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Actually, I think we all would like to forget them. It has been proven that they are dishonest.

Posted By: down with OSi on 2005-11-18
In Reply to: so does this mean OSI can still be discussed in - general? NM


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A person who has proven to be deemed a liar

The only thing they've proven is that they're

After getting in touch with ILHIMA and getting a copy, it was proven that the poster was wrong. sm
There are no spelling errors in the ad.

This person was trying to stir the pot for no reason and had people upset, thinking that an ad was run without sending it to KS for proofing.

Got the same treatment,sounds like alot of us did, not just us 2 I am sure.
Why are they dishonest? What do or have they done to make you feel this way?
I transcribed 1,195 lines and ichart reflected only 154.08 lines the next day! I documented line counts every day, and for one pay period it was 2500 lines off on their end! - disqualified from benefits too. NO answer from supervisor.
I see. So that's why you are calling her dishonest?
Apparently there were changes made. That does not make her dishonest. It means her plans changed.
Could you explain what was dishonest?
I got an email saying that I could not sustain my life with 1 doctor - so they would have to let me go - that = you aren't working here anymore. So, the next step is to call your unemployment office - they determine whether you are eligible to receive benefits or not - and because of the emails that the lead MT sent - she is the one who hung KS - it was determined that I was eligible. Then you look for work - for which there are many different aspects of what you apply for and what you do or do not accept - there are not so many employment positions for MTs -more IC jobs which do not count as employment. I did everything as layed out in the guidelines. KS just didn't want to be responsible for their part of the unemployment - siting laws in their state - which are not the same as those in the state where I live - and you state's laws are the ones that count - not theirs. Please tell me what is dishonest about this. I did nothing dishonest while working for KS - all I did was work. Oh, I did miss one TAT because my broadband was down - and that was in a year.
Well that's just plain dishonest then.
I wonder if the MTstars quote was actually written by the the recruiter him/herself then.  I think I'll pass on this company then.
Right on Sista!! They are dishonest and friendly until


Defending dishonesty is being dishonest
I rest my case. Once again OSi shows how dishonest they are.
This makes me ashamed that I once worked for them, but also makes me glad that I work for a decent, honest company now and do not have to be a part of their BS!!
Yeah..they are dishonest. They most certainly are in India. Do you really want to work for someone
that is dishonest?? not me..
Why take it to email. Shouldn't we all know if this is an employer who is dishonest to their
employees. Inquiring minds would like to know if they really offshore..
Most Indians in the MT business are dishonest scum
If you are such a dishonest person, maybe they saw through that and let you fall to the wayside inte
You should be ashamed of yourself. This is called FRAUD. It is ILLEGAL and can give you prison time. You deserve it. You give MTs a bad name and I hope no company EVER has to deal with you that they have a way to talk to KS or any other company you have ever done this to.

I also hope they catch you and prosecute you.
Please look at your posts defending dishonest cherry-pickers, then look at yourself.
How are they dishonest for taking out premiums for insurance that we signed up for? sm
Wow. People will bash any company for any reason.
RE:Sure is and the gal out of Nashville that runs it is a rather dishonest person - to boot. nm TNMT

I've feel for the same thing and tired of dishonest people.
My favorite was when a recruiter would actually do all of her recruiting by pretending to be an MT. She went to great length singing the praises of her company, even though others were badmouthing the company. She was very convincing until I put two and two together. Actually, she wasn't too smart. She private emailed me from the board as the MT saying that she would contact her boss to recommend me.. Well, though and behold her boss and her both had the same email. Now, do I look like a moron or what. So, honestly, I rarely trust those cheerleaders on here and just take it with a grain of salt because you never know who your talking to.
Forget it
This is not a good situation. Line counts should be verifiable at any given time.
Here's what I always forget to ask...(sm)
I almost always forget to ask if they pay for spaces and ADT info. Luckily, I've never run into a company that didn't. Also, ask about scheduling and hours. You'd be surprised how many companies still try to treat ICs like employees, demanding set schedules even though that's not legal. I always try to remember to ask about holidays - so far everywhere I've worked it's been the policy that if it falls on your regular day, you work it at regular pay. Most companies I've know DO require you to say which days you'll be working, and I do that because I know they have to make sure they have coverage, but I draw the line at telling them WHEN I'll work on those days. Ask if you can work as much as you want or if they have a maximum. One place I worked wanted everyone to do 1500 lines a day, no more and no less. That was weird, but I guess it worked for them. Find out any hidden fees like software licensing, foot pedal if you don't have the right one, etc. Good luck to you! I was an employee for years but now, after finding a good match for me as an IC, I wouldn't do it any other way.
don't forget
the trips to india and the generation of 2.45 million pieces of email
And don't forget
One of the MTs on here posted not too long ago about being given a backup account but, even with the limit of 5 reports per day while on QA, there wasn't sufficient work for her to TRAIN on that account, much less TRANSCRIBE on it.

To the poster who inquired if things had picked up after the 32 MTs supposedly went to their respective accounts, the answer is NO. Nothing changed, still little to no work on many accounts.

Very, very frustrating all the way around, and creating a financial nightmare for many of us.

I suspect it is time to part ways with MDI. If they cannot respect me and their other dedicated MTs enough to let us know what is going on, then I'm afraid I cannot give the respect I normally give all of my employers.

As light as the work is apparently throughout many accounts, I doubt they'll even notice if I disappear.

What a disheartening way to end a previously-enjoyable relationship.

I wish those of you who can afford to try to stick this out well.

For those of you who cannot afford to sit back and wait for things to improve, I guess we'll all jump ship together.
Do you forget?
I still have a dog in this hunt.  Maybe you should go and stew some more tomatoes or at least stir them. 
forget Transcend
They run out of work constantly. I ran out of work on my first day of training.
do not forget the clients -
They also deserve to be billed correctly. Sad, sad, sad.
Don't forget a pulse!
MQ also requires that, just so they have a warm body pumpin' out those reports for "instant TAT"....
Forget it - i see now - w/o having a set schedule!!! (nm)
Was there 2 years and asked, did not receive!!!  Worked LOTS of HOURS and holidays and weekends for them (still kicking myself).  I am glad Focus is working out for you.  You would have to be in the minority though.  Communication is TERRIBLE.  If you are F/T and a real producer, you are constantly emailed, IM'd and even called while you are out shopping after a long day to Please log back in even as an IC!!!  Their cpl is not good at all but couple that with the way they count their lines (very questionable), you cannot survive on their cpl pay. 
I agree with you, but don't forget (sm)
Back in the when you and I learned transcription at a teaching hospital, we had something right there in the room with us to say to, Could you listen to this for me?  That is a HUGE plus.  When they tell you what it is, and you can go back and LISTEN AGAIN, that has a lot to do, I think, with how we learned.  Just getting back a gazillion blanks from QA, just isn't as good a learning tool as listening again. Of course, that's just really not done anymore, so......Guess they will just have to find their own way to learn.  The thing is, a lot of people (and not just in this profession, but in all professions) nowadays do not want to take the time to learn anything hard or learn it correctly.  They just want to get through it and collect their paychecks.  Sad.
Forget management
It is not worth the hassle. There are good companies out there who pay fairly.
Tell them okay, hang up and forget it. Let them
Forget about what the ad means JUST RUN AWAY! nm
Forget MQ, try TransTech
Forget MQ try Axolotl!!
You will not believe the difference!!!
Answered above. Just forget it.
forget the ones I work with...
Most of the hospital radiologists I type for are pretty good overall. Then you have the ones that NO MATTER WHAT, they are GOD and they will dictate the way they want to. Some will take it into consideration and, maybe the first few days are better. Then right into their old habits again. Therefore, blank here, blank there, long blank down here.
Don't forget the other 42% they don't mention! nm
Forget Chronicle and I don't
even know why they would be hiring.  There is never any work anymore.
Don't forget to turn them in to the IRS! nm
don't forget the extras
I get 10 cents per 65 VBC line for MT with shift and weekend differentials, $17 for QA, plus 9 paid holidays, 15 days vacation per year, and 5 paid sick days per year. This is as an employee, full time. Also get company paid life and dental for myself.
Don't forget the cherrypicking
that is rampant and never addressed. We might as well ALL throw jobs back that we don't want to do because they kill our line count. Here's a news flash, especially for P.S., who is one of the biggest cherry pickers there is, anybody can see what you're doing when they click history. This is also being documented and there are reports printed every so often that shows every person who cancelled a job. You people sicken me. Do you think you are more special than the rest of us and can just throw back the junk for us to do? Well enjoy it while it lasts. If it were up to me, your days would be filled with assigned jobs by everybody you throw back. Once there is enough documentation, you will get yours.
Here's another thing they can forget about:
Proofreading. Let India do it, if they're such hot bargain employees.
Forget the business. Sometimes sm
there are allowances to be made. Also, again, your situation has nothing to do with the OPs situation.

I bet if you could have bumped that girl for her vacation (if you had a union, etc) you would have done it in a heart beat and never thought twice because you would have been entitled to it.

you are either a very bitter, miserable person OR an MTSO with a problem.
Don't ever forget that .. this board and you

are covered by FREEDOM OF SPEECH. See link  below.

No worries !!!

if my salary is $ 100,000.--, I would all forget about
ham sandwich and alcohol, etc....
BTW, with the right 'connection' foreigners can get everything, over there, so I have heard.
Wow. I'll forget them, then. Thanks all for replies!

A rule I have learned to follow is to never apply to places that constantly have an ad in the paper to hire!  I had never seen such a big ad for transcriptionists before, though. Oh well, I guess I'll just wait out MQ and see what happens. 

My friend's goats are always getting their heads stuck in the fence trying to get to the greener grass.  My luck would probably be the same, lol.


don't forget the newbies who will do it for free!
Consider that a lesson in how they operate and forget them!
Their sound quality is bad much of the time, they are unorganized and so rude much of the time, and it might be easier to get an audience with the Pope himself than get a reply from them on anything you may need to ask! I have heard from plenty of people who are still there about being switched around on accounts to help them out. Pay has been on time and seems fair.