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That's a very good question and what everyone is asking

Posted By: Just me on 2008-11-29
In Reply to: So far, O chooses to ignore every lawsuit instead - of showing a vault copy. Why would he do that?nm

The vault copy is the original TYPEWRITTEN birth certificate that the hospital submitted to the state department after a baby is born. It is a long form. His worshippers keep insisting he has submitted when the truth is he has not. He subitted a "computer generated" forged b/c. There are experts who have examined it, and found it to be a forgery. Unfortunately the people doing the forgery forgot the get rid of all clear evidence that this was his sisters.

The O has had his original typewritten b/c legally sealed so that way nobody can see it.

Talk about looking guilty. Simply stated his original typewritten b/c will show he was born in Kenya. He knows this information cannot get out or else its over for him.

So far he has defied every order received to produce it. That's why people are so upset. When told to produce it, instead he goes to Hawaii with the excuse to visit his grandmother and at the same time the certificate is sealed. What is supposed to happen is the state department is supposed to make a copy, get it certified and submit it. They have not done so.

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Good post....truth doesn't always sound good
Good for you! Most people would not recognize good...sm
character if it hit them over the head, just sheep who follow along without thinking for themselves, believing the political pundit spitting out garbage.
Good post - good research (sm)
History does repeat itself at times. I had forgotten about the 50s and Russia.

Very scary times we live in and so many new enemies. This is definitely not a scare tactic but a very clear warning. You can't ignore facts, they are there.
What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
Good point, good post. Thanks.

Good One!!!
   especially since I have four cats and no dogs....I did have a pit bull once, but he was the sweetest thing and rather lick you to death than bite!!!
Great, we have something in common.  *BIG HUG*.  Bye, Brunson.
Well, good, cuz I am not following you at all. SM
An analogy was made and you are making it sound like a Bible verse?   Please.   Give it up.  
LOL! That's a good one.

Contact the administrator so that you can give her more than just your ISP to use against you.  Why not give her your email, so she can report back to your employer with your name, too?

Thanks, good to see
a fair sampling of papers. There are so few independent papers anymore; and they all put out the same spin due to being owned by  the The Powers That Be, it is good to hear people speaking out again but my God, what it took to have that happen.
LOL! Good one!

I can't stop laughing at the row v wade line! 

As far as everything else you said, I couldn't agree more.  Thank you for posting your honest feelings.  It helps a lot to know that all those who are born again aren't of the radical mindset that is usually shown on these boards.

good vs bad
That is the trouble with radical right wingers..they think the world is evil or good..black or white..you are either with us or not..axis of evil..LOL..simple thinking for complicated times, if you ask me..
Good ones...sm

Especially staying the course, 911 and ownership society.

These are good :) nm

Good ones..nm

This is another good one.


This is about the power of dissent and the duty of the TRUE PATRIOT to exercise it.


Good for him...sm
(off topic: A 17-year old deputy. That's kinda young for the job I would think.)

Booze does amplify the personality. You do and say things that you would not have if you weren't 'under the influence.' I can't overlook the fact that Mel's father says the the Holocaust did not happen, and is fiction. The same father who moved his family to Australia so that his older brothers would not have to go to Vietnam mind you. What's that saying about apples?

I've learned to separated the man from the movies. Passion of the Christ, I loved.

Pol Pot...not a good example. sm

Pol Pot would have never been allowed his free reign had we stayed the course in Vietnam.  The left got their wish.  We withdrawn.  Millions died.  But the left never talks about that. 

As far as *we* killing blacks and American Indians. I never killed anyone.  Africans were caught and sold by their own people to the slave traders.  We can sit and assign guilt until now to kingdom come.  To read posts like this further illustrates the people in this country who think of the U.S. as the great Satan.  

This is very good to know.
This seems to diametrically oppose what Marylandgal is saying, too. 
Good for you and good for him!
I think he is going to go a long way and I think he would make a very deliberate and thoughtful president that could just lead us out of this quagmire the country is currently in, and I think he has the better national healthcare proposition on the table. I hope he maximizes on his momentum. New Hampshire may not be so quick to endorse though.
Well seeing as none are very good...
I think that because none of them are the perfect choice, I want a good speaker to represent us. I'm not in love with Obama, some of what he does is a little unnerving. What Hillary is about just downright scares the you know what out of me (as does McCain - that relic should be in some sanitarium somewhere) - how he made it I don't know because I believe there were a lot of other more qualified candidates on the repubs side. Anyway...seeing as none of them is the "ideal" candidate I at least want someone in who is a good speaker and who can represent our country in a dignified and intelligent manner. Hillary does not. I've listened to her speeches with an open mind hoping (I mean really really hoping) that I would feel differently about her because there was a possibility she could be chosen. But every time she speaks it just brings my hopes down. Her thoughts are not together. She cannot read without constantly looking at her notes, and most of what I hear is "women, women, women. We've been done wrong to and now its payback time. We're going to make them pay for what they did to us, etc, etc (of course not in those exact words - but that is the implication of her speeches). I've not once heard her give a speech of hope and promise. What she does say is more of the same retoric. More of "I'm going to give you this or that - which is what they promised when Bill was campaigning years ago, but never filled their promises back then. That is why I do not believe any of what she says. False hopes.

So yes....candidates are not all that great, but I want a great speaker to talk to other countries and not make us look like fools which is what George Bush & Bill Clinton did when they were in. I also want our leader to talk to our allies AND enemies. Everyone needs to live together in peace and if there is a slight chance that Obama can do it I'm for it. This whole idea that Clinton and McCain will "threaten" other countries with "obliteration". Well how would they feel if our enemies said do what we want or we're going to "obliterate" you. So yes, I'm for someone who is a good speaker and good negotiator.
That is all well and good, but....
I still don't agree. I hear "most Muslims don't agree with," but you never hear the Muslims themselves saying so. Why don't they? Why don't they write articles, get published, come out publically against extremism? Now I know that there are Muslims who are not prone to violence and yes, they abhor it...but a personal feeling means nothing if those who feel that way don't unite and make themselves known. Of course Muslim countries denounced the attack...what would YOU do if you thought you might come into the crosshairs of the US military? Who knows what they were saying to their own people. I seem to remember footage of your regular Muslim folks dancing in the streets over there and saying we got what we deserved. They were not members of AL Qaeda, just everyday Muslim citizens. So...sorry....I don't think this gentleman gets it and I don't think Obama gets it either.

There will always be fundamentalists, and I believe more Muslims than not are fundamentalists; just will not say so, and just a few of them can do great damage and frankly, I want a President in the White House that I think those people will have a grudging respect for; I want them to think he/she will train down misery on them if they attack us again. Because, frankly, that is all they understand, and for all Bush's failures (and he has many in my books, including spending like there was no tomorrow), I believe that is one thing he HAS done and the way he reacted to 9-11 is exactly what has kept them from attacking us like that again. They don't want American boots on the ground in anymore Muslim countries. Because Bush gets it. He knows who and what he is fighting.

Just as an aside....what makes you think Obama is in favor of free trade? His votes in Congress and many of his statements are in direct contradiction to that...? I have read up on it, and while he has made statements that he is "for" free trade, all his actions speak otherwise.

Bottom line...I don't trust him, I don't think he understands Muslim extremism, and I know he is way further to the left and has rampant socialist tendencies that I don't agree with...and if he is elected, look for taxes to go up no matter what he says, because to do everything he wants to do is going to cost a lot of money. And when he starts with the taxing the "rich" and people start to jump on that bandwagon...they need to look at the income thresholds for those "rich" and realize that it will hurt the small businesses who employ a great many people in this country. If he does that, look for more jobs and companies to go offshore. A major contributor to offshoring is companies trying to get out from under the huge tax burden Democratic congresses have put on them.

As a side note...violence associated with the Muslim religion is not new...their rampage across Europe killing Christians on the way to trying to take over Jerusalem...that was many hundreds of years ago, leading to the crusades. Muslim extremists (although they were all pretty extreme in those days) were about world domination then and they are about it now...they are just more clever in how they seek to bring it about.

And look at Sharia law...how much more violent can you get? Stonings, cutting off limbs, honor killings...sorry...I don't think they get it at all...just my opinion. If you put in Sharia law in this country we would have a gazillion stonings a day and a good portion of the populace would be limbless...if even alive. And there are American citizens (though Muslim) who have participated in and fully condoned honor killings...sooo I don't think it is wise to assume that free markets and capitalism will change minds and hearts. Nice thought...just not a realistic one, in my view. While there ARE those Muslims who are not extreme in how they interpret the Koran...I do not think they are in the majority. Nothing about the world today makes me come anywhere close to believing that.
Both of those men are good men....
I was impressed with Duncan Hunter during the primaries. I really have no idea where McCain is going to go. Another real interesting aspect of this race. I have to say Obama surprised me choosing Biden. Especially when they have Biden saying on tape he would be proud to run with McCain. Now he is going to have to turn around and attack McCain. Slight loss of credibility there. Oh well. Friendships often get thrown under the political bus...on both sides.
good one!


Good. nm
Good one!
That was a good one!
and we could all use a good

laugh -- breaks the tension of the past couple months.


That's a good one!
That Sarah Silverman is ignorant!
Good one... :) (NM)
Good one. nm
Good job?
Not so good.
Constant attacks on one's opponent is not a good strategy in a debate; it backfires. Obama was better, no attacks here, only one rebuttal.
Okay, that was a good one!
No, Mickey Mouse votes in Florida, silly! The point is that no one is checking the forms so when Joe Smith comes in to vote 16 times, no one even bats an eye because there he is, all 16 times, registered to vote.
not looking good sm
What I meant was that others seem to like to make her look bad, i.e., the Couric interview. I am not on either side, I am just interested in the presentation of each side, trying to be fair to all. Undecided!
Good for you. I am sure you are a lot more...sm
organized than I, but it doesn't make me any less an American citizen because I don't have my original. Apparently my certified copy was good enough to get an American passport.
That's a good one......sent it on to everyone
Woo hoo! SAM!! Good to see you!
*doing my happy dance*
You too...have a good one! nm
You crack me up.
Good for him!
Kind of off topic but someone the other day commented about how there are no "great minds" coming out of this generation (I think she meant mine, i'm 22). Well, maybe it's because we are aborting them all!

Some of you may have heard this before but I'm going to post it just to give you all some perspective:

A father is sick with a cold. The mother has TB. Of the four children they have, one is blind, the second died, the third is deaf, and the fourth has TB. The woman is pregnant again. Given this situation, would you recommend aborting?

A white man rapes a 13-year-old black girl and she is now pregnant. If you were her parents, would you recommend abortion?

If you said yes to these, in the first instance you would have aborted Beethoven, and in the second, you would have killed Ethel Waters, the great black gospel singer!

There is a reason for ALL who are conceived.
Good for you!

You are to be applauded for doing research on your own. Now, others won't agree with you but let it roll off your back.

If more posters would do their research and think, they would be doing themselves and the country a big favor.

Good for him! sm
Keep us posted as to what happens. This election is definitely going to be one that determines the path of all future elections. So many unprecedented things going on.
Not a good man?
Since when does caring about the poor, the uninsured, and you country make you a BAD man?

Good for you! sm
I wasn't sure myself and I'm glad we're back to discussing politics only. Now that the election is over, I suggest we stand behind the president. Let's not forget that he doesn't act alone; that's why we have to pass things through all sorts of committees and voting before they get approved. Let's give this poor guy a chance in these awful times. Let's not divide ourselves to the point where it's all useless talk. I did vote for the "other one" and I was not sure about whether I made the right choice. Now that the country has spoken, I am 100 per cent behind our government and I think it will get better every day and we will have a better future for all we are going through right now. Perhaps we needed a reality check. Onward and upward, we can do great things in this great country of ours if we all pull together and work in a positive mode towards a better future for our family and generations to come. May we make some positive suggestions for the future? One of mine would be to stand behind the president and support him and give him a chance to prove himself.
Well, as for me, I cant think of anything GOOD to
Good one! sm

I say good for her........
How good we have it...


Boy's death leads Iraqi family to N.D.

Nov 16, 2008 - 04:05:23 CST

GRAND FORKS (AP) - With a glance at the boy smiling from a framed photograph, Haifa Hasan explains why her family left Iraq for Grand Forks.

"My son was killed."

Murtada was 12, a handsome and cheerful youth of Baghdad. He loved soccer and swimming and yearned to drive a car.

"He is not tall," his mother said, smiling through tears, holding a hand at a remembered height, still speaking of her middle son in the present tense.

One day, she said, before Murtada was kidnapped, he was allowed to drive near his home. As he cautiously made small circles, straining to see over the steering wheel, passing U.S. soldiers stopped to watch.

"The soldiers ..." Not finding the English word, Haifa began clapping.

They applauded?

"Yes!" she said, happy and proud still. "The soldiers applauded my son driving."

Haifa and her husband, Hasan Sahar, arrived in Grand Forks last week with sons Mostafa, 16, and Jafar, 11. The family had waited two years in Jordan before settling here with help from Lutheran Social Services.

Their new neighbors in the apartment complex off DeMers Avenue are refugees from Burundi, Somalia and other countries, and the boys sometimes join young Africans for parking-lot soccer.

"On the plane, I saw only desert," Haifa said, her eyes widening as she recalled her first glimpse of farmland, buff-colored after harvest.

"But this city is beauty," she said. "It is quiet. The people here have been very kind to us. We were surprised that many Americans and Iraqis met us at the airport. We were happy.

"And we felt safe."

Hasan Sahar, 40, taught Spanish at Baghdad University. Haifa Hasan, 38, studied English there. Despite the war, they had a good life, but that all changed on May 15, 2006.

"In the morning, my son went to his school," Haifa said. "The bus did not come that day, so he walked. It was not far. He had done it before.

"But this day, he did not come back."

Haifa told her husband, who went looking for the boy. Not finding him, he went to the police.

"They told us to go home," Haifa said. "They told us, 'When we find him, we'll bring him home.' But they didn't do anything."

From the moment she realized that Murtada was late, "I knew my son had been kidnapped," she said.

The next day, a man called to demand a ransom. Haifa answered, but the caller wouldn't talk with her; he asked to speak with the boy's father. Hasan was out searching for his son, so Haifa handed the phone to her husband's brother.

"They told him, 'If you don't give ransom, we kill him and you can't see him again.'" The caller demanded $50,000.

"I want to know why," Haifa said last week, crying. Her husband, sitting at her side and listening intently, trying to follow with his more limited English, also began to cry, hearing his dead son's name and knowing too well the story his wife was telling.

"Why they kidnapped him?" she demanded. "Why they kidnapped this child?"

The family had nothing close to $50,000, but they sold everything - house, car, furniture, jewelry and a shop where Hasan made extra money selling pickles. They borrowed from relatives.

By the next day, two days after Murtada was taken, they had $15,000.

"They told us to put it in a black nylon bag" and deliver it to a basket outside a house not far from theirs. "They said, 'We see you and your house. Only Hasan take the money, walk to this spot and no one come with him.' They told us after four hours we would see our son."

The money was delivered. The hours passed.

Two nephews, checking the morgue at a nearby hospital, found Murtada's body. He had been beaten, and cigarette burns covered his face.

"I heard crying in the street," Haifa said. "I went out, and every neighbor is crying, and I know."

Her brother, a doctor, went to the hospital to identify the body. He learned that Murtada had been killed the day he was taken; he was dead when the kidnappers negotiated a ransom.

Many members of the extended family, afraid for their own children, decided to flee Iraq. After observing the traditional 40 days of mourning for Murtada, Haifa and Hasan gathered their two remaining sons and left for Jordan.

Riding in a taxi, they had reached the city of Ramadi, capital of Al-Anbar province in central Iraq and controlled then by insurgents, when their car was stopped.

The insurgents took Hasan from the car, despite his wife's pleas.

"I told them, 'If you kill him, you kill me. My son is 40 days cold, and now you take my husband?'"

Through his wife, Hasan told of being taken to a small building with a man named Ali, abducted from another taxi at the same time.

Hasan dropped to his knees on the carpet of his new apartment and put his hands behind his back to show what the abductors told him and Ali to do. Then, rising, he showed how they pulled him away and forced him to watch as they shot Ali in the neck. He said one gunman then stood close to him and put the pistol to his head.

Haifa said she went to an elder of her extended family, an important man in Ramadi, and told him what had happened. He made inquiries, learned who was holding Hasan and sent a message.

"They released him," Haifa said.

The traumatized family returned to Baghdad. Three days later, they again left for Jordan - this time by plane.

"In Jordan, it was a difficult life," Haifa said. "We had no money left, and we were not allowed to work."

Every week, Hasan went to an office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. He also met with the International Organization of Migration, a multinational agency that promotes humane and orderly migration of displaced people.

They and U.S. agencies were persuaded that the family should be allowed into the United States. They arrived in Grand Forks on Oct. 30.

"The only good thing about Jordan was that my family was safe, but still I would not let the boys go out on the street," Haifa said. "Here, I let them go out and play. We walk to the convenience store. We go to the library."

They are waiting for Social Security numbers, and then their need will be for work, preferably work that fits their education and experience. Along with Spanish and pickles, Hasan knows heating and cooling equipment.

"I would like to teach," Haifa said, smiling. "I love to teach."

She hopes to see Iraq again. Conditions have improved, she said, citing information gleaned from the Internet and reports from relatives still in Baghdad. There will be peace someday, "but far away," she said.

Good for you!
My DH and I do the same.  If enough people get on the bandwagon just MAYBE we can force change.  If the politicians start losing their jobs then they might pay attention.  What other employee has the ability to vote themself a raise any time they want as well as all their other perks?  If they had to start living like the rest of us they might get a clue.
Good one!

Good for her.
The history of the 110th Congress proved the only way they are going to be able to accomplish anything of substance is to limit the partisan political posturing and obstructive tactics employed by the repugs.
Hey GP. Good to see you too...(sm)

I think we lost a lot of people since the election is over.  I'll warn you though, you run a high risk of being assaulted for speaking to me right now.  I'm not exactly the most popular person on here right now (not that that's anything new...LOL).