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Fluctuance IS a real word and positively correct. SM

Posted By: Endiqua on 2005-11-16
In Reply to: flocculence is listed on onelook.com-sm - kj

Fluctuance IS a real word - meaning that when the wound is palpated (touched), there is a wave-like feeling. See my cite of Stedman's MEDICAL DICTIONARY in the previous post for the definition.

Flocculence is listed in the Online Medical dictionary as a variant of flocculation:
The rapid precipitation of large amounts of a solute out of a solvent.

Stedman's MEDICAL dictionary has no definition for "flocculence." The dictionary.com entry of "a fluffy or woolly appearance" has no relation to PALPATION of a wound.

Stedman's definition of "flocculant" is "Resembling tufts of cotton or wool; denoting a fluid, such as the urine, containing numerous shreds or fluffy particles of gray-white or white mucus or other material." This has NOTHING to do with PALPATING a wound!

I guarantee that "fluctuance" is correct.

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If you picked the correct Word version at installation, if you pull up a blank Word page & do an inc
I had always encountered doctors dictating "fluctuance."  I followed what they say, but just lately, I have been questioning if there is such a word.  Suggestions are greatly appreciated!

fluctuance comes from the word "fluctuant" but the correct spelling for fluctuance is

"fluctuans". I was given this information from a professor from LSUS in

Shreveport, Louisiana

is normoreflexic a real word? see inside

He is areflexic at the ankles and normoreflexic at the knees.


MD is very clear.  Any suggestions?  Many thanks !!!

If it's not a real word, I put it in quotation marks.
I dont even know if it is a real word, I just hate it-
How about the new commercialfor a cell phone company where the girl talks in abbv. Something about her "BFF Jill". That is kind of cute, but I dont understand all this language!! Now "aint" I understand!
All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.
All word questions need to be posted on the Word board. Please use the correct board to post.


The correct word is,
of course, coarse. It is very rare to find a company that provides samples good enough for a picky MT to use as provided. It seems to be politically incorrect to fix the samples ... except for yourself. So that's what I do - I remake the normals in my own ShortHand system and use those.

Auto Correct in Word

I use auto correct in Word to make my macros.  Is there any way to save this info in the event that my computer were to crash.  This has happened before and I've had to enter all of my macros again on a new computer (quite a hassle).  I appreciate any info.



If you are using Word use auto-correct to

get you started. - make tp the patient, etc. 

Start with just a few additions - the ones that you use most often.  Add 5 or 10 a week.  Make you a sticky note and stick on the monitor if you need help remembering.  Use those 5 to 10 for a week and then add a few more the next week. 

As someone else stated I would get an expander.  Auto correct does the same thing as an Expander but has limited space, so if you utilize a lot of auto-corrects/expansions you'll run out of room and have to switch over to an expander anyway. 

Same situation with me - seems like every other word I have to correct! nm


I always correct them. Guess I'm too a@al to put in the incorrect word. nm
In Word, how do I correct a spelling in dictionary
expanders vs MS Word Auto Correct

Hello everyone ....  I've been using MS Word's auto correct feature as my expander.  Is it 'just as good' as using an Expander ?   Of course my line count is lousy per hour - but I don't do the same account regularly, and I don't get many ops (standard formats).  

Please tell me if / why I should change to an expander - and which one works best.  Remember PRD for DOS - I loved it.  Is there a Windows version?

Thanks, Susie


Auto correct in Word and a TON of macros....

auto correct in word 2007

  1. Click the Microsoft Office ButtonButton, and then click Word Options.
  2. In the Word Options dialog box, click Proofing, and then click AutoCorrect Options.

Also, you can't use Word for correct line counts
It doesn't deduct headers, footers, formatting commands. Extext line count deducts those depending on company setup.
absolutely positively

We got our 18 YO son a truck, 1991 Ford, but he's making the payments. It helps him learn responsibility and he feels proud that he's buying it on his own.  Your daughter probably does see lots of new cars in the lot at school, cause there are lots of parents who somehow or for some reason feel obligated or just plain guilty, so they buy something to compensate.  Don't be that kind of parent, your daughter will benefit more if you teach her how to take care of herself and be a responsible, productive adult, not a spoiled brat!

Positively scrumptious

The correct word is shotty - like buckshot - not shoddy.
I built my own using the auto-correct function in Word. (sm)
I removed most of the words that came with auto-correct, and replaced them with my own short macros, which consist of words, phrases, & short sentences. Little or no memorizing involved, because I made them up as I went along whenever I kept getting the same things over and over again, and got tired of typing them. For longer macros I just put them in a document file that I can copy and paste. Simple. And CHEAP!
Open Word, click on Auto Correct, then..
click on the words you do not want and click Delete.
Word will not correct two letters in caps. You must type a third letter for
that feature to kick in. You need to practice letting up on the Shift key sooner or you need a macro to go through your document to fix all of those instances.

Word 2000 and later does not cap after colons or numbers followed by punctuation even if you have that option turned on in Tools. You can use the change case command of Shift + F3 immediately after typing the first word to get a cap. I use Instant Text and there's a feature in that program that automatically fixes the cap issue in Word. Otherwise, you need a macro to go through the document and change that as well.

If working in Word, autotext/correct can be used for free, but (smsg)
if you need a separate expander, then I recommend Shorthand.  I think their cost is reasonable, and it is user friendly.  I've used it for years, and it has worked in numerous different platforms, or if not directly compatible, I could convert my list either way fairly easily.  It, too, has a free demo period for 30 days.  Aside from Word's own autotext/correct function which is limited in its compatibility to a degree, you aren't going to find a good free one.
What a positively disrespectful, terrible post...
In my opinion, your attitude is disturbing. Have you read what you have written?

Firstly, you have misplaced your anger. These issues should be taken up with your employer and with the people hiring MTs, if you are so concerned about quality.

Secondly, venting is one thing, but do you know how you 'sound' coming on here like you are better than everyone else.

Thirdly, in defense of many MTs I must say you are under time pressure to pump out reports so you can get your lines, your lines/per hour, your disgusting pay because you are competing with people who make 2 cents a line when you used to make 12 and are now making perhaps 7 on average...

MTs are supposed to be and act as so-called 'professionals' only how many professionals do you really know who are treated like slave labor, and who have to work under the situations above?

Greed and people like you have created this MT you are so "sick" of, and now you want to change it back. Good luck with that. You are getting what you are paying for, and I say you because you are acting as though this is a personal attack on you.

If you are so sick, go to your employer and tell them they need to make some changes.

Next, in defense of MTs, you have the advantage of reading through a report already transcribed, just listening, after an MT probably has gone through and painfully done the best he/she can, but rather than spend any more time on a report, sends it to QA for help.

What kind of MT are you - have you never had that happen where you simply cannot catch what a doctor is saying, so you ask a coworker who comes along and immediately hears it clear as a bell!

Lastly, do you really think you are doing any justice to your job, if you are so disgusted and unhappy with it? Seriously, perhaps you could take a management position, or start a mentor-type program to help these MTs...
Positively! When I designed the specs for this pc a few months ago, I made sure it would be...


wanted to add it was nice of you to positively reinforce MT efforts on difficult dictations...(nm)
Cook it real slow at real low heat; simmer, don't boil.
Do it correct always. It will learn. Everyone has to do it correct all the time. nm
If you are careful with putting the correct report in the correct report shell and patient, you will
not have any problems. I only take away this option when someone is careless. There can be NO room for error on this. One mistake can be very serious. Many do it well though, so just double check and you will be fine.

Microsoft Word.. The oold Word used to do this and I'm new to 2003 Word..nm
yes, real med.
is this for real?
if so, Lord help us all. We are in a world of trouble if this is what our profession is coming to!
I think my real ? is...sm
can I pick it up by just doing it, or do I need some "real" training? It definitely sounds like something I want to check into! Thanks everyone for the input!!!
I am real
Don't be jealous! If you do your math and learn to read, you will see that I lost this weight over a 6 week period (I even said in my post I started on August 17th). My first week I lost 12 pounds and then averaged about 5-7 pounds per week thereafter. Most of it was water weight (told to me from the doctor) and YES IT IS POSSIBLE.

Ever watch the series "The Big Fat Loser?" They were my inspiration and I can tell you that some of those people on there the first week lost well over 15-20 pounds!

Again, don't be jealous. I can't help you will be stuck at your 600+ pounds for life. I decided to get my life back and that is what I am doing. My weight continues to decline and all is good, as I have been monitored by a doctor for this! So a big "WHATEVER TO YOU!"
get real.
I was a 70s teenager too, smoked pot, etc. Nothing shocks me - I've seen and heard it all. Believe me, I've been around so many losers I think I am starting to get pretty good at spotting them and every 40 something pothead I've seen is a big time loser. Furthermore, if you are in your 40s and cannot construct a sentence without swear every other word you really need help, you might be lacking a little in imagination along with class. I hope for your sake you're not over 21.
I really like Real.com....SM
If I remember right, we downloaded the player, and from there you go to their Music Store, where you can browse, sample, and buy tunes. They seem to have a great selection. Usually they are 99 cents per tune to buy, but sometimes they have "sales." Burning CDs is super easy. If *I* can do it, anyone can. I have made several of my own CDs that I love to listen to in the car.

Oh, and no monthly fee either!


(It's the Real Player download over to the right, which includes access to the Music Store.)
any of them....get real and get over it....nm
Get real ---
First of all, why in the world would anyone have to wait 6 weeks for a first check?  Second, I know for a fact that they run out of work especially around the holidays.  If you have plenty of work it is only because the smart MTs have left that joint!  -- MTs like you take whatever the amount of their check is and never question management.  That's why you love it there --------- when they say "jump" you say "how high?"  --- LMAO   
get a real job
YES, all my friends who are lucky never had to work get mad at me cause i dont have time to go to lunch, do church work, come over and hang out, go canoing etc.etc. etc. "you never want to do anything"
Is this for real...
I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time buying this story...please forgive me for being insensitive...but each time you post, it gets more and more bizarre.  Sounds like a movie...I'm skeptical, sorry, not buying it...
of course I'm for real and you are....sm

typical of so many Americans who want to KILL rather than RESCUE.  This is most probably a harmless snake.  I happen to like most snakes and asked what the color was so perhaps I could help decipher dangerous snake from nondangerous snake.

If an endangered species came flying your way, into your neighborhood, into your garage or patio......you'd want to kill it rather than rescue it. 

Snakes are not cockroaches,  they are not rats, they are not vermin!! 

I live in a reptile state......we do not go around killing the critters unless they STRIKE (alligators/crocodiles/other reptiles) and if they don't strike and they catch them, they get sent to places that house them, show them, and don't kill them.

God didn't say go kill all the animals nor did Jesus.....

Lord help you when your time comes.....



Let's be real....
The only docs and facilities that need 24- hour turnaround time is radiology.  The rest of the docs who get the work in 24 and 12 hours basically just sit on it - that's after the MT has broken her neck getting it to them. 
your welcome.... just trying to keep it real..
Let me know if it works!!!! 
MT not a real job.
Your husband and mine have a lot in common. I have the same problem. I have actually been told I was lazy because I work at home. And he says it isn't worth the money because as a newbie you dont start out making a lot of money but this is something you have to work your way up to. I have a good friend who makes an excellent living at this. But she has been doing it for 8 years now. I know one day it will pay off but in the meantime he doesn't take it seriously at all. He makes me feel like I dont even have a job. So I know exactly how you feel.
yes, i am for real-sm
I stammered a bit and then asked for more info about the dishwashing job.  I told her I had not considered it before.  I honestly didn't know what to say!  Where- I'd rather not say.
that's real nice

A real old old timer
When I learned how to type in high school, we had the manual typewriters with no letters on the keys.  The first electric typewriter when I was a senior, was awesome! You barely had to touch it.  I can't remember either the name of the first "word processor" I used, but I know that soon after came the "Mag Card".  I definitely don't miss any of these.  Yes, that was before production.    Boy, just thinking about this makes me realize how "ancient" I am and how far technology has come in my lifetime. 
I am real too at 96 pounds. I would never let myself get that fat.