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Anyone with any experience with United Transcription? If you check out their website, SM

Posted By: They have an ad on the jobs board on 2006-02-20
In Reply to:

they're just the greatest MT company that there ever was.  Anybody with any real experience with them?

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You should check out the Nuance website and the Focus website
Nuance is Dictaphone and since a lot of use Dictaphone equipment, you can say we all have something to do with this. If you are surprised at the website above, look at the US website of nuance. Just IMHO and try to get both sides of the corporation.
United Transcription
Recruiter, Melissa, had me do a questionaire first. after she was satisfied with this, she wanted to send me a pre-employment screening test. However, it looked like she was only going to send it to me if I had planning on taking it RIGHT THEN AND THERE just because it was timed and needed to be back in 24 hours (we are about 6 hours apart, and I do have another job). She did this twice. I waited for days. Why couldn't she just send the test as an attachment to download like NORMAL companies would?????

I finally emailed the company and told them how unprofessional they were, particularly Melissa, and that they actually did me a favor.

United Transcription

Can anyone tell me anything about United Transcription? I've done a search and cannot come up with much.  TIA!

I think there is a United Transcription in NC, not SC. (sm)
... and there is another company out of India. The one in NC is not a scam, though they are a young company. When I talked to them, it sounded like they used fabulous software. The bad thing is that they still don't seem to have a website, which I think they should so people could more easily distinguish them from the Indian company.
Does anyone know anything about United Transcription?

The ad looks like it's a good company to work for, but looks can be deceiving.  Anyone have personal experience with them currently or in the past?  TIA

United Transcription

Does anyone currently work for this company or has worked for this company in the past?  If so, give me the good, the bad, the ugly and otherwise!


United Transcription

Will you email me with the details. 


Has anyone heard of United Transcription?

Anyone know about United Transcription

Just want to know what they pay before I go and take the voice test.


Any info is appreciated, Thanx!

United Transcription in NC
Does anyone have any experience with this company?  Thanks!
Okay, thanks - I'll assume that no bad input regarding this company is a good sign!
United Transcription
Saw an ad for United Transcription on another website..wondering if anyone has any info on them?  TIA
Was this United Transcription in So. Carolina or the other one? nm
Any info on United Transcription?
Have seen many ads on Monster..Just wondered if there was any info out there on them. 
United Transcription, Inc. Any Info?
Anyone heard of United Transcription? nm
United Transcription/RI Unlimited.
Keep away from United Transcription.  They literally change your reports at QA and blame you for it.  Also, RI Unlimited.  They give you 3 tests, avoid all phone calls and then tell you they don't need any help.  Also this minutes thing.  We should turn them all in for not paying taxes.  Bring back the Independent in IC.  No sure I am staying in this field much longer.  They want it all and don't even allow for error.  Minimum wage is going up.  You are better off working in WalMart. 
United Transcription in North Carolina
Anyone familiar with this company?  If so, would you recommend them?  Thank you.
United Transcription out of North Carolina
Hi Fellow MTs:   Would anyone have any information on this company, United Transcription out of Charlotte, North Carolina?  Any information would be helpful.  Also does anyone know if they pay for spaces or benefits?   Thanks
Any other companies besides United Transcription use MPWord software? nm
check out website
Check out www.mtjobs.com. The website is updated daily. Some companies would gladly welcome someone part-time. Just go looking, you probably won't have any problem finding what you need in 20 hours a week, although some consider PT 25 hours a week. Good luck.
Check out their website
I just checked their website 5 mins. ago. When I did a search on the job board, I got a message that said no positions available at this time.
Check out this website.


A lot of the work goes here, returns from here, etc..


Also check to see if they have a website (NM)

Check out the IRS Website.
If you are an IC, they cannot tell you when you work. Just because they write it into a contract, it doesn't mean it is legal. Do some research on the subject. Many companies have been given very stiff penalties from the IRS for doing this.

If they need work done on a schedule, that is fine, but then they need to hire EMPLOYEES, not independent contractors.
Not according to their website, but they want people to check every now and then
I'll have to re=check their website
I could have sworn they said US owned/based with locations worldwide.
Check their website or call them. If you already have

cable internet adding digital phone service is no big deal.  You just use a different modem and they put a box on the outside of your house with her existing phone equipment and otherwise you plug your phone into the jack just like always.   They should offer the service and they usually have something where you plug in your phone number and it will say if service is available for you number.  You can then sign up on-line or call them.  They handle everything with the phone company if you decide to keep your same number.



Yeah, check their website and then.... SM
Check their Contact Us link:

SharpHearing Technologies.
C-1, Vijay Complex,
Kailash Society,
Shastri Nagar,Kothrud,
Pune 411038. Maharashtra (India)
I think Phoenix Medcom might. Check their website. (NM)
Check the website for Employee info/job openings. nm
no experience but noticed this on their website

not so interested anymore...
According to their website, they only require 3 years experience. NM
gulf coast transcription website says
that's almost scary in a too good to be true way.  Does anybody work for them? do they offer benefits? TIA
Background check Milner Transcription
Does anybody know if Milner Transcription in Georgia does a background check?
Check out the JAX Transcription place response on job seeker's board. sm

Maybe they ARE for real!!

I occasionally get someone with NO transcription experience (sm)
demanding to be tested for a QA position! QA!!!!!!

You don't qualify for QA TESTING, much less a position, if you have never done transcription!

They pay 8 cpl transcription, 4 cpl for VR no matter how much experience. nm
Transcription Systems of Illinois -- anyone with any experience ... sm
with this company such as how they are to work for, pay on time or not, software used, work load, benefits or not, etc.?  Any and all info appreciated.  Email me if you prefer.  Thanks!! 
Any experience with On-call Transcription Service?

Web site address?  How are they to work for?  Demanding/easygoing?  Line rate?  Pay on time?  Platform?


Does anyone have experience with Advanced Transcription Technology?
I'd like to hear about other's experience there before applying.
Transcription Connection, Inc. is in Ohio. Found on another web site. Want 5 yrs of experience. nm
Per job post you need ŕ-3 years of medical records transcription experience"

Reason for the revolving door at OSi, always has been that way, always will be  

I have 14 years of experience and I bombed the transcription test. Where oh where did I go wrong..
Oh well, I was offered a QA position at our local hospital so it worked out.
Hepworth Transcription. Any infor or work experience? You can email if you if you want to


No experience because I couldnt even take the transcription tests. The voice files would not play.
How about you? I was bummed. I was really interested in the job but I tried everything to get the voice files to play but they wouldnt. Oh well, I guess if it were meant to be, then I would have been able to take the test.
United TR
Would love to hear from anyone who works for this company. Pay? Benefits? Work load? Do they provide equipment? Any info is greatly appreciated.
I tested with them and they had one very unreasonable transcription test (one particular note) that totally turned me off.  Horrible sound quality on top of a heavy ESL accent.  I was afraid that was a hint on what was to come with that company so I never finished the test. 
United Tran
What is the deal with United Tran?  Is it a reputable company?  Reading an ad from them, I thought it sounded good; but then when I went to their website, I noticed some misspellings.  Just made me wonder.  What does anyone know about them?