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I wish they would be real Christians. Just once.

Posted By: Zauber on 2005-10-09
In Reply to: I don't see anything Christian in it, either. - Libby

It's very hard to understand how those who cheer war, torture and the fleecing of the poor think that their values are Jesus-oriented. It is scary to think what they have made of Jesus in their own minds, to believe he is applauding what they do.

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Wellthe Klan might thing their Christians but real Christians don't consider them that sm

They are a radical group calling themselves Christians, like AL Queda calls themselves Muslim. 

No not Christians, just far right wing radical Christians who,,,sm
believe that God speaks directly only to them and do not welcome anyone who does not have their beliefs.
No, goofy. Republicans are REAL people, real
If the real folks, with real hope, faith, and
and for our country's future who participate here on this forum were just a tad as healthy, wealthy and wise as this poster considers herself, we probably wouldn't be sitting in front of these silly computers trying to make a living!! Can't figure why she is here other than tell us how healthy, wealthy and wise she is and we are not!
You mean Christians.
Is that what you are talking about?  What other board?
That may be so....but Christians, at least the ones I know...
do not want to control the government. And too many times a strictly moral issue is ascribed to a "religious nut." Take abortion for example. There are nonreligious people who are against abortion, strictly on moral grounds, that it is wrong to kill innocent life. There are liberals who are against abortion for that reason...their reasoning is that you can't be against war because it kills and be for abortion, because it kills. That is their reasoning. For me, the basic moral precept of not committing murder should apply to the unborn as well as the "born" and that basic moral precept is enhanced by my faith. Everything I know about Jesus tells me his heart breaks every time an abortion occurs. Because of my faith, my heart also hurts for those millions of lives ended. People talk on and on and on about individual freedoms...yet walk all over the most basic of those...the right to life. Somehow people think they have the right to choose whether someone gets to live or not live. And I think that is way too much power...for one individual to have over the life of another. In any other case of that, when a person exercises that kind of power...it is illegal, it is wrong, it is murder, or manslaughter, or whatever you want to call it. And then you get into the business of defining when life starts. It is just my opinion that that is not a decision that is up to us. And an opinion I am entitled to. People protest the death penalty. No one calls them fanatics. To me there is no difference...lethal injection, abortion. Both kill. Sure, one has comitted a crime, which only makes the other more heinous. What crime did that developing child commit?

I do not say that to start an abortion thread. It is just to illustrate a point. I, as a Christian, believe in a moral code. I believe you should care about your fellow man, and churches in this country used to take care of the poor and weak in this country, before such a thing as a social program. No one had to force us to do it, we just did it. That kind of serving attitude, in my opinion, is good in public servants. They do need to serve a cause greater than themselves, and in their case I am not saying it is God. I am saying it is the American people. If more lawmakers listened to their Christian teachings they would do so. Not just serving God in their everyday lives, but serving the American people, because that is their job.

I agree it is not up to lawmakers to project their beliefs on an entire nation. Again there is the issue of abortion. That is not a "religious" issue. It is a moral issue...there are many nonreligious people who believe that it is wrong. Just like people believe other things are wrong and seek to legislate against those. Not from "religious" grounds, but moral grounds.

And you shouldn't characterize all Christians with the radicals. We are exhorted not to characterize all Muslims as terrorists. Just afford Christians the same courtesy, that's all I am saying.
no wonder christians have a bad name
Wow, aren't you a little smarty pants. So glad the whole world isn't just like you. I'm a Jew, we believe G-d's name is sacred and don't like to write it out unless it is going to be protected. Maybe you should go to h*ll because you don't seem to be a good example of how a christian should behave.

I have faith in G-d, and my people have for many, many years, long before there was a Jesus.

Well, not all Christians, but most of the
one on this board. I am a diest myself.
I'm just saying what most Christians believe
Just explaining why people see Muslim as wrong. I don't judge anybody or their beliefs. I can't stand people who do that and act all high and mighty. I have my own personal ones I won't get into here, but I would never force mine on somebody else.
Do you think that Christians who

believe abortion is murder are just religious quacks trying to push their religious beliefs on others?  You don't have to be Christian to believe that abortion is wrong. 

I do believe that there are some Christians out there who do turn more people away from religion than bringing them to it because of the way they go about it.  But having religion and believing in things doesn't mean that we should have to give up our beliefs because someone else does not any more than you should have to put up with religion when you don't believe.  This is where we have the problem. 

I think abortion has to be a give and take kind of thing.  I personally feel that it is wrong, however, I would be willing to compromise for the sake of meeting in the middle with people who believe it is a personal choice and not murder.  I am 100% against late-term abortions as I feel there is no other word for that than MURDER.  However, I could live with the early abortions.  I have no problem with the morning after pill as to me that isn't much different than the birth control pill.

I just feel that there are people on the far right who need to unwind their panties..but I also believe that there are some far left people who need to do so themselves. 

This is kind of like smokers versus non-smokers.  Smokers feel they have the right to light up wherever they want because that is their right.  However, non-smokers have a right to breathe clean air.  So which one is right?  Who rights are infringed upon?

Abortion is another subject where not everyone will be completely happy with.  No matter what decision is made, people are going to complain.  I just wish that we could somehow meet in the middle.  Allow early term, deny late-term unless it is a life/death situation and just shut up about it. 


This was a very misfortunate event, but it was just an example of cult worship and weak minded people that killed their own children.  I have no respect for people who kill children - NONE! 

I would have to wonder about that.  Christians worship Jesus/God.  Those people worshiped Jones, though they claimed to be Christians.  Christianity is not a cult.
True Christians?!?!?
This is JOKE, right?? An article out of MAD Magazine or something???
Christians do that, not Muslims.
You state regarding Obama...He's linked with Ahmedinejad and therefore if he gets elected they will have an open invitation to come and get us and turn everyone into a muslim.

The last time I checked, it was the Christians who were trying to make everyone accept Jesus Christ as their savior and convert to them Christianity. Personally, I have never heard of Muslims trying to force anyone to believe as they do.
She didn't say anything about Christians
Sorry you are so bitter towards Christians but you are right
true Christians
I consider myself a true Christian. I was baptized in the Southern Baptist Church when I was 11, and converted to Presbyterian Church USA as an adult, where I am an ordained Elder and Deacon. I am voting for Obama.

I am pro-choice and pro gay civil unions. The bible talks a lot more about tithing than it does about homosexuality (we just had a great sermon on this, but I don't remember the exact number difference.) Most Christians aren't up in arms for those who don't tithe. Homosexuality has been around forever, as has abortion (performed by midwives, etc., using herbs and other methods.)

I am married, with 2 children. I have never had to make the choice on abortion and hopefully never will. I hope my daughter never has to make this choice, but I sure as h@ll want it to be available to her if she does.

I think marriage is up to the individual churches, and many churches do perform gay marriages. I think that the government should allow civil unions. I really don't care what 2 people come together as a couple. I wish them all the love and happiness and support I have had in my own marriage for 21+ years.

How dare you say I am not a true Christian because my beliefs are different from yours. Christians come in many "flavors" and you are free to believe as you wish, and I don't think you are more or less Christian because of it.

I agree with the other posters, religion and politics don't mix and never should.
They are NOT Christians......they are evil
not all republicans are christians.


Why woul d you think this was done by Christians?
Racial slurs and swastikas are your idea of Christian symbols? What you are speaking of is a crime, but I wouldn't chalk it up to Christians.

And I will gladly identify as a Christians. Though I don't usually thump my Bible, I do read it.

Why do Christians think atheists are
I am an atheist. I have a bachelors degree in theology. The atheists and agnostics I know personally have read and studied the Bible and many other belief systems before coming to the point in their lives where they come of the theological closet, as it were. In some cases, they are even more knowledgeable than some that practice the faith because they do not read the bible with a set doctrine that interprets it for them. The oft-held belief that all atheists are not knowledgeable of the Bible is simply not true.
So it's okay to offend Christians...
And yet this putz bows to Muslims.

Things that make you go 'hmmmm.'
He does not only lead Christians
why is it that the Christians are self-righteous sm
condescending and judgement and insulting and your posts are not? Whether you get to heaven is based on whether you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and SAvior. You cannot do anything on your own to warrant heaven.

Whether you believe or not, I am not going to deny my Lord and Savior because you think I am condescending or anything else. I truly hope you reconsider.
So you don't think Christmas is for the Christians?
Wow. I thought that was how it got its name. Good Friday/Easter aren't about Christians?

Since you don't believe that these are celebration of Christian theology, please don't let your voice be one of those complaining about the secularization of Christmas, since you don't feel it's Christian anyway.
First of all Christians who witness know sm
they cannot "save" anyone. Only Jesus Christ can save a soul. If a Christian is witnessing the proper way, he isn't pushing anything down anyone's throat. I will admit, there are some who don't do things correctly and it makes it bad for the ones who do.

As a Christian I want to see everyone I can come to know the Lord Jesus Chris in the free pardon of sin. They have every right to the same heaven I do. Its up to that person to decide who they will serve. It is a free choice.
Why are you using only Christians in this debate
I think a lot of people opposed to gay marriage are not Christians at all, and some who may be in support of it may very well be Christians.  What does being Christian have to do with it at all?
I SAID most religious people...I did NOT say most Christians.
You guys don't rule the world, ya know. Just your little corner...just your own lives, not everyone else's.
Christians are persecuted all over the world. sm
ESPECIALLY in intolerant Muslim countries.  Voice of the Martyrs is a very good source for this information. 
Micro chip in Christians maybe?

We dont need entertainment when it comes to people and their beliefs..I think you need to check with your Jewish friends (are there any in your neck of the woods?) and see if they were **entertained** with her comments, if they laughed while looking at their parents tattoos from Germany or remembering the stories of their grandparents escaping Europe before and during WWII..LOL..big laugh, right??  Freaking ignorant if you ask me...maybe Christians need to get a sensitivity chip in their brains?? You know, to perfect them??

America was NOT founded by Christians...sm
The founding fathers were deists, and some would most likely even be considered atheists by today's standards. Either way, they were, above all, *secularists.* They were NOT Christians.

I get so tired of this "America has always been a Christian nation" lie perpetuated by the Christian right. It's more accurate to say that America has always been infested with Christian (and other) relious nut bags who wanted to shove their beliefs down everyone else's throats, and have always tried to use our system of govt. to try to make that happen. That I'll give you.

Oh, and the tired old, "Separation of church and state isn't in the constitution." Anyone can see that the concept is there. Well, not anyone, I guess. You can't see it if you view everything through that nice, thick religious lens that they must hand out at some churches.

As for our government "pulling many laws right out of the Bible" that's pretty funny. You think the Bible is the only place we got that information, and if it wasn't written down in there, we wouldn't know not to do those things? Sorry, but that's just wrong. Humans throughout history have not liked it when other humans murdered, lied, cheated, stole, treated others badly, etc., long before the Bible was ever written. Maybe you haven't noticed that these same laws exist around the world, regardless of their religion, or lack thereof? Christians didn't invent them. But I guess they like to think they did.

The arrogance of Christiantity never ceases to amaze me. And you wonder why there is such animosity towards you.

See the quotes posted below...they WERE Christians...
not Deists, and described themselves as such.
The fundamentalist Christians aren't a very

The major difference between Christians and...
radical Islam is free choice...it is your choice whether or not to accept Christ...we do not chop off heads. THAT is my way or the highway.
I prefer Muslims to Christians!
I find the Muslims I know to be well educated, polite, family oriented, and very gentle people. I cannot say the same for the Christians I have met. This is based on my own personal experience, so there is no need for flaming from the right-wing Christian fanatics.
This country was founded by Christians...
form of government founded by Christians, documents authored by Christians...Christians, Christians, Christians. Radical? Perhaps. Christians? Most definitely.
Christians don't hate gays
but the Bible says it is a sin. We love gay people and hope that they come to know the Lord and in doing so will understand it's a sin. Marriage is for a man and a woman.

Please, if you don't really understand Christianity, don't speak about it. People make so many assumptions about what we believe.

Love the person, hate the sin. We are all sinners. Gays are no worse than us. My telling a little white lie is just as much of a sin as someone being gay which is just as much of a sin as someone killing a child. In God's eyes there are no "levels" of sin. That's why we need Jesus, to pay our sin debt, because all the good works in the world can't save us.

Flame away...
That's not far right wing radical Christians..that's the
With all the Christians in the house, we can't muster up
Wow. Class act, I must say.
All we hear from the Christians is fear...
Obama scares them, liberals scare them, pro-choice people scare them, people who believes different than they do scare them, their own shadows scare them, etc., etc., etc.
You never get tired of attacking Christians, do you?
"And before you start quoting scriptures, please realize that the bible is not a reputable source for historical facts. It is a collection of STORIES. Nothing more, nothing less."

You're so foul and offensive it's beyond measure. You have no respect for anyone but yourself, and you continue to try to shove your twisted beliefs down everyone's throat, all the while crying "victim" whenever it suits your cause.

You know what else has been around "forever?"

Child abuse.
Animal cruelty.
and Evil.

So apparently, because they've existed for a long time, they're okie-dokie with you.

Here's your handbasket.
you are the kind giving Christians a bad name
How hypocritical can you be? This is not God's work and any Christian would know it.
Christians are just as evil as Muslims.
What a ridiculous statement. MOST Christians are prochoice!!! .....
You will blather out anything woncha? 
Christians who had the good sense to MANDATE
an American tradition now for 232 years. You will NEVER, establish Christian theocracy in our nation. Let me say that again. NEVER.
Most true Christians perform their works and
They don't want or expect recognition and prefer to donate anonymously. The generalizations on this board are extremely troubling to me, toward both parties.
I think it's funny when they call us Christians like it's a slap...
When we all take it like, duh, I'm a Christian. I'm a child of the most high God. I'm a daughter of the king. I am blessed and I cannot be cursed. I will live and not die, and I will declare the works of the Lord.

Call me a Christian, I say, thank you, and SMILE! :)
Christian my foot......true Christians do not
The constitution guarantees us certain rights as Christians...
Jews, Muslims, etc.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Please pay special attention to the words: or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. Does not say anything about keeping it in "churches."

This is still America. If you don't want to read religious posts, close them. But do not attempt to circumvent our constitutional rights. Thank you.
I agree, but there are atheists and others besides Christians on this board

who think the religious posts are trying to shove their ideals down their throat which I know is not true, but it isn't really fair to the others.

You act like one of those Sunday only Christians...rest of the week
too many hypocrites like yourself there.