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I've used canned tomatoes in tossed salad in the wintertime...

Posted By: M.A. on 2008-03-31
In Reply to: What to do with canned tomatos - ermt

because I can't stand the plastic tomatoes they sell out of season in the store. I also use them in tuna salad, chicken salad, etc. In summer, we grow our own, but for winter the canned ones are great, especially the petite-diced.

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Canned tomatoes are very versatile

Not bad with cubed tofu, either.  Also, what about vegetarian lasagna, eggplant parmesan, vegetable soup.  More recipes are here, some vegetarian, but you can always substitute ground turkey or leave out the beef.



Love canned tomatoes!. Here are some ideas.
Put some frozen bean and cheese burritos in cassarole, pour tomatoes (doesnt matter if they are any flavor or not) over them, add cheese on top and bake at 350 til hot and cheese melted and brown. Or mix with chicken broth, chicken, cumin, pepper flakes (optional), other fave spices and make mexican chicken soup. Top with strips of toasted tortillas. Cook shredded chicken in tomatoes with fave mexican spices and serve on tortillas for mexican chicken rolls. Again, doesnt matter if called Italian tomatoes, will work with anything.
Whole wheat pasta with sauce, put in chunks of chicken instead of beef, and drained canned tomatoes.
I've given dry + canned + cubed skinless chicken breasts.
Snacks have been:

1. Generic "beggin' strips" like you.
2. Cheese bits, but little or no other dairy.
3. Now and then (expensive), dried chicken strips that have glucosamine & chondroitin for joints. Otherwise, I use a powder with G & S that says it also adds fiber. A couple of tbsp of this mixed in their food per day.

The chicken I add is one breast between two dogs AM and PM, so they each get one whole chicken breast per day (skinless, removing any fat). I also let them lick the two baking dishes whenever I fix the chicken. Now and then they also do the dinner dishes in order to save on our hot water bill. They're such good kitchen help I've been trying to get them dishwasher jobs, but the only restaurant that was interested didn't offer benefits. :)
I've eaten grapes in my salad before sm
right alonside the eggs, onions, peppers, cheese croutons and even tuna fish. Now, that is good. I like tuna in my salad. I make a big one and I am full for the rest of the day. Just open the can of tuna, drain it and dump it in the lettuce. Add all the other ingredients including the green grapes, or purple if you prefer and add your dressing. It's pretty good.
She will be tossed before too long, maybe
next week. She is really horrible and she has this ain't I cute, humm, sorta like this person who left tonight, see I have forgotten her name already. Her voice, I agree, is the pits. Melinda is gonna be hard to beat. Lakisha better step it up. Love both of them, huge, powerful voices.
There is something special about wintertime.

It's hard work getting things prepped for this weather...but when you come inside in at the end of a day--it's a good tired, a satisfied-feeling kinda tired.

Of course that specialness lasts about 48 hours (or at the first slip and fall on the ice) and then it is so not fun anymore!  Anyone down south wanna swap joints, er residences, with me for a few months or so during the winter, you know where to find me! 

Anything canned

 Paper products, plastic cups, utensils, toliet paper, diapers, pads, sunscreen,  baby wipes for sponge baths, etc. There may be no way to wash dishes.

 Water. Fill up your tub  and all trash cans so you can flush your toliet.

 Bleach... You can't have enough bleach

 Brand name trash bags. Wet stuff is heavy.

 Lotrimine or anti-fungal cream.. walking in wet stuff..

 Soda. They give out ice eventually. Everyone ends up with more ice and water bottles than they know what to do with. Soda is great if the smell of mold makes you sick.

 Drink mixes, if you get MREs they all don't come with kool-aid LOL.

Canned fruit, cups of fruit, applesauces, granola bars, chips, cookies, cereal, anything from the processed cereal and snack areas! Granola mix is great!!!! Crakcers and pb are filling too.

Canned meat like tuna and chicken.

Fresh fruit until it goes bad.

Cleaning supplies, with no power the mold gets really bad.

Fabreeze or something to spray your gross clothing with!

ENTERTAINMENT. There is so much waiting.

Canned Food
Have you tried him on mostly canned food rather than dry?  Wet is better for cats than dry, particularly CRF cats.
What to do with canned tomatos
I have bought canned tomatos for something which didn't work out.  Any ideas so they don't go to waste (p.s. - we don't eat beef).  They are S&W tomatoes with italian seasoning.  Would it just be too bland to serve them over some cooked pasta?  I'm not the most creative cooks and have been known to burn water.  HA HA
Don't buy the canned ones. They are gross.

Last year we bought a bag of potatoes, and didn't use them before they started to sprout. Then I baked all of them and froze them in freezer bags.  Took one out of freezer and thawed in microwave when we wanted one.  Delicious.  I just put butter on mine.

I planted tomatoes in my regular garden and then decided to try an earthbox for planting a cherry tomato plant. WELL, this thing grew up at least 8 feet and was growing onto my roof. I finally put in some hooks on the overhang of my house and these things just keep growing and growing. I must have already picked at least 300 of these tomatoes and there are still more there. Now this is strange but my dog also seemed to like them and has nibbled off the ones that were on the lower branches. Also planted some peppers in this earthbox and it is doing extremely well.

Sorry about my not spelling tomatoes correctly.  I graduated from the Dan Quayle school of spelling. 

I saw a recipe for oven dried tomatoes that sounds good with olive oil, sea salt and garlic. Yum.

canned air not bad for environment today...

Fluoroethanes don't have chlorine atoms. This means they aren't CFCs, and thus they do not deplete the ozone layer. No offense, but unless you have information these dusters contain chlorofluoroethanes (not likely as these have been phased out for quite some time now) or that fluoroethanes are proven to have some other harmful effects, you really need to think before spreading misinformation.  By spreading this misinformation, you are giving (knowledgeable) environmentalists a bad name.


Canned meat - the spinach of Dog
Mac n Cheese with canned tuna
I know it sounds gross, but it is totally awesome!

Also, a great next day meal for left over pork chops: Pork Fried Rice (my way lol)

Cut the pork chops up in pieces. Cook enough rice for however many are eating, and then in a skillet put a little bit of oil and cook a couple of eggs (I do one per person). Scramble them up and then take them out and set them apart in a bowl. Add a little more oil to the skillet, and throw in the rice. Stir it around for a few minutes, and then add salt and pepper, some terriyaki sauce, and half a bag of frozen mixed veggies (green beans, corn, and carrots). Stir this around until the veggies are thawed but still a little crisp. Add the egg back in and stir it all up. If you have sesame seeds throw those in.

Oh and don't forget to put the pork back in!

That's one of my hubby's faves that I make.
Tomatoes gone wild
I have planted 4 tomato plants that have gone crazy.  They are crowding out other things and the cages are barely holding them up.  I would like to try to transplant them to another area.  Anyone have experience with this with a fully grown tomato plant?  They already have some tomatoes and lots of flowers.  I am planning on starting this afternoon by pruning back many leaves and stems that are not fruit bearing yet. 
Yes, canned food is very good for cats SM
I give my 3 cats one can a day. It has water in it, so it keeps them well-hydrated. My cats love the new Meow Mix wet food. They have been eating it for a year without any problems at all.
Actually it is answering the one who said should be canned, creating hostile
work place- yours was not a good working situation also. I think people, unless in your situation, just do not realize what a problem others have. It is not something you try to do by making so many trips to the bathroom. People working for others sometimes just have to suck up things and as my mother would have said, consider the source- if you are rude, crude, inconsiderate, lacking manners- a person fits this category and you just take with a grain of salt and overlook others like this.
or voles --- they ate all our tomatoes one year - sm
they live in the ground, little holes (1 inch or so) and eat everything they can. We put the tomatoes in big pots/barrels now, cover with bird netting, and out of 2 plants have tons of tomatoes.
That depends...There are rotel tomatoes but..
There is also a rotel dip: Ground beef, cheese whiz/cheese sauce, rotel tomatoes that is cooked up and served over nacho/dorito chips.  Is that what you are referring to? 
Tomatoes are not hard to grow........sm
You can start the plants inside and plant them in large containers on the patio or porch if that is the only space you have. Nothing much better than a big, fresh, juicy ripe garden tomato!!
It is turkey and bacon and tomatoes
between slices of bread with a cheese sauce poured over the top. Different places here use different cheese sauces and they are delicious.
Uncooked whole tomatoes on pizza
We have that here. I actually love it. It's like a bruchetta.
I love tomatoes and may sandwich....sm
I live in South MS. Has to be fresh garden tomaotes though.
Upside down tomatoes, how do they turn out?
I love home grown tomatoes but do not have a garden. I have seen some of the ads for the upside down ones and thought I might could do those. Anyone had any luck with those?
Tomatoes, escargot and calamari.

Looks like someone needs to get a life. The canned creamed soups from Campbell
are delicious, healthy (if you use Healthy Choice), and makes endless recipes WITH chicken breasts, fresh veggies, etc. You'd never be invited to our home because we use A LOT of canned stuff! Merry Christmas!
I was lucky - I had some canned Nutro Max but my kitty didn't like it, (sm)
which is unusual for her. Usually she'll eat just about any kind of canned food. When I read about the recall, I had 3 cans of it and I tossed it out. But FIRST, I wrote "RECALLED" on the can in Marks-A-Lot, just in case any dumpster-divers got hold of it and wanted to feed it to their cat. So for now we're sticking to Friskies & Fancy Feast wet, and Royal Canin dry cat food.
Any recipe ideas that can use canned tuna and rice?

I'm scraping the bottom of my pantry barrel so to speak.  I just found canned tuna that I forgot I had and a box of instant brown rice.  Any ideas on combining those two?



Is it safe to drink unopened canned items
That have been refrigerated for a couple weeks. Found a can of pineapple juice my husband put in the refrigerator a couple weeks ago, but didn't open. I know it's not safe to put open cans in the refrigerator, not sure about something that has not been opened yet.
Ro*Tel -- diced tomatoes & green chilies
Ro-Tel is similar to canned stewed tomatoes. In times past, it was marketed mainly in the southern states, originating in Texas.

my fave too...along with Fried Green Tomatoes

rotten tomatoes - good site
If you Google the movie and find out why people are fascinated with it you will find out a whole slew of information about the meanings strewn throughout the film, it definately added a whole knew way of looking at it for me. The ending was very redemptive and made it all right in the end at least for me. Funny thing is I thought I was renting a children's fantasy movie which I like, so had no idea it was so dark, sort of shocking, also did not know it was subtitled.
Not a dessert. And what is it with all this canned stuff. People use fresh these days. Cook a sm
chicken breast, for goodness sake.  Do not open a can and serve it to guests. 
Our Chihua/rat terrier mix will eat any kind of fruit, even canned stuff. And fresh
shread it up, add some green chiles and diced tomatoes
and freeze for burritos or machaca beef later on...uumm good
I decided to grow tomatoes for my 10 year old who loves them! sm
I planted 2 plants and they grew up so tall - totally pesticide free with no bugs on them all year! We had so many that I would give them to a neighbor. One batch was picked up by a woman who drove 30 miles for our tomatoes! I don't like them.....They were no big deal planting - just put them in the ground and watered every day.
My little pooch also loves fresh tomatoes. I nick them to
Hmm, roasted peppers, olives, garlic, tomatoes
Yummy! My husband and I neither one grew up eating the above - we had mostly the bland food and the reason being, there are a lot of people who just do not know how to use spices and seasonings. Glad grown now because I have all those delicious things you speak of. Years ago in Mexico I had roasted green peppers with cheese- tried to match but mine never the same. Mouth is watering!
Need help regarding Potato salad?...sm

I have a problem.  When my children were young they never liked potato salad.  They always asked if I would make macaroni salad all the time with holiday meals.  Today my son who is a teenager asked me if I would make potato salad to go with the turkey and all the other holiday goodies.  He said he does like potato salad now. I have no clue how to make this as I have never made it.  Any recipes/help would be so greatly appreciated. 



Chicken Salad

I agree with keeping it simple . . . just wanted to add that I love to use leftover grilled chicken, and don't forget the garlic.  Love the garlic!

Speaking of Salad...

what kind of lettuce/other green leafy stuff do you like when you order/make a salad?

A couple of times I've gone in restaurants and they have brought me a salad that looked like they went out back and pulled weeds. Now, I love veggies, but that's some scary stuff. I'm simple..I just want iceberg lettuce!...then I can add other goodies that I can identify.

Meatloaf, baked potatoes, cukes and tomatoes out of the garden. (sm)
Maybe if I get finished with taking the grandkids to their extra-curricular activities early enough I will bake a cake. Been hungry for chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.
Ohhh how I miss cornfields and fresh garden tomatoes!
They don't grow very well in the desert...but I also don't miss the humidity in the summer and the "bird size" mosquitoes!

String bean casserole made with that goopy canned cream of mushroom soup!
google 7 layer salad. This is one we like--sm

1 cucumber
1 head lettuce, broken in pieces
1 white or yellow or bunch green onions, sliced
1 sliced green bell pepper
1 cup Celery, sliced (cover layers)
1 (10 oz.) pkg. frozen green garden peas, uncooked
1 c. Hellmann's mayonnaise, c. sugar put on the top of the mayo more if you want sweeter
Enough mayonnaise to cover top (1 quart or 32 oz on bigger salad bowls)
Spread four cheese Mexican cheese or cheddar on top
Fried bacon or bacon, sprinkled on top about 2 lbs. crumbled

In bowl or large cake pan, layer lettuce, celery, green pepper, onion, cucumber, and peas on top of each other. Add Hellmann's mayonnaise over ingredients to seal adding sugar next. Spread four cheese Mexican cheese or cheddar on top and Fried crumbled bacon on very top. Do not toss. Cover and chill up to 24 hours.
Optional - Sprinkle on 1/4 tsp. garlic powder.

How about a nice fruit salad...

recipe for chicken salad
Anyone have a good one? 
After I cut up a salad with my fork and knife
I lick the dressing off my knife (even in restaurants). I can't stop myself. Life my BFF says, at least you have admitted you have a problem, that is the first step.
My grandmas jello salad
It's wonderful and I never had a thanksgiving without it (well I did have a few but I missed it). It's so so easy

1 - 8 oz package jello. (I always use black cherry, mom always used lemon).
1 - 8 oz. pckg cream cheese.
1 large can crushed pineapple.
Crushed walnuts - optional

Dissolve jello in 2 cups boiling water and add cream cheese and mix til cream cheese is blended in and no lumps. Add the can of crushed pineapple with the juice (this makes up for those 2 cups of cold water you would normally add to the jello). Throw in some chopped walnuts if you like and let set overnight.