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Should I serve hor'dourves ?

Posted By: Liz on 2008-12-08
In Reply to:

I am in charge of the Christmas dinner this year. I guess the group likes the cooking because this is our 2nd one in a row. Last year hubs ran behind on getting the food ready by the time of our dinner and people started sitting down at the table 1 and then another, not everyone together. I have never served hor'dourves but wondering should I and if so does anyone have some really simple ones that even a novice could make? Thanks

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I know what I'd serve
if she was in my home. ;)
I always want to serve...I think it would be
interesting, but I usually get turned away because I am a military wife.
Should I serve something before dinner?
Ok group, it is now getting to be that time again when I have to start thinking of the big dinner spread I am planning to have. I will have ham and turkey with all the trimmings but my question is this - should I have appetizers when the guests arrive, some kind of drinks, wine/champagne or just what? I can put on a good dinner when it comes to the food and all but just wondering what to do prior to the dinner. Thanks so much! 
I heard he will have to serve no less than

9 years before he can apply for parole and then, they will probably turn him down the first time because it was a violent crime.

I also saw on the news that his total sentence is up to 33 years to life if he had to serve each count separately. They are stating that he will probably die in prison.

This light bulb went off in my head about an hour ago. Goldman set him up. Otherwise, why did Ricci (or whoever that guy is that testified against him) put the video/sound in that room? If so, hopefully no one else will get that idea if you know what I mean. 

Lunchables are better than what most schools serve.
today our elementary school served cinnamon rolls and chili *!*!gross*!*!* and the option was PBJ sandwiches.

I say Lunchables rule. I am sure if mom is worried about keeping them cold she is concientious(sp?) enough to make sure they eat a good breakfast and an excellent dinner. Welcome to 2007
I will climb off my soapbox now and finish eating my lunchable :)
My only function in life seems to be to serve as a cat bed.
One on my lap/legs, one on my arm, and one at my head grooming my hair.
P.S. He will serve those years in isolation.
Las Vegas doesn't want to get sued if he is in general population and somebody hurts him.
As Christians we are called to serve others. That's what we are supposed to do. nm
yes, but hearing he has to serve about 6-9 before eligible for parole
In our state, you can serve time for not reporting.
jailhouse rock
Coffee ice cream or soft serve vanilla
or chocolate case with fudge icing or butter cake with chocolate frosting or ... how many - just ONE?
Paris to serve all 45 days. Left court crying and screaming
Cook 'em however you both will like but cook n serve kraut separately. Great with cooked