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Ditto.. Over 13 years experience working in hospitals doing all types of reports, currently working

Posted By: OrthoMT on 2007-01-14
In Reply to: I've applied with them THREE times and have never received a response - sm - Glo

for a national etc.. and Spheris told me I didnt have the qualifications. What cracked me up was the hospital I was working at at the time contracted some of our work out to them.. What a joke..I was good enough to work for a hospital and gave them work, yet not qualified enough for them. What is wrong with this picture.

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Ditto.....Love working for TT (nm)
Do any acute care hospitals still have MTs working from home? sm

Back in the day (which was a Wednesday... in case you are curious)... I started out working for a huge acute care facility, then went home for them.  Any of them still do that??  You can e-mail me if you want.... I'm sick of working for nationals.

I have 18 years experience with very large, well-known teaching hospitals. (sm)
and I went to TT in October with the big hiring push. Yep, there are lots of ESLs on my account, but no more than I've ever had on any previous account I've worked on. Most of the ESLs I'm getting are quite good, in my opinion. I can handle them. The one doc that gives me the most grief is actually EFL. He's just lazy and mush-mouthed. As for the sound quality, I haven't had a single problem with sound quality.
What I like about my current account(s) is that there are rarely any residents dictating! Oh! What a joy that is! Nothing like residents, whether ESL or EFL. Ugh!
Some people can deal with the ESLs, some can't. All you can do is try. We don't all fit into the same work situations.
I have experience working
I have experience in these specialties: family practice, internal medicine, cardiology, hem/onc, ENT, allergy, orthopedics, urology/urologic oncology, and pulmonology. I am looking for a job, and you can e-mail me if you would like to.
I have years of experience with ExText and ESLs. These reports had holes in them, the docs were so
I have NO experience. I started out working
for a group of radiologists and working my way up to Medquist. I have a B.A. and M.A., but I must say that I studied anatomy and physiology, chemistry, nursing math, microbiology at the local community college which helped me on testing. I couldn't have passed MT tests without these courses. The rest of what I did was fast-talk my way in the door. Good Luck!!!
Its been my experience, even when working in the hospital sm
that MTs with seniority usually get the worst work because it is the more difficult work and newbies usually cannot handle it. Unfortunately, thats the way it works in this field...the more experience you have, the more likely you are to get the crap work. That work has to get done too!
I had a BAD experience with working with Indians...nm
I have been working for them for five years now...
I have had very few complaints. I just get my lines in for each pay period, and they don't bother me much at all. Very flexible schedule.
Anyone here working for Medivoxx that can share experience with them? nm
i've been working for MDI for over two years sm

i think they pay really good.  i love my acct.  the supervisor is a good communicator.  i have a lanier acct, but they do have some accts where your program for retrieving dictation is over the internet, so no long distance needed there. i think they even give you a chance if you don't have fast speed.  i don't have fast speed, where i live it's not available.

good luck!

I love working for them.. have been with them for YEARS. xx
I'm afraid...after working for several years...

at a company, who will be unnamed, but is very popular these days, I have finally took the plunge and taken a position with Web.  I'm happy and afraid at the same time.  I hope I do well.  I hear good things about this company.  I just want to be happy again.  My present (soon to be past) job has really whipped my you know what.  I hope I made the right decision.  Thanks all. 

PS Pls excuse any typos

MQ same situation. No pay for working holidays, no pay for working weekends nothing. Now noone works
much anymore and so they jerk the work out of the accounts to some place that throws it back with a lot of bad bad quality. This is the NE region. I dont know what the others are doing.
I LOVE working for TransTech. Been there almost three years and it's
the best MT job I have ever had. You will enjoy talking with Debbie, who does the hiring.
Run, run away. I just left after working for them for 12 years . Go to their forum
and read a little bit.
No, I haven't been. I told my true experience of working for that company.
I don't have a negative attitude.  You're the one who can't handle it when someone disagrees with you.
You had better believe it. Working 12 years in a huge university and now offered 8 cpl. nm
Working Christmas - gladly. For years I was lucky enough (sm)
to have an in house job where others volunteered to work Xmas, Easter, etc. so those of us with small children could enjoy the holiday.

Now I feel it is my turn to pay back and work the holidays so the mothers of younger children can have that special time with them. It only lasts such a short time.

Happy Holidays to all.
I guess my major dissatisfaction working as an MT for the 15 years -

is that there no other profession I know where everyone usually starts at the same pay, regardless of experience.  It is also the only profession I can think of that does not feel compelled to give raises. 

There is just so much of MY time spent reading and responding to emails to comply with changes and specifics, switching to backup account, actually doing text on VR reports to make them accurate and not getting paid for it at text CPL, no work, downtimes, etc, etc, etc.  that I don't even get paid for.  Afraid to keep track of my time working and trying to manage my work and figure how much I make an hour that if I did, I would probably jump off the nearest bridge.  (No responses on that - I have other skills and will get out of MT and head to another type of job before I resort to this). 

I started my last job at the same rate as those joining the company with 2 years' experence.  Haven't had a raise in 5 years. 

I don't want to hear back that we are fortunate to work at home.  I know any poster that comes back with this works in management, so spare us all your thoughts on that.  The MTSOs don't have offices big enough to house their MT staff.  They don't pay for our computers and generally not our internet, do not pay for our utility bills, virus protection and would have some hefty bills if we were all working in their office and they had to pay these bills - SO they do come out rather well -they just don't know how to share profits.  Our cost of living goes up - no raises to reflect that at all.  I am back to thinking greed is driving the MTSO businesses - but have known that probably for a lot of years.  3 CPL for VR some places and lucky to get 8 cpl for text - give me a break.  Ready to throw in the towel. 

And MTSO managers, supervisors, team leads, if you are reading this, please do not send me another IM with your picture sitting on a beach.  That constitutes you had made enough money to take a vacation - I don't and I actually do the work, am a skilled professional with lots of knowledge, and this implies you got to take a vacation - you guessed it - ain't been able to afford one of those for a few years now.  Put a picture of you at a keyboard or pulling your hair out over a bad dictator;-) which is what MTs go through on a daily, if not hourly, basis. 



Honestly, I gained my first experience with Escription working for Focus. It was my first online job
So I stayed long enough to get comfortable and then moved on. It was a weird experience working with supervisors in India and the lack of communication but I never intended on staying. I bit the bullet, got my experience and left.
I worked for them years ago, back in 1994. No one was working from home then... SM
Well, if you were working from home, you were coming in and picking of tapes.  It was a pretty good place to work.  I was just starting out as an MT so it was really good experience for me.  They paid me hourly, but I was in house back then.  
I've been working weekends for 7 years and haven't heard of this.
I don't do these types of reports for anything under $1.00 per minute.
I worked for Keystrokes a few years back. There were some problems but was told they were working on
I had heard that before, too many times to count, so I left.

I came back 2 years ago and it was like night and day.

All of the old problems are gone. They blamed them on growing pains and never denied them. Instead they fixed them. They have my vote!
working from home is awesome but working for DSG is not...
horrible dictators, sound quality is bad, no answers to emails and they run out of work consistently...that is just my experience though...
Ditto, Keystrokes is a wonderful company with wonderful people! I love working for Keystrokes!
I am just not making enough money.  They are a great company though, just ask for a back up account.
Ditto on good reports for Allstate
I too have NOTHING but great things to say about Allstate and their AIM program.  If you are lucky enough to get in, work your butt off to stay in.  I have easily learned more in two weeks with Deb and her crew than in all of my previous training!  Disregard grumbling posts.  I am a real person, and I can personally say that Deb has bent over BACKWARDS for me!  Definately worth trying to get involved if you are a newbie.
Ditto. Low pay, mediocre beneifts, lots of reports of
Ditto, ditto, ditto. My experience exactly.
I have never typed so fast and made so little in my life except for at Amphion. Good for supplemental income but not if you really need some money.
My experience, teaching hospitals have a lot of ESL
MT jobs at hospitals pay $15 +incentive for experience
I know, I was just offered one, but it won't work without access to high speed internet, which I cannot get for probably another six months. The MTs I used to work with there are making $15 an hour (experienced) plus an incentive (which they tell me they make almost daily because they're always on the same work). A previous co-worker told me she made 31K working 4 days a week last year and also has a 403B AND a pension after 5 years. Plus gets two long weekends off a month, sick days, vacation days, holidays (and big incentive when she has to work a holiday, plus gets the day of later).

The area is lower midwest/upper south, so it's not inflated for area, either.
Absolute ditto on that. Very bad experience with them. nm
Most hospitals will. Pay your dues (work cheaper to get experience.)

Weekend work has been going on in hospitals many years but
weekend workers generally rotate if they work in house or they used to. This should be the way these companies do this rather than tie up every weekend. It would be easier to find someone if they rotated their weekends and were firm about the commitment. It is not that hard. It is about good management and if they can't manage to get that commitment, then companies need new management to implement that kind of thing. Finding weekend workers would be a lot easier.
yes, at Spheris, for 4 years now, 80+ reports
Not by the line but 1400-1500 radiology reports. 2-1/2 years. nm
So how is that working out for you?
Really? I'm working, too.
However, I'm working at the part-time job I was forced to get as soon as I figured out Transcend was screwing me.  I have nearly 1,800 lines in so far today.  How many do you have?
Are you still working for them? LOL
If you are, why don't you take your own advice -- leave. You're no victim except of yourself.

If you're not working for them, what's it to you? We're all adults.

Whether or not a company is "good" or "bad" (such juvenille generalizations, lol) is a matter of perspective and there are PLENTY of us who don't share your views.
Are you working for them now?
I just interviewed with them yesterday and have not heard back.  Are you working for them now?  How is that working out for you?  Are you happy?  Thanks
I, too have worked for other services. I think Transcend is excellent. You can make as much or as little as you want. I agree with you everyone is very nice and helpful and easy to talk to and most helpful. I have a different job at Transcend now and I think that very much, but I also transcribe whenever I get a chance.
are you still working for them?
I liked working for them but there
wasn't enough work on the 2 accounts that I was on to justify the fee for leasing the equip and I don't make enough yet to make purchases like dictaphone, lanier, etc.  they always pay on time and CORRECTLY!  if I ever purchase equipment like that I'll definitely be contacting them again.
And how would you know who is working and
I sure don't!
She could have another job and working before she would even
begin to qualify for unemployment. Why put herself through that anguish. She should resign and move on. She'd have a job in one day it is my guess. Unemployment should not even be an issue here. Most people can find jobs in this business very easily.
Who are you working for now? nm
Yes, it's working now.
I am not working for them anyway, so
PTS Dictation in Florida. They said that they only get 8 cpl, and that is why they only pay 6 cpl, and yes based upon a 65 character line. That is not my problem they don't get paid like they should. I don't work for anything less than 8 cpl.
Working for nothing
You must not be in desperate need for making any kind of money because that company paid me terrible! $4.25 per 1,000 words. I can make more money working at McDonald's flipping hamburgers!!

Not a good company to work for! Would not recommend it to anybody!
been working with them 5 yrs now - sm
owner is not very organized and was getting paid 15th and end of month but she has stretched it out to every 3 weeks now but accounts are SUPERB and once you get past the disorganization they pretty much leave you alone to work.