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And one brain..........mn

Posted By: m on 2008-11-30
In Reply to: Please do no presume to - speak for liberals....sm


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OMG! ! ! Have you ever been brain-
washed. Or, either you are JTBB posting under still another moniker, which is very likely! These certainly sound like some of her childish name callings. Grow up for heavens sake! You are just another Fox hater because you know cannot stand the fact that they present the truth to people and are not ashamed to do so.
You think you got your brain all by yourself? WOW....
brain study
I read a study where they did brain scans on democrats and republicans and while scanning showed pictures of war.  The republican brains lit up on the opposite side than the democrat brains.  So, the study surmised that just maybe our brains were built to work differently and that could be why we have a take on things so radically differently.  I will try to find the article and post the net address.
If the scarecrow had a brain (sm)
they would be smart enough to know that not everyone being paid an hourly wage less than the minimum wage is EARNING lessing than minimum wage. Or are they so cheap they've never left a tip?
If they had a brain they also would have checked their facts before they posted Al Franken's butt talk.
And if it didn't have a brain, it would be

Bush brain

This is how his mind works: How am I supposed to evacuate New Orleans. 

His mind says, I KNOW ROW VERSUS WADE, I believe I heard that somewhere.


What an idiot, what a jerk.  He took responsibility for this mess, did not have enough balls to mention Iraq.  The saddest thing is he has several extreme right believing him.  I have nothing against conservative right, just extreme right.  Hey, I am born again.  I am not into organized religion, I am just into the teachings of Jesus Christ.  I have strong beliefs, but this administration has decided we should all be organized religion.  There has to be, has to be, a separation of church and state, that is where this idiot went wrong.  Yes, things are different, kids cannot pray in schools or do the pledge of allegiance, but anyone with a mind knows you can pray silently or do anything silently.  Prob is they want it crammed down everyones throat.  I have enough of a relationship with my God, I can pray anywhere, privately, do not have to do it like a marter with everyone looking on, it loses its power that way.

If you had a brain, you'd have a clue. sm
Unfortunately, you don't have either.  And you are dangerous. You put us all at risk.  Especially the military you PRETEND to support.  And it is a pretense.  We all know it.  Cowards.  You are all cowards.
Yes, the brain is evil.
I don't know what else you could call it. Just the fact that Bush relies on a man with Rove's kind of history says all there is to say about this administration - the addition of the rest of the Nixon-era chickenhawks is icing on that sh**cake. It's creepy beyond belief how some Bush supporters actually applaud that kind of dirty business and call it political saavy. Let's call it what it really is - just plain amoral and reprehensible sociopathic behavior.
Fox is #1 among the BRAIN DEAD
LOL - studies have proven FOX viewers to be significantly LESS informed about current events than ANY of the other networks (though they are all back)...

FOX tells the brain-dead WHAT THEY WANT to hear -

Hey, I think I hear Bill O'LIEly calling you!

Yes I have a heart and a brain
which are 2 things you lack.  If you were raped by your father would you have the baby?  Take a walk (not a ride) through the homeless or less than privledged areas in your community.  Get a grip lady - deal with reality and stop turning away every time you see someone who has alot less than you.  It's not murder you jack a-hole!
have a brain. Well, nevermind.. nm
While you're at it, get a brain!
I guess that's why you and you're kind hate Hillary Clinton, because you're JEALOUS of her. What a good argument.
Please grow a brain. Look up what the
I was not alluding to real trains hitting each other, okay?

Taking everything you read literally is the best way I know of to be brainwashed, cheated, fooled, hoodwinked, taken advantage of, screwed, you name it.

What I alluded to is that I don't want MY tax dollars, or anyone ELSE's, bailing out a bunch of crooks who STOLE money from a bunch of people, sold 'em bad loans, etc., and got RICH BEYOND ANYONE'S WILDEST DREAMS by doing so.

Wall Street & Corporate America have turned into one giant con-man's shell-game, and it's about time there was a major shakeout and restructuring. Would it be difficult in the short-run? You bet. (Like it isn't already?) But in the long-run, if the system were reinvented and rebuilt, it might come out a lot better in the end.
Thank you.....nice to know someone has a brain
Do you have a brain and just choose not to use it?
Are you seriously denying that Obama began his political career in the living room of an infamous domestic terrorist?

NObody's that stupid, gourdpainter. Not even you!
Did you brain even process what I just said?...sm
It does not matter if he was born on Mars or in a spaceship, his mother was an American citizen when he was born and was until the day she died. That makes him a natural-born American citizen and eligible to run for president. Do I need to repeat myself again? What is it that you do not understand?
Thank you! That is the problem. Using a brain is
sorry, my little brain got confused by all the
If my grandma, mother, etc died today, I wouldn't say any of those things because I would be with my family grieving the loss.  Obviously, Obama doesn't care that much or he'd be there with his family. 
Unfortunately, he never had a brain or a conscience
Why do I have this image here of that brain-
A narrow-minded believer in fantasy until the bitter end.
And some of us with a full brain knows this is (sm)

also about Israel.

From another Republican under the Reagan Administration, Paul Craig Roberts:  http://www.vdare.com/roberts/090508_hate_crime.htm

Since the passage of the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act in 2004, the US Department of State is required to monitor anti-Semitism worldwide.  The State Department is not required to monitor anti-Americanism or sentiments against Christians, Muslims or Arabs.  Thus, the act created a specially protected class worthy of careful monitoring by the US Department of State of negative sentiments expressed against Jews.

In order to monitor anti-Semitism, the term must be defined.  The definition is subjective and will be widely, rather than narrowly, interpreted. 

The State Department has come up with its attempt.  The State Department’s approach could include any truthful statements about Israel and its behavior toward the Palestinians that the Israeli government or AIPAC or the Anti-Defamation League would deny or contest.  

Anti-Semitic speech can be interpreted as inciting hatred.  Inciting hatred can be interpreted to be a violent act.  “Excessive” criticism of Israel is a subjective, indefinable concept that can be used to determine anti-semitic speech.  It is easy to conflate “excessive” with “strong”

Thus, demands that Israel be held accountable for war crimes committed in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, or elsewhere become acts of the “hate crime” of anti-semitism.  

are you o.k? Or did your UTI reach your brain?....nm
I had hoped SOME of them had a brain
This is a disaster. Lets hope the Senate has some sense.
brain "washed" in the blood
you are beyond reason. This is the nature of brainwashing.

If you had a grain of brain you would not be laughing..s/m
The comparison with a poodle is actually an insult.
But you do not get it, do you?

Remember, when Blair was called 'the poodle of Bush'?

Or did you never hear about this? It's politics.

LMAO !! But you better stop laughing.
Most of us with half a brain already knew this

Hate crimes bill.....what a joke it is in the first place, but most people who aren't on the homosexual bandwagon already knew that.  Now, at least a homosexual activist gets it!!





OMG, finally a poster with a BRAIN, THANKS..NM
It was totally 100% incompatible with life, so don't give me that bull**t about the health vs murder argument.

You are a cold-hearted SOB if you think I aborted for any other reason.
You two are....peas in a pod....twins joined at the brain....
actually more like a ventriloquist and his buddy. Just not sure which one's hand is up which one's back. "I second that." "Oh I just got goose bumps." lol. Gotta love you two. So entertaining. Thank you! :)
Well I have a brain and I'm not voting for McCain. That to me is a no brainer.
I guess I could go and pick out all the negatives about John McCain (there are plenty) while putting Obama on a pedestal and parading him around as though he is the second coming of Christ. For pete's sake. Looks like it took no brains to write this one.
More clueless brain death from fringe.
Before opening mouth - engage brain.
You're calling Palin an "under-educated butt?"

And your great accompishment is that you know how to type on a message board? What a maroon!

Please feel free to exit the country when McCain/Palin win. You and your tiny little mind will not be missed.

It's called your brain. It's somewhere in that deep skull (nm)
oops...sorry, musta had a brain freeze.....sorry....:-)

You're the one who's brain dead, SirPercy. Haven't you been
Why on earth? Small person, tiny brain, no power,
Not only do I have a thicker skin - I also have a FULLY DEVELOPED brain-what a concept!!

Patty: this baby hadmore than health problems, it had NO brain!...nm
This is just ridiculous and pathetic, doming out of the brain of a 4th grader, not the teacher's!