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About laptop for MT work

Posted By: ej on 2008-11-11
In Reply to: About laptop for MT work..sm - worried

I have been using laptops (first one was a notebook) for about 10 years. The one I have now is over 4 years old and doing fine. I too, use an external keyboard. I wouldn't have anything else.

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I work on Escription platform and the adapter didnt work for me. I tried it on my laptop though
and the foot pedal would just not play correctly with the adapter. I think others have tried it and done it but it just didnt work for me.
I work from a laptop on DQS
We travel back and forth between our main home and a cabin. It works fine. I got all kinds of help from another poster on this board before I bought and then did a lot of research on the internet. DQS loads just dandy. Just make sure you get a fairly powerful processor and plenty of memory and storage. Also you'll need several kinds of ports to accommodate an external keyboard, foot pedal and mouse. Mine came with all these. It's an HP with an AMD-64 processor. Very very happy with it!
i have a laptop so i can still work on
battery back up, but i still unplug everything and wait it out.  it's not worth the risk because it only takes once and you lose everything.  i'm in the midwest with tornados going through right now....i couldn't live without my laptop and battery back up!
Anyone work on laptop?
Wondering if any MT's work on laptop versus desktop computer?
Does anyone use a laptop for work?
Do you like it? My PC is about to take a dump and Im gonna have to find something else to take its place. My friend has a laptop I can borrow. Everything new has Vista and work has advised us not to upgrade to Vista at present.
About laptop for MT work..sm

i just got a very nice, widescreen laptop for work. I have medical issues and could not withstand working at my desk any longer. People are telling me that it won't last for MT work becuase the keyboard is not durable enough. Well, i still use my ergo keyboard hooked up and i only use the laptop keyboard for work when I am completing my work for about 2 to 3 hours at night. My question is, has any of you ever had a laptop keyboard go bad with MT work?

I hope not, took me years to even afford this one. :)

Using Laptop for Work

Yes, the keypad in the laptop is not designed for typing work and it is VERY costly if need to be changed.  So, you can hook up an USB keyboard and optical mouse with your laptop's USB port.



You CAN work in bed on a laptop
Okay, so maybe I'm the last laptop MT out there who just discovered this but I've figured out how to work from bed on days when I'm struggling physically (I have RA). I have propped my foot pedal on a pillow under my elbow/forearm, and gently lean on it while I type. MUCH better! Just wanted to pass that wisdom on in case there was anyone else out there that could be helped by this.
No - no laptop - no computers and no work
I'm just going to leave - and try to relax and work this out. I have no support at home with this, so I am sure it will be at least a day before anyone at home will realize that I am not there. Probably when someone needs me to do something - it will be hey - where's mom - I thought she was just going to the store. My husband has been in the garage today with his brother and another guy since about 9:00 a.m. - and it is hot here. Thanks for everyone's support. The rest of my immediate family is dead or I am sure that they would help me with this. That is why I have to go somewhere on my own, since I don't have any family to help me.
I work outside with my laptop with no problems.
I also have a Sprint USB wireless card and can work anywhere I get a signal, which for me is basically everywhere I travel. I purchased a 9-cell battery and get approximately 6 hours of work time. I use Express Scribe for work and I just use the hotkeys and I don't need to use a footpedal. All my resources are electronic and are downloaded onto my laptop.

While I still prefer to work at a desk as I am more productive when working at my desk, it is nice to have the option to work outside when the weather is nice or if my kids want to go outside to play.
How many of you use a Laptop solely for work? nm
Anybody here work only on a laptop and not use desktop computer at all?
Does it drive you crazy with the small keyboard and small screen? Maybe it's something you get used to and compensate for when working. I'm considering getting a laptop just for work to keep things separate but looking for pros and cons of this. I figured somebody on the board has some advice on this.
I am a bit computer dumb, but what would I need with a laptop to work while at the hospital with my
Laptop/notebook recommendations for transcription work?

I am going to get a laptop/notebook in about a month and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for one that seems to work well with transcription.  I need to know specifics like hard drive, RAM, memory, model number, etc.  Thanks in advance

Doesn't work with "wireless" - my laptop is wireless sm
And my tower is wireless, does this mean I can't use it at all? Sorry to be so uninformed was looking forward to the 2 computers,1 screen and keyboard. ???
Thanks! It sounds like an air card can also work between desktop and laptop
Thanks so much for all this info...It sounds like you can get air cards that plug into USB ports that you can interchange between your desktop computer and your laptop for on-the-go or if there were a power outage. Am pretty low tech but seriously considering this. A lot would depend on the dependability of the signal from my home. If it were steady, I would consider cutting (ha ha) the cable internet which is 48$ plus taxes and just have the broadband (60$ ?) which I could use with my desktop computer or take with me using a laptop and also could use with a laptop in case of power outage. hmmmmmm
Last year we went to Disney and I work on a laptop so I brought it and didn't
take any time off so I could work. After much probing, calling, and trying to set up my internet (I made sure the hotel had wireless or I wouldn't book it), I finally got on line, but it was the night before we had to leave anyway.
I absolutely love my Dell laptop because of the flexibility and I can work on the dining table, office, kids room, etc. I can't imagine ever going back to a desktop PC.
But, you never know when you travel if 100% you will be able to get online.
Does anyone use laptop & cell phone/Internet Card for work?

I am not real computer literate but am wondering if I couldn't get unlimited Internet with a cell phone plan and use that for my on-line job/Internet connection exclusively. I have found plans for around $70/month.

If so, I was thinking too I could possibly give up my land line phone, Callwave, my dial-up ISP (as that is all we have available where live) and actually save a little money by doing so. I don't make/receive a lot of land line calls and I have a TracFone cell phone that I don't use much now. I get excellent reception with that where I live. We have a huge tower within walking distance of where I live but we live out in the "sticks". :D I know my connection would be dependent on the reception where I live and the cell phone service I would use. I am not sure which one truly has the best coverage and/or who may be using the tower by our home but TracFone apparently does. :)


That's strange I bought the adapter but couldnt get it to work right. Maybe cuz it was a laptop..
I'll have to try it again. I just could not get it to work right. I would get sound but then it would freeze up.
So you can work completely remote on a laptop and access your home PC with this program

please e-mail me with more info if you can.  thx

To all of you Escriptionist out there...Laptop question. Have any of you found a laptop that you can
thing. I tried one of those adapter that goes from the 9-pin to the USB but when I plugged in the USB my foot pedal did not work right. I know supposedly there is a help section on the escription website that says the adapter may work and how to make them compatible etc but it never worked for me. Has any of you find a solution or a laptop that this foot pedal with work with. I'd like to work while traveling and get a laptop but it never worked on my old one. Ideas??




I use a laptop too
We bought it a year before I started working - not knowing what the required ports would be for foot pedals, etc. I have a Compaq Presario. I also have Bellsouth high speed internet connection. It works for me fine even when I go out of town.
laptop is the only way to go s/m
I would never have a big computer again!  I have worked on DocQScribe and other internet platforms and never had any problems. Also have BellSouth DSL. My computer is a Dell Inspiron. If any disasters strike here that I can see coming will load the pets some clothes and the Dell and take off.  Good luck getting put back together!
Can you tell me which Dell you purchased - I am trying to decide which one would meet my needs - using DQS as well. Thanks
Anyone using a laptop?

Am in the market for a laptop and looking for suggestions.  Thanks.

Yes, but hook up an ergonomic keyboard and a mouse. The portability of it is great.
I use my laptop as a backup or to work when I am out of town. The only problem with it is the smaller screen. Performance is no different than my PC though. I do have a regular keyboard for it, and a mouse.
I have a Dell Inspiron 2500 but it has nowhere near the memory to download from an outside transcription company. Another problem is the footpedal, how on earth would you use this in your automobile. As well, the DSL, how on earth can you tell when you're traveling if you have access to same? This would be a lifesaver for me, as I have osteoporosis and can go like mad in my recliner without back pain which kills when I use my desktop. I sure would be one happy gal if I could work from a laptop. You do get used to the keyboard, I thought at first I would never, ever have any speed, but one does get used to it. Please e-mail me or write any suggestions here. How much minimal memory do you have on your laptop to comply with companys you work for?
Does anyone out there use a laptop for transcription?
on cold days, in front of the fire place.  in the summer, outside....can't live without my laptop!
I use my laptop in a regular desk setting and I use a regular keyboard with it, not the laptop keyboard.  I like to sit outside on the balcony in the spring, summer, fall, but I have never not used a desk; can't imagine using it in my lap.  I think that would be too uncomfortable, but hey that's just me.  I have a very comfortable chair.  I mainly have mine because I travel quite a bit and this way, I can take my work with me if I want.
My step-dad is an over-the-road truck driver and he uses a laptop with a PC card just as you are describing.  He loves it and has no problems whatsoever unless he is in an area where there is no service (just like with a cell phone).
My Laptop is

an HP Pavilion and I love it -  one thing to be sure of is that you get one with a good big screen or a port where you can connect our monitor, and be sure it has a port for your keyboard (USB if you have that kind of keyboard).  You'll never be able to do any good at MTing with the tiny keyboard that a laptop has.  I made a big mistake by buying one without a floppy drive, but it's not hard to get an exernal floppy drive (ask me how I know) and costs about $50.  As for the internal stuff ie RAM, hard drive, that's in pretty much the same ballpark as a desk top, get as much as you can possibly afford. 


Laptop use

I also would be curious as to how this would be done.  How do you get your voice files?  How do you use a foot pedal?  My husband drives semi and this sure would be nice for going with him on long runs. 



Anybody use a laptop for MT work?  Is is pretty reliable when you are using wireless?  I assume you have to have an electrical output for the foot pedal.  Any info would be appreciated.  Thanks!

No, you don't have to have an outlet.  Your foot pedal plugs directly into your laptop.  You might need an adapter for the USB port, but I have done it, and it works great!  I bought a hub for my laptop because I have to use my ergonomic keyboard instead of the laptop keyboard.  Everything plugs in, and then you are ready to go.  It's really great as far as I'm concerned.

I use a laptop for work and had only had a few times whem my wireless network card has gone out for one reason or another.  It's a little slow, I would say somewhere between dial-up and the slowest DSL/cable connection.  The only electrical outlet that I use is the one to plug mjy laptop into. I have a USB foot pedal and that just plugs into the USB port at the side of the computer.

One thing that I would DEFIINITELY check on first though is making sure that the software that you use supports a wireless connection.  One of the companies that I work for, I have no problems using my wireless.  However, with the other company, I still have to use my dial up connection to download my files as their particular software does not work with a wireless connection.

Hope this helps.


Laptop anyone?
Does anyone use a laptop to do their daily transcription? Just curious?
Which laptop is best?

I don't know everything about computers, but I will just throw out a suggestion to you...do you have an (I think its called) an ethernet card in your lap top, and the place that you took you laptop to...did they have a wireless router so that your computer could get the signal from the router in order to get online.....A lot of people think that just because they have a laptop, that they can get online anywhere...I'm sure you know this, but your laptop has to have the card and the place you are at has to be giving out a signal in order for you to get on, other than that I don't understand why it would not work...it should have?  Let me know what you find out if you don't mind becasue I am considering getting a laptop so that I can take my work with me when I want to be away from my home for a few days!


Thanks for responding. The place I went cannot get online, but I downloaded the files before I left while I could still get online. I was stil at home and online when I tried to get the wav files to play, but it would not allow it. Someone told me once I may need to download a codec, so I am looking into that, too.
I purchased a laptop recently, so I can take it with me when I travel.  I use autocorrect in Word 2003 for my shortcuts; does anyone know how to copy and move these entries onto my laptop?  How about my medical spellchecker?  I appreciate any advice on this subject. Thanks!
Here's a how to concerning moving the autocorrect entries.


As for the spellchecker, if you have a CD that came with it, you'd simply install it on the laptop, I believe.
I work on a laptop when I travel.  I love the convenience, but not the small keyboard.  When I'm traveling and have room in a hotel I also take my ergonomic keyboard which is much better.  I have a Toshiba Satellite A105 Series Intel Celeron M Processor with the little over 15" screen size.  I love it.  It's not the fastest one out there by any means, but it works great for what I need it for.
That's what I was thinking, more on the lines of comfort. Can I ask what type of laptop you have? Where do you find it most comfortable to sit and work?
I use a laptop to work with.  I attach my ergonomically correct keyboard to it and away I go.  I travel quite often, so it makes it easier to pack up and taken my work with me when I need to be gone.
I use mine to work with.  I love it because I can be mobile if I need to be.  I also attach my ergonoic keyboard and mouse to it.
I would think it would work. I use one for my work. I attach my "ergonomically correct" keyboard and mouse to it so that I don't have to use the touchpad or that rinky dink keyboard! Good luck to you!

I have an HP laptop
I have the Core Duo processor which I was told specifically this is better for running multiple programs at once, i.e text expander, word, etc. Gateway has similar ones, and their customer service is MUCH better than HP. I never had an issue with the computer itself though. If you want more details, shoot me an e-mail.
Where can I buy a laptop with XP on it?

Is there anyplace selling new laptop/notebooks with XP instead of Vista?