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Per page rate for legal transcription - what should I charge?

Posted By: MTSO on 2005-09-13
In Reply to:

I have only done medical transcription and we charge by the line, not by the page. I have been approached about legal transcription work for template documents such as wills, estate planning, etc. I have been asked what I charge per page...I live in the Northeast/Connecticut area. Can anyone advise me what the current rate per page would be?

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Per page rate for legal transcription
I don't do legal, but do general transcription for a local college and charge $5.00 per page using Verdana 9 font or Times New Roman 10 font (they like it small). I do over 200 pages a month, so it works for me.
Audio hour charge - what is fair rate to charge company?

A lot of legal transcription and legal jobs in
One office I charge .12, another I charge $2.25 page--nm
Charge him an hourly rate. The current rate is
between $15-21/hr. according to your location. If he had to use an independent secretarial service, he would be charged much more. You can look in the Yellow Pages in your area under Secretarial Service and ask them what they charge, then charge accordingly knowing you can back it up.
you don't have to charge $60/HR - all you have to do is charge a good rate and then..
work smart, not hard. If you have a great dictator, charge him 14 cpl on a 65 char gross line, then set up your templates and word expanders, you can make $80/hr. But you need all three to work together, otherwise you might only be making $60/hr. Some people are just really good at what they do - shouldn't they make more if they are more productive?
page charge

If they want it printed in that font fine but for charging change it back to your usual font and see how many pages there are if you are charging by the page.  I type in Arial 10 for several accounts or Times Roman and I always change it back to Courier 12 for my line counts.   Also change the margins to represent 65 characters in the line as they want less margins for chart notes.And they are aware of that when I quote my line charge.  If you agreed so much per page, tell them it was using the Courier 12 font or whatever font you usually use with your usual margins. 

Good luck

Charge them $5.00 per page

and then give it to them on a CD rom for their safe keeping. 

charge per page
I have 2 private accounts and I charge $2.50 per page.
Charge per page
I currently work contract for a surgeon in CA and am getting paid $5.00 per page. I would say this is a high figure and probably only paid to those with tons of experience, if even then.
I agree, charge by the page. sm
Say you use courier 12 font and 1 inch margins, you will get about 35-42 lines per page. You charge 12-15 cents per line, at 12 cpl, that is about $5 per page; at 15 cpl about $6.25 per page. The going rage per page is $7.50. Of course, it depends on where you live, but figure it out on your own.

Do what benefits you. Ask what font they would like to use, margins, etc.

The ultimate would be to charge per gross line.

IMEs are very boring and about 10 pages long for one patient. I hate them and don't do them.

Good luck!
Is there an invoicing program that will charge by the page?

I need an invoicing program that will charge by the characters in a page.  I was looking for something that is simple to use and reasonable too, perhaps $100 or less. 


Fair price to charge per page?
Any ideas  company from cali
Legal transcription
Has anybody transcribed legal notes?  If so, did you find easier or about the same as medical?  Just curious.
Legal Transcription
It depends what type of law is involved. Patent/tax is dull and boring. I worked for years as a legal Transcriptionist for an auto company in product litigation. This was not boring. As far as difficulty, medical transcription has much more to learn.
Has anyone ever done legal transcription? sm
Just wondering what it is like, how you get into it.  Thanks for any info!  Have a great day.
Legal Transcription
Yes, I have done legal transcription before I became an MT. I absolutely loved it! It wasn't just depositions (which weren't that bad to me), but letters, all court documents, everything involved in a legal office. I had no problems with it. This was about 10 years ago. It was a temporary position, and I was later offered a permanent position with them which I would have taken in a heartbeat had I not been pregnant for my now-9-year-old son and in the process of moving. Actually, at the time I worked there, it was considered a legal "word processor" but most of the work was transcription from tapes. It was great!
Legal Transcription


How would a person go about getting into legal transcription from medical transcription? Would you have to go to school for it or is there an easier way? 

Thanks in advance.

Legal transcription
Excellent idea. I think I'll consider it as well! Insightful perspective, especially if MTs have to carry some sort of Errors/Omissions insurance as was talked about in AAMT.
Legal transcription?

Talked to my friend.  There are books for it too.  Not as hard as medical transcription! 

I too want to get into legal transcription
Could you email me the service you work for? Or direct me in the right way of finding one. I think I would be more productive in legal/general transcription as that is where I got started.
legal transcription

I am so burned out on this MT stuff, with all the work going elsewhere, etc.  I also have an associates degree in legal but that was MANY years ago.  Any idea about some online class to take for refresher course, etc.  Is there any more work in the legal field than medical? 

I do not live anywhere near a community college to take classes so that is really not an option.  Anyone hear anything about being a scopist?  I did take a couple semesters for that some time ago, but maybe it has changed since then. 

Thanks for any information. 

legal transcription

I am so burned out on this MT stuff, with all the work going elsewhere, etc.  I also have an associates degree in legal but that was MANY years ago.  Any idea about some online class to take for refresher course, etc.  Is there any more work in the legal field than medical? 

I do not live anywhere near a community college to take classes so that is really not an option.  Anyone hear anything about being a scopist?  I did take a couple semesters for that some time ago, but maybe it has changed since then. 

Thanks for any information. 

Does anyone know of any legal transcription forums

I did legal transcription for about 10 years. The

divorce or something like that).  I just finished CareerStep's course in February, and I already have a job.  I do recommend taking some kind of medica transcription course.  While you may have developed your "ear" for transcription in general, there's a LOT you need to learn about medical language and procedures.

Good luck to you!

Online WAH legal transcription!
Check it out!
Legal Transcription Work
There is definitely legal work out there. I do legal transcription as well as general transcription. There are quite a few legal companies out there. The thing I like about them is the TAT is usually very long. The company I worked for had a 14 day TAT.
She used to pay a very low per-page rate, too. nm
Rate per page
I was getting $1.90/page from a service 10 yrs ago. That rate sounds way too low for 2008, template or not.
Rate to charge as IC?

Wouild anyone feel comfortable in saying what they would charge for work as an IC?  I have been contacted by a medium-sized group of ENT specialists about doing their MT.   I need to get an FTP site, which are very reasonable monthly rates.   But, I'm not sure what to quote as a line rate in my prospectus.   I was thinking 12 to 14 cpl, but is this too low? 

Thanks for any input.  BTW, the group are located in the upper Midwest in a very large metropolitan area.

I did legal transcription for 10 years befor MT. sm

I like them both.  Depends on what part of legal you do.  For example, I hated doing probate work. Booring!  Loved civil, criminal and domestic stuff though.

But court reports sound really great. That's something I could really enjoy.  Good luck.

"Per page rate for x-ray"

Can someone tell me what the going pay rate is per page for x-ray reports?  Thank you

What is rate to charge per report not as MT...sm

I really need to know what going rate is...Illinois too...for charging by the report for radiology.  I know that some MTs are paid 1.20 per regular and 1.50 for specials, but what is the client charged?  An account wants to be charged per report not by the line and I have only charged per line for 10+ years and have no clue what the rates are for this. 

In checking with the only person I know getting paid this way for radiology reports, she is paid the above rate, but have not seen any discussion for the charge to the client and don't want to be underbidding....hard enough getting good wages without underbidding for services.

Any help will be really appreciated.

Confused DCmt

Rush Rate - What do you charge?

If you had a client consistently dictate Friday or Saturday and ask for a large volume of work to be returned by Monday, would you charge a rush rate?  What percentage hike to your normal rate would you give?  This particular client dictates the majority of the material over the weekend and always asks for it back ASAP.  I have reiterated my work week consists of Monday through Friday.  I have decided to implement a weekend or rush rate so to speak and I am seeking opinions or experience.  Thank you.  

Charge 1 1/2 your normal rate.
If you normally charge 8 cpl for M-F work, charge 12 cpl for anything that is stat or weekend work.
I used to charge a flat rate

If they don't like it, then they'll get it right the first time.  I think 2.00 is fair since you have to pull it up, etc., and it is taking time out of your day. 

You are basically charging for your time, but why shouldn't you?  It's not like it was your error. 

I have been in this business a long time and I am in a funky mood, and let me tell you, I am about ready to charge out the ying-yang for everything from now on because so does every other business operating in the USA.

correction: charge by PAGE, and keep track of long-distance of local numbers, as well as fax supplie
I would charge an hourly rate in this situation.
Good luck.
I did legal transcription using the old vinyl belts. A LONG time ago. LOL
The going rate to charge a client for rad by an MTSO is in the $4.50 range.
Need to figure in what type of reports, etc. Never go below that - there is a lot of administrative work to do.
I charge 1.5 times my regular line rate.
I think you would have to charge an hourly rate for this type of work.

What to charge a physician group for transcription.
I was asked what I charge for picking up and dropping off. I don't want to quote too high a rate. I do, personally have a call-in dictation system they could use. I was thinking of charging 13 cents per line for the use of that, or 15 cents per line for paper and gas for drop off and pick up. I am in the Chicago area. Is that too high?

Thank you for your anticipated response.
You need to charge for this extra service. Stat reports should be charged at a higher rate or per r
Never lose money. I have unlimited long distance and when my docs what things faxed, etc, I charge them per report to fax the document as well as charging them to transcribe it.
Psychiatric transcription - average # of lines/page
I had an interview with a local MT firm that specializes in psychiatric transcription. The pay rate is .05/line for the initial training period (no timeframe given - training ends when owner feels employee is ready to work independently at home - could be 3 months) & .06/line after that. The owner mentioned that reports sometimes average 10-15 pages, but didn't mention how many lines the average page includes.

I'm trying to figure out what my pay would be. During the training period, the owner wants employees to train out of her house (20 miles from where I live/one way). With the price of gas, I'm trying to figure out if this is a good move financially. The psychiatric transcription definitely interests me, but I'm trying to figure out what my pay would be like. I'm guessing that while I'm in training, I won't receive large reports. The employer is supposed to make her decision within the week, so it's not like I've been offered the job. I just want to educate myself as to:

How many lines the average page of psychiatric transcription might have.
Does 10-15 pages sound right for the average psych report?
Does .05/line during training & .06/line after training sound fair. The owner doesn't give out pay raises or paid time off (I would be an employee, not an IC).
Does it sound reasonable to be in training for 3 months & then be able to work from home after that?

Can anyone help me or direct me to where I might be able to figure this out. I'm currently going thru MT training, so I don't currently have MT work experience. I do have 11 years administrative work experience & 7 years technical writing work experience, so I'm pretty proficient on the keyboard.

Thanks for your assistance.
need more info - what kind of transcription, geographic, charge for spaces, headers
Non-medical transcription rate.
Does anyone charge an hourly rate to do non-medical transcription? If so, could you please tell me how much? I just got a job offer to do non-medical transcription, but she wants me to give her an hourly rate. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.
What is the average going rate for by the line transcription sm

and how about radiology by the report?  I have searched the archives and am just getting more and more confused.  I have worked in house for 15 years and do all the big four and radiology.  I made $15.67 per hour until we were eliminated on Friday.  What is the average?  I am medium fast, about 200 lines an hour or 15 radiology reports an hour.

Can anyone just give me an idea?  It seems that the services are all over the place in terms of rates. 

hourly rate for non-medical transcription

You asked about rates...I charge 125.00 per recorded hour of audio and have no problems getting work.

Charge what the credit card companies charge when they don't get paid on time!!!!
Doubt you can charge 15 cpl for VR work to the docs - you can't even charge them 12 for straight