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typo, I type 1,200 a day or more. Yes I really do. Andrews grad. HOORAY!!!!

Posted By: DiskriterNOT on 2006-03-07
In Reply to: do you really 12000 lines a day? nm - newmt


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As an Andrews grad, I highly
I felt well-prepared when I got my job and never regretted having paid top dollar for my training; as with many things, you truly get what you pay for. In fact, many of the national companies prefer Andrews grads or M-Tec grads as the previous poster mentioned and as a newbie you will need every advantage. Good luck to you.
Anon. IF you do not know what an Andrews grad is then you don't know this business
Andrews school produces only the best baby!!!!!!!No exaggeration here. Ask anybody on this board about Andrew graduates. We produce like pros, which I am.
As a recruiter, I'd hire an Andrews grad in a New York minute. You're doing a great job of se
They are properly trained. They are ready and able to work from day #1.
Wouldn't YOU like to have training that made you a hot commodity the minute you graduate? Maybe you should go back to school so you can be an arrogant MT and not be penalized because you aren't cutting it.

As a famous model once said Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

Good luck in your future endeavors.

I actually think it is called a typo, not a type. I am not being mean. Just trying to let her know w
Above type = typo. Just seems childish
Congrats to you!  A similar thing happened to me recently.  I will be starting with benefits and a reasonable hourly rate at a hospital in my area.  I could not be happier.  No rip-off VR pay-rates, no more pay cuts, no more rip-off MT companies that treat us like dime-a-dozen unskilled labor.  I truly believe this is going to be a growing trend and is the key to saving our profession from those that just want to take advantage of us.  It is my hope that hospitals and clinics alike will recognize that both their costs and quality/privacy-control concerns can be greatly reduced by just having their own staff of MTs -- by not having to compromise and rely on MTSOs or even VR to cut their costs. I found that there are many clinics and hospitals hiring MTs, even in these bad economic times.
hooray for you!!!!
Finally someone said it! I just hope the person who always says READ THE BOARDS/ARCHIVES will knock it off already and preferably go away.
Hip-hip Hooray, finally
someone explains exactly what is happening at MQ even at ST.Louis office. They put so many people on the accounts, you get switched back and forth from account to account. It is feast or famine in a way. During my scheduled shift, which they asked for, there was no work. If I was willing to switch accounts daily and multiple, and sit on the computer and wait for work, I could make the line count, but I had to sit and wait and watch when the work was available. This was ridiculous.
Well above 12K lines a pay period HOORAY! nm.
M-Tec or Andrews. nm
Yep. Loving the new account that started today! Hooray TT!
Send her to either M-TEC or Andrews.
Actually, Andrews is considered one of the best
Definitely in the top two.  Their graduates are very highly sought after.  If they charge more, it's because they are very well worth it.  If you do a search for Andrews School, you will see this is true.  They are definitely not one of the rip-off schools out there.
Andrews graduate..........sm
I really don't know about the pathology or radiology part of your question, but what I do know that Andrews school is fantastic.  I have never heard of a company who knew about Andrews grads and didn't want to hire them.  I had a job before I graduated.  I have kept it for over 5 years and recently decided to change jobs.  I had 4 offers immediately.  I assume you talked to Linda.  When I have talked to her on the phone she has been a delight.  Yes, the school is a bit on the expensive side but she has to pay her instructors who are fantastic and spend a great deal of time with the students.  The cost also comes with a full library of books.  You won't need to purchase anything when you graduate except possibly a foot pedal and maybe software.
You won't be hooray'ing abour speech for very long, because it will replace you

when the speech machine has learned all the doctors well and can interpret for them !  Just you wait and see.  Your job will be gone . . . bye, bye job.

So what if you are an Andrews graduate, big deal
I just read a post on this board about an Andrews grad who quit Diskriter. I am sick and tired of Andrew graduates who think they are better than the rest of us newbies.  They get better jobs and more opportunites.  The rest of us newbies get penalized.  I was fired from Spheris ( mentor program) because I could not met the line count.  There was an Andrews grad in the mentor program also.  She bragged about her great QA scores and how she was leaving Spheris because of the low pay and because she could.  The rest of us could not leave because we were not chosen from Andrews.  Big darn deal if you are an Andrew's grad.  It only means you paid more and people think you are better.  Andrew graduates are full of them selves and arrogant. 
There are better MT education programs out there (M-Tec and Andrews) but
CS does have segment of their program that Spheris is involved with. However, my understanding is starting pay for newbies at Spheris is low, even by today's standards.

My suggestion would be to check out other schooling options and other companies to work for before taking the leap. Do some searching of the archives here for more info both on schools and employers. (Also, you should be aware that CS has an affiliate program where people make money by getting others to sign up for their course so you may want to take any rave reviews with a grain of salt.)
new grad help
Hello, I am a new graduate of the Career Step training program. Can anyone give me guidance as to how to find work. I am applying like crazy, but no one wants to give the unexperienced a chance. I am hoping the year of school was not all for nothing. Thanks for any guidance you can give.
To M-TEC grad
I am also an M-Tec grad.  Axolotl is on our COC.  Why don't you go for it and send them a resume?  They will waive that requirement for M-TEC grads.  Good luck!
M-TEC Grad
Can you tell me if the graduates are being told they will be hired after graduation? You can all share in the over-hiring that we all experience and the lack of work and the crummy ESL dictators.....
M-TEC and Andrews produce MTs that are the cream of the crop.
M-TEC's course usually takes anywhere from 9-18 months to complete. I'm not sure about Andrews.

I have hired MTs from both those schools as well as other lesser-known schools, and the M-TEC and Andrews grads are the only ones that were worth keeping onboard.

Andrews School....radiology & pathology
I called Andrews School today just to see what they had to offer.  The person I talked to said that radiology is like pathology and is typically done in-house.  She also stated that in about ten years that radiology AND pathology will be eliminated departments in most hospitals if not all.  What struck me though was her surprise when I told her that radiology is done by many at-home medical transcriptionists.  I beg to differ with this lady because on the MTJobs.com board, I always see companies looking for at-home radiology medical transcriptionists, and quite frequently mind you.  I would like some feedback about this please.  Is this lady talking out of her ear (and I think she is.)  Do you think radiology AND pathology will be eliminated as departments in the future?  Is your opinion that radiology is frequently done by at-home medical transcriptionists?  And what is everybody's opinion of Andrews School?  Personally I think they are incredibly expensive.  She quoted me 3800 bucks for the course with a minimum deposit of 1000 dollars.  And she didn't seem too worried about quality but rather my typing speed and how quick I could get through the course.  Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
Another PCDI grad
No, don't give up. While I will say that PCDI does not really give a good insight to the real world of MT, I feel pretty good about my abilities, and have 2 jobs. If you really want to do this, you can. If you can find a different school and want to, then by all means go for it. I don't believe at all that just because you go to PCDI you will be hurting for jobs. Once you test for companies, and if you have the determination to succeed, you will be fine.
you said off shore and New grad MT's
which means if I pay my experienced MT's 9 cpl, then the newbie should get 4 cpl, because I have to pay an Editor 5 cpl to QA their stuff to get it up to the 9 cpl quality.  But then everybody screams about newbies only making 4 cpl????
What CPL rate could a new M-Tec grad sm
with no experience for a national (acute care) expect. 
Not necessarily. I was a CS grad...
If you are a VLC grad, I can provide you with
Determination/PCDI Grad
I agree. I graduated in July 2004 and have had SEVERAL opportunities to test, and even work with National company. I had no problem at all finding the 2 jobs that I have now and ALWAYS do very well on the tests. I also agree about detemination...since it was a driving force for me to excel in school and to get a job. I got EXACTLY what I set out to do! I have to say that if the original poster has enough determination, she will get her just reward!! She can do it!! Don't give up!
Yes...these days that is good for a new grad.
Unfortunately at first many new grads can only do 100 or less lines an hour but it is NOT bad to start since many, shall we call them sweatshop companies, are offering 4 or 5 because it's a mentoring experience.
Softscript for Recent Grad Good?

Recently graduated from 1 of the Big 3 & SoftScript offered me a position.  Mixed reviews from what I saw - anyone have an opinion on them considering I have no experience yet?  They are offering 7 cpl.  TIA. 

Sofscript for Recent Grad Good?
I would warn anyone off from working for SoftScript (SS). I worked for them for a whole two weeks (middle management) and couldn't stand the owner or JG (his counterpart who actually runs him and the business).

My experience with this company would warrant my saying RUN, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

I got my invoice Thursday and sent it in Thursday. Guess you are special. Hip hip hooray. nm
Webmedx watches every min you type or don't type.
I personally didn't like logging off to go to the bathroom or get a drink or whatever. Drove me nuts. They were too regimented for me. Not sure if you are aware they do that. Part of working at home is the flexibility and they just weren't. Good Luck
Sorry for the typo there
I meant to say to you mean offshore.
Mr. Ormond earned $17 million not $71 million
yes, MDI-MD - sorry, that was a typo
Yes, there is typo. Bad little

Sorry about that typo..I don't do that on the job!! lol
sorry for the typo!
I think it was a typo. Also, maybe they were trying
typo - *than* not *that*...nm
Sorry - big typo
It was 50 minutes -- I was thinking 50 min of dictation equals about 500 lines. 
that's bad, not bac. sorry for the typo
it is early here, need coffee.
Sorry typo
Now that would be a typo, rather than what
she correctly pointed out as grammatical error :)
that would be instead... not the typo... see I
and can't even transcribe a post... uggg, I don't know why I even come here, I get so frazzled. Sorry for the instead typo.
I believe it's a typo
There is a transcription company in that area called SureScribe, and my assumption was that when it was entered on the other board, it just didn't get entered in correctly. As to the way the phone number is written, it looks like they're all kind of different ways on there, so I'm thinking it's more an issue of formatting...we kind of get spoiled and assume that the site will format things properly for us, but in this case it didn't happen.

I don't sense anything nefarious at play here. Just a smallish transcription company (as opposed to the multinational types), which means it is probably the kind of place where a good MT could go and be appreciated. If it weren't for that once a month pay thing, I'd be tossing my hat into the ring. I do much better as a big fish in a little pond than the other way around!
Sorry for the typo...
I really don't have my mind today!
oops - typo......should/ve said....sm
sorry, I made a typo - should've been can/could see many posters........
Please excuse the typo - buy for by! (duh on me)
typo in resume
Was it your job to weed out misspelling ;-) too funny!One would think that you would have PROOFED your own post!