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is this for real?

Posted By: Lord help us all on 2005-07-19
In Reply to: Check out the posting on job board titled "mt job". - sm

if so, Lord help us all. We are in a world of trouble if this is what our profession is coming to!

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Cook it real slow at real low heat; simmer, don't boil.
yes, real med.
I think my real ? is...sm
can I pick it up by just doing it, or do I need some "real" training? It definitely sounds like something I want to check into! Thanks everyone for the input!!!
I am real
Don't be jealous! If you do your math and learn to read, you will see that I lost this weight over a 6 week period (I even said in my post I started on August 17th). My first week I lost 12 pounds and then averaged about 5-7 pounds per week thereafter. Most of it was water weight (told to me from the doctor) and YES IT IS POSSIBLE.

Ever watch the series "The Big Fat Loser?" They were my inspiration and I can tell you that some of those people on there the first week lost well over 15-20 pounds!

Again, don't be jealous. I can't help you will be stuck at your 600+ pounds for life. I decided to get my life back and that is what I am doing. My weight continues to decline and all is good, as I have been monitored by a doctor for this! So a big "WHATEVER TO YOU!"
get real.
I was a 70s teenager too, smoked pot, etc. Nothing shocks me - I've seen and heard it all. Believe me, I've been around so many losers I think I am starting to get pretty good at spotting them and every 40 something pothead I've seen is a big time loser. Furthermore, if you are in your 40s and cannot construct a sentence without swear every other word you really need help, you might be lacking a little in imagination along with class. I hope for your sake you're not over 21.
I really like Real.com....SM
If I remember right, we downloaded the player, and from there you go to their Music Store, where you can browse, sample, and buy tunes. They seem to have a great selection. Usually they are 99 cents per tune to buy, but sometimes they have "sales." Burning CDs is super easy. If *I* can do it, anyone can. I have made several of my own CDs that I love to listen to in the car.

Oh, and no monthly fee either!


(It's the Real Player download over to the right, which includes access to the Music Store.)
any of them....get real and get over it....nm
Get real ---
First of all, why in the world would anyone have to wait 6 weeks for a first check?  Second, I know for a fact that they run out of work especially around the holidays.  If you have plenty of work it is only because the smart MTs have left that joint!  -- MTs like you take whatever the amount of their check is and never question management.  That's why you love it there --------- when they say "jump" you say "how high?"  --- LMAO   
get a real job
YES, all my friends who are lucky never had to work get mad at me cause i dont have time to go to lunch, do church work, come over and hang out, go canoing etc.etc. etc. "you never want to do anything"
Is this for real...
I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time buying this story...please forgive me for being insensitive...but each time you post, it gets more and more bizarre.  Sounds like a movie...I'm skeptical, sorry, not buying it...
of course I'm for real and you are....sm

typical of so many Americans who want to KILL rather than RESCUE.  This is most probably a harmless snake.  I happen to like most snakes and asked what the color was so perhaps I could help decipher dangerous snake from nondangerous snake.

If an endangered species came flying your way, into your neighborhood, into your garage or patio......you'd want to kill it rather than rescue it. 

Snakes are not cockroaches,  they are not rats, they are not vermin!! 

I live in a reptile state......we do not go around killing the critters unless they STRIKE (alligators/crocodiles/other reptiles) and if they don't strike and they catch them, they get sent to places that house them, show them, and don't kill them.

God didn't say go kill all the animals nor did Jesus.....

Lord help you when your time comes.....



Let's be real....
The only docs and facilities that need 24- hour turnaround time is radiology.  The rest of the docs who get the work in 24 and 12 hours basically just sit on it - that's after the MT has broken her neck getting it to them. 
your welcome.... just trying to keep it real..
Let me know if it works!!!! 
MT not a real job.
Your husband and mine have a lot in common. I have the same problem. I have actually been told I was lazy because I work at home. And he says it isn't worth the money because as a newbie you dont start out making a lot of money but this is something you have to work your way up to. I have a good friend who makes an excellent living at this. But she has been doing it for 8 years now. I know one day it will pay off but in the meantime he doesn't take it seriously at all. He makes me feel like I dont even have a job. So I know exactly how you feel.
yes, i am for real-sm
I stammered a bit and then asked for more info about the dishwashing job.  I told her I had not considered it before.  I honestly didn't know what to say!  Where- I'd rather not say.
that's real nice

A real old old timer
When I learned how to type in high school, we had the manual typewriters with no letters on the keys.  The first electric typewriter when I was a senior, was awesome! You barely had to touch it.  I can't remember either the name of the first "word processor" I used, but I know that soon after came the "Mag Card".  I definitely don't miss any of these.  Yes, that was before production.    Boy, just thinking about this makes me realize how "ancient" I am and how far technology has come in my lifetime. 
I am real too at 96 pounds. I would never let myself get that fat.
Get real, we'd be jobless!!
So no real safe way to put...
a "bug" in their ear that you're available if they want you huh?
The REAL story

On July 16th, 2005 Dwayne Schimke, ebay user ‘Turnedtwo’ contacted me about a bike I was selling on eBay. He emailed saying that he wanted to come to my home and pick up the bike. I have clearly stated in all of my auctions that I do not allow people to pick up items. He admits himself that he ‘didn’t read the whole auction’ After a few emails were exchanged I told him I had blocked him from bidding, and asked him not to email me anymore. He was offended that I forbid him to bid on my auction, and continued to email me several more times after I had asked him to stop emailing me. Then I called his home, I used some choice words and told him to stop emailing me.

After that, he did not email me anymore and I did not email him or call him anymore. I thought this was the end of it. Then a few months later Bret Shipp from WFAA shows up at my home and starts asking questions about the confrontation and about Cindy


Once I heard the name Cindy Burleson, it became clear why the reporter was there.

Cindy Burleson and Lisa Taylor have been harassing me and my family for almost two years now. She goes by eBay user IDs : lavinder17@hotmail.com , fireyredhead1960, cindysilver2004, curtain_climbers, officerfredfw

They have done everything they can think of to ruin my business, my reputation, and basically my life. They have accused me of anything they could think of, and have reported me to anyone they could come up with in an attempt to reek some sort of revenge against me and have me kicked off of eBay.

I was first contacted by Cindy Burleson in Feb. 2004. She had won one of my auctions for $1.50. She told me she was going to my house and pick up the item. I told her I do not let anyone from the internet come to my house. She insisted that she knew where I lived, and she was going to come over. She got really mad that I refused to allow her in my home. She began accusing me of bidding on my own auctions. The auction had started for $1, so she was accusing me of committing fraud to gain 50 cents ! She reported this to eBay, and emailed my customers with this ridiculous claim.

She then started calling me, and emailing obsessively, then she got her daughter, her boyfriend, and her friends to email me. I have received well over 1,000 emails from her and her friends/family. I got over 500 from them in one day alone. I did call her quite a few times to try to get her to stop, I threatened legal action, she just kept emailing and calling. I gave up, and stopped responding to her harassment in February 2004 and changed my phone number to stop her calls. That is when the real horror began. She is on a mission to do everything she can to effect my life, my business, and my family.

She took one of my emails to her and changed it to say that I was coming to kill her. She sent it to eBay so that they would cancel my account. I had a copy of the original email with the time, date, and ID numbers. I was able to prove to eBay that I did not do this, and they eventually reinstated my account. Meanwhile I was suspended for 30 days with no income because of this lie.

After all of these false allegations from Cindy and her daughter I began to suspect they were the ones up to no good on eBay, so I started to research her accounts and I found out Cindy would list items (such as Tiffany jewelry) and Lisa would bid against other bidders on the items to drive the price up! She had accused me of this when her and her daughter were the ones really doing it ! I showed eBay and eBay suspended the accounts. Neither Cindy Burleson or Lisa Taylor have been allowed on eBay since that time.

Cindy and Lisa both knew it was me who reported them and it only fueled their hatred towards me. Needless to say the story did not end there.

She handed out my home address and phone number to everyone she knows. They then started calling and driving by my house (then would call and/or email to say they had driven by) I filed a police report with the Johnson County Sheriff after they came by late one night in May 2004.  I thought it would end after that but the worst was yet to come.

The 10news story states I was arrested for "harassment" and shows the mug shot from that ‘most recent’ arrest. The only reason I was arrested for harassment was because on 3-15-2004 Cindy Burleson filed a false police report against me with the Grand Prairie Texas police department. Apparently her story did not hold water, so action was not taken by the police. The following week 3-22-2004, Lisa goes back to Grand Prairie Texas police department and tells them a different story (someone must have told them their first report did not do it and what they would have to say in order for the Grand Prairie police to take action). A warrant was issued for me after the second report. I obtained copies of the 2 conflicting police reports and there is absolutely no mention of any ‘death threat’ in either of the 2 reports. In fact the reports say I had called 5 times, not the 30-40 she is claiming now. The strangest part of the 2 conflicting reports is that they were both taken by the same police officer. This is a matter of public record and can be verified by anyone through the Grand Prairie Police Department.

Now I ask you, if you were the police officer who took the initial report and knew full well it was false, why would you accept a second report with a different story from the same 2 people and allow them to use different names and addresses, but the same phone numbers ? Not to mention the fact that neither Cindy, her daughter, nor I resided in or around Grand Prairie at all.

Bret Shipp of WFAA was advised of all of this, but he made absolutely no mention of these facts I provided him with in the story they did on me. I guess the truth did not make for a ‘juicy’ story in Bret’s eyes.

I had no idea I even had a warrant for this until the night I was pulled over in my hometown of Cleburne a couple days after Christmas. I spent 5 days (including New Years Eve!) in jail before I could come up with the $5,000 bond they put on me ! Once the DA looked into the matter my bond was refunded in full and no charges were filed. I still spent 5 days in jail because of this woman's lies !

She has continued to harass me and my family. She said that she has been ‘terrorized’ but I have not emailed, called or initiated any contact with her since Feb. 2004. She and her daughter have continued this for almost 2 years now. Every so often I get some kind of strange email message from her. She tells me she likes my house, my car, my truck, and my wife. She has sent emails to my wife stating she has had sex with me in an effort to have my wife think I cheated on her. Both her and her daughter send me emails asking if I am having a nice day and that they love me, stuff like hugs and kisses and such. She even ran a criminal background check on me, got all of my personal information, then emailed to tell me she had this information. She emailed me in July 2005 saying she had driven by my house and saw me smoking in the front yard. She told me how ‘white trash’ she thought that was.

Now I ask you, if someone is harassing and ‘terrorizing’ you, why on earth would you be emailing them to antagonize them and drive by their home which is more than an hour away?

Cindy was frustrated that I was not responding to her emails and phone calls and proceeded to involve the Media and tell them the same bogus story she told eBay about me threatening her life. In fact, I found out about this whole ‘Ebay Bully’ story from HER!! She emailed me to show me what she had done.

After the 10news story aired I started receiving many emails from irate eBay users cussing me out left and right. I was lead into numerous chat forums and discussion boards  which were discussing this ‘Ebay Bully’ story and even going as far as posting satellite images of my neighborhood and specifically pointing out my house on the image! Then eBay canceled my accounts telling me I had become a "legal liability" to them, and they could not allow me to conduct business on their site. This entire ordeal has become an ongoing nightmare from which I cannot seem to wake up.

I am an honest small business owner, just trying to make a living and take care of my home and family. I have been selling on eBay for 7 years. I have 1000’s of happy customers. It is unfortunate that I have lost my sole source of income due to a couple of persistent people with nothing better to do than to come up with ways to destroy my life. I now have been put out of business, and have no way to support myself or my family.

I have suffered loss of wages, false imprisonment, harassment, defamation of character, and now public humiliation at the hands of Cindy and her clan. I honestly cannot believe something like this could happen over a $1.50 auction. If it had not happened to me I still would not believe it.

The scariest part of this whole ordeal is that I have come to realize that Cindy Burleson is not going to stop. She is obsessed with me, and has made it her life’s mission to harass me and my family. If it happened to me, it could happen to anyone out there.

oh be real and tell the truth !
all of you are quoting prices of 9, 10 and 12 cents and I think you're all fibbing. Every national I've contacted talks about 6 and MAYBE 8 cents per line and I have 10 years exper. So where did you guys find these so-called companies? I'll bet you anything no one will quote the companies paying the big bucks, will ya.
Sounds like a real job, LOL.
I doubt they mean you have to come back in once you leave, but probably that there are days when they will need you until 6:00 or 6:30, and they have probably had problems with people who were packed up to leave at 4:55 every day.

It's a real pity.....
In my office, I have a 40-inch plasma TV hanging on the wall and a stereo sound system that could just about rival any club's, but when I work, I work in total silence - don't even have the T.V. on because it will prompt me to turn it up.  And forget the music playing softly in the background because that would only prompt me to crank it up to the max and then, of course, I wouldn't get ANY work done!!!  (Ah dew LUV ma' music!!)  
Yeah, it gets real old after a while.....
But you know what, so does every other job/field.  That's why they call it "hard-earned pay.
Yup, real power comes

.. when you do the "right thing", even tho you want to pile all his stuff up, douse with gasoline, and throw the match!  Revenge can be sweet in the moment, whether in words or actions, but the regret lasts a looooong time, and it gives him something to throw back at you and your kids.  This way, you can be proud to hold your head up and just keep movin' on......

For the real deal,
Is this question for real???
A way to tell if PayPal is real or not...
One thing that PayPal tells you on their web site regarding spam emails is that they will NEVER send you an email from PayPal that is addressed to the general masses ("Dear PayPal User"). If it says Dear Sue and your name is Sue, then it might be real. If it says "Dear PayPal User" it is a hoax.
The REAL facts on EMR

This is in response to a post made earlier to the MT who wanted to know if EMR is doing away with MTs. 

To answer your question, I would only direct you to the "job's wanted" board here, as well as to various other MT boards around.  Seeing the vast number of companies who are screaming for qualified MTs should answer your question and put your fears to rest.

EMR is too expensive and cumbersome for the vast majority of docs to use.  They will either have to pay big bucks for it and spend their time playing secretary or hire someone to do the input, which equals employee - benefits - paid vacation time - paid personal time, yada, yada, yada.  WHERE'S THE SAVINGS?  There is none. 

If the doc wants to play secretary and input the info himself, he's cutting his own throat doing it as he's earning secretarial wages instead of M.D. wages. 

EMR will not and never will wipe out our industry.  

Who said it was a real answer?
Lunatics on parade in here today.
ADHD is real! sm
I cannot believe as a teacher and an MT that you think ADHD is bull. I happen to have 2 children who have ADHD. When they were both in kindergarten and could not sit still for even 5 minutes at a time, I told myself, "They're just 5." However, each year, it was the same thing. My children happen to have been seen by at least 6 different physicians, facilities, specialists, psychiatrists, pychologists (as I tried everything to not put them on medicine). They all kept telling me the same thing. Now, I have 2 straight-A students who can stay in their seats and pay attention and get their work done. Yes, I believe it is WAY overdiagnosed; however, I do not believe it is bull. When my daughter was 9 years old, if she did not have her meds for a day, she would need anywhere from 20 to 30 reminders per day to get back to work and pay attention. JMO. No flames intended!
it's really bad and I feel real bad....nm

thanks but no thanks *S*; your *real truth*....nm

It is real... but not easy.

Don't believe the BS about being able to make 50K a year, that isn't likely to happen, at least not right out of the gate.  You can take a course online and then be able to work from home, but it isn't an easy-peasy job like some ads like to make it out to be.  It also isn't the easiest thing to find a job right after graduating, but it can be done.  I did it.  Don't want to discourage you, but reality is that this is a competative industry with a lot of qualified people seeking work.  It isn't a 'get rich quick' venture by any means. 


Please tell them the REAL reason
You are in a position to tell them that the real reason you are leaving is because of the pay scale. That is the only way things will ever change for those of us who have to stay with these big nationals. Congratulations on your position. You can help many of your fellow MTs by being totally honest with the big national that you are leaving because they don't pay enough! Thanks from all of us out here in the trenches!
Real helpful...
There are occasional posts on here for data entry.   Don't contribute if you don't have anyting constructive to say. 
It's for real - and no MQ competitor!

This is a real (and proven) solution that has been implemented by only a few hospitals nationwide. It is now being made available to hospitals, facilities, doctor offices, working with them to implement this model for themselves. And every hospital who takes back their transcription, giving them more control over TAT, quality, and MD satisfaction, will need quality MTs to do the transcription. That means you have the chance to work directly for the hospital with no middleman service. But what do you bring to the table? That is a crucial aspect for this to work to benefit everyone.

If you know of a hospital, facility, or doctor's office who would be interested, I'd love to talk with them. And we will be looking for MTs to do the work, obviously! So, send me an email and let's talk - but only if you are serious.

Yes - which is why you should not post under real name nm

Please ladies.  If a company ever ever ever installs this on your computer, get rid of it!  The program itself is for technical support but it also can enable a company to get into your system without your knowledge.  This happened to me and I caught someone from that company remotely taking over my keyboard and mouse! 

All they need to get in is your IP address and they can see your whole screen.  I was told by an independent IT person that they can log your Keystrokes and get your financial info if you have it stored.  I just had to change all of my banking and credit card accounts and run multiple scans on my computer.  I am an IC with my own computer and they installed this to run in the background as soon as I boot up the computer even though for tech support we used an entirely different program.

 Yes, I absolutely ended that contract, but I just wanted to let everyone know so the same does not happen to them. 

Real and serious problem??
I guess that is why since November I have added on two more clients, adding one more IC and all with tapes.  Even with the clinic I do with EMR -- more of the providers want to dictate as I showed them how they can make more money seeing patients in the time that it takes then to chart all the info and dictate to me.  Even with the templates they are spending 15 to 30 minutes per patient charting and then they procrastionate about getting the charting done because they want to go home.   So they are thinking about in the coming year to have me do all the providiers instead of just the 3 I am right now.   So yes, the sky is falling and no jobs available.   Have increased my income 30% this year and that is with taking off May to Sept working only 15 to 20 hours per week.  Sorry, I think we will be around for a while and I think more need to try and sway the clinics and docs to go through them and not a "large company."   
Have you ever listened to real
dictation? I worked at a place where the MDs could listen in on dictations if they wanted to hear a report that hadn't been transcribed or signed off and available yet. They could NEVER understand what the radiologists were saying, and these were their own patients, so you'd have thought they'd have a clue what to expect them to say.
Welcome to the real world.
Now I really seriously do not believe you are TOPS because you help others all day as that just does not make sense at all.     Furthermore, this OP is not a newbie obviously and probably isn't interested in your Expander....
Depression Is Real
The neighbor has a wireless Internet connection that is not password protected I can pick up on.

And to anyone who thinks depression does not exist or is all just a thought in your head you're dead wrong. I would assume anyone in the medical profession would realize that.

Do you think little kids get depressed and cut themselves because they are not making enough money? Kids don't think or care about that.

I appreciate the warm thoughts and advice from everyone here but please don't say that you don't believe in depression. "Take a shower, get up and go get a job" is easier said than done.
Real Player
Does anyone know what Real Player is, or how it it used?
Real Player
It can be used to listen to music, videos, and you can listen to audio through it for transcription, but I know my foot pedal doesn't work with it. It actually came on my computer when I got it.
let's get real here for a minute ---

I know that we are not paid what we are worth in this profession, but let's get real for a minute ---

Right now, how many people are crying because they are paying $3.50-$4.00 a gallon for gasoline to get to work everyday and it is taking 25% of their bring home pay to do that - on top of that, how many people are facing a layoff right now or a loss of a job completely - and we are all sitting here with job security and not losing our money to the big oil companies, and yet we continue to complain.  I know a lot of people that do not make what they are worth, firemen, policeman, teachers, daycare workers, yet they go to their job everyday, because they chose that profession.

We still make a good living when everything is compared - I personally make $36.00 an hour as an employee on a regular basis.  I am not paying out all that gas money, I am not having to buy 2 sets of clothes for work and home life, I am not having to pack bag lunches and eat at my desk or go out to eat every day and spend even more money...  I don't have to spend hours on the road everyday sitting in traffic and then having to come home and do all that is required in my personal life.

Okay, so what is we change to voice recognition one day and have to do twice as many lines to make the same amout of money - it is easier to do twice the amount of lines in voice recognition because you are not typing, you are mostly just reading along with the doctor and making an occasional correction to the documents.  I think that would be much easier on my hands than typing all day. 

Let's find something to be happy about!!!  If you think the job is awful, then by all means, find you something else that you think will make you happy; I for one still think that transcription is a worthwhile profession, I feel that I am providing a much needed service, and I choose to be happy and will continue to do this as long as there is work - which in my opinion, will be for my lifetime at least!

Maybe the real reason they will
only pay hourly is because Meditech Magic counts gross lines, including blank ones!  I personally work on Meditech Magic workstation 3 and use Shorthand, which works great with it.  InstantText also works with Meditech.  There is no built-in expander, however.  How much are they giving you hourly?
Is this job posting real?!
Did yall see the one posted, asking for 5000 lines per day?!  Most places are per week, and I haven't even hit that yet?!
VR real threat
It is my opinion that VR is a huge threat. More and more accounts are being added to VR, as well as more and more MTs are picking up VR either by choice or by force (as in no other account available). It is my experience that the MDs who are good for straight transcribing are also good on VR, but of course the flip side is those who are bad for straight are also bad on VR. VR is a killer for fast keyboarders who are pulling in good hourly wages doing straight transcription. VR does go a little faster, but there is really a lot to correct. Also, you are pretty much losing the advantage of your word Expander as well as any macros you might be able to create for use in straight transcription. If it paid more, it might be more readily accepted by MTs, but the pay is only half or less per line, and it is really hard to double your productive line count with VR and still pass QA requirements (which are the same regardless). I do not see there being less VR in the future as it is the same bottom line. Money. Same amout of work for half or less the money. The hospitals probably get some break in cost to be competitive, the MTSO makes a huge profit, and the MTs make less. If it were not for my age, I would definitely be trying to get into some other line of work. I like what I do and have over the years felt it was important and worthwhile, but it is getting harder and harder to justify the time, skill, study, intelligence, and personal financial overhead of working from home it takes to do this job.