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Psychiatric transcription - average # of lines/page

Posted By: KatieN on 2006-08-26
In Reply to:

I had an interview with a local MT firm that specializes in psychiatric transcription. The pay rate is .05/line for the initial training period (no timeframe given - training ends when owner feels employee is ready to work independently at home - could be 3 months) & .06/line after that. The owner mentioned that reports sometimes average 10-15 pages, but didn't mention how many lines the average page includes.

I'm trying to figure out what my pay would be. During the training period, the owner wants employees to train out of her house (20 miles from where I live/one way). With the price of gas, I'm trying to figure out if this is a good move financially. The psychiatric transcription definitely interests me, but I'm trying to figure out what my pay would be like. I'm guessing that while I'm in training, I won't receive large reports. The employer is supposed to make her decision within the week, so it's not like I've been offered the job. I just want to educate myself as to:

How many lines the average page of psychiatric transcription might have.
Does 10-15 pages sound right for the average psych report?
Does .05/line during training & .06/line after training sound fair. The owner doesn't give out pay raises or paid time off (I would be an employee, not an IC).
Does it sound reasonable to be in training for 3 months & then be able to work from home after that?

Can anyone help me or direct me to where I might be able to figure this out. I'm currently going thru MT training, so I don't currently have MT work experience. I do have 11 years administrative work experience & 7 years technical writing work experience, so I'm pretty proficient on the keyboard.

Thanks for your assistance.

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Now many lines are there in an average page?


psychiatric transcription
I have been doing ortho work for the past 10 years until job was sent to India.  I have always wanted to do psyc evaluations.  Is there any place to get experience since most job ads require experience. Thanks
Psychiatric transcription
Up until 18 months ago, I worked for a very large hospital system in MI earning 11 cents a line and making about 1500-1700 lpd for everything from SOAP notes to neurosurgical procedures.  The system brought in a she-wolf who hired her longtime not-very-bright sidekick and I saw the light and outsourced myself to a national service.  Now my former coworkers are making I think 8 cents a line for transcription and 3-4 cents a line for editing on Escription.  I'd like to say that if you show the powers that be that you're trying in good faith to make their expected line count, perhaps they'll be willing to negotiate when they see what they're doing to the talent.  I wish I could, but that wasn't my experience.  I can, however, pray for you--but then, I pray every night for all MTs in the US and Canada. 
Yep, $2.00 a page and the page has about 30-40 lines on it nm
I don't - try to average 500 lines a day - I'd have too much - sm
going on to try to do more -- though some days I do about 800 between my 2 jobs, varies from week to week.
Average lines/day
How many lines do you average a day or how many lines do you need to type in a day? Just curious to see what everyone types. Thanks. Happy typing!!
Average lines

Where do all you guys work ? I am looking for a good company.

how many lines are there per page?
A friend of mine works on a per page and half page basis rate wise and I was wondering how many lines that is.
lines per page
Depends on font, character size, margins -- anywhere from 54 to 62 per page.  Type a page in your usual font and count the lines -- easy to do, type numbers all the way down your left hand margin.  Or do one page and use the property function in Word and it will tell you the number of lines on that page.   Change the font and it will show you how many in different fonts.  Easy enough to find out. 
Actually there is often not 65 lines per page. sm
It depends on your line length, font size, and a lot of other things. You would have to take the entire character count and divide by 65, that gives you the lines. I have had anywhere from 30 lines per page, to 70 lines per page. One hospital figured 18 words per line, or 90 characters instead of the normal 65, but it was an hourly position so it didn't matter.

But you're right, I doubt if you are only typing 15 lines per page. Somewhere you are being ripped off. Can you get the entire character count anywhere?
that is an average of 9 lines a report, were
they that short? I'd be moving on too!
The average lines per day at most companies (SM)
is 1200 lines (or 150 lines per hour). So, I respectfully disagree with the poster below.

I think about 75 lines per hour would be more realistic for an MT student. Don't forget, they need to look up a lot of words and their ears are not trained yet.

Good luck to you and your students.

I average 300 lines per hour
for acute care, mostly OP notes, 65/char line, which would be 19,500 characters per hour.      
For my work, it seems to average out to about 10-11 lines per
I can very safely do 20 minutes of dictation in an hour, sometimes 25-30 minutes of dictation in an hour.

There are times it is slower but not often.

I average only 1100 lines per day (sm)

Does anyone know some ways I can increase my productivity.  I have many expansions...maybe not enough.  I do a variety of clinics, so there are not many norms or standards (which would help).


Thanks for any info.  Have a great day!

If gross lines average is 1500 nm
What is the average lines per hour for radiology?
A lot of companies are now paying per line now rather than by report or per page.  I just wondered if it differed from other transcription as I do both but do not have a line counter for radiology in the system I type into.
I average 600 lines an hour on ES - editing, sm
transcribing 400 lph.

I have been working this platform for about 3 years now.

Using the shortcut keys and not the mouse helps tremendously in an awesome line count average.

Hope this information helps.
I average 1800 lines per 8 hour day, but have
been doing this 20+ years and have zillions of expanders. I still do lots of research and add expansion asll the time.
Average about 2300 lines in 6 hours but
this is a mixed bag of editing and straight typing. The split is usually about 75% editing and 25% typing, If that helps any.
What is an average amount of lines to edit per day?
I am new to editing. I have done straight typing for 2 years in general surgery clinic work. I was canned and put on overflow work because my computer messed up twice in one month. It put them in a bind, which I really had no control over, and they took me off the account as lead MT and put me on overflow only. Well anyway, I got another job doing editing on the Editscript platform. It is acute care. I am not used to acute care that much. I only did it for a few months before. I am not used to editing either so I was wondering if someone could tell me what is an average amount of lines to expect once I get used to it? I have heard nobody gets double the line count editing. So is it one and a half times the line count or what? What is your experience with lines editing versus typing straight?
Me, too. Can't make money if you can't put lines on the page. nm
What is the average going rate for by the line transcription sm

and how about radiology by the report?  I have searched the archives and am just getting more and more confused.  I have worked in house for 15 years and do all the big four and radiology.  I made $15.67 per hour until we were eliminated on Friday.  What is the average?  I am medium fast, about 200 lines an hour or 15 radiology reports an hour.

Can anyone just give me an idea?  It seems that the services are all over the place in terms of rates. 

Calling all ICs. Just curious. How many lines and reports do you average per day at

whatever company you are working at currently? I'm wondering because it seems like I work A LOT (I should actually start counting hours, but I don't) and at the end of the evening my line count is so low and it will say 8 or 9 reports, even though it feels like I have done about 20 or so (this is DQS, but you can answer with whatever co. you work for).


Thanks so  much!

About how many lines are expected to be typed each day, minimum, on average? NM

On average 1000 minutes equals how many lines?
Our department does 1200+ reports a day. They average 11 lines. nm
This is for 2-3 line normal chests to MRIs. They look longer, but if you take 65 characters with spaces, you will be surpised. Here's an example:


INDICATION: Chest pain.

FINDINGS: Heart size within normal limits. Lungs are clear.

IMPRESSION: Normal chest.

This is 116 characters with spaces, which is 3 lines (if you round up - actually 2.55 lines). If by the line, you would make $0.30.

Something to think about.

Do the same with an MRI of the knee. Copy and paste it into word and count it. A very long one I had was only 15 lines.
Per page rate for legal transcription
I don't do legal, but do general transcription for a local college and charge $5.00 per page using Verdana 9 font or Times New Roman 10 font (they like it small). I do over 200 pages a month, so it works for me.
Welcome to my world...I would type a whole page and ended up with 35 lines max. No thanks.
I had to bag it. I couldnt afford to do that. I was averaging $6 an hour. I can make more at McDonalds. So there is obviously a problem.
Line rate isn't the only factor -- your lines/hour average is key, too.
Even at 7 cpl, keeping about 275 lines/hour average keeps you at $19.25 an hour and that is $40,000 a year.

It is a myriad of factors involved. You have to have the knowledge, be decisive, self-sufficient and very focused. Then, you need to negotiate as high a base rate as you can and look toward the incentive plan to increase your paycheck.

With our incentive, it was not worth it if I couldn't hit high lines in a day. So, I changed my schedule to hit those lines.

I am tired after my work days but having the 4 days a week off and a good income makes it worth it for me. It allows me to spend my days off doing things I want to.

Per page rate for legal transcription - what should I charge?
I have only done medical transcription and we charge by the line, not by the page. I have been approached about legal transcription work for template documents such as wills, estate planning, etc. I have been asked what I charge per page...I live in the Northeast/Connecticut area. Can anyone advise me what the current rate per page would be?
Ask for a sample report. Count the gross lines on a full page. Then
figure out the line rate you want to make. For example, if there are 30 lines on the page and you would want to charge $0.15 per line, then that would be $4.50 per page. If they would like your hourly rate, figure out how many pages you think you can transcribe in an hour. Using the above example, if you can transcribe 4 pages per hour, then charge $18.00 per hour. In California the going transcription rates are approximately $22-$25 per hour.
Depends on the pay and account. My lowest average is $15.52 an hour (roughly 182.6 lines an hour) w
What is the minimum lines per week required by employers for part-time for transcription?
Looking for psychiatric work

I have not come across any companies recently looking for an MT with psychiatric experience.  I have found this is my niche after 15 years of transcribing and would love to get back to it.  If anyone knows of a company that is hiring, I would appreciate the name or any info.  I am exhausted working on 3 different accounts with 3 different programs and would like to just do one type of work again.  I am interested in part-time or full-time - doesn't matter, as I am looking at job satisfaction versus line count and pay. Thanks to anyone who can assist me.  I have checked the jobseekers board and have found nothing.

psychiatric transcriptionists

Please help! We are a group of psychiatric transcriptions working for a hospital who have been bought out by another hospital. We had no line count or QA. Now the new hospital has QA and wants us to type minimum 1500 lines a day. We type assessments, h/p, progress notes, consults, neuro and psychologicals. We have many foreign docs who ramble on. We also work on Dolby transcription and dictation system.  Their medical people are required 1000 lines per day and x-rays 2000 lines. We don't feel like any of us can reach this. Are they asking too much?


I had several counselors dictated at a psychiatric
What average line count do you type per pay period. what is considered above average and how long

I love psychiatric reports, really fascinating, always different. nm
Resources in learning psychiatric work

I work for a large national and am changing accounts to a psychiatric clinic.  I've done a bit of behavioral medicine in the past, but don't have a lot of experience with psychiatric work and would like to brush up on my knowledge before I start with the new account.

Is anyone aware of any resources (books, websites, training classes) out there to help me grasp the psych. basics and terminology?  I appreciate any and all suggestions.


Psychiatric work or long reports
Does anyone work for/know of any companies that are hiring for psych work or any other long reports like memory disorders, or compensations? I have three years working with these and acute care. I would like to find long reports to do all the time.
Please write to my e-mail address
how long, on average, average a knee replacement would one be on Oxycontin?(sm)
My DH recently had knee replacement surgery a month and a half ago.  The doctor has been prescribing oxycontin 30 mg this entire time.  Husband has been trying to wean off of it and is down to 10 mg.  He asked the doctor if he could come off it completely and the doc said to "just keep taking it."  His next visit is in two months.  With all the discussion lately about pain medication addiction, is it normal to be on this medication for this long and for the doctor to say "just keep taking it?"  How long should one be on this med?
Personal page/web page resource

Thanks a lot for sharing these great websites!
NJ $3 page, though I have heard as low as $1 page.

When I worked for a national, up thru 2 years ago, I was getting $1.75 page and heard they got $4.

Aaahhhh, now I get it. Gross lines vs. Character lines. I guess I've just been conditioned to
think in terms of character lines.  One of the perils of working as an IC for somebody who defines what a line is versus owning your own company and defining it yourself.  After working for someone else for 15 years, maybe it's time to bust out on my own.
Agree, verbatim transcription equals poor quality transcription.
That is a lot of work/lines for 2 people. I do 3000 lines per day sm
if you times that by 30 days that only comes to 90K lines a month, that is working 7 days a week including weekends. I don't think 2 people can handle that.
900 lines is below 1100 lines, where the bonus starts.
Know AIM transcription system, never heard of Hull transcription. Are you sure
you are not thinking about DHull who is a recruiter for MDI-FL?  They use the AIM system. 
Gross lines include all lines containing
printable characters, so a full line and a line with one word on it are charged equally. Straight lines are basically the same as gross lines, but with this method of counting the blank lines are counted as well (again, equally). I have only had one company pay this way, and they are a middle man. I would think the charge would be about the same as for gross lines, and that not too many offices will want their lines counted this way (the one I worked on was probably inherited from someone who had counted the lines that way, so just continued).
The norm is 1 minute = 10 lines; 10 min = 100 lines - sm
granted this varies per dictator. More lines if a fast talker, less if a slow talker.