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what I find funny is that MTs allowed it, it was their fault too. sm

Posted By: Diskriter MT on 2006-03-07
In Reply to: What I find funny is that they wanted to know SM - laughing

I know for a fact that MTs were as equally responsible.  I worked OT and didn't claim it because I needed extra money however I could get it and didn't care that it was not approved at the OT rate.  I did so at the suggestion and approval of one person and it was NOT know by upper management that it was going on.  When they found out, it was stopped before the labor board even found out. The one person who was overseeing the MTs was trying to cover their own behind for not having good management skills and not wanting to say we can't handle this much work without OT or hiring more MTs and that is how it all happened.  It is not completely the companies fault - mostly the employee that did it and got the company in trouble, as well as the MTs who agreed to turn their head and look the other way and let it happen.  They learned their lesson and are a better company now because of it.  I'd like to find one company where 100% of the people have no complaints at all - it's just not realistic in any industry.  There will always be disgruntled exemployees fighting for their case and current employees sticking up for the company.  Each MT has to see for theirselves if they like the company and take the opinions as that, opinion.

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QA is not paid to find fault.
QA is paid to ensure quality. It is all about patient care and safety, remember?
Remember QA is paid to find fault..sm
I've been there and they can be maddening.  On top of the nitpicking, if you get more than 1 QA person, they'll be contradicting each other.  Do one thing, #1 corrects it, so you do it her way.  Along comes #2, and you did it wrong, so you do it #2's way.  Don't take it personally and remember THEY'RE PAID TO FIND FAULT WITH YOUR WORK.  You know that you know your stuff.  If it gets to be too much of a hindrance, I would contact management to let them hear YOUR side of the story; wouldn't count on it, though.  In addition, a lot of the QAs get so uppity in their holier-than-thou attitude, some downright rude.  Good luck.
 15 months??  I would think about 2 weeks should be enough, maybe a bit more if learning a difficult account.  (I was on a difficult Oncology account for about 4-5 weeks but that was because the supervisor doubled as the only QA person).  But your case is extreme and just another example of MT abuse by management.  I would contact my supervisor and give them an ultimatum...you have every right, long overdue.  Do you know how this QA is taking food off of your table and how much time she has literally stolen from you???  You could be doing your PAID work instead of the constant, inconsistent feedback back & forth with these egomaniacs, who really need to get off of their high horse.
I don't find you funny at all...
Get a life
I find it funny that they are still

They have posts on the job board.  I hope whoever posted those jobs are reading these messages.

And what do you find funny? lol

Is having you pay cut by one third at least funny? lol

Is that the best you have to offer? lol

Do you have anything nice to say, no, then say nothing. lol

You may find this funny....SM
I noticed this typo in their most recent ad:

The positions due require

Maybe they need some QA.

What I find funny is that they wanted to know SM
so much about me (background, physical condition, etc.) and THEY turned out to be the people who were breaking the law (labor law)!
This I find funny, your statement that is.... NM
Funny if Scribbles IS Gourd trying to find out who
but I'll bet the CEOs find it funny. After they

I find this post funny. If a company advertises constantly, posters question if they are losing peo
3 weeks, since 5/24, there are posts that question if they are growing. Who cares if a company is growing or not as long as they have enough work for their MTs. I started PT with KS two weeks ago and will be going FT 7/10 after my long-awaited and much-needed vacation. They have treated me very well and have plenty of work if the account I work on is any indication. I also came to them on the recommendation of several MT friends who work there, all of whom are very happy and have been for a while.

If you want to work for a particular company, your best bet is to contact them. I have read in several publications that more jobs are filled before advertising than after the fact.

Give them a call, especially if you like/love radiology!
You're allowed your opinion and I am allowed to
It is not my fault I'm a better MLS than
you are. You will be an okay MLS
And somehow its all QA's fault! Everything!
We're lining our pockets on her misery or something? Really scary - really, really scary. The kind of MT who makes me cry myself to sleep at night. How dare I correct that incorrect drug? I mean, it was transcribed in love, right? What does it matter if its just a tad the wrong med? Here I am on my QA throne of judgment....its so scary.
Its always QA's fault isn't it ?
Gosh I really get tired of the QA bashing. Sounds to me if the company thought you were worth it, you would have been begged to stay and the QA would have been gone. You say We all left? Must have been all the ones not able to conform to whatever your company's standard was for QA. Many MTs leave a company because they just don't want to comply or learn anything, its like a revolving door, very common. I have been in this business doing QA for over 25 years. The only MTs that get a lot of emails from me or contact are the ones you have to constantly correct for the same things over and over again, and believe me that gets old. The MTs doing good work, we never hear from them and they never hear from us. Check the board here, you'll find many more sour grape complaints about QA. We are the only ones I guess to lash out at, its all our fault. Take responsibility for your own work! As far as not being able to work because of IM, I know for a fact that some, (and I do say some, not all) MTs chat away all day, even go into chat rooms to talk, they luvve to gossip, and especially talk about how terrible their company is, and you think we can't find out what chat room your in? Check out Buddy Spy. Thats why you can't get your work done, excuses excuses.......
I'm not saying that it is the fault of TT..sm
could be ExText, could be me, could be TT, I just don't know.  My account has a high number of ESLs so I think this is a huge factor.
Not TT's fault
ExText...no matter where you work on ExText, line counts are hard to get. I can't figure it out either!
Yes, it does take a while sometimes..and the fault is not with KS (sm)
but with the hospital where the ID is coming from.  I had to wait over a week and a half to get mine last fall.  It's perfectly OK to call the office and check though, so you can ease your mind.  Welcome to KS and good luck!
Not their fault
From the mistakes you made in your post, I can see why you did not pass their test! Sounds like sour grapes to me folks.
I think you are right, not TT's fault
Thanks for your kind words. After thinking on it, I realized that I never even think to skip jobs and I was getting the ones skipped. I realize that this patient needs their document, no matter how ESL the doc is, it's patient care. I am sure today will be better. I am going to have a similar outlook as yours. Thanks for your sane answer, and your validation. Today is another day :) and Thanks again.
It is also the fault of anyone who
encourages them to do it. Many newbies jump in because they are so eager to get a start. IMHO, we do not need to make it harder for them by linking them up with scam artists. Yes, in an ideal world, newbies would do their research, but most don't. That's their fault. But I am not going to let it be my fault that I recommended some fly by night matchbook school.
Don't tell anyone else it's their own fault and to get another job. (sm)
I work for a company that is highly praised on this board.  People are always saying their accounts are overloaded with work.  Well, mine isn't. It used to be, then they overhired on the account and the hospital's business has dropped steadily due to the poor economy.  Since the end of October there has been virtually no work in this account.  I have a backup account which does not contain what my specialties are so I barely get enough lines from that account either.  It will take me at least a couple of months to learn the account and become fluent on it.  There are many companies that promise you the moon and that you will NEVER run out of work. Well, the company I work for does have accounts that run out of work even though everyone who works for them on here says they don't.  I don't care what company you work for..they do have accounts where there is no work and instead of moving some of the recently hired people on low work accounts to new accounts, they keep everyone on there and no one can make any money.  It is NOT the MTs' fault.
Whose fault
I have been reading a lot of these posts and they have been most helpful in pointing out companies that are unfair, etc.

However, I've also noticed many people complaining and just trying to point blame on others. This is not helpful and creates kind of a negative atmosphere all told.

I never said it was the mt's fault...sm
I am not taking sides in this. I read all of her previous posts and all I have to say at this point is: If she had just kept her opinions to herself, whether she felt she was justified or not (and she probably was), it would not have come down to this. Sometimes it IS best not to say anything, as it always has a way of coming back on you. Now there are consequences to her actions and unfortunately, also to others who felt the need to also continue the litany. There are always two sides to a story and this one definately has two sides. I am staying neutral and will just see how it all plays out. I just think there is a lesson to be learned here, is all, and that's just my opinion.
Thats nobody's fault but your own, go get what your worth!!
There are too many companies out there that will pay you what your worth, why settle?
In response to It is All Your Fault
I COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE. I am not a stay-at-home mom. However, this is what most companies want now. If it was my way, MT's would be treated as the professionals that they are and not as a group of bean-pickers (Not that there is anything wrong with bean-pickers), but I paid a lot for my medical transcription education, which is frowned on because it is a college education and not AAMT, as did a number of MT's. I would appreciate being paid a decent hourly wage or salary. They do not expect doctors to be paid only by the operation, clinic visit, etc. And yes, it is correct to compare. (Some days I feel that I can perform an appendectomy) Comapnies do not want dedicated MTs who need a PRIMARY income, but those who are just trying to supplement husband's income or make extra cash. Working at home was not my choice, but just my option to stay employed as the hospitals were eliminating their transcription departments and giving in to outsourcing to transcription companies, etc. (Imagine the money they save by not having to buy equipment or providing space to a department). YOU ARE RIGHT! The profession of medical transcription has been XXXX by the greedy.
DUH...my fault for not reading
the ad in detail.  At the bottom it states they are a private company not associated larger one of similar name.
Yep they sure do, fault is not with Extext
but the companies clipping lines.
Clients at fault?
I really think it varies from client to client what is expected as far as unpaid fussing.  Some expect the moon and the stars (looking up the ordering physicians on huge databases instead of passing us that demographic).  I don't understand why a company would agree to contracts like these with the clients - they know no production will result from it!
Of course, it must be the fault of the MT, and not because their particular account ran out. nm
You're both right. It's my own fault if I don't.

Thank goodness, but it's not your fault..
my company has been extremely low too for much longer than the usual seasonal times that occur, keep getting the same just wait, work will pick up emails. Good luck!
Facility at fault?
If the facility has in-house MTs, they often outsource the crap work to the MTSO. It's another good reason why working inhouse might be better, if the jobs were available, and if we really wanted to go outside our homes, that is.
not necessarily fault of the MT
I ran into a former coworker of mine. She works at a hospital where the doctors are allowed to send the VR reports out without review by an MT and was telling me about the HUGE problems this has caused. Can you imagine? Egads.
Not entirely the company's fault for
your money problems. Are you slave labor, chained to your desk, forced to work for them? You and you alone are responsible to see you have enough money coming in every month to meet your needs. Contrary to popular belief, there is some personal responsibility here; it's not the company's job to see you are provided the life you think you deserve.
Not entirely the company's fault for
your money problems. Are you slave labor, chained to your desk, forced to work for them? You and you alone are responsible to see you have enough money coming in every month to meet your needs. Contrary to popular belief, there is some personal responsibility here; it's not the company's job to see you are provided the life you think you deserve.
Yeah, right. It's the MT's fault.
I agree totally with you. It is not all their fault at all.
I think something seriously needs to be done about this. This is a real job. If you worked in the hospital, you would have to work your shift. Working at home you can flex it a bit more, but I have always worked it like my shift. It is sad that they have gotten so lax to view the profession this way, but most of those people who look at it as a job to work around their kids have run this into the ground and that is why overhiring. That is why there are more IC companies rather than employees because many when they find out that they actually HAVE to work quit so companies cannot afford to pick up insurance premiums and then take a beating when someone quits. I am speaking of your normal sized companies, not the large ones. They have the money and they don't care. Anyhow I personally blame that as one reason rates have dropped and MT is sort of in the potty. Those of us who know it is a real job are still there for the companies but there are fewer of us than them.
Always the government's fault. It has nothing to do with the fact
that 3rd world MTs can work for 3 cpl? You said it yourself. It's corporate greed and they can save a lot of money if they only have to pay ICs 3 cpl even if they didn't get tax cuts. I don't think outsourcing just started when Bush got elected and I don't think it will stop once he's out of office and the directives change.
Only a few were affected so one must question who really is at fault here.
Company partly at fault to..sm

Here is why.  When any other service business is contacted for a job, they give a quote or estimate.  Then when the client comes back and wants to add this or that, then the quote gets changed.  For some reason, I am seeing a lot of this changing and adding and the company either not changing the quote, or if they do, certainly not passing the difference on to the MT.  The accounts are frustrating, the MT gets upset and very unmotivated and then the company struggles to meet TAT, constantly bugging the MTs still there to work more, more, more.  MTs get burnt out and move on and eventually the company loses the account anyway. 

I said it on Friday, Happy MTs = Happy Clients

That's the fault of the MT; reports should be indistinguishable
Sheesh, stop beating this dead horse and just turn in your notice if you're so unhappy. No one is forcing you to stay if you don't like it.
Whose fault is poor quality?

And, why do we keep hearing that the welfare of the patient is a top priority?

I took the time to point out some errors in reports.  It seemed to me that the facility did not care about the body of the report.  The only part they seemed to care about was the demographic information, usually in the header, and the carbon copy designations, usually in the footer.  This was because their automated filing system did not work properly if the header was not correct.  Otherwise, they never even required the physicians to review and sign the reports.  So, how can it be said that they cared about the patient?  I truly believe that the patient's welfare was far down on their lists of priorities.  What really seemed to matter was getting the billing process correct and getting the reports on the chart in order to comply with privacy and JCAHO requirements.

I also continue to believe that, if facilities cared about the welfare of the patients, bad dictators would be required to improve or not allowed to dictate at all.


Did find a Wright Watson Sten-Tel in Austin if their site isn't old. Find 'em with Google. nm
I don't think that is the fault of the MQ people. Anyone is free to post about anything at any ti
Mine also can't seem to get the amount right and it is always the bank's fault. sm
It is not FutureNet's fault for the problem with workload..sm

They have a priority to their clients - get the job done as quickly and professionally as possible.  They had hired sufficient amount of employees many months ago and was told that everyone was not helping out like they should. I, for one, happen to have fallen into that category due to family illnesses and some problems of my own.  So they were forced to go out and hire enough people for coverage.  I was not one to complain, because I had no right, about the overhiring.  The work was there and we had a chance to do it.  Bottom line - everyone was not doing what they were supposed to be doing for one reason or another.  So it was our own faults that the overhiring or whatever reason it was.  This time I am not letting that happen.  I don't know what has changed the circumstances for their to be plentiful amount of work lately but I like it and I am going to do everything in my power to keep the work going steady and not be delayed.  We all have to do that.  Actually instead of complaining about them we should be putting that energy into our work and we would see a difference. 

Otherwise, they are great!  They understand problems when they occur.  Also, pay has NEVER been delayed or wrong in the whole year I have been with them.  They are professional and always there to answer any questions that you need.  QA gets back to you if you request a report to be sent to you for future reference.  And the staff that they have to coordinate everything is NOTHING BUT THE BEST! 

So, if you are complaining about them I feel that we would have never been in the situation we were for the past several months if we ALL had not done our job like we should have.

Again I, for one, feel like I had let them down somewhat, even though most of my problems were uncontrollable so I am now going to show them that I can be the dependable MT that they once hired.  Let's all work on that together so we won't have this problem again. 

Not being rude with the above post - just hoping that my co-workers will work together so we can have plenty of work but get done ontime.  Hope no offense was taken.

This is a joke, right? It is not MTSO's fault that you are tired after your FT job. sm
It is not their fault that you can't get your QA score up to where it needs to be. 98% is lenient. You had your husband listen to a report? Did you ever hear of HIPAA? You haven't had time to read their style guide? You should be ashamed of yourself. No wonder companies prefer FT employees to PT. It is because of the PT employees that have the same attitude that you do. They should have fired you.
It is their fault when they "promise" me I can feed my 2 kids sm
with the schedule that I picked.
I don't fault them for that. In reality, with nearly 1000 employees...
they couldn't just open the floor to questions on a town hall phone call like that.