team had really means - and shows just what they think of us!

Please elaborate
What were your experiences?
Care to elaborate on that a little more - sm
Is this the only job you've ever had?? I have interviewed for many jobs in my lifetime, some I was interested in, some I was not. Some that started at $20,000 and others starting at $60,000. I have never thought any questions were strange. The questions that you find strange are probably to weed out what kind of person you are, what kind of situations you can handle, etc. It's a lot easier, I think, than coming right out and asking the obvious questions. Heck, even Red Lobster asks "odd questions" during their interview process, such as, "if you were walking down the street and you THOUGHT you recognized someone across the street, but you weren't sure, what would you do or say?"

A lot of recruiters are generally screening for potential hires before passing them along to the person that does the actual hiring and has more information about particular positions. So in the incident you stated above, that particular recruiter may not necessarily have that information.
Care to elaborate, CC? nm
Could you elaborate or e-mail me as to why....
maybe with your experience?? TIA
Would you, or anyone else, please care to elaborate?
I have read nothing. Please elaborate
as I too am considering them
Could you elaborate on the 8 cpl plus incentive?
Are you talking about production incentive or is there an incentive for being compliant with your schedule?

I believe I understand the differential for shift incentive, and I work mostly evenings anyway.
Can anyone elaborate on Keystrokes
I would really like to know more about their process. Do you test? Anybody out there know of recent.
Care to elaborate? n/m
I just left there...can you elaborate? sm

I recently just left there but noticed the work on almost all the accounts dropped dramatically...maybe I left just in time.

Hmmm, would you be willing to elaborate?
I almost always see positive posts here about them. Silly of me to think it was all rosey!

Anything in particular I should be aware of?

blackswan -- can you elaborate

a little more on true IC -- Do you have to work a set number of lines per day that you set and who sets the days you work? 

Just curious because I'm looking for a second job that is true IC to fill in the gaps when my primary job is slow.

Also, can you give me an idea of what their pay range is?  I don't want to waste my time applying for 7 cpl. 

Care to elaborate?

Care to elaborate? Or you just making
Oh boy.. I was leaning that way. Could you elaborate or at least email me.
I would appreciate that. Thanks.
Could you elaborate on MTWorld platform? sm
I am looking into them and I have never heard of the MTWorld platform.  Could you please tell me your likes and dislikes about the platform/company?  I would appreciate any info you might have.  TIA
Would anyone care to elaborate on this subject
Insurance deductible amt, PTO, holidays, etc.  Thank you.
Benefits suck? Can you elaborate..
High insurance premiums? not enough PTO or vacation time?? What's the pay? I was told it was 9 cpl..and that doesn't sound too bad these days. 
that was a helpful answer, care to elaborate?
Dinged for lines? Care to elaborate?
Can you elaborate? Do you get paid on time? Do you have enough work? sm
Are you radiology or acute care? What kind of problems?
I am interested to know what your QA posts were in the past. Can you elaborate? nm
Well, that tells us nothing, Care to elaborate w/o yelling? SM
I worked on it for radiology and it was wonderful.

how childish.

Can someone elaborate on the strict conditions of the contract?
The IC contract under which I currently work is very flexible and I've never had a problem with the MTSO except work is a little slow right now so I've got to be VERY flexible to make my lines.

I was considering a few other places to fill in the gap and Fast Chart was one of them.

I'd love more details about how restrictive the contract is and more details about the pay cut you'd be expected to take. Is their salary lower than the other MTSOs?

Thanks for any extra enlightenment you can provide!
To: Shelly Hendrix- Care to elaborate on the BeyondTXT.
Can you elaborate or is that top secret too. Do people really get incentives and bonuses there??

Oh no.. Can you elaborate or privately email on what happened..That would help me immensly. Thanks.

I've never had a problem with my pay check at Medware. Care to elaborate? nm

Transcend interview today. Anyone care to elaborate on the ins and outs?

Their ad said Acute Care Transcriptionists and VR editors, so I am assuming that they do have some straight typing positions, right? I know waiting 120 days for benefits is a bomber, but I need something else like right now.  How is the pay, incentives, communication, platforms, etc.

Heard Keystrokes was getting better benefits, medical insurance etc.. Anyone care to elaborate? I
ready for a change.
Thank you. Could you elaborate on the benefits, offer single medical coverage or family, PTO etc...