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feeling sick too!

Posted By: mt42lng on 2005-09-19
In Reply to: You know, that makes me feel a little better.. - that could be part of it.

Actually, I don't work for OSi, but work for another National that is always bashed on here. Things are changing here too and not very positive things are being said about changes and I was just making a general statement about people who like to make others feel paranoid about situations. But, I'm trying to look at it this way, there are thousands of MTs employed by my company and there are only a few here who are doing the bashing, so I'm trying to stay positive, but still a little afraid!!

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feeling sick too!
I just wonder how many people here are just here to stir the pot and make everyone feel sick and scared and paranoid about their jobs?
Instead of feeling bad about it and going SM

to bed, take a bit of time to figure out what KIND of experience you have.  Yes, near 20 years is nice, but with what kind of work?

Has the majority of that time been in a teaching facility of more than 500 beds with a high # of ESL dictators?  Trauma?  Complex surgeries?  Procedures that aren't performed everywhere?  Experimental procedures?

That and the willingness to continue doing that kind of work is what allows these MTs to make the high line rates.  The work is more complex, difficulty level is high and a higher line rate should be paid to compensate for that.

That is my feeling also (sm)

I must add one more, the illegal aliens that equal 84% of the emergency room patients, causing the hospitals to have to save money and cut us out entirely.  They use VR around here, if the doctors cannot speak properly they will have to learn or edit their own reports.

Our president is pushing for it also, but I don't see the cost of healthcare going down.  And when the microchip technology is in place, I just don't see the use for a transcriptionist.  Patients will be in and out, they'll read the microchip on your arm, all your info will be on a computer and they'll input anything new.  What little transcription is left can be dictated into the system.  To each his own, I'd rather be prepared.

I'm getting the same feeling...
I feel the same way. I am also finding many companies don't respond to application/testing/resume. Seems like 2 minutes to send me an e-mail saying I don't qualify is 2 minutes they don't have, after I spent the time to test. Maybe it has to do with how many scribes appear to be out there looking for jobs. Bottom line is they (the MTSO) have all the power. All I know is it's frustrating!
This is also my feeling about TT.
I believe they are one of the honest ones and I won't believe otherwise unless something is proven because so far everything adds up for me.

Not that I'm a math whiz, but when I've worked for cheating companies, there were problems in multiple areas and it was obvious there was a problem.

Thank you. I had a feeling. I wish you all the best.
I know the feeling.
I was sick a few weeks back and lucked out that work was low but really would like a few good checks to close out the year with. Maybe it's low all around. I saw some TT'ers posting about it being low. I honestly don't know. To me, it doesn't seem as there are as many reports coming through as there were prior to me getting sick, but I'm also not open to all worktypes on my account, so who knows.
I know the feeling as well............
I have a feeling

Since the MT admits to basically having no real experience in acute care, there is no telling what those five reports may have looked like.  Like someone said, transitioning from radiology to acute care is a VERY BIG STEP and I would think nearly impossible to train unless you are working inhouse.  There's just too much to learn with acute care, I have been doing this for over 25 years and I STILL learn something new every single day.  Even if there were only formatting errors, that could still be a pretty big job - if you have no idea how to do your medication instructions, etc.  Just that is a lot to learn right there.  It sounds like the account manager may have felt there was just going to be too much training involved.  After all, I don't believe any companies offer to train from scratch do they?


I have a feeling we
are all referring to the same company, actually.

As of today my check is eight days late.
My feeling exactly
That is my feeling exactly...I don't want to take that chance.  I've been there,done that.
I have already gotten that feeling sm
just talking to them and getting things set up and I haven't begun working yet. I am certainly looking forward to this and ignoring then naysayers! Thank you for your kind words.
Sure... Why do I get the feeling
you aren't paid by the line, but rather are salaried mid-management. I've never seen an actual MT be happy about and defend paycuts before....
I have been there 4 years, and I am getting the same feeling. I even SM
asked someone about one, well someone who is not one of the real upper people. She did say they were not trying to get me to quit, but I do know that I am one of the higher paid people also. However, I work every weekend at least some, and I know they appreciate that. It continues to be a scary thought to know that there are not all that many accounts. I have just secured a PT job with another company as backup, or income security as I like to think of it. And I have had the opposite experience with calling for work after 3 p.m. -- I have great luck with this. It's not particularly my favorite time to work, but if I don't have any plans, I will work during that time to get lines, and they are very accommodating to me in the office. Of course, maybe they're used to me calling LOL.
Feeling is mutual about TH!
I had a bad feeling about them and cancelled my
There was too much double talk with the owner promising the moon and the transcription supervisor pulling back on the reins to try to hold on to her power over how things operate. If you had a bad feeling from the beginning, it would have been wiser to follow your instinct and not go with them.

Just as they had a change of heart with you, I had my change of heart with them. I don't know if you researched all the posts about them, but this doesn't surprise me and any company who doesn't feel an MT is going to work out has the option of dropping the MT, just as the MT has the option of dropping the company. I don't know of any MTSO where is employment is someone other than at will unless it might be a signed contract as an IC.

I'm trying to show a practical side, not a critical one.
Nothing here! Feeling really unappreciated lately. nm
yeah...I get the same feeling...sm
sounds like they had an ad all printed up and just placed it again without changing some of the criteria in it, like working at the company but sending and receiving via C-phone and internet. not to mention all of the no experience one needs....bet they get alot of applications on that one. ha ha.
Thank U. I was feeling quite paranoid! nm

Feeling a little defensive are we?
You wrote: Perhaps we are all generalizing too much.

And then you went on to generalize! Who said all companies are bad?

What I see here (presently) are legitimate complaints and MTSOs whining about them instead of posting 'any'thing remotely like: Thanks for the input; comments under consideration.

Well maybe we'll all win the lottery and be done with all of this! LOL :)
I got the feeling she was trying to be positive for those of us
who are a bid scared because we have little work on training... I think also she was responding to 4vrtpng...who did answer her but these other posts got in between. Just my 2c or take on it.
Feeling lucky
From one MQ employee to another...may I ask what company you went to?
Oh no is how I'm feeling, too....just hired on :(
Hope it's not across the board! I start training soon.
I know the feeling here and that is what concerns me. nm
I remember feeling like you do when I
started at Chronicle.  I thought everything was great and I found the perfect dream job.  It didn't last though.  The office is totally unorganized and nobody knows what they are doing from day to day.  The rules changed constantly and questions were answered with different answers depending on who you asked.  It was impossible to make production on any kind of regular thing.  The platform was terrible and the dictators even worse.  I stayed for just under 6 months to see if I could adjust and I couldn't.  I have a terrific job now where my supervisors are all transcriptionists or prior transcriptionists so when I ask a question they know exactly what I am asking.  My production is high and I work on a terrific platform now.  The only way I'd leave my current job is kicking and screaming  
Feeling defeated.
Of course they can do whatever they want, they always do.  But it does upset me that they are using the money that I generate to do this, and I never get so much as a thank you. I desperately need a mental health vacation, but my income is so bad, a vacation is only something I can dream about.
Feeling exploited

I am feeling so stupid for being a part of this industry. I am envisioning the owners of my company sitting back with their cigars and brandy, and chuckling about what a good scam they have going.

We have all of these faceless entities working their asses off for us, we keep paying them less and less, and they still keep going, like little hamsters going round and round as fast as they can in their little wheels!  All for us!!  Go faster little hamster, go faster, I want to buy a new boat. Do we have the best gig going or what?

I have finally come to realize that this industry is one of those work-from-home scams that everyone warns us about! 

I know that feeling. The hospital I worked for
when I started had us all at the same "starting pay". Then they changed it to commensurate with experience.

So, new hires (even those with less experience) were getting hired in at sometimes THREE BUCKS more than I was getting.

They wouldn't raise me up to make up for it. So, I quit.
I'm feeling pretty jealous of you...
Any chance at all you'll share the name of the company? I know that a couple of us here would love to join your team. (Feel free to e-mail me privately).  I'm looking to pick up a little extra work at this time. I'm full time with a company now, working as team lead, and am basically happy there.  However, the work has been low since the beginning of July, and it's just always a good idea to keep an eye out for a better situation.
My feeling exactly. I can count on 1 hand

the number of times I haven't helped out when they have gotten backlogged, usually without being asked with never a thank you, but an e-mail or phone call asking me to do extra the next day and then the next.   I've always pulled my share and then some.  I don't care about a gift or even a card, but if I do my 40 hours/committed line that should be enough.   They aren't paying me when there isn't any work.  

Ultimately it comes down to they don't care if I'm sick or I have a life or not, they just want the lines done.  They didn't used to be that way, or at least they would offer incentives, which they rarely do now.   I can't stand threats about losing accounts.  If isn't my fault if they lose it.   If another MT is not doing her share don't ask me to pick up the slack. 

Did you get the feeling they wanted you to quit?

Just wondered why you left (if you don't mind saying, I understand)

I had a feeling there was a mass exodus
earlier this year. I hung in there with them for six months, but they kept running out of work. I asked to be trained on a second account, but it didn't happen. My supervisor was very nice, but it just didn't work out. I also have 17 years of experience, and had 99+% QA scores. I agree with some of the comments above about looking things up, etc. Oh well...
I'm new to TTech and feeling kind of alone out here. SM
I wish TTech had an employee message board. I've love to meet some of my co-workers.
Not too worry.. I'm just feeling bad that I was probably the one who referred you to them LOL

Before we received the we're sharing our work with our partners speech, I was happily referring them and now I'm in the middle of taking another job. If that one works out and they dont offshore, I'll look you up LOL

I agree, I'm feeling defeated too!
Care to share where your great job is? I need a new job too, and I feel defeated just like the OP! It is crazy out there. I have been doing this for a little more than 10 years now, and I'm going backwards in pay, benefits, treatment etc...ESPECIALLY PAY!

It's ridiculous that these companies are advertising for 6, 7, 8 cpl on this site and others. I absolutely wouldn't insult myself by taking that and neither should anyone else (especially w/experience). However, obviously a lot do or they wouldn't be offering Burger King wages for what is supposed to be a skilled profession! Of course, I'm sure the ones who accept that rate are completely suck at this and are the same ones who post stupid questions on word boards that they should know the answer to if they claim to be in this business and working!

I'm sorry for the rant, I just desperately need to get out of the job that I'm in, and not go to something worse!
I am feeling your pain today.
I hit the national scene just over a year ago when my hospital finally outsourced our department. I have not made any money since, nearly lost my house and had to rent it out, and my credit is shot and my car near repossession soon. Im fed up. I cannot believe how difficult it is to make money in this field short of an hourly wage. I am totally disgusted and looking for something new. I was trying to hold out in this field working from (which I have been doing for years for the hospital I worked for) until my youngest is in school, but I can't wait any longer.
I have the feeling Accustat sold...
I worked for them for about 5 or 6 years and it was a wonderful small company to work for.  Great dictators, and 95% English-speaking, pay never late, flexible schedule.  But looking back, I remember the boss lady taking a week or two vacation in about my fifth year with them which was unusual for her and things were never the same after that.  There was a  drop in starting-pay to 9 cents as well as all MT's were dropped down to 9 cents.  Then QA turned into a monster....inconsistent...obsessing over sentence structure and other unimportant things.  Never a question about dosages or medications, etc.  Just fixated on editing sentence structure and punctation.  I quit.  And they started requiring weekend work and strict scheduling.  After I quit, I stayed away from MT for a few months and now I'm working with a company with a platform I like much better.  Do not need a c-phone...just the net.  I see from the other posts others have gone on to companies or situations they like well or better.  So all's well that ends well I suppose.  I just still often wonder what happened to the original boss of Accustat who ran such a great company and never had a problem keeping MT's.  Now I see Accustat has ads running quite often.  Too bad.  But,from reading other posts on other companies, sounds like that may be the general trend now.  Corporate!!! 
I have a feeling that I work at the same company as

I heard the Dictaphone speech is an awful program and the girls who have been switched to it hate it and are losing money.  I am looking for another job because the manager constantly pushes speech on us and I want to avoid that.  I should have an answer from another company this week. 

I know the feeling. I forgot to mention above
that I just came to this conclusion myself. I am so looking forward to my last day.  Its only about 6 days away, not that I'm counting or anything.  I have already started my new job, in training, so its a bit tiring and stressful, but still so liberating. I've already had more communication from my new job over the last 2 days than I have had from MQ in years.  I nearly cried a few times, which was so lame, but it was just from people actually talking to me and being nice.  Isn't that sad?  I can't say that I should have done it sooner - everything in its own time, but its time for me, for sure!  I wish you the same success and happiness.
I was not offended or feeling superior.
you meant by your question? Did you mean that you did not know what MTIA was and were asking if DSG made up an organization or if you meant that DSG was pretending to be a member of MTIA and intentionally misdirected people to a different website? Or did you mean something else entirely? Without knowing what you meant by the use of is it a scam, it was difficult to formulate an appropriate response. I am sorry if my reply made you feel inferior. That was not at all my intent, I was simply asking for clarification so as to better address the inquiry.

It is far more likely that whoever designed the website used MTIA.org instead of MTIA.com when creating the link, which I am sure you could have figured out for yourself.
I was thinking maybe Tues, since I have a feeling
Feeling like a good cry. Does that answer your
Thanks. I had a "hinky" feeling reading the ad.
I know that feeling. The account I do now is Meditech
and that is absolutely the MOST user unfriendly platform. It takes me at least 8 hours to do what I could in less than 6 on DQS. I am currently looking for something else, though. I absolutely HATE Meditech. I dread getting up and starting work every morning.
on MDI merger, anyone feeling guilty?
I feel terrible for having copped such a bad attitude, ie, that we were sold down the river. Having settled down and really looked at those Q&A emails and considered our economy and the market and/or world as it is today, I am having a change of heart.  The fact that MDI has done such a fine job of taking care of us and the business all this time, lends to my thinking why would they suddenly not care about us?  It is not a perfect world and choices are not always easy.  I do think we have been spoiled by MDI in such a good way that other companies look rotten. But I am hoping I am not alone and that more MDIer's will give this merger a chance.  Happy labor day weekend my friends.
Not feeling guilty about taking new job
Like they said,*business is business* and we take care of our own, right?

It is what it is
Just maybe it is how a lot of us are feeling, embarrassed and like a joke! sm
To have to explain to our family and friends how we cannot participate in shopping or get togethers or holidays because we have to work more to make up for the 50% cut in pay due to VR, and then I hear something about they will cut out paying for spaces at another 30% cut, leaving me feeling like what in the world do I do with this career choice.  I am like others that in no way could recomend this profession to anyone.  I am now left with wondering what kind of other career I could muster up where there may be raises instead of paycuts.  People used to be interested in what I did, but not anymore!
Anyone get the feeling that the "up your meds" comment
comes from the same, histrionic indivual each and every time? Lordy, am I TIRED of these insinuations that everyone who doesn't agree with it must be off their meds.

Watch my back..!?! I sure hate that feeling.
You go, Girl! Hope you're feeling better! nm
Some people need letters after their name just as a feeling of accomplishment
if for no other reason and nothing is wrong with that. No, it does not make you a better MT and it most likely will not reap you a lot more money. I know I made top line rate without mine but that's because I was an excellent MT. Sometimes we just want to do it to do it just for ourselves and there is no reason to knock someone down just because they have those initials behind their name.