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looking for Old Bridge Medquist address

Posted By: tugger on 2005-09-05
In Reply to:

Does anyone have the address and phone number for the Old Bridge, NJ office of Medquist?

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Did not burn bridge, was well liked.
Thanks for the encouragement!
Bridge Documents

I worked for them off and on for the last 3 years.  They are a very good company to work for.  You commit to how many lines you are going to type each day and what time of day you plan to type them.  In turn, they ask that you do only the lines you have committed to, work during the time that you say you are going to work, and you usually can count on having the work there each day to make your line commitment.  By the same token, they require that you type the lines that you have committed to, log in during the time of day you have committed to, which I think is not unreasonable by any means as they do not overstaff which allows you to have the work you need.

All in all, they do not overstaff, you can count on stable work, they are always available to help you, pay is on time (direct deposit every 2 weeks) - never had a late paycheck, and they treat you like family.  In this industry, that is hard to find.

I have a bridge in San Francisco I think you'd be interested in.
If you believe the answers below, I have a bridge to sell you.
VR produces a big mess & it takes a lot of time to correct it all. I'd hate to see an audit on those flying through it at full speed, and I'd hate to be the patient depending on a quality report.
If your physician jumped off a bridge...
would you jump right behind him? The bottom line is that the only person you can control is yourself. If a physician is not performing his job correctly, guess what? He will eventually lose his license. Why do you continue to try and justify punishing patients simply because people do not want to do their jobs correctly? However you spin it, it's still wrong.
oh my gosh build a bridge and get over it

Yeah you troll. Get back under the bridge.
I have a bridge to sale you? I guess its karma...
Your reading comprehension is very poor. No wonder you ended up with that bridge - sm

The message is to write to your representative on your own behalf. 

Is anyone familiar with Bridge Documents that has a job posting? Any info would be appreciated. TIA
MedQuist board is now set up. See Medquist link to the left.
MedQuist board is now set up. See Medquist link to the left.

Link is also below.

Here is the address to enter in address bar,

I guess I am not doing it correctly although did copy/paste in the area where is said LINK> ?? VBC FutureNet
Try this address

 Try this e-mail address and let me know if it works. I don't understand why the addresses are not working though.



Web Address?
Could you tell me the web address for Addendum? Thanks!

What is their web address?

Here's their web address...


Lvgonadream, I PM'd you at the other site .


thank you so much!
I looked up this company a few months back but lost the web address. if it does happen for someone to run out of work do you known if they try to find other work for you? I had heard that you do have a long distance phone bill?
thanks so much!
I got a little confused. I thought there was a company in Florida called mdi-md also.
Need web address for them, pls

How many MT's do they have working for them?  

Is computer supplied.  What software?


Yes, she does have an address
She doesn't have my phone number as I only worked for her for a very short period of time (just before the holidays). All our dealings have been through email.
Web address..(sm)
www.keystrokestranscription.com   That's the right one because it just worked for me.  I don't know if they are hiring.  I've been there 2 years now and it's the best place I have ever worked.
How could they get your ISP address?
Is there an email address to
I have her number and have left a message, just wanted to followup with an email. TIA.
Does anyone have web address for TSSC?
e-mail address
You can contact the company at statmed@il.net.

I wish you the best
any idea what the address was? sm
I am filling out paperwork and need the address of past employers. Of course I can't find it anywhere. Thanks for getting back to me.
do you have a web site address I can go to?
What is Keystrokes web address?

I am getting too many hits for Keystrokes and not the one I am looking for.  I would like to get to the company's web site.


Thanks for any help. 

You had your email address in and (sm)
the proper place for your type of ad is the job board in the resume section.
Looking for email address
I worked for a lady by the name of Lisa Thelen.  She owns Mediscript Transcription.  I have changed ISPs and I am in need of her email address.  Any help on finding this would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks
? their email address
Do you have their email address. The contact link on their site is not working.
Do you happen to have their web address? TIA n/m


Tried the web address given but couldn't get in. nm
Do you know the website address or what
(what)IDS might stand for?
Do you have a web address for the DSG in Florida?
I am unable to locate a Dictation Services Group out of Florida - on the internet. DSG has an ad posted on the job board. This is the DSG based in Atlanta. I can tell because of the email address they posted in the ad.

With that said, there is no excuse to ignoring emails. There are emails that I sent months ago to which I have received no reply.
They really need to address this issue because
they will find all the good MTs bailing out. This has gone on long enough, they enabled ctrl I, but that is not the real issue. If they want to keep us, they better come straight. I think many are on the verge of leaving, I know that goes for me and I've been with them well before they signed on all these new accounts.
If you go to their website, you can see their address in CA.
email address TRS...
Does anyone know the email address for human resources at Transcription Relief Services? 
why not address the question
to the recruiter, as to what you can access? Personally, i don't think you should rely so heavily on previous reports, though they can be helpful for sure. If you can't access them through the system, maybe they can mail (or e/m) you some hard copies.
What is website address? (nm)
I believe that is something you need to address with management

I don't think anyone but management can answer your question.  I know that they are very understanding in most personal situations as they have worked with me in the past but I never resigned, either.  It might depend on whether you gave a 2-week notice and how your overall record was with them at the time as well.

Good Luck!!

If you look up the foreign name and the web address

it's associated with /transindiatranscribers.  If you're concerned about offshoring, might want to give this one a miss.



What's their site address?
I can't find them via Google.
No, that's MDI-MD...email address is same as my MDI email address
They're apparently just hiring for Radiology, though. Fatcat is correct about them not hiring for acute care or clinic at this time, as far as I know.

If you do radiology transcription, I'd strongly suggest applying. Great place to work.

What is the web site address for DTS? nm
How do you trace an IP address? nm
How/where do you find the IP address?
Still learning all this stuff...!
copy and past into address bar. nm
Shorthand - Website address?
Please give the address of the website that has posts about Shorthand and Word Perfect.  Thx.
could you post their website address...nm

Looking for e-mail address for ScribeRight - sm

Can anyone post it for me if you have it?