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if you are still working there for that particular wage...sm

Posted By: unbelievable on 2007-11-20
In Reply to: My, aren't we the Holy One. Talk about judgemental and - McTypist

you are settling. 12 hour days x 6 days per week? You are definitely selling yourself short if you accept this. I was only trying to be honest based on the information you chose to share. I don't want others to think this is the norm in this industry because it most certainly is not. Again, I am basing my comments solely on the information you provided, which in fact saddened me as an MT who has been in this profession for many years. I apologize if you see this as an insult, but I was just overwhelmed by your breakdown of pay. To me this is completely unacceptable. Good luck to you.

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So you don't mind working for less than minimum wage?
That's what a good Editor would make because most good editors that have 100% listen I know get between 2000-3000 lines a day. I think not. People like you who take these jobs bring all of us who have worked hard down. If you have only been an MT for 2 years, I would not think you would even qualify to be QA
taking a low wage does not lower the pay for a field. The fact that they are offering stated wage
means that is the market. You don't see ads for McDonald's for $36/hour and you don't see ads for A.G. Edwards for $20,000/yr. If they didn't think they could fill a job for $14, they wouldn't post it. Notice MT jobs are now posting at 5, 6 and 6.5. So guess what editors are going to make?
Min. wage
That isn't even minimum wage in San Francisco, where it's something like $9.25+ per hr.
Min wage in NY

In NY minimum wage is now $7.15, so that is not min wage here either.


Min wage

I thought I had read something recently that stated Nuance/Focus was developing some software that would completely do away with transcriptionists in the next few years.  I worked for Focus 5 years ago and they were a terrible company then to work for, I see they have just kept getting worse.  You are entitled to minimum wage if you are an employee. If your line count does not come to that contact your local DOL and apply for unemployment benefits.  if you don't you are hurting yourselves and other MTs who come after you.


I believe that would come to a little over minimum wage...
Not good at all!
Minimum wage at best, probably not that!
I would not take any QA/editing position unless it is a set hourly rate. Again, I have said it before, do not sell your fellow QA/editors down the drain like AAMT has sold us. Hourly is the only way!
don't accept the wage, but I would!!!!
Medware Wage

The most you can expect to make at Medware is 0.08 a line.   Medware has some extremely difficult accounts with a lot of ESL doctors.  It is very hard to make a good line count.  Additionally, Medware watches how many minutes you work during the day.  You must work a full 8-hour shift.  If you have problems and need to call your supervisor, need to email your supervisor, create samples or go over files from the editors, have a problem with pay or vacation time or anything similiar, you will do it on your time.  You have to put in your 8 hours TYPING, nothing else counts. 


Is this a fair wage?
I'm a new graduate and I got an offer for 0.75 cpl.  Any input would be appreciated.
QA Wage question
If getting paid hourly for QA, let's say $10.00 an hour, do you get paid for every hour whether there's anything to QA or not?
They have to pay minimum wage s/m
They have to pay for minimum wage if you do not reach that on your line counts.
If you find anyone that pays 10 cpl to start, let me know!!!

I took me 4 months to find a job as an IC where I would make 10 cpl after 90 days!! and that is maintaining minimum line count of 1000 lines the whole time...

Minimum Wage

You have hit on a point that the service owners did not plan for.  Pursue this with the DOL office in your state:

USMLSU Initiative
Washington,  DC


Respect, reasonable compensation, and humane treatment for all U.S.A. Medical Transcriptionists

a wage one can live on is no more

I don't know about you, but when I see 7 and 8 cents being offered for independent contractor work, I scream a little scream inside me and then implode for a few seconds, and then I move on as that is too insulting for words.  How can a person take out their own taxes with such low pay?  It's really not worth it, when you do the math, figuring out 25 to 33 percent is delegated to tax. 

If a person does 6000 lines for a 40-hour week and takes out 28% taxes, this leaves them with $8.65 an hour for their effort.  My 18-year-old son, whose part-time job while he is in school is sweeping the floors at movie theatres in between shows, makes $7.00 an hour.  I am a grown woman with 18+ years of MT experience and would make only $1.65 an hour more than my son if I had this job. 

How's that for a come-down?   

VR or not, need to pay MINIMUM WAGE--sm
Not just my 2 cents' worth -- that's the LAW in all 50 US states.  At 3-4 cents a line, this is hardly possible, especially at the start, to make at least a minimum wage that any 16-year-old kid makes delivering groceries.  Add to that all the UNPAID work we are required to do for the privilege of being fleeced by the MTSOs, CCs, researching doctors, endless demographic work having nothing to do with transcription...
Minimum wage

You cannot by law make less than minimum wage.  If you are making less than minimum wage I would tell the company, they have to make up the difference.  If they don't then you should call the labor board.

Living Wage
I don't know exactly what I would call a living wage for a weekly amount. I can tell you that for my family of 5, the GOVERNMENT says that if I make less than approximately $40,000, that I qualify for various forms of government aid due to low-income status.

$40K divided by 52 weeks per year works out to about 1700 lines per day at 9 cpl.

If you're only making 5 cpl (case in point: That recent ad on the Jobs Bank!), then you would need to type 3076 lines per day in order to keep a family of five above the cut-off for food stamps and free lunches!
I think a living wage is
1 thousand dollars a week.
somebody will do it; hence the wage stays low nm

What is their hourly wage?

I also did not know that they had editing.  QA position?

Ditto.. Over 13 years experience working in hospitals doing all types of reports, currently working
for a national etc.. and Spheris told me I didnt have the qualifications. What cracked me up was the hospital I was working at at the time contracted some of our work out to them.. What a joke..I was good enough to work for a hospital and gave them work, yet not qualified enough for them. What is wrong with this picture.
They are offering this same wage to QA people
with megayears of experience. That is my point!
And industry would pay the lowest wage possible
if people are willing to take it! People have to be pretty desperate or just not too bright to even agree to do this kind of work for low pay.
$8.75/hr nice hourly wage?
Yes, that is good for someone who is new to the biz, but if it takes 8 hours to review 2000 lines, that is only $8.75/hr. I don't think that is a nice hourly wage for experienced MTs. Many times the Editor may have no control over the TAT and oops! there goes that bonus. Quarterly bonuses cannot be counted upon as they are just that...bonuses.

Thanks for clarifying.
Wage earners usually get COL raises.
Every wage-paid position I have had was set on an annual increase with the rest of the company. Even at 3%, it was still a raise.

Production, however, does not increase. It is not the same pay structure and, in my opinion, should not.

You cannot have your cake and eat it, too.

You wanted production, so you can (in effect) control your income by how savvy you are, so you got it. If you want to make more money, increase those skills you feel are so valuable that you don't want to work for a set wage.

Otherwise, go to a wage and relax a bit, know that you're going to draw a certain amount of money (might even still get incentive for production, too), and get annual raises and actual holiday pay, etc.

Mark my words down: You will never get annual raises on production pay. Never. And you shouldn't. You are wanting what will never happen and, instead of looking for ways to actually help yourself, are frittering away your time and energy and frustrating everyone else in the process for nothing.

Yes, jobs may be there but is the wage decent?
That's the all important question we need to ask and know, along with what's going on at any of those companies.  So many jobs available and we have to wonder why..., with so many of us looking every day. 
the token Christmas cards, e-cards, or whatever.
I discussed an hourly QA wage with them sm
a few years ago and when they sent the paperwork, they had substituted a RATE PER LINE for QA.  I called and told them they had made a mistake, they said that they had decided they would only pay by line.  I think they figured I wouldn't read the paperwork and just sign it.
Actually, a lot of careers have had wage cuts
Anything that can be offshored to India for under a penny on the dollar has seen their wages cut. Do we remember what happened not too long ago to all the software engineers that used to make really good money? They're probably making half of what they made 10 years ago. The few customer support people that remain stateside probably make at least $2 an hour less than they made 10 years ago. Heck, even the radiologists that used to make great night, weekend, and holiday pay took a beating when they discovered they could offshore that, too.

So the pain is spread around, but it doesn't make it less painful. They have to find a way to bring American jobs back to America. It doesn't do much good for the so-called global workforce to lower the price of a plasma TV if I can't even afford to buy Wonder Bread.
Good weekly wage
I would have to say an AVERAGE of around $700 a week GROSS.  I know some make more and some make less, but personally I would consider that to be a fair average.  It also would depend on the type of account.
If you cannot make minimum wage with this, then
get another profession. I make over $20 per hour. You are a poor excuse for a Transcriptionist if not able to do. End of message and end of talking about something apparently not everyone is able to do.
8-9 cpl is an insult wage, even for employees.
because once you factor in your overhead, time spent dealing on the phone with clients, keeping books, etc., if you charge 8-9 cpl as an IC, you're working for just a couple of Rupees.
6 cpl is a LOUSY WAGE, no matter what
Anyone who works for such an insulting amount of money is just perpetuating the problem. What happens if your employer loses your cushy account, you get switched to something tougher, and you have to actually start typing full lines (few to no macros), researching information, and having to actually EARN that 6 cpl? That's when you have to hope and pray that hubby gets a raise.
minimum wage is $ 7.--/hour.....nm
California's minimum wage is higher than SM
the federal minimum wage, this may be why.
they're the ones griping about making min wage
and barely making line counts

so they have the qa. so what? they don't have the production.

Heck, NO!! I'd never survive on minimum wage. nm
You make an hourly wage when you run out of work? sm

I am confused.  Is that right - you make an hourly wage when there is no work available?  How long has that been going on?  I have worked there for some time and have NEVER been paid for when there was no work.  Please explain.

Is it Wage & Hour or Labor Board...sm
To help get payment. MW is trying to screw me - gave my lines to somebody else and are dragging their feet BIG time. Gonna report them, tired of it and need my money.
when minimum wage goes up do IC rates increase also?
has anyone reported OSI to wage hour commission
MS size=2>because they CONSTANTLY harass you about working on your days off but you aren't allowed to put the hours on your timesheet if it throws you into overtime. That is against the law - to work without recording your hours. I am going to report them if nobody else has.

OSI was reported to wage & hour about this last week
MT, minimum wage, single moms, etc...sm
Medical transcription requires a great deal of skill and knowledge. It is not a minimum wage job, or should not be a minimum wage position. Years of learning and experience are involved to master this profession. No qualified MT, single mom or otherwise, should be working at minimum wage levels, in turn necessitating the help of assistance programs. This is too skilled a profession, and it is a shame that it is not so slowly sinking to the level of a minimum wage-type job.
Old posts said they were rather nasty and offered a very low wage. Had to use
Exactly. That's why I'm getting out now before we're down to minimage wage and unable to su
It's just worth it anymore. In this biz, our wages go down and raises are rarely given. No thanks. I'm moving on. Luckily, I have other talents (medical billing) etc..that I can utilize. In fact, tomorrow I have an interview with our local Blue Cross for a job. Obviously, the benefits are awful and the pay is pretty good too. Plus, they give raises, imagine that...Wish me luck..I'm outta here
Oh nice..getting late..how about MINIMUM WAGE.. LOL

No, soon the government will increase the minimum wage
and MTs will be the working poor. Sad business this is.
I love QA, but I'd only do it for a good hourly wage that
What part of wage protection do you not comprehend?
do not work for. Sheesh. for such a gifted and fortunate MT, you sure are being dense.
Why does progress mean accepting a lower wage?
I want to point out the contrast between the OP and this response.

The OP says MDI moving to VR is to cut costs. Had to Respond says it is keeping up with the times and says nothing about reducing costs. Is moving to VR keeping up with (sic) technological times or is it being used to reduce costs?

I believe it is the latter, not the former. And if that is the case, Had to respond has no straws to grasp to justify the transition. It is NOT about moving with technology and everything to do with paying less to the ICs.

I am so not impressed with Had to Respond and her big girl panties to accept less money.