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I work on Escription platform and the adapter didnt work for me. I tried it on my laptop though

Posted By: luvmting on 2007-04-01
In Reply to: radio shack has it all. - simple

and the foot pedal would just not play correctly with the adapter. I think others have tried it and done it but it just didnt work for me.

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So hooking the 9-pin to a USB adapter will still allow it to work with Escription?
That was my only concern.  I knew about adapters but didn't know if the pedal would still be compatible with Escription.  I know my USB pedal is not and my employer had to send me a 9-pin pedal. 
That's strange I bought the adapter but couldnt get it to work right. Maybe cuz it was a laptop..
I'll have to try it again. I just could not get it to work right. I would get sound but then it would freeze up.
That didnt work out right! Sorry.. NM
wonder why my email didnt work??
That makes me wonder, I have been getting emails lately, it should be working.
it just sounds like they didnt want to work with you anymore
I wouldnt let it get me down. I dont feel like you should go back to school. It takes time to do the more difficult doctors. Unless you did not go to school and do good. Only you know how well you learned and whether or not you feel comfortable with doing transcription.

I think this lady was aggravated and took it out on you. Dont give up.

Keep your chin up. This is a tough field.
didnt work so owed no money
it is bigger equipment and expensive. AND they never worked so I did not owe them any money. Some were so "anxious" to work that I spent a small fortune sending it overnight so they could "get started" because they really needed to work. I want to believe in the best of people, but it is getting harder and harder.
Would this adapter work?
I saw it on Ebay.
I didnt ask for ANYTHING. Merry Christmas and watch your back when u work for a national.
thats MY point.
you can use vonage, but there is an adapter you need to buy to make it work.
Ask at office depot about it.
If the program will work with an adapter, they should lend it to you. I've
Anyone know if a pedal with Dictaphone adapter will work with ExpressScribe?

Thanks !!!


eScription adapter problems...

 What is the Dynex adapter part number.

Will send hubby to Best Buy to get one.

No, don't work for Escription
no message.
You most definitely work for eScription . . .
Why not stop BSing us with that crap about doing 600 lines per hour? Everyone here knows that is not possible. You should be ashamed of yourself for luring us in, trying to convince us we will make more money with Edit Script. How can you sleep at night?
I work on Escription and will tell you what I know
You are told you will increase your line count x10 or so. That is not the case. My line count on straight wen from around 2000 or more a day to now approximately 3000 per day (some people do more) but that is all my audio on Escription allows me to do. I have worked for some time on this platform and if you had all the same people working, maybe it might learn but mine never improves too much. There is a lot of editing each and every day. Your pay goes down quite a bit. The pay is usually 4 cents and some places are going even lower than that at 3. something for VR. Some of the people who were on with me at first did not stay, did not like at all. I do not think it will ever replace transcriptionists because it can really mess up sentences, laughing, coughing, background noise will make it throw in words not there, plus it leaves out a lot of things. I would not think most are getting rich on VR now. If I could and younger, probably would accept a job like you mentioned, something involving nursing. I think that would be an excellent job choice because MTing is steadily going downhill. I hope this information is helpful.
I work for a comapny (not escription) who uses
I have done very poorly with line count. The VR is agonizing. I spend an inordinate amount of time making corrections to the reports done by VR at 3.5 cpl...so you are right...I'd have to do close to 5000 lines to make $150.00. Quite sad. Additionally, I at times have to insert normals, which with this system is time consuming.

Even when I type in this software, I'm having a good day if I can get 200 lines per hour at .07cpl. I am testing for other companies. I will starve on these wages.
I want to work on escription program
what companies use it? TIA
I also work on eScription and LOVE it.
How do you may Escription and dial up work?

Are there any MTs/VR MTs out there using Escription with dial up?  If so, please tell me how to get it to work becuase I have Escription on my computer, but I cannot get the first dictation downloaded.  If there is a setting somewhere that I need to change for my dial up connection please tell me.  I am begging.

Thanks so much

Escription and dial up..Will it work?

How do you make Escription and dial up work together?  I have a slow connection and I can get short dictations but no long ones.  Does anyone have any advice for me? 


Escription and dial up..Will it work?
What type of system are you working with. Editscript and satellite or dialup are not always the best combination.
Does Escription work with Vista?

Is there anyone out there doing VR on the Escription/EditScript software and using it with the new Vista operating system?  I am just curious if they work well together.


Escription- saving work


 I was wondering if anyone out there who uses Escription can tell me if there is a way to save a document that is not yet completed?  Last night we had a planned power down to test the generator (we have one every month) and another MT and I were still in the middle of documents.  We just closed down figuring that it would do the autosave but it didn't save anything. My supervisor tells me it only does the save when the computer crashes or the power goes out. When we had Chartscript we could put the document on hold, but with Escription is it either upload it unfinished or lose it?  Is there any way to save an unfinshed report?


Does Smartype work w/ Escription
Just wondering.  Thanks
I work on eScription and love it.
With the part-time position I have using eScription, straight transcription I average about $27-$28 an hour and with VR I can average up to about $34-$35 an hour. It did take me a little time and concerted effort to get there, though. I had to learn to keep up with the dictation and I have to really pay close attention but even with difficult dictators, I still do as well or better with VR than straight transcription.

I get 10 cpl for transcription and 5 cpl for VR.

I work from a laptop on DQS
We travel back and forth between our main home and a cabin. It works fine. I got all kinds of help from another poster on this board before I bought and then did a lot of research on the internet. DQS loads just dandy. Just make sure you get a fairly powerful processor and plenty of memory and storage. Also you'll need several kinds of ports to accommodate an external keyboard, foot pedal and mouse. Mine came with all these. It's an HP with an AMD-64 processor. Very very happy with it!
i have a laptop so i can still work on
battery back up, but i still unplug everything and wait it out.  it's not worth the risk because it only takes once and you lose everything.  i'm in the midwest with tornados going through right now....i couldn't live without my laptop and battery back up!
Anyone work on laptop?
Wondering if any MT's work on laptop versus desktop computer?
Does anyone use a laptop for work?
Do you like it? My PC is about to take a dump and Im gonna have to find something else to take its place. My friend has a laptop I can borrow. Everything new has Vista and work has advised us not to upgrade to Vista at present.
About laptop for MT work..sm

i just got a very nice, widescreen laptop for work. I have medical issues and could not withstand working at my desk any longer. People are telling me that it won't last for MT work becuase the keyboard is not durable enough. Well, i still use my ergo keyboard hooked up and i only use the laptop keyboard for work when I am completing my work for about 2 to 3 hours at night. My question is, has any of you ever had a laptop keyboard go bad with MT work?

I hope not, took me years to even afford this one. :)

About laptop for MT work

I have been using laptops (first one was a notebook) for about 10 years. The one I have now is over 4 years old and doing fine. I too, use an external keyboard. I wouldn't have anything else.
Using Laptop for Work

Yes, the keypad in the laptop is not designed for typing work and it is VERY costly if need to be changed.  So, you can hook up an USB keyboard and optical mouse with your laptop's USB port.



You CAN work in bed on a laptop
Okay, so maybe I'm the last laptop MT out there who just discovered this but I've figured out how to work from bed on days when I'm struggling physically (I have RA). I have propped my foot pedal on a pillow under my elbow/forearm, and gently lean on it while I type. MUCH better! Just wanted to pass that wisdom on in case there was anyone else out there that could be helped by this.
What platform do you work on? Maybe I can help.
e-mail me if you like.
I work with VR and have used the same platform now for
about 4+ years. I work part-time and make around $500 or more per week. I personally love it myself- I have the audio as fast as it will go and my last QA score was 99.9 so I disagree with the person who said cannot be fast and still get good QA. Having said all the above, I do not think it will ever take the place of MTers. Same platform and yet numerous errors that have to be corrected all the time- one physician in particular I recall- no matter what his preop diagnosis is and his postop the same (or supposed to be) it always comes out with chronic renal failure, always even when not said. Same platform, different errors, lots of corrections back then and now. Donít worry your pretty head about this getting rid of transcriptions, gotta be a lot better before that.
No - no laptop - no computers and no work
I'm just going to leave - and try to relax and work this out. I have no support at home with this, so I am sure it will be at least a day before anyone at home will realize that I am not there. Probably when someone needs me to do something - it will be hey - where's mom - I thought she was just going to the store. My husband has been in the garage today with his brother and another guy since about 9:00 a.m. - and it is hot here. Thanks for everyone's support. The rest of my immediate family is dead or I am sure that they would help me with this. That is why I have to go somewhere on my own, since I don't have any family to help me.
I work outside with my laptop with no problems.
I also have a Sprint USB wireless card and can work anywhere I get a signal, which for me is basically everywhere I travel. I purchased a 9-cell battery and get approximately 6 hours of work time. I use Express Scribe for work and I just use the hotkeys and I don't need to use a footpedal. All my resources are electronic and are downloaded onto my laptop.

While I still prefer to work at a desk as I am more productive when working at my desk, it is nice to have the option to work outside when the weather is nice or if my kids want to go outside to play.
How many of you use a Laptop solely for work? nm
What transcription platform do you work on? sm
Hi all! Just curious about the platform you work on and if you like it? If there was a "dream" platform, what would it be? What would you change on your platform if you could? Don't be shy, tell us what you think. :)
Platform that does not work with Vista
Last I heard, Medquist (DocQScribe) did not work with Vista. 
The platform is slow and they run out of work.
Also work on eScription. Make more. Easier on wrists. sm
It's editing work, and the reason I personally make more is that I'm a slow typist but a fast reader and "punctuator." The eScription software is very easy to learn.
I work on Escription VR and if you cannot make minimum wage, then
something is really wrong with either you or your system. I make a very good salary on VR. It can be done even at 4 cpl and that is what I am paid. I have occasional straight but 90%+ is all VR. I do not understand people saying minimum wage- that is only 6 or 7 dollars an hour, ridiculous to work for that in this kind of profession.
Escription users- Belkin USB adapter for foot pedal problems
Hey, as most of you know, we're stuck using the old 9-pin foot pedal. Well, I bought the Belkin adapter and set it to the ports as Escription's web site instructed, and at first, it was working when I hit the foot pedal. I heard it, and then my mouse stopped and everything froze. It did this twice to where I just had ot turn off my computer. Anyone else have this problem, and if so, what did you do. It was frustrating to get to that one, have sound..everything...and then froze up the computer completely. Thanks
Anybody here work only on a laptop and not use desktop computer at all?
Does it drive you crazy with the small keyboard and small screen? Maybe it's something you get used to and compensate for when working. I'm considering getting a laptop just for work to keep things separate but looking for pros and cons of this. I figured somebody on the board has some advice on this.
At an old job we could return work we did not want, but then they fixed their platform so you could
so it is probably only a matter of time before all companies do that, smart thing to do but yes it does cut into your paycheck if you get a horrible run of bad ESLs.
crummy platform gave it away. I know where YOU work

iChart...is this a good or bad platform to work on?

Any info appreciated.  I have never worked on this platform.  TIA

The company I work for will not have the platform until this fall. sm
I just got a heads up since my computer will not work with Escription. I'm trying to decide whether to replace my Office software, or get a backup computer. Thanks.
Yipee.. I FINALLY found an adapter that worked for my laptop
I actually used Escription's suggestion of Dynex adapter..I have been trying to find one that worked for 2 years..and today, I found it. You can buy it from like Best Buy for $30 but I went on ebay and bought it for $10 or something. Well, worth the money. Just wanted to update you.
I am a bit computer dumb, but what would I need with a laptop to work while at the hospital with my