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2005 MW Social Security Statement

Posted By: Ex-MW employee as well on 2007-03-11
In Reply to: Medware employees, please check your Social Security statement - Ex-MW

Thank you very much for alerting us to this. 

I am ex-MW employee.  I too am going to report MW as my 2005 SS statement was not reported.  I hope they are FULLY investigated.

I am going to call SS in the morning.  Who should I notify in the Department of Labor?

I also did not have my state taxes taken out by MW, but I was required to pay my state taxes as if I were an IC in my state, even though I was an employee in this company. 

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Medware employees, please check your Social Security statement
I worked for MW in 2005 and just got my annual Social Security statement.  It has a big fat zero for my 2005 earnings.  They also withheld 10% of my salary (at my request) for 401(k) account, but that account also had a zero balance.  I reported that to Dept. of Labor and have now notified SS.  Please be aware and check, take care of yourselves because they sure will not do it for you.
What do all you IC's do about Social Security? (sm)
I see all these good-paying jobs for Independent Contractors, but wondered what do you do about paying your social security??
How do you NOT have to pay Social Security??
Self-employment tax IS Social Security...
As an IC you pay it all, rather than when working as an employee and paying half with the employer paying the other half.
Social Security & Medicare
Here's the scoop: As an IC, you are responsible for all 15.3% of your combined social security (12.4%) and medicare taxes (2.9%).

As a statutory MT or a full employee, the MTSO will pay half, or 7.65%, of your social security and medicare taxes. It is only as an IC or statutory that you are able to fully deduct your home office-related expenses on your tax return. I think an employee can only take SOME of the home-office write-offs, but I am not sure which ones.

Also of note is that only the first $92,000 of your income is subject to the SS and MC taxes (not that many of us make this much, but it's good to know!) However, you are only required to report your income if you made over $400 that year.

When you file your federal taxes at the end of the year, you will have to pay a self-employment tax which is what takes care of your SS and MC taxes.

If you expect to OWE more than $1000 in self-employment taxes at the end of the year, then you will actually need to make quarterly estimated tax payments or risk paying a penalty fee when you file annually. To compute that, I believe that you would owe more than $1000 in self-employment taxes if your taxable income is more than $6500 per year (which hopefully includes nearly all of us!).

If you can find a company who will treat you as an IC (not binding you to specific schedules, etc) yet will hire you to a statutory position, then this, in my opinion, is the way to go.

For instance, I currently work for two companies, one as an IC and one as statutory. They both pay me the same per line, but since the statutory one also pays half of my SS and MC taxes, it's like taking my line count and adding 7.65% to it!

You may ask why I don't just go full-time with the statutory--the answer is this: My IC account has a lot of standards, so I actually make about the same, if not more, even after I consider the fact that I am responsible for all of my taxes for income made with this account.

Hope this helps to answer some of your questions!
Everyone has to pay 15% for social security; however, for employees
7.5% is paid by the employer (by law) and 7.5% by the employee. Self employed - contractors - must pay the full amount themselves.
Taken directly from social security web site
I am full retirement age (FRA) and still working; do I report my earnings to Social Security?

I am full retirement age and still working. Do I have to report my earnings to Social Security?

When you reach full retirement age you no longer need to report your earnings to Social Security.

You do, however, need to report earnings for those months in the calendar year before the month you reach full retirement age. For example, if you reach it in May, you would need to report your earnings for the four earlier months.

The law also changed the annual earnings limit for workers who reach full retirement age during the year. During those months before you reach full retirement age, your benefits would be reduced $1 for each $3 you earned over the limit which is $37,680 in 2009 and $36,120 in 2008.

While there are tax savings remember you must pay the full 15% of social security
And not 7% portion with your employer patient the other 7%. There are lots of deductions true, but those social security taxers are the killer.
Oh no. Also check to see if your tax deductions (fed, state, social security) were
Here Here!!! I just called the Social Security office to apply for benefits, and somebody is already
They needed and had my medical records to do this.!
retiring from Spheris? Gonna get retirement pay from them or Social Security? nm
since I didn't pay into social security as an IC, I started a retirement plan to cover me.
But MT is JOB, not home, not a social club. It is
They've been out of social circulation way too long
Plus, they have nothing better to do than argue with strangers on a message board. I can't believe what a mess their lives have to be. Sad.
i dunno about the lack of social circulation c msg
i know quite a bit of MTs who love to be around other mts trying to throw a power trip with a bit of facial expression like--im right and youre not--kinda thing. thats sad too
I work Sun-Thurs and Georgie needs social skills

I changed from Tues-Sat 1st shift to Sun-Thurs 3rd shift because I start Sunday evening and I am done with my shift on Fridays at 7:00 a.m.  I have all day Saturday and Sunday to spend with my family.

Georgie, you are just a NASTY person.  There is no reason to be so rude and condescending to others.  I think you need to take some classes on social skills or get some counseling because you seem to be a pretty MISERABLE person.

I have been with MDI-MD since the end of 2005 - and I
totally agree with the comments by anon. I enjoy working for them. Fantastic, caring people to work for. Communication is excellent and far above what I have experienced in the past. Replies are practically instantaneous via email with any questions, problems, etc., you might have to the liaison of your account - same with telephone help via technical support. Have normal slow-downs in work over the Holidays, but I'm kept extremely busy on a daily basis on the account that I'm on - usually doing more than my commitment, though not required to do so. Should there ever be a lack of work on my account and I wanted an additional account, all I would need to do is ask. Please note -- I am on ONE ACCOUNT -- not 5, 10, or more !! Since being hired, I can honestly say that I now love being a medical Transcriptionist again - something I had lost during my prior 12 years with another company :o)
MDI-FL Any 2005 MDI-FL MTs still around who can

Transcend took over MDI-FL in January of 2005.  Is there anyone who transferred to Transcend from MDI-FL in 2005 that is still working for Transcend or can remember back then, and could shed some light on how the transition went and answer some of the questions like:

1.  Did your cpl change?  Higher?  Lower?

2.  Did you have to go to a set schedule?

3.  Did you get to stay on the same accounts that you had at MDI-FL?

Any other information you could share would sure be great.

Thank you. 

They last had an ad here in 2005 for 8 cpl. No other info. nm
still only get posts from 2005

I must be mentally insufficient to utilize these new-fangled gizmos.


Their last ad here was from 2005. They may have folded or
Sorry. It has to be me. I did exactly what you said and all it has is 2004 and 2005.
Thanks anyway.  Maybe someone will still enlighten me, but obviously it is not looking too positive so I probably won't waste my time with them.
NO job security
Well, I can add a little more information about Interpro. I signed on to work, as usual, on this particular day, second shift and had an instant message waiting for me that said, "I sent you an email. Please read ASAP!"...it was a letter telling me that as an IC, I no longer had a job as of IMMEDIATELY and that they were phasing out the ICs in the company. I've never, ever lost a job in my life! What's more, the team I was on had gotten along great...one big happy family....that worked their rear off!!! I've seen these gals work over 16 hours a day to get the work out. I worked on a great team. Those ladies were great! They worked their rear off and for what? They never talked to you like you were stupid or beneath them. They were real, real people! They were awesome bosses! Sorry you new folks won't have the experience of working for them. This company needs to learn to appreciate their workers. Hey Interpro, the majority of your workers actually DO work and should NOT be treated as just a production number in the computer or as a pile of crap. I'm not there anymore, and that's fine. But Nandan needs to wake up and see what's going on in his company. It was much, much better before, Nandan!!! You made big major administrative changes in the last month and it is ruining your company...and just for the record, they do send work to India. I certainly miss the folks I worked with, but I don't miss the company itself.

Security fob - sm
Do you find that to be terribly inconvenient, i.e., does it interfere with your production at all in your opinion?  I tired to use one with one job, and while I wasn't with this job very long, I strongly disliked it LOL.
Me too. Also, job security to the MTs
My son's pediatrician and my own doctor have English as their second language and I would bet my life and my son's life on both of them. They are wonderful people. Both of them said they would love for me to tanscribe for them, too, if they did not have their own service. I guess we all get to do in life what we are destined to do. I do see these so-called ESLs as people who provide great care and honestly I have transcribed for so long, I don't even blink at who is dictating. It is the dictator in any language who disrepects the medical record by misspeaking terminology or just plain disrespects the Transcriptionist in that they think we read their minds that I think less of, in which case I leave a blank. They can fill it in, and read their own mind. LOL.
Don't know, but the posts from 2005 about them are quite negative. nm
In 2005, starting pay was 6 cpl for experience. Don't
I cannot answer for February of 2005.

I was not employed there then.  I have been there a little over 2 years.  I can say when I started at Axolotl there were maybe 10 to 15 acute care MTs.  We have more than doubled in size since then.  I do know that if we had work outsourced to other companies, we would not have the amount of work to transcribe that is always here.

Axolotl is also an EMR provider and if you go to their website you can read all about that area of their business. 

In my 15 years of being a trancriptionist, I have never found a better company to work for and this is why:

1.  They treat their MTs like they should be treated. 

2.  They compensate MTs the way they should be compensated. 

3.  The platform is great. 

4.  We do not run out of work and they do not overhire. 

5.  They offer great benefits.

6.  Great management and editors.

After reading so many horror stories on this site about some of the nightmares other MTs have gone through with other companies, plus the fact I have had a few myself, I am BLESSED to find such a great company.

You are still wrong, I'm sorry; that manual is from 2005 sm
All the managers sent out information saying it was at their discretion. Instead of posting here, why don't you just ask your manager if it is true?
Extra job security, anybody do this?
I recently took on another job, this one part-time.  I had been working for several months for a company that was constantly running out of work.  This way I can always be sure there will be work in one place or other.  I think in these economic times we have to protect ourselves.  Anybody else do this?  How does it work for you?
False security...DUH !

The email address isn't what they check; any dummy can use a false name.  IP address and computer MAC address is what they check.

No anonymity.

Work 3 - like the security - cm
I am an IC for a doctor working about 6 hours a week.

I am an IC for a small service about 15 hours a week.

Lastly, I work as an IC at a midsize service to cover the rest of my income.

My preference would be to have 2 income sources instead of 3 as I don't really make *more* this way; however, the job security is better this way. I can always move work around to cover when I have less work from another source. I can't afford slack paychecks as I am a single mom with no CS.

I like that I am doing clinic work and acute care work so I don't get pegged into one hole and lose marketability. I also like the extreme flexibility in that I can do the work any time during the day and not be tied to a clock.
I have a note from 2005 saying Emdat software, low pay, &
In 2005, they were offering 8 cpl up to 1400 lines a day. Over that,
I didn't work there way back in 2005, so
I can't comment on your personal experience, but for me in 2008:

1. If you run out of work, you are paid downtime. You can do backup acounts also. Not sure about the written consent but there are a lot of us who work on other accounts.

2. Sample reports: The program allows you to bring up previously typed reports by experienced MTs by doctor, patient, report type, etc., so the MT has endless samples.

3. Supervisor currently, from what I can tell anyhow, has a lot of contact with hosital including informing them of problem dictators and other issues that directly impact the MT's production, etc.

4. I think they changed the insurance to cover out-of-area employees, but don't quote me on that.

Personally I've had a very good experience with the FL account. Nothing is perfect, but I'm very satisfied.
It is a matter of security not personal. nm
Does Keystrokes use a security fob for their accounts? nm
What about violation of Homeland Security
They have all our personal information over there where it isn't safe. I was told of an Indian that was doing AIDs patients, got mad, printed their information, and sent their reports to family members....Go outsourcing!!! If my doctors outsource I won't go to them anymore. Ask before you go...
IC versus employee - job security

Which status affords more job security with a company?  Working as IC now and love the account and the company.  I really want to ensure a long future with the company, so wouldn't going PT employee status be the obvious choice over remaining IC?  I understand the pay is a bit lower but is one really more advantageous than the other.  I do not need benefits currently; however, they do offer a 401K program for their PT employees.  Thanks for any input.

Employee status = more security
There is an investment by the employer toward an employee through their unemployment insurance, all the recruiting and hiring costs, etc. As well, employers are bound by several state and federal regulations on interacting with employees.

A contract with an IC usually has a quit clause in it and, even if it doesn't, most ICs do not have the money to battle legally about a contract that was annulled. Easily broken.

It's about Nat'l Security, not bashing India
I have posted this before. It's not that American MTs are scapegoating India or Indian MTs.

Are 1st concern is with NATIONAL SECURITY. Some of our MTSO do transcribe for V.A. Hospitals (and 1 brave MT did whistle blow on Medquist for doing this).

I'm not against nation building; however, how is it that India and Pakistan have billions for nuclear weapons, BUT can't feed their people???

And, why do their top 1-10% of their educated, the Brahmans, ABANDON their country the 1st chance they get, and leave their country with a BRAIN DRAIN?

This situation is like Mexico in reverse. We get Mexico's uneducated and poor AND India's best and brightest.

These respective country's government MUST do better for their OWN PEOPLE!
It is not a matter of national security......

First: It's one thing to know whether I have HBO or Cinemax, quite another to know those in the US Armed Forces could have INTIMATE details of their H&Ps, operative and rehab reports, their addresses and phone numbers, and those of their loved ones, in an Indian or Pakistani file server.

------^ This information is easily available.  Again, you think your job as an MT is more important than it really is.

Second: Why didn't you answer why India and Pakistan spend billions on nuclear weapons, BUT their people are STARVING? (whose being racists and cruel here?)

------^ Last I heard, the United States was helping Pakistan.  Did you forget about that?

Lastly, the U.S. and Canada have OFFICIAL border, trade and protection treaties to protect each other, as they do now, having multi-nat'l forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not the case with either India or Pakistan.

------^ Who cares!  So, you believe your medical record is safer in Canada than in India?  Why exactly is that?  What makes an Indian more likely to misuse your information than a Candian?  Please answer that question?

Musharef can't even get OBL in the Pakistani mountains because tribes are protecting him there!!!

-------^  And what exactly does this have to do with anyone's medical record?  Why don't you first ask President Bush why the US has not captured OBL? 

Now, tell me who is RACIST???!!!


Cleaning up garbage is job security? nm
Pay was low back in 2005 unless you worked the entire weekend. nm
Sounds like me, I got it today and I haven't worked there since 2005
No flyer, but in 2005, they were only paying 8 cpl until you hit 1400 lpd. Any mention of
Like I said, this was when I interviewed in 2005. REpeated errors got your pay docked, not
Posts from 2005 said it was a very "unstable" place to work for
I was in Fort Wayne so I dont think we know each other. I stuck it out until 2005, SM
pay went down, down, down.
UMM, if you follow Workstation Security Policy you can.
Please refer to this document.  If you land a private account, understand and follow all HIPAA guidelines, write up a confidentiality policy that you follow for the clinic, sign it, give them a copy for their records and keep a copy, copy and complete for each clinic the Workstation Security Policy, sign it and have the clinic sign it.  Never let anyone use your work computer and hopefully have a private office.  Store all records safely and shred all documents with PHI on them that you print. 
you would live in a security compound with all Americans around you...sm
not in the Arabian desert on a camel!

Read the manual!