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crepitus, crepitation, and crepitance

Posted By: BOS User on 2005-07-25
In Reply to: crepitant - bj

are all synonymous. The adj. form is crepitant ("crepitants" is not a word).

Although crepitance is not found in dictionaries, its frequent usage has made it acceptable. (straight from BOS)

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Stedman's on 3 forms crepitant, crepitus, crepitation
1. Relating to or characterized by crepitation.
2. Denoting a fine bubbling noise (rale) ...
3. The sensation imparted to the palpating finger by gas or air ...

1. SYN crepitation.
2. A noisy discharge of gas from intestine.
ex: articular c., the grating of a joint
ex: bony c., SYN crepitation (2)

Stedman's Illustrated, 26th edition
1. Crackling; the quality of a fine bubbling sound (rale) ...
2. The sensation felt on placing the hand over the seat of a fracture ...
3. Noise or vibration produced by rubbing bone or irregular cartilage ...
I worked for a huge orthopedic group and we all typed crepitus ONLY!. I know most of the docs say crepitance, though. Guess it is OK to use but I don't.
Thank you because I'm OP about crepitance

Orthopaedics was my first field in 1982...all orthopods say *crepitus* and crepitance.  I thank you for finding the definition for the other poster because EVERYONE today uses crepitance.

Remember when *ain't* was NOT in the dictionary?  Well, today it is and has been for 20 years as I remember it.  This past year, they have added a lot of hip-hop language too (unfortunately too in my opinion) and other words that are used 24/7/365 in the USA.

Thanks again for supplying the definition.  I just KNOW it's a word and have known that for 24 years and my spellcheck (personal spellcheck) never did pick it up as a non-existing word (old Stedman's spellcheck that works with DOS).

Have a GREAT weekend!!!!

creptius: is it crepitance or crepitans
Stedman's has crepitance listed.
Taber's only has crepitant and crepitation, not even crepitus.  It's probably one of thos cases where doctors just made up a variation on a word that stuck.  They don't care if it's right or not.
Crepitance per AAMT Book of Style
According to AAMT book of style crepitance because of its frequent usage is an allowable term even though it is not in the dictionaries.
crepitants is plural of crepitant - no such word as crepitance sm
regardless of what it says in AAMT BOS.