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Anyone else not getting paid recently by Davis Transcription? nm

Posted By: ticked on 2005-08-29
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Davis Transcription-Terri Davis
I just today went on their website and Terri Davis is still listed as the contact for this business: terri@davistranscription.com. This makes me wonder if she is really gone. Guess the only way to know would be to call them and ask for her.
Davis Transcription


Does anyone have any knowledge about this company?  Any info is appreciated.


Davis Transcription
Searching archives produced the following results.

Davis Transcription
Thanks for the info! I thought I read this before about the company!

Davis Transcription.

Right off the bat, you'll have to wait 6 weeks to get paid and even then it is not regular. AND, you will always be that far behind. No direct deposit, have to wait for snail mail and at the mercy of the checks getting signed and then finally to the post office. Never knew it could be so hard to get someone to go to the post office until my encounter with them.

That was enough for me to take my talents elsewhere!

Does anyone know anything about Davis Transcription? nm
Davis Transcription
Has anyone worked for Davis Transcription.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thanks.
Davis Transcription
Anyone have any current information on Davis Transcription? I searched the archives but there was nothing past 2004. Anyone work there now and getting paid on time?

Davis Transcription
Does anyone have any recent experience with Davis Transcription? I am looking for a company to work for PT as I hate having all my eggs in one basket, but the only info I can find is from 2004 and says they do not pay...anyone with up to date info? They are looking for PT orthopedics. Thanks.
Davis Transcription
Work for them ONLY if you do NOT like being paid for your hard work!!! A couple of us took her to court to get our last 5 weeks of pay! Won a judgement from her and now waiting to see when she is going to pay up!!! I see she is advertising for transcriptionists and am wondering how she can afford to pay them when she cannot afford to pay those that worked so hard and so long for her... My guess is she can't afford to...
Davis Transcription
I did not say anything about liking or disliking anyone affiliated with the company... I simply stated a fact (and it is a matter of public record) that several contractors have not been paid and it is now 6 months and counting since the work was performed. I'm happy that you didn't have any problems with them; however, the same cannot be said for a lot of others.
Davis Transcription

Out of a possible 20+ transcriptionists I met and came to know at Davis over a 2+ period of time I know of only 1 who is still sticking it out hoping things will improve.  There has always been a great potential there, but sadly, mismanagement and a constant flow of contradictions just ruined it (not to mention the fact that she just doesn't get it.  We work for money-not soon, another month, tomorrow (sure) or when I get it).   Starting a company is tough for the first couple of years but then should settle into a routine.  Excuses don't pay bills for lowly transcriptionists. 

Davis Transcription


Anyone have any thoughts on a company called Davis Transcription?  They are out of PA.  Good or bad or ?  Thanks so much.  Have a great day!

davis transcription
someone e-mailed me asking if I had experience with Davis Transcription Company.  Sorry, I don't know anything about them.  But you can do an archives search on them on this website.  I hope you get straigthened out.
Davis Transcription
I went to school that Davis Transcription had in Imperial PA.  I would not recommend this company to anyone.  The lady that runs the business, Terry is not a very nice lady.  In school, she would tell you to figure it out and would never help you.  I paid alot of money for this course and it was only for three months and she was always playing us against the students in the class.  I know a couple girls that went to work for her and she was only paying 5-6 cents a line and there was always problems with work flow.  She was there to teach, but never did that.  Everything that your did, you had to figure it out on your own.  The medical terminology part taught by another girl was great and she was wonderful, but the dictation part taught by Terry was a nightmare.
Davis Transcription

Is there an MT out there that can tell me anything about this company called Davis Transcription out of Pennsylvania? Thanks!!!

Davis Transcription
Please do not even consider working for this company. They NEVER pay the MT on time. I am constantly bugging them to death when they are going to pay me. You start off at 4 cents per line while on QA. It's not worth it. The office manager is really nice, but I do not work for free in this business. I resigned from the company because I could never guarantee a paycheck on time. It's not worth the time!
Davis Transcription
Run. Do not walk.  She won't pay in a timely manner at all for no reason whatsoever.  Just doesn't care.  Had been up to 10 weeks late.  Had checks bouncing too.  It was so embarrassing but apparently she can live with it.  She'll hire newbees and train people because she knows they will stick it out longer than most.

I have worked for Davis Transcription for three months, have not got paid.  I have heard this has happened to many people out there dating back to 2004.  Nothing has changed with this company and they need to be investigated.  I strongly recommend MT/editors and even new MTs to stay away from them.  I have all the proof you need to see what they have done. When they are threatened with court they pay.  I think more action needs to be taken.

Davis Transcription
I have heard that Davis Transcription is now a very reputable company, adding new accounts, qualified MTs and QA staff with great crendentials and the managerial staff is excellent these days - good for them!
Davis Transcription - out of PA

Any recent news on this company?  Any current employees.


Davis Transcription
I checked archives and found nothing on the above company.  Does anyone know anything about this company?  Pros and cons please.  What platform do they use?
Davis Transcription
I'm late to this thread, but I would hesitate to work for Davis Transcription until it was verified that Terri Davis is gone.  I worked for this company in the past.  They have one excuse after another not to pay you on time, and have been taken to court by some previous MTs that have never been paid.  Make sure you check very carefully before signing on with them.
Davis Transcription -- Any input??? -nm
I have been offered a job there, but haven't been able to get any info?
Any info on Davis Transcription....
I looked through the archives and only found messages from about a year ago and wanted some new info. I want to know good and bad and mainly if you can make any money with them and if they pay on time. Thanks.
Davis Medical Transcription
Anyone have any current info on Davis Transcription?  I searched the archives and only found info from 2004 and it was not good.  I'm thinking of applying.  Thanks.
Anyone work for Davis Transcription?
If so, are they reliable?  TIA.
Colleen. There is only 1 Davis Transcription
and yes you have it correct.
Davis Transcription pay problems

Anyone else out there working for Davis Transcription and having problems getting paid??

Every time Davis Transcription has

been asked about on this board over the last 2 years, there are always warnings about working for her.  All you have to do is Google Davis Transcription if you don't want to search backwards.  Archived information is old.  I am not sure why it takes years to be archived but hey, this is a free site. 

Anyway, if you want to know what has been said in the last year or two, do a search going back through the pages.  Some of the information does come up on a google search though. I keep wondering, since the information is so easy to find, why people still keep taking jobs with Davis. Guess they don't believe those who have already been burned. 

Davis Transcription new owners?
Hi, I had heard that Davis Transcription was in the process of being sold.  They have contacted me for a position, but was wondering if there is any current information on whether or not the company is being/has been sold?  Thank you
Google Davis Transcription if you need information about them.
Any latest news on Davis Transcription?
They tried to rehire me back last month and I have not heard a word from them.  Heard they got bought out by another company which does not surprise me at all.  Any latest news on this crazy company?
Any latest info on Davis Transcription?
All I know is that they lost one of their big accounts.  That place is so screwed up!!!
Any info on Davis Transcription out of Pennsylvania? nm


Google Davis Transcription and search the boards
There has been numerous posts. 
Sounds just like Davis Transcription...good informatoin to use. TX!
A major overhaul has happened at Davis Transcription
Terri Davis is no longer there.  The business is now run by the remaining two other partners.  The pay is on time every two weeks as long as you have your invoices in on time.  The work is there and the QA manager is fantasitic to work with.
Recently applied at local hospital that paid incentive.
The local hospital here also pays hourly plus incentive. New MTs start at $15 an hour and then anything over 120 lines are paid at an incentive rate with the incentive rate increasing with the more lines you completed.
don't think I will get paid for transcription I did before quitting
I worked for several weeks for a transcription company and things did not go very well. I worked VERY hard trying trying to do my best work and just was not making very much money and things did not look like they would improve. I up and quit and now they are not answering my e-mails nor have I received pay for the work I did do. The quality of my work was great.  The platform was hard and I spent too much time trying to find patient accounts I believe.  Does anyone know what recourse I have? It is not a lot of money at all, yet I worked so hard to make it work.  Or do I chalk it up to another bad experience?  Thanks in advance. 
I worked for Davis in the past and never had a problem getting paid. I really liked everyone there that I came in contact with. Not saying that your story isnt true, but I just didnít have a problem with them.
Not saying your story isn't true, but how come out of better than two years of postings on the boards, from what I have read, you are the only one who hasn't had a problem??
If this is Davis out of Imperial PA, run and run fast.  I went to school there and it was a scam.  The owner is unbearable.  I also know of a girl that emailed me and stated that she was not getting paid and they owed her alot of money and was not responding to her email regarding her paychecks and she quit.  I was going through Job Force (unemployment was paying) when I went to school there and they do not even refer to her school any longer because of all the problems that I and other classmates had.  The pay is low and they always have excuses about your pay, per the other girl that wrote to me.
You guys should report this co to the BBB.

I went to school at Davis.  She was dishonest back four years ago.  I turned her into the Work Force who was paying for the couse since I was on unemployment at the time.  A couple girls were going to also sue her, but never went through with her.  She is very manipulating person and tried to turn the 10 of us in the class against each other.  She was behind it all.  Her business is about 20 minutes from my house, maybe I can throw some rocks at her place-HAHAH.  DON'T EVER WORK FOR HER!!!!

Crighton-Davis in Louisville, KY


DBS Enterprises DBA Davis Transcriptions



anyone with any recent input on Davis Medical? nm

Training on the system, not paid, but if you are physically typing reports then you are getting paid
Oh, yea -- PAID, too. Grandmother PAID LEAVE would be a great drawing card to TT !!

Just love that PAID TIME OFF !!

Any company that makes you wait to get paid until they get paid by the client
is not a company you want to get involved with. That's part of being an MTSO, figuring out how to cover your payroll while waiting to get paid. I would stay away!