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is this legal/legit?

Posted By: brokerbytheday on 2006-10-04
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I love the company I work for.  I love the people, love the work.  Only one complaint:  They deduct $12.50 out of each paycheck for a total of $25. each month for rental of their software.  They said they were told they had to do that if we were IC's.  We use our own computers, or rent theirs, so why should we pay to use a version of Word? I have never had anyone else do this in 15 years.  Also, they want to charge a fee to do direct deposit.  I've never seen that charged for either.  Is this Kosher or should I say something?  If so, what?

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Legal or not legal overtime question.
My friend works for an MTSO who assigns dictators.  You are supposed to keep up with your assigned dictator whatever that takes.  She is overloaded and working 50-60 hours a week.  She is an employee.  They say they do not pay overtime and do not have to pay overtime but she is expected to get those dictators current and keep them current.  I say because she is an employee the federal law of a 40-hour work week and overtime apply.  She has asked everyone from her team lead to the HR person and they say they do not pay overtime.  I say that is not even legal if she is in fact an employee.  What is correct? 
Yes, they are legit

I work for them.  They pay on time and are very easy to work with.  Good luck!! God bless!


I assure you Allegiant Transcripton Services is a legit company.
Yes, it is legit

Career Step is a legit program and they are partnered with Spheris for them to hire their grads upon graduation.  Starting pay is around 6.5 cents per line which is in the range of what other newbies start out making in employee status.

I attended Career Step, took the Spheris Training Track and went to work for Spheris.  I am also an affiliate member who does receive a small token of a referral fee, however, I am not here to give rave reviews or try to twist your arm one way or the other.  I would recommend that you attend a course that is approved by the AAMT/AHDI though. 

If you have specific questions, feel free to email me!

they are legit and pay on time...

You didn't ask anything else.  Email me if you have more specific questions.


Company legit
Has anyone ever heard of the company Anita Niles-Lee & Associates?  They offered me a job and I want to make sure they are legit before I quite my cuurent job.  Please help.
RE: Company legit
I guess you have been to their website and read there? What I read is they have been in business for over 12 years. Sounds legitimate to me.

Legit Company
Has anyone heard of Mountain west.
I worked for them. They are legit - sm
That is only a front name so they can't be found. Very secretive owner. No one can know the other MTs. However, pay was truly that (actually it should be 11 cents as that was what most were). Depends what work types you do. Can plow through some stuff and make great money. Other work types suck - some really bad foreigners there.
They are definitely legit. I was offered
position with them but could just not work the hours they needed.  I regretfully turned down.  Great owner and great MTs work there. 
Words R Us out of Illinois ? Is this legit?

To ADMINISTRATOR: Is this a legit company?
I hope that this isn't someone's idea of a joke as I have already sent my resume. I find absolutely nothing on the internet regarding a company with this name. The ads indicate that they have several accounts already...why can't I find anything on this company?
Companies who truly understand IC and are legit won't
require that. My company says they will never require a schedule and do not direct deposit for the simple fact that those are things you do with employees, and they do not want to ever cross the line of IC/employee with their ICs. There are bound to be other companies on the same way of thinking. Sadly, I agree with another poster that said if people are willing to sign contracts and accept set hours, it will become something we can't get away from. ICs stand up for yourselves and point out the law to the interviewer so this does not happen!
I can tell the OP had legit info, but my issue /sm

is this.  If someone is employed by Webmedx, goes through training and does not hit the 98%, I'm sure they are let go, BUT they are also paid for the work they did while in training.  They have to be paid, it's the law.

If you get work from WMX you have to return the work typed, correct?  If a trainee typed it, you wouldn't return the work without someone from your company looking it over to score it, I assume any errors are corrected also.

If you return a completed report to WMX, they have to pay you, correct?  If the trainee who typed that report is let go, you are keeping 100% of the money paid to you for that report and the MT who typed it is not paid a cent?  I am trying to work this out in my head and this is the conclusion I have come to.  If it is correct, there is something very wrong with this arrangement.  You may not have to pay someone by law, but morally that wouldn't sit right with me at all. 

Horrible company, they are legit though.

There is a reason they are always hiring.   Lots in the archives.

all legit companies withhold for taxes but...
when you say I found it difficult enough just paying my regular bills with the very low rate of pay this company offered, and it was impossible for me to also put aside extra money to pay for the taxes they refused to take out That can't be true. one way or another the money comes out, either they do it before you get the check or you do it after you get the check. If you could afford it if they took it out, then your take home pay would be less. So it's absolutely equal that you could afford it by setting it aside yourself. At least you got to earn a little interest on it!
legit work at home jobs

Go To: http://www.telcoa.org/id156.htm

i have worked for west.com - made $12 - $14 per hour, paid every 2 weeks

hope this will help

Since when does any legit company call us "transcribers"?
That throws up a red flag for me. Legitimate US-based companies would never say they are looking for transcribers.
Excalibur is legit and they are now hiring again for new projects!
I been working with Excalibur for the past 9 months!

I currently do transcription and document coding with them FT and i love the variety of jobs they post each week in their remote job bank registry.

Anyone heard of Career Step program?..cost?..legit?
I checked out the Spheris website and I don't have enough experience to apply...but they directed me to Career Step kind of as a prerequisite to get your foot in the door for employment....there's gotta be a some kind of cost, but I didn't stick around to find out....link, after link, after link..yada yada...anyone have any comments on this setup?
That is not legal to do that. NM
what is legal
Contact the IRS if they want a "set in stone" schedule. If you have to give them one you are definitely an employee by IRS guidelines and they can be sued. I think you can go to IRS.gov or something on the Internet and find out about this.
This is not legal....
They can only get away with it if the employees allow that to happen. You can contact your local wage and hour division of the US Dept. of Labor for info
Yep. The federal government made it perfectly legal for companies to sell off America thousands of jobs at a time with the WTO and NAFTA. Sweet, huh? And the companies doing it for the most part try to be hush-hush about all of it because they know how people would react. It happens more than you know.
Everything was legal
If you had read older posts - I drew the difference in what I made as an IC and what my weekly unemployment pay was - i applied for jobs every week - both online and offline. There's no scheme to it - it's just what it is. KS was only upset because they didn't know the laws in my state and they got caught in the way they handled things.
No, it's not legal
You wrote: I just don't think it's right to ask me to find a new profession for the next 12 months. Apparently it's legal, but that doesn't make it right.

I think what attorney #2 is trying to say to you is that it is NOT legal... that they cannot stretch the definition of a noncompete clause that far...

Because they CAN. It is legal. They want to see
Is it even legal
for them to tell you you cannot work for another company? Frankly, it is none of their business what you do in your time you are not working for them.
this is not legal

According to the IRS, whether you work as an IC or an employee, you have to be paid what is agreed upon.  As an IC, you have to be paid upon a mutually-agreeable rate and as an employee (depending on the stste) they have to give you written notice of the pay change with at least 5-7 business days but, they can then change the pay.

File a claim with the employment agency in the company's state and that will fix it.

Is this legal? sm
My understanding is that employer provides necessary equipment for employee.  Not so for IC, who provides his/her own equipment.  But to charge an employee to use equipment to do the work of the company?
I do not think it is legal
for any company to tell you you cannot work for another company in your off-hours, provided, of course, that you do not use the original company's equipment to do so. Why are you working for such low pay? There are plenty of companies out there that will pay well if you're good.
I don't see a problem legal-wise.  Is it ethical?  No.
????? Legal has nothing to do with this
board. You can start just about any thread you want on here, within reason. Do you care to name the company so others will know??
There is nothing legal to do with this. While
it is ridiculous, if she agreed to it not much to be done. Companies can offer any rate of compensation, it is up to the individual to accept or decline.
is this legal?

when i pull up patient demographics i can see that person's (along with everyone who has been to that hospital) social security number....so if i were a criminal i have the name, the date of birth, the ssn, alot of information about them in the report and a feild day with indentity theft.....surely this cannot be legal???? any thoughts?

Is this legal transcription?
If so, I answered their ad on MT jobs. They stated they would provide info on cpl upon receipt of a "viable" resume. Well, I sent my resume, got a lot of Word docs in return, but no mention of cpl. However, I did read in their material where they pay you after they get paid. Frankly, I just won't take that chance. I'm not working for a month before I get paid. It also sounded like they want you to work full time and be at their beck and call ("flexible" as they call it). Just didn't pass the smell test, IMO. More info on the work at home mom boards.
I don't think this is legal. Check it out.
Legal Transcription
I am a MT who may want to cross over to legal trans because of the BS...anybody know any good companies to try???
No, it is *NOT* legal for one person to tell another
that they can't earn a living for a year. Here's what I would do. I would sign the noncompete agreement; however, I would cross off the part about not working for 12 months for a competitor and make a notation that your attorney has advised that this part of their contract is illegal and unenforceable. Send it back to them and see what they have to say about it. They also can't withhold severance pay for refusing to sign a contract AFTER the fact of being hired and laid off. They're opening themselves up to a lawsuit, if you ask me.
Probably legal but not ethical. nm
Without your permission it is not legal.
Mandatory OT? Is that even legal?
The recipient probably ignored the legal - sm
disclaimer contained in the email she received the letter under.  Oh, yes, a company would want her working for them in a heartbeat - LOL.  Follows directions, check - oops, not.  Adheres to confidentiality rules, check, oops not.  You're absolutely right though, it is HER letter, but HER letter that most likely came with a confidentiality disclaimer.
Is this legal, for employee to be. SM
charged a fee to use company equipment to do company work?  I know IC must provide his/her own equipment, but I do remember reading that employer must provide tools of work for EMPLOYEE.
Probably just want to make sure your legal
I have had companies request this of me to verify I am a US citizen.  Probably nothing to worry about.
Legal Question

Does anyone know as an MTSO if we have to retain the medical records for a former client that no longer does business with us?


Don't know the legal aspects, but why
would you want to keep records of someone who no longer contracts your services? They have the records there. The only thing I could see is if you have to keep them for a certain time period in case the client loses them.
Well, that info is legal....
Nice huh? 
I would think it is perfectly legal if it sm
is some kind of training you MUST learn in order to IC for the company. Don't see why it wouldn't be legal. I guess they can say that they no longer utilize ICs who haven't had this training.
I'm not saying it isn't legal to request it

I'm just saying it seems a bid inconsiderate.  She isn't a new employee and she isn't an employee.  She is an IC who has been working for them and obviously has handled their accounts for a while now.  If she was a brand-spanking new MT to the company and clients, the request wouldn't seem so unreasonable. 

If it is a new platform that they're rolling out, wouldn't it be more considerate to train the ICs online rather than expect them to travel for training at their expense?  If she was an employee, the company would have to pay the expenses, but it seems they're just taking advantage of the fact that she is an IC. 

It is not legal to withhold pay for

not giving 2 weeks notice.