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outsource overseas a percentage, which could go up...(nm)

Posted By: IndiaPS on 2005-12-06
In Reply to: System great, pay good, everything great, but most managers from old Edix, problems, poor people ski - happywithoutPS


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They dont outsource...THEY ARE AN OVERSEAS COMPANY
check out www.spi-bpo.com  you will see that they are 100% owned by the Philippine Telephone Company now.   The US venture holder sold them.   I know they have lost many accounts over the last year or so.   I know they also have a lot of turnover in management.   I'd steer clear of these folks.
hope you got knee pads! LOL outsource overseas...NM
lots of good technical things, but they outsource overseas
and a lot of their managers are from the old Edix, which is not a good thing, if you want to be treated with respect.

if you do not mind how you are treated, you can do okay. hard getting lines consistently.

my opinion. maybe things have changed, but I have read a lot of negative on here lately.
probably because they OUTSOURCE OVERSEAS...perhaps that number is reserved for the India account...?
Good luck to you...
offshore overseas.... not outsource .... correct term is offshore.
That means they do outsource. One division is here and one division overseas,

Why move all the work for Heartland overseas, are the MTs overseas that much better?
Why? Why do this.  It is my understanding that in time that work will be coming right back.  Are the overseas MT's in Banglador or wherever better.  Don't the companies that offshore worry about the quality of the work, HIPPA issues, patient's confidentiality, etc.  Why don't they care?  Mark my words, those MT's are not better than us, they have US editors, etc to help them out.  They cannot land a new account US-based and compete with any US mt's.  What a  sad day.  I pray for all the Heartland MTs.
Do not outsource to India, outsource a small amount to Phillipines.
Percentage of tax
My account told me a good way to judge how much money to put back was to go off the previous year. If I made 30k - take 30%, 15k-15%. If however you find you are making more money than the previous year and will continue the trend take off what you think your yearly total will be, 50k - 50%.
what is the ESL percentage there?
I heard it was high.  Is it bad or bearable? 
ESL Percentage


What percentage of ESL's do you do on a daily/weekly basis?  Which ESL dictation do you find the most difficult to do--Spanish, Indian, other?  Do most companies reward you with a better rate if you tell them that you are comfortable doing ESL dictation or not?  I have been thinking about this and wondering, since I am paid the same line rate to do the difficult ESL dictation (granted, not all ESL's are as difficult as others) as I am to do the clear and easy dictators, why in the world would a person ever tell the company that they are happy to do their part in transcribing ESL dictation?  It is like a person is penalized for doing the difficult work by being put in the difficult dictators work pool and it really doesn't matter if you have 5 years or 20 years of experience, most places just want the work turned around immediately and it doesn't matter how horrible the dictation is--just do it!  


I think that the next time that I apply for a transcription position I will say that I am not comfortable with ESL dictation (something that I have never done in my life) in order to get put into better pools of dictators.  Instead of being paid more for doing this kind of work and not complaining, I feel we are penalized and seem to ALWAYS get the hard work, which is not fair at all! 


As if it isn't hard enough to be an online medical Transcriptionist these days, having to learn the different styles of a bazillion different dictators on however many different accounts you work on (so as not to run out of work) and all of the hospital specs (plus learning their local terminology--city data, names of popular places in the area, etc.), the experienced are put into pools of hard dictators and the poor MT's (boohoo!) who claim they can't do this dictation make the good money.


So far in my transcription career, I have never played games with companies about things like this and have always told the truth about my strengths and weaknesses as a transcriptionist, but it's dog eat dog these days, and whatever an MT has to do or say to make the $$$ seems to be the name of the game.


Thanks for letting me vent tonight!  



What is your QA percentage? sm

I started with a company last month whose account is extremely picky..  QA is even more picky with their constant nit picky corrections..  I have never had any trouble with my QA.  Always 95% or more.  But this new job has me at around 85 to 89% and it just makes me angry because one person corrects a dictation one way and then another one does the opposite, removing commas that are supposed to be there, adding in them when they aren't and its all counting against me.  Anyone else experience this????????

It is not so much the percentage...
of what they do now, but it is in their company forcasting goals and desires to continue to increase the usage of overseas markets.

It just reminds me of the great linen/towel factories we had here all up and down the east coast that are now no longer because labor was so much cheaper than in Southeast Asia/Asia.

We are the great consumer market of the world and prices have to be kept low so that the market keeps being driven higher and faster to keep the global economy ever profitable and everyone keep their job.

Looked what happened last summer when the Americans stopped buying cars. I rest my case.
I can figure out the percentage, but...
How does one go about figuring their estimated tax?

According to what I've read on the IRS site, we have to pay estimated taxes. Well, great. I can estimate my income at what I'm making now, just starting out, but I don't see my income staying this low, so I would eventually be underpaying. I could estimate it at a higher amount, but what if I don't make as much as I think or hope I will? I can see where getting a refund is a good thing, but I'm more worried about underpaying.

Do you pay the tax on what you've ACTUALLY made in a quarter (it kind of sounds like it) or do you go about estimating your income, say you figure you'll make $20k a year, and put 25% of that away?

I don't know the percentage number, but I'd say
there were no more difficult dictators on the accounts I'm working on than on any other big city hospital that I've worked for over 20 years. And I say difficult dictators versus ESL, as ESL seems to be a negative; people think that foreign-born dictators are difficult to transcribe. There are a good deal of dictators on my accounts who are foreign-born, and if you look at the list of names in the physician's list, you'd think you'll be slogging away all day for very low line counts. That's not so. Most of the dictators are very good. As anywhere, there are a few really horrible dictators, both foreign-born and good old red-white-and blue Americans.
I have absolutely no complaints about TT.
They do some ASR but a very small percentage, something like less than 10%
of all their work is ASR. I am not sure what the pay for it, as I only do straight transcription.

They do pay shift differentials. I think it's a half cent for second shift and a penny for third shift.

They are wonderful people to work with and for. Everyone I have ever spoken to has treated me well. Even the President of the co. has been wonderful to me and will take my call anytime I need to speak with her (which has only been twice).

I would go for it. I am so glad I did.
Percentage and be very careful

how you fill out your return.  We had an accountant who was under investigation by the IRS which led to our being audited and we found that much of what he said was allowable was NOT.  i.e.  You cannot deduct a room for an office unless that is all the room is used for.  A guest bedroom with a bed in it is not an office.

I only know about my accounts. Percentage of

ESL relatively low.  There are maybe 4 that are very challenging, a few USA born that are very challenging, but I don't have any of them on a regular basis.  

Someone else answered your other questions I believe.

ESL percentage is definitely account

specific.  However, my personal experience has been that I was only given 1 account, thereby allowing me to get used to the dictators.  Secondly, my account has been broken down into specialties, thereby allowing me to get used to the lingo of that specialty.  Thirdly, I fully believe that MDI does try its best to make sure that the client understands the need to speak clearly.  I'm not saying that's how all accounts are or that that's everyone's general experience at MDI.  I'm only commenting on my experience. 

I think the ESL question is a standard with any company, too. 

Only a small percentage...sm

They do not off shore a lot of their work, only when the client specifically requests it.  I believe the percentage is like 12 or 16 (can't remember which).  They do try to get the clients to keep their transcription here, but if the client is adamant about sending it off shore, that's what they do.

I've been working OT lately due to someone leaving and not being replaced yet.  There's always a need for good US-based MTs at Transcend.

Some companies pay a percentage of your sm
regular line rate. Webmedx compensates at 70% of your regular rate - so if you make 10 CPL, you'd get 7 cpl for VR editing.
Just out of curiousity, what percentage of work was the
was it a percentage of your production or did they just pull say, 5 jobs per week, or something along those lines?

I left a company where I was doing almost 30,000 lines a month and they only did QA for my score on 4 (that is four) reports a month), so I agree, if you have a bad month, expecially if there is not a good QA ratio to productivity, the company can mess you over.
it's the percentage of reports from that batch

that random percentage number is the break-down of percentage of reports/pages from that batch that you had to have QA listen to a blank, that's all, not your QA percentage.  when you leave no reports for QA, that number remains 0 percent.  clear as mud?  sorry.  it's really no thang....

Yes it is, and ANY percentage is too large for my comfort
ANY percentage is too high. There's no excuse for it except profits for greedy American MTSOs.

There are literally HUNDREDS of US MTs more than willing to work these odd hours that Transcend and others claim they are 'forced' to offshore because they cannot get sufficient help here.

I strongly disagree. In fact, I disgree just short to calling it out as being a bald-faced LIE.

The purpose is nothing more to increase profits for the powers that be, while all of the time hammering down the pay of the American MT.

I hope I am not alone in my stand on this. I would rather somewhere else for less money who DOES NOT offshore and who respects their MTs. Respect is something MDI-MD obviously chose to cast aside when they began negotiating their moneymaking deal while we starved, lost sleep, wondered how we would pay our bills, and yet STILL tried to be loyal to these yahoos.

Nope, not happy and checking out before my work goes to India.

I've worked too hard and am too advanced in my career to be a sitting duck.
Those of you doing VR, what percentage of the report do you have to correct?
How accurate is the VR? Just wondering.
What percentage of American MTs are they using these days? (no message)
It all depends on the percentage of the error assessed.
I have worked for a couple of companies who charge an extremely high amount of points for punctuation errors.  If this is the case, one can definitely dip into the 80s with punctuation errors.
Small percentage to India at night....
Transcend sends less work to India that most companies, and it is public record. Deventure also sends work to India. It is a fact of life in these times, some hospitals request it. Escription work with Focus doing the most of it, has been historically sent to India. From what I read, Transcend has the largest domestic staff on Escription.
What is approx. percentage of ESLs at your company and who do you work for? sm

My company has SEVERE heavy load of ESLs, probably 85% if not more and they are hard!  I have this option of going with another company.  I want to try the new company but I don't want to get in the same situation I am in now only because if it is the same situation I would rather stay where I am at because I like the people I work for.  There is no benefits and a few things concern me yet they are good to work for, plenty of work and pay is ALWAYS ontime every time.  So this is just a poll:  What is the percentage of ESLs and where do you work.

Also, do you think I should try to go with this other company part-time and keep my current job to see?  The problem is I would have to get unlimited long distance and have their programs downloaded on the same computer. Would love to have any feedback for this tough situation.  Thank you! 

I wonder what the number or percentage of MTs that need insurance versus those that dont is. Which
is greater I wonder.
Signed up for second session. Dying to hear what percentage of cut is. (sm)

Hopefully people will post as soon as they find out.  I know we are lucky to have been kept at the percentage we were.  MQ cut us 10% one year and then 10% again.  Have a feeling they are going to skip the gentle repeated insults and just hit us with 20 or 30% right off the bat.  I hope I am wrong.

Good luck to us all.

I don't know about overseas, but I'd say if they
don't have a separate line for a business then it is probably a tiny company and I wouldn't feel comfortable working with them.   I'd at least get some history from Joanna about how long the company has been around, where they are located, etc. 
you must be from overseas.


They get what they pay for when they offshore.  period.

Thanks. Do you know if TT outsources overseas?
How much work is still going overseas. Anyone know.
Where is it going. Not overseas I hope.
Overseas MTs and US companies
I was over joyed this past Friday when I landed an interview with a company in my area that called me out of the blue for an interview.  I do not even remember sending my resume to them, but I must have over a year ago.  Well, I was up for the interview and ready for whatever they wanted me to test on.  I was very anxious to quit the big national I worked for soon.  Well, I pressed my skirt out and as I drove, I a started singing all the way there.  Today was going to be my lucky day.  Well, boy was I wrong.  I met the lady that called me and it went down hill from there.  She told me that they only had 2 US MTs and the other 500 MTs they employed were over in India. UUUUUHHHH.  My heart sank.  She was calling because they needed to immediately set up a new account that was going live in 2 weeks, and they were caught with their pants down. The overseas MTs would not be able to catch on as quickly, so they needed at least to hire 2 more US MTS to get the ball rolling.  I knew right then and there I was the Guinney pig to help set this new account up for the MTs overseas.  My heart sank,and I could not even remember anything else she had said.  She gave me a writtent test and I told her I did not know the terms. I said that because I was trying to get the HELL out of there fast.  She said do not worry.  I want you anyway.  Then she gave me an OP note to transcribe. I sat there for about 2 minutes and told her I was sorry, but I could not get it.  I grabbed my coat and hussled out of there.  As I was leaving an Indian man was walking by, and she said he was the owner.  Is this the way our business is going?  He clearly was the owner and employed all the MTs from overseas.  Can we go over to their country and do the same? I don't think so.  I am sorry for venting,but I was so darned mad.  He learned the business, used the United States, and employed all from his country.  She also said that eventually, all work go over their, but some clients need to see the work first before sending it over there.  Translation, the US MTs do the initial work and it looks good.  Then, when the client thinks everything is good, they ship it over to the overseas MTs.  Did I handle this situation wrong?  I feel like a heel for not giving my best, but that is what I was feeling at the time.
Coding is being sent overseas as well
*overseas help* are not employees....
It'll NEVER all be sent overseas.

MTSO's are now rushing to jump on the USA bandwagon.  Hospital administrators have had to deal with lawsuits and redundant protection (QA'ing every overseas report), and they want the work back in the US. 

Outsourcing overseas has made more work and ultimately cost more than having had on-site MTs. 

The work will NEVER be sent, en masse, overseas. 

What we're also trying to point out to you is that even without a full-out union organization if, one by one, we begin refusing the 0.057 VR jobs, we an make a difference in numbers.  We're not suggesting ANYONE quit their job, no matter how low the pay rate, but begin emailing/mailing/calling members of congress, senators and service owners, urging return of our precious medical records to the US, and level our pay out to pre-offshore standards. 

It is clear by the mistakes edited daily, that VR is not the answer across the board, and may not be for many years.  EMR is not comprehensive for all facility scenarios.  OUR SKILLS ARE STILL NECESSARY AND WE DESERVE A FAIR WAGE, AND THE RESPECT THAT OUR KNOWLEDGE COMMANDS.  I know many people with bachelors' degrees who could not perform our jobs.  We are skilled, dedicated (in most cases), and well worth what little we are seeking.

overseas work
I agree - these companies and hospitals supporting to send work overseas make it sound so wonderful - cheaper rates and fast TAT.   BUT have you ever read some of the work that domestic/US MTs and QAs have to repair?   So the hospital gets a break on the costs from the MT Companies but who has to fix the mess?   I frankly do not want my medical records going off to India to be incorrect when it comes back.   I remember one in particular where the overseas MT put PORN instead of PRN.  How would that patient like to see that in their record?    I hope the new administration imposes fines to heavily that it will stop these companies from supporting overseas companies and give the work back to the US MTs - we need jobs here too and we should be taking care of us first !   Remember those cheap rates - you get what you pay for !  I remember getting a good salary and even Christmas bonuses 10 years ago but those days are LONG gone now.  

Merry Christmas to all and let's hope the New Year brings much happiness with jobs and decent wages.
jobs did not go overseas did they?
No union in the U.S. would have let their jobs go overseas. Because we had no unions, our jobs left. As much as I hate to admit it, because we are in a female-dominated field, we did not band together in a union...and our jobs left. The only chance of retrieving them now is because unemployment is going to rise....and we may have a shot of saying the country needs as many jobs as we can muster up....
All I know is that they send work overseas. nm
Does anyone know of DocuMed outsources overseas? nm
saw they were hiring for an overseas position
in which someone would be going to various locations and training them to become MTs. I suppose that is the same as offshoring, but even worse since they are offering the training!!!!
Your moniker is Overseas MT, which is very confusing.

Your post was fraught with errors.  You didn't even get the gender of the owner right. 

I realize this is a message board, people write quickly and are bound to make typos.  Many of your errors simply weren't typos, though.

If I were an MTSO reading your post, I don't think I'd invite you to work for me.  Sorry. 

saw they were hiring for an overseas position
Not too long ago on some employment web site for MTs. How nice, another company going outside our borders to train people for their workforce.
I believe I believe Cymed outsources overseas also...sm
Unfortunately, we are going to continue to be in this same boat as long as medical transcription is outsourced to overseas countries. I used to think it wasn't a big deal (outsourcing), but I can see now that our jobs (and pay) are going to continue to deteriorate as long as outsourcing overseas is in the picture....and it is going to be in the picture for a very, very long time. :-(
IBM hires overseas accountants
They pay $60,000 to Americans and the same job is done for $3,000 in India. Only difference is that in India you can live well on $3,000.
We are all screwed.

Most overseas companies doing business with the US