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lose our jobs?

Posted By: anon on 2005-12-20
In Reply to: its one thing for the MTA to strike - they will not lose their jobs - anonymous

But, that is what we are already doing. I say UNITE - Now! Is it so difficult to see where this is all going? It is all aimed offshore - bit by bit. The only way we will survive is to get together and make them listen by STRIKING. We are being used, abused, and discarded. They are smiling all the way to the bank. What fools we are.

Be aware. There are company shills and spies on this and every board out there - be careful -

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its one thing for the MTA to strike - they will not lose their jobs
to INDIA!!! But transcriptionists will and HAVE lost their jobs to India and the Philipines and now more recently, to Trinidad
So SE lose their SE bonus, lose the ability to work as much or little as they want and just
basically lose all around with no gain that I can see. Well, good for MQ. I am sure a lot of people will be moving on.
Think of it this way, if they do lose the account, you lose your job. Just do your part and be a te
me three! that company is a lose-lose situation if you want
Cherrypicking is when you work from a pool of jobs and being able to reject the worst jobs to those
Monster Jobs and Career Builder usually have a few path jobs. nm
Don't think any do except for those in-house jobs. Some QA jobs are paid hourly. nm
They didn't take our jobs, QT gave them our jobs. The account is now
back in the hands of US MTs, or will be in just a couple of weeks.  
Are MTs that are looking for jobs finding good jobs right now with everyone looking or is it
getting more difficult to find a good job.  I am most interested in jobs for experienced MTs with more than 10 years service.  I wonder if it is better to put a resume on or just keeping applying or what is the best way to go about this.
no exp with this, but what have you got to lose?
I think its use it or lose it. (sm)
Can't carry it over year to year.  I think if you don't use what you have earned before your termination day you lose it, most calculate what they have and take it in lieu of working their last day or 2.  I would call them directly on the telephone and ask though.  Forget the email, talk to a real person with the answer in the HR dept.
Use it or Lose it?
How can this be? If you are leaving the company, then you evidently cannot use it. There is ridiculous.
Well, you'd lose that bet... :)
Re: I'm betting, though, that you just want stay on these boards to stir the pot and whine.

Sorry, you'd lose that bet, but thanks for that useful information anyway.

Curious: Why are you judging me so harshly? My post was to see WHO would step up to helping RESEARCH the possibilities...

Let's not lose this
Did you lose this job from the

good company because they expected you to work?  To look at it as a real job?

When people who work at home only work when they feel like it, it reflects on the rest of us.  Maybe that contributes to the our salaries going down and being offshored.  We don't look like we need or want to work. 

Thanks for the contribution to our demise.


You'd lose that bet
because if MY company sold for 16.7 million, I absolutely WOULD have given all 450 people a decent bonus. (The world is full of stingy people, but I am not one of them).

I can tell you the news of the merger would have gone over MUCH better had she shared her good fortune with the folks who helped her acquire it.

So its nice for you to come to this person's defense but I don't believe she didn't CLEAR enough to share.
Because they will lose more experienced MTs...
And they need to ensure that they have enough people to handle the accounts.  If they bait the newbies with the good $ now, then they can put them on editing and cut the pay later but will have a large enough work force to handle the work.  That is the reason for the lack of work right now.  They have overhired in anticipation of the mass exodus that is currently happening and will continue to happen over the next couple of months.  The newbies will be brainwashed with the good pay into believing that Transcend is the best thing since bubble gum and will try to make it work because, as you may know, when you are a newbie, you are happy to get that first good MT job and are more willing to put up with the BS while they work the kinks out of the system, etc., whereas seasoned MTs aren't going to put up with that crap.
this is true and I don't want to lose a/c's..nm
How could they lose an account?!
Too many goodbye e-mails for my liking, too. Makes me just a bit nervous to see Indians leave an Indian-dominated company.

Worse yet is the idea that they LOST a client! How on EARTH could something like that happen?

Use your company medical, dental, and eyecare benefits, people--you don't know what tomorrow could bring.
until you lose your job to offshoring sm
your colors will change then.

What a rude comment for you to make at an emotional time.
and they lose them every month.
My supervisor was horrible. Ms. Tomato, we called her.
They may, but they'll just lose them due to the same
quality issues that caused QT to lose the main account in the first place.  The only thing is QT was still supposed to QA the work so once again management let us down.  
No you will lose your benefits
I just quit WMX a few weeks ago, but worked there almost 3 years. You do not lose your benefits if you can't make your hours because of lack of work availability. However, you COULD lose them if you don't work your scheduled hours and don't account for them with PTO or non-paid time off, per your supervisor.
If you are afraid you will lose your job.....

Then go find something different to do.  It's not difficult.  But do not claim that this is a national security issue when it is not.

Snooze, you lose.
I'm with ya, too. If MTIA causes me to lose
I'll just have all that extra time (while collecting Unemployment, of course) to help you push them over the cliff, too. And the last thing those self-righteous biddies in AHDI/MTIA want is to tick me off. Notta good idea.
my experience lately is they do anything to get, then everything to lose you.
Like we are not going to find out the lies in the first week. What a job. I had management trying to explain to me something they wanted to do for me, but benefited them. I actually laughed in the person's face. What an insult to our intelligence to bold face lie and then expect us to be dewey eyed and say yes, more, more, I love abuse.
Oh, my God, they should lose their licence.nm
Sorry to hear, how much did you lose?
MQPT lose bonus

As a PT MQ MT, I work Mon thru Fri for 3 hours each night, and all day on Sat and Sun, ( assuming there is work)--because of the new incentive, I have now lost the ability to get the bonus for doing over 10000 lines in a pay period

What would happen if I put on the schedule that I am going to work every night except Wed, but then I find out that I have time that night--can I still type or do you need to stick to the written schedule

Also, this year Christmas is on a Sunday, does that mean I am committed to an 8 hour day? 


at least you didn't lose your job offshore
guess its about time to learn new skills.
It unfortunately will be personal when they lose the account. sm
Is there any way to trace where accounts go?
So whata do, turn them in and lose
your job? I am supposedly dependent and yet have set hours I am supposed to work and only if asked to work overtime is that varied from. I really love my job and do not mind the hours but was asked to let them know at first which hours I could work and would be working.
make that, I would not lose any sleep over this co.
LOL! Spheris is also cool if I lose DSL and they
She is afraid she is going to lose her job. All of us feel
They didn't lose the account, only one of the

work types, which granted was a large percentage of that account.  There was a conference call this week and the other half of the company has signed some very large contracts and will continue to cover the MT side of things for now. 


can cash it but if bounces you lose

and may have to pay a bank penalty$.  I think it can take 2 weeks to clear. I guess they don't have direct deposit? Ask.  Google direct deposit procedures.  They give info on how this goes about.  If you do get the check Friday, call and ask if there are funds to cover it as you just cannot afford to pay for a bounced check.

I guess you could take them to labor board of your state.  Guess you could take to small claims court for your state.  Can google all this stuff.

My 401K with Spheris did not lose value.
I was placed in Wells Fargo Safe Funds by the management company.

Though, when the market fell, I stopped contributing. I cannot see the point in contributing now since I struggle to pay the bills. God help me in 15-20 years though.

Personally, I would lose money...
on my current account if I were paid per minute of dictation by more than 50%.  It really depends on the dictators, and I guess you wouldn't know their style until you actually starting transcribing for them. 
I am working now. We don't lose the account
for another month. I also have back up accounts, so I am hoping that I can work on some of those until I get a new primary, but I know they won't provide me the 40 hours of work I need to get by. I figured I would wait until that time to start bugging my supervisor for another account. I would rather not be too pushy. Afraid that will make things worse instead of better.
gosh no - only lose it when internet goes down
honestly, hardest thing was plugging in the foot pedal - BUT I will say that I ordered the first foot pedal from Winscribe directly (wrong move) - they sent wrong pedal and you can get it much cheaper from Ebay. So save your money if you need the foot pedal and buy elsewhere. Good luck!
Mr. You-Lose-Ski is posterchild for GREED.
You-Lose-Ski, Parrot Woman, etc
Mr. You-Lose-Ski is no longer CEO but he is still heavily involved financially in the company.  The new CEO rhymes with Slave Driver minus a few letters and is good buddies with You-Lose-Ski and they used to work together - You-Lose-Ski said that in the meeting where he announced he was leaving. Day to day stuff such as pay cuts is handled by Parrot Woman and her counterpart in India whose first name rhymes with Maybe.
I think they are about to lose their accounts and will probably be outbid- sm

by F##Quist and that other Indian national that uses eScription - Fucus.  I feel like I'm working for a sinking ship.  MT was good for me for about 5 years, but now it's just like everything else is - the market is saturated with workers, not enough jobs, cutthroat nationals ramming down the medical professionals' throats on how wonderful and feasible it would be for them to go to VR (which is nothing more than garbage in and garbage out).  I tried VR when I worked with F##Quist.  A huge cut in pay is what I saw and working much harder and longer.  I am an ex MQ MT, too.  That company was my first MT job and it started out nice and then slowly but surely, the work started drying up and all I was getting the crap dictators.  All of the good work was gone and then I learned they went over to VR, so I tried it - forget it!  You can't make any money doing that!  I was producing something like 300 lph straight typing, and dropped off to perhaps 100 lph when I tried the VR.  Who are they kidding???  If you're a fast MT, you're better off straight typing because it takes time to correct mistakes, and I found out that I could have typed a report faster than sat there and corrected every gibberish word or phrase. 

And what large hospital did they lose? (nm)
If you go to the docs, be prepared to lose your job.

Although how much can that matter if you are not being paid anyway!!!  I personally have never had this happen to me, but I can see where it could cause major problems on many levels (especially if you have automatic bank withdrawals).  I would have to consider - Is it the client's fault?  Is the company not managing money correctly?  Does this happen often? 

It is your employer's place to investigate this problem with the client, not you. I would strongly suggest that you not go directly to the client unless you have reached your limit with the company and no longer wish to be employed by them.  Have they actually broken their contract agreement with you.  If so, then I say it is every man for himself so to speak. 

They will continue to lose good MTs
if they don't straighten up. Once the labor board gets on their casse, they will have no choice in straightening up.
I disagree. I think the companies can lose.
As MTs get wise to their dishonest and penny-pinching ways, and either jump ship or get out of MT altogether, they think they can always fall back on the poor workers from other countries. Well, that's what they first thought about at-home workers, when they started to close down in-house transcription and send it all home. They figured there'd be a never-ending gravy-train of bored little housewives who'd be just thrilled as all get-out to work for pennies on the dollar, just to have something to DO. But many of these 3rd world countries are going to turn a corner soon, and their wealth is going to increase. In large part, I think, because of all the industries in the US that have been allowed to die, and the work sent over there. As the standard (and cost!) of living go up in those countries, the MT work force is going to start to dry up if the pay doesn't get better. If it doesn't after the MT companies have finished raping every Transcriptionist they can find on Earth, they're going to have to start sending the work to other galaxies....
Does that mean you guys lose benefits?
When they say status, does that involve everything that goes part and parcel with being FT? I don't know what kind of a benefit package, if any, MDI-MD had, but as if selling you off to the highest bidder wasn't bad enough, they're going to strip you of full-time bennies, too, including taking care of payroll taxes, etc.?

I myself have always been either late getting to the dance or early leaving, so I've never had the misfortune of going through what you guys are, and I hope to God I never do.
just curious but did you lose your job at the hospital because of outsourcing or ...
did you decide to go work for Medquist or did the hospital outsource to Medquist and you went to work for them?? I'm just curious because I work in a small hospital, and I'm thinking of changing gears.