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no one asked you to work for them, did they? lol

Posted By: ... on 2005-12-27
In Reply to: OMG! That is an awful benefit plan! Are you kidding me? You contribute nothing to the - SueEllen

some companies offer ZILCH

go point your shame somewhere else

at least they are offering what they can and are open about it

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Sad but true. You're asked to work NOW, then asked to stop NOW, then go again and then stop
If you dont get off the minute the hospital asks, even if you have no idea that they have requested that your to be off, then the hospital MTs steal your work right out of your queue and I mean reports you have already done. I dont understand the concept of having a contract with a hospital and then having to fight for work with the hospital MTs. We should have guaranteed work during our shift and enough of the the hospital wants you to help right now and then a few hours later they want us to stop working as the work is too low. It is crazy and I couldnt work like that so I had to quit.
I was asked to work ...sm
Tu-Sat with the 24-h window for the account I will be on. Other than that, I believe it is Tu-Sat or Sun-Thurs
I asked for more work...
and will be starting a new primary shortly.

I find they are extremely cooperative in helping their MTs meet their needs.

Huh? I work M-F. Asked for it when I hired in 1 yr ago. nm
Being asked to work all your days off?
First let me state for those who will say get out of the business if you don't like it, I am NOT complaining. I am posing a question to my fellow MTs to see if they are asked the same thing, and how they react. Here's the scenario, no to very little work during the week and then you are asked to work the weekend. This is not your only account and you already work 6 days a week as it is. Do you work your only day off? Of course there are no incentives or OT offered. I don't want to seem like an uncooperative employee but dang, I need at least ONE day off!!
When I asked about less and less work, I was told
that no MDI work is being done by Transcend because they have no access to the MDI platforms / clients. It was suggested that the economy may be taking its toll.
I didn't ask for your wages. I asked for help and if I'd have to work

and I didn't really think it would be like pulling teeth because MOST people at Transcend are willing to help when you ask WITHOUT the attitude.  But if you post on the forum like you do here, it's obvious who you are.

No way. I work there and have asked a very reliable source who would know. nm


What?? they have asked you to work the account but never told you how much your pay is??
Sounds strange to me.. They would make me nervous as that should be the first thing they discuss.. or at least that is what I would want to know right off before I wasted my time with them.
When I was hired, they asked me what work types I liked from sm
best to worst. I have progress notes last. I hate them but get a few every day-type them anyway. Wish I got more op notes but H&Ps and consults keep me real busy.
I haven't but the company I used to work for asked
MTs to take a cut or risk losing the account because the account wanted to go offshore. 
They asked me to work OT every week, NEVER paid
any OT, did not get raise after 90 days.  They said I would but it never happened. 
If it is any consolation, I work at CS too, and I asked Rahul if we would sm

paid on Friday, and he said something like we'll try, so there is still hope.     I hope it is Friday, too, as the coffers are a bit low at my place, but I will be happy to see it on Monday, if that is what it takes.


Hang in there. 

There's lots of work and we're asked to help out. No big whoop. nm
Not bragging, for pete's sake. The OP asked about if we run out of work or not. I do not. We a
to clarify, not a cmomplaint about being asked to work extra earlier in the
Have you asked your supervisors why no work? Which account are you on? You can email me privately if
you want..
Thank you. The recruiter was very informative. I specifically asked about work flow
as the company I am at now runs out almost daily, in part, I believe, as a result of being a mix of straight typing and VRE. I prefer straight typing over VRE anyway. TT is offering more per line and offers incentive and shift differential, which is something I don't get currently. Im excited to start working with them.
I know this question is asked a million times but who is good to work for
anymore?  I have 13 years experience and I work at a hospital part time but I know I can make more on production plus I need the flexibility because I have osteo in my back and other health problems that require me to kind of break it up if you know what I mean.  I'd only like to work 4 to 6 hours a day, make a decent line rate, and have flexibility of having a span of time within which to get my lines done.  I don't need benefits but do not like IC status; I prefer statutory.  Any ideas?
When they called me and I asked them if they offshored, they asked me why that was my business!
Such a lame excuse too - I'm so sure the CLIENT ASKED to have their work outsourced overseas!
They do think we're idiots, don't they?
Recall WalMart asked staff to work off clock for overtime, remember? sm
It was on TV, newspapers, it took a court thing to resolve. Guess people will try most anything (for the moment) and just pay a fine, i.e. the cost of doing business.
ok-you asked for it.........sm
Good points: Pay always on time and always correct.

Bad points: Work flow is not consistent (some days plenty of work, some days no work at all on the system).

Their QA for eScription Accounts are very inconsistent and do not follow account specifics. Change correct things and terms to incorrect terms (very very frustrating).

Indian based and Indian run company.

They subcontract out most of their eScription work to other MTSO companies.

Don't know about the other side of it using their NetCare system. I work on their eScription side of things, which is all run by the India based company.

Since they are eating up all of the eScription accounts, I thought I'd try them - needless to say it is not very profitable.

Don't count on making good money there. Many days without work.

To each their own. It may be a good fit for some.
I asked for more

and that's what I was told the line rate I could get. 

And to top it all, I have a friend who has TWO YEARS experience and was offered 8 c/line for a PT position.  PART TIME!!!  And I'm getting 8.5/line for FT with all that experience in acute care?  Something stinks here. 

Wouldn't you be upset????


Sorry...I asked this before
but can't find the post!  Does anyone know a good website that lists most MT companies (besides MT Daily).  Thank you.
Know what FTP is. That's why I asked who uses it. nm
I asked that down below...
and no one seemed to know about the platform except to watch your line count? Not sure what that means.
since you asked, yes, 1 do nm



Not what I asked about but thanks anyway. SM
The drug testing doesn't bother me.   I would just like to know the answers to my questions before I apply. 
Same here. Have never been asked if CMT or not. I'm not. nm
yes they do...have you asked for one?
Yes I asked -
I asked that below...
but didn't get any reply.  Not sure that's a bad thing or a good thing!
Well, have you ever asked?
to be able to fluctuate your working hours?  Guess that would make a difference.
Have you ever asked
Unfair, yes and no. I do know they have called others who were not working when they were scheduled to be. It probably depends on what account you are on, and so may not actually change anything except that you will have to clock in and out each time you quit and start during the day.
I tried to tell you below when you asked, but
you don't seem to want to heed the advice given, not only by me but the numerous others who posted.  In this day and age no company can guarantee you work. 
Not what I asked.
Then, how many MTs does TT have? Big company? Little company? I would like a number cause I'm curious.
I know that this has been asked before BUT (sm)

Can anyone give me information on TTD, Inc?  It is also known as TTD and The Transcription Doctors.  I have searched the archives with all 3 names and cannot find anything.  However, when I googled them I found 2 older posts on MTstars for them but was hoping for more current information.  TIA

Since you asked...I believe it's
We've gone from typewriters and using White-out to desktops and using Word shortcuts. That changed the way we transcribe. Because of the internet and home computers, a lot more of us are able to work from home.

Now, the same is happening with EMRs. How it all plays out is anybody's guess. My guess is there will be *growing pains* but, in the end, transcriptionists will never be without some sort of job. Someone mentioned data mining below, and there's also data tagging, which will probably become an *official* title here pretty soon.

There's also the opinion in
http://www.medical-transcription-and-you.com/healthcare-emr.html (you'll have to copy and paste) that there are still hundreds of millions of records being dictated the old-fashioned way, which will need transcriptionists to type them.
I believe that someone asked about this same

company a few days ago and someone else posted on the company but it would be wayyyyyyyyyyy on down the page by now or a couple of pages over.  People are answering posts on various companies, it is just with so many posts by MDIers and Transcenders they are getting shifted down very fast. 

Hope you are able to find the post!! 

Have you asked them about it yet?
That may just mean that if you drop your signal or something you're on your own. I would think that it would severely limit their employee pool if they only hired people who had one and only one person hard-wired into the modem at any given time.
Have you asked them about it yet?
After reading the 2nd agreement that says I can't have a wireless router, but I can have a regular router with Ethernet cord, I called help desk on the chance that someone would answer at 3 AM. A guy did and said that lots of people have routers, but you can't use the wireless kind and to call back when the office is open.
Yes, they asked for volunteers to help out.



I'm not kicking anything. Someone asked
shared my experience. I really don't think a $110 loss on my taxes is going to make or break me. I'm just giving people the heads-up on this company and how nasty they can be.
I asked this same question the
other day and got no responses.  I saw an ad for them on another site and was curious.  I also called directory assistance - no listing.
Who was venting? I asked
you to come nosing in with your helpless and rude comments.  I wasn't complaining.  I know my superiors are very busy and I just thought maybe a current Medware MT could help me out while I wait for a response.  Instead, you have made it a big huge long drawn out one-sided conversation from my simple questions.  Guess we all know that must mean you are a very boring person with nothing better to do with your life.  You don't know the circumstances of my hire.  I was offered a job and turned it down.  A few months later I returned and they got me set up right away and neglected to send me all the new hire information.  Not that it was any of your business anyway.....
No. It is employee. I just asked and have been
with them for over a year now. No SE work. Not sure why she posted their name because it is strictly employee status, not SE.
I hope not too. I asked about the
account they put me on, and they said they are training me on the account they specifically hired me for.  I answered their ad for a high percentage of ESL hospital dictation.  So far, every single report has been an ESL, some worse than others.  Like I said, I will see how it goes.  So far not easy, but doable.  I am giving it a chance, and will not quit MQ.  If I don't like it, I will quit.  I have a family to support. 
I asked this before and don't think it was answered (sm)
Have you ever heard of or worked for Orion (OMT)?  Been offered a job and am considering it. 
You asked the question.

You got the answer.  What part don't you understand?

If you want to be used as a tool to tweak the BeyondTXT VR platform so it will work smoothly for the Indians who will replace you, or if you are only looking for a temporary job with no future, then go work for Transcend.

But don't come back here whining and saying you weren't warned.

It sounds as though they asked for
the client name from the way the post was written, not just the national's name.  If that is what happened, that would be unethical.  If all that was asked was who is your employer that, of course, would be needed information in the hiring process.