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Application process/testing

Posted By: GAMT on 2007-09-08
In Reply to: APPLICATION SCAM? - Lillybelle

I am starting to think that all of this application and testing is a waste of my time! You spend hours at your desk and seem to get nowhere and not even get hired!

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TransTech - application process

Can any experienced Transtech employees fill me in on the process of getting a job with TransTech? Did you need to follow up your application with an email, or is that too pestering? If they contacted you, how long did it take after you applied? Any other things you could fill me in on would be appreciated. I would really like to have some contact with this company.


Tips on the application process
Good morning! Never give any information not asked for. If they don't ask if you have books, don't tell them. There are so many ways of researching on-line until you get the books that you would have been fine. Never, never say what you won't do until you actually talk to the recruiter after testing and they see you are going to be a quality employee. Then when you're specifically asked about scheduling during your job offer, say you'd prefer not to work Sundays. During the application process, when they ask if you are willing to work weekends, I always put yes, but for me this means Saturday. During my job interview/offer, that's when I let them know I prefer Sundays off. Maybe this will help for next time, along with prayer. (Oh please Father, I want this job, please, please, please). lol

I've worked for 3 different companies in the last 12 years and have always received replies to a job opening. The next time you apply, send a followup email the next day on the status of your application. I did this the very next day with all three companies. That is not being pushy...it's just letting them know you seriously want this job and are excited to know your status. Good luck, Dreamer! :)
I started the application process, but when they
asked for my social security number on the application, I decided not to pursue it. I don't want to give my SS# unless I'm hired.
I had a very bad experience through the application process.

Went through all testing, passed, had phone interveiw, the told me the liked what they saw, spent over an hour on the phone with the girl, and then she said she would send computer specification info and schedule form,  filled out the schedule and sent it back, and went to buy the computer....

Never heard from them again.  Called, only got voice mail, sent several e-mails over the course of 2 weeks, then I took another job (thanks Encompass... I like my new job), and about 2 months later, I heard back from them saying that they just got my e-mails...  HUH? 


Does anyone know what their testing process is like? nm
Testing process
Just wondering if anyone else thinks that taking an actual transcription test that consists of a total of 6 different voice files is a bit too much.   Three maybe, but six (6)?!!!  IMO they should be able to tell if you are any good at just giving 3 different ones.  Any opinions on this matter?  M
What is their testing process like? NM
Transform testing process ?

I took the test last Fri p.m. for Transform and at the end of the test it says they will get back with you in 24 hours.  (I'm not expecting that over the weekend obviously.)  That same evening, I emailed the person that had invited me to take their test and let her know I had completed the test.  Just curious how long it really takes them to get back with you and if they get back with you even if you didn't pass.

Thanks for the info.  Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Do they have both a written and verbal testing process? Thank you. nm
If an MT takes time to go through the testing process...
MTSOs should take the time to respond, even if it's an auto-response, letting the MT know that either they did not cut the mustard or that the position was filled already. It's the decent thing to do. That's the benefit of computers. It's not the personal touch most would prefer, but it sure beats sitting around waiting for an answer.
Sten-Tel in Mass. and their testing process
I need a 2nd job really bad.  I have worked for Sten-Tel in Mass. before and know that they do not require you to work any certain hours and do not have a minimum line count for you to meet.  They also pay on time.  I applied to them and went through their entire testing process.  I finished this last Friday.  By Monday evening, I hadn't heard anything so I emailed human resources asking for an update.  No reply.  So, I emailed again Tuesday and I finally got a reply back saying that my test was received and that it takes 5-7 business days for me to get an answer and the human resources person said she should have an answer by today.  I wait all day and hear nothing.  I email her again asking about the status and I do not get a reply.  This is really irritating me.  I know I did good on the test.  I don't understand why it is so hard to get back with someone.  Should I just say forget it and try to find somewhere else?  I really don't know of any other companies that are very lenient with the schedule and have no minimum line requirements.  If you know of any, please email me and let me know. 
I want to get opinions about this testing process I'm in the midst of...

it feels like I'm doing work for the company for free.  Two weeks ago, I submitted an online application and downloaded a test file for this company.  I completed the test file and sent it via email along with my resume as instructed on the website.  I then received an email asking me if I was still interested in the position to which I replied yes.  I then received another email stating they were sending some attachments, a punctuation and grammar test and basic medical terminology test.  I was told to complete those tests and email them back.  I was also asked at that time to fill out a 5 page job application for the company which I did and forwarded all back the same day.

I then received an email two days later telling me I was now ready to begin the second phase of the hiring process and that they would forward me a confidentiality agreement to sign before I could continue testing.  I then received an email instructing me to download FTP software from the website and install it and then wait for the next phase.  I did as instructed the same day and emailed as instructed.

Finally, using the FTP software they sent me several folders with the last phase of the test.  The last phase turned out to be 16 voice files which seemed to be full clinic days of 8 pt. a piece for two different doctors along with pt. appt lists, etc. I felt as though I was actually doing work for free for this company.  If I had to estimate, I would say they are probably going to get about 700 to 1000 lines of free transcription from me if I were to go ahead and finish this test.

I have NEVER in my 16 years of being an MT and working for national companies encountered a test like this.  The most that I have transcribed for testing purposes were four reports totalling no more than 500 lines if that.  Quite frankly, I'm ready to say forget it!  At this point, they have said very little about the job, the pay or company.  There has been no phone interview. 

So what do ya'll think?



I don't remember the testing process as being extraordinarily difficult
but the person I tested with in HR is no longer there. What I liked best was interviewing not just with the HR person, but also actually getting to interview with my Lead, so I got to ask real relevant account-type questions, etc. Pay is not the hightest, but definitely not the lowest - more middle of the road, but at least I always have work, so that's not an issue. I'm only PT, so I don't get benefits, but we recently got sent a new benefits plan, etc., and it looks good to me for FT employees. Give them a shot. There's a lot of bad press here about them, but I think it's old info, nothing current.
Any current Transform employees willing to share testing process and cpl range?
I am trying to move from a local clinic to a national and am curious.  Any info would be helpful.  Thanks!
I meant billing process, not bill paying process.. sorry! nm

MT job application
hi everyone.  I would like to ask help from everyone for referrals.  Im a CMT with 4 years of experience.  Im based in the Philippines.  Could you please refer me to any company who might have any vacancy.  Really appreciate your help.  thanks a lot
Thanks. I sent them an application. NM
I have an application with them also...sm
I tried searching the archives on them, but nothing came up. Does anyone have any specifics? TIA
Axlotl application. sm
About a month or so ago, I applied to Axlotl, after seeing their ad on a site.  Have heard nothing back so far.  Has anyone else had this happen with them?   I'd like to try again with them, if they will respond.   Thanks. 

This is the scenario--Company advertises what sounds like a really nice position.  Resume is submitted.  Information and test is received with message to urgently return it, for the first one who passes the test will be hired.  Some time passes, so applicant decides to not continue with test, as someone probably already passed and was hired.  Recruiter is notified that applicant will not continue.  Then, recruiter contacts applicant to encourage her to complete the test anyway, because no real decisions will be made for a couple of days!! 

Question:  Does this sound like one of those recruitment situations where the recruiter is using applicants as workers, to get some reports done?


I filled out an application
I filled out the application and sent in my resume. I was called for an interview and then asked to test, and I had the 2nd interview today and was hired. I am so excited!
SPI's new scheduling application
Are there any current SPI MTs who are willing to share their thoughts on the new scheduling application? 
scheduling application

I find the application slow and clumsy.  No way can you sign out if you leave your computer every 5 mins... it really is the last straw.  Word has it they're going to dump us anyway and pull out of onshore accounts altogether.


thanks, I did the online application for TT
hope to hear from them soon.
Application Help Needed

I completed an on-line application and test for TransTech two weeks ago. After a week had passed with no response from TT, I called and the recruiter said they couldn't locate my application or test but that they would call back.  After not hearing from them for a couple of days, I started calling at least every other day until two days ago.  At that time, I called again, and the receptionist talked to the recruiter while I was still on the line and said they had found my app. and test and would call back within the hour. However, I have yet to receive a return call.  I'm certified and have 26 years of acute care experience and feel I did well on the test, but maybe the competition is stiff and I should take this as a rejection and move on.  Has anybody else experienced similar circumstances applying to TT?  Suggestions as to how I can get a response one way or the other would be greatly appreciated!

If you put in an application at Wal-Mart does it not ask for your SS#? sm
If you did not feel comfortable giving that info until hired, all you simply had to do was leave it blank. I am sure they would not have tossed your application due to that.
Sure would be nice if they would respond to my application
wonder how long it takes
I was PAST the application stage.
I wanted to know if DRC was now OWNED by Acusis..that's it...jeesh

Personally, I don't want to work under an Indian company. Been there, done that. Thanks for the info.
MQ application form after interview

Needing a new job, I applied, tested and interviewed with MQ.  At the end of the interview, I was told there was one last thing I needed to do, which was to fill out another form.  An application similar to the screening application I had completed when I applied initially as I understand.  Well, I can't find it.  I've also called them twice about it and they said I had been sent an email about it with the link.  But, I have received no email about this and do not know where to find this form to complete.  I was hoping someone here would know.  If you do, please let me know.  Thank you in advance.

has anyone used the Keystrone online application?
I tried submitting it but it only brings me to a blank browser page.
Med-Scribe Application Test
Has anyone recently applied with Med-Scribe and taken their application test? I didn't think the test was difficult but I was told I did not pass it. I was wondering if anyone else has the same. results.
Well, it depends, in part, upon where your application went. sm
If it went to a recruiter, they often seem to work 24/7 (LOL). But if it went to a corporate office somewhere, then I'd not expect immediate action if submitted on a weekend. Some folks would be pushier than I tend to be, though. However, I don't think giving them a couple of days is unreasonable. :-)
I think sending your resume is the only application
There's nothing else to fill out, just send your resume.
I just submitted an application to them. Can you give details? nm
Ex-Spheris MT, HITS is a windows-based application...

you will type in.  It is very, very user friendly.  Frankly, it is the only aspect I miss about working for Healthscribe/Spheris.  Good luck!!

Not basing that criteria on a job application...Good grief! nm
Whether you apply on line or by written application, they have it covered

They have always had a disclaimer at the end of any paper Employment Application you fill out and sign, but now they also have them if you apply on line.  They cover it nicely by saying I authorize investigation.  That pretty much lets them do anything they want and without a written signature.  


Applicant Disclaimer

(Please read before submitting)

I hereby certify that the answers given herein are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application for employment as may be necessary in arriving at an employment decision.

I have tons of experience and I sent a resume to them and I filled out the application, took the
test, did fine, got a huge questionnaire to fill out that took about 1/2 hour or more then got a call and they wanted me to take an oral test and do another editing test.  I thought what is this.  This all took hours of my time.  I do think you have to clock in and out like at MQ and I am not interested in the least in doing that again.  Been there and done that.
You are lost and the WRONG site filling out an application for who knows what???nm
QA process.....sm
Read on another board that someone was fired because of QA without warning.  Is this new QA system they were talking about at Transolutions?  Very interested in knowing if this is the same company.  Also very interested in hearing from other radiology MTs who current work there.  Would like to know their platform and line/report rate before I waste my/their time testing.  TIA
Want to know the whole process...
You need to send an E-mail to your PS giving your resignation.  If you do not hear back within 2 days, call her (Most likely, you will need to make this call).  They will try to talk you into staying.  You may hear from HER supervisor as well.  Make sure you ask about getting compensated for all unused PTO.  Hope this helps.  (It is definitely a wise move....trust me).
The "easing out process."
  Has anyone been eased out of QT? I believe this is what is happening to me, but if anyone has gone through this, could you please comment...less and less work, having to call repeatedly to get work, benefits problems...etc., that sort of thing or am I just paranoid?  I am not calling and asking to speak with anyone in particular because I know what they will say...it is a matter of not wanting to fire outright but making things pretty miserable...you know what I mean.
How long did the process take
After you send a resume and tested, what happened after that and how long did things take?
Not my experience. Best process I have gone through.
Had the most complete interview any company had given. The test was thorough and not long. The training process allowed me to ask what I need to ask. I love my assigned accounts.
process time
I sent my resume Sun p.m., received an email from KS with general info Mon a.m., then they sent an email with a list of questions(which I thought was great) and I immediately replied. They called me this morning to offer me the position! I have everything I need to get started so I just have to wait for HR to send paperwork - probably Monday I will start.
I'm also in the interview process and...
I was told about the new ortho account coming up too. I don't know about other areas, but ortho seems to have plenty of work.
I am going through the hiring process with MDI-MD right now and have ???s. sm
We are not talking money yet and before I go too far into it, I have a few questions.

Do they really treat you as an IC or do they hold you to a schedule?

Is there work available in the early morning, say 5 a.m. EST?

What is the rate range for VR editing and is the platform good?
The hiring process is very SLOW!
The training sucks! The platform is a joke, not very MT friendly, IMO. I am about a month in and I am looking for another job.

Oh and I have never posted about this company. I read the negative posts and thought the same; all coming from the same person. My experience has been more negative than positive.
to the post above - the hiring process is
EXTENSIVE regardless of whether you are a hospital employee or a regular employee. You have to go through a physical, drug testing, background check, criminal background check, etc.
I'm in the process of accepting a position with them. SM
They didn't say anything about a turn-around time, thought, so maybe this varies by account.  I liked the sound of the account I'm going to be doing and so I'm going for it.  I wish the pay was a little higher, but I always wish that!  I actually didn't ask about raises - didn't think about it.  I'm not really much help, am I? lol
I'm in the process of leaving mine right now!
I have great accounts, great doctors, an awesome editor, and my pay is always accurate and on time. Unfortunately, the owner won't respond to my repeated requests for a raise in CPL. (Not even a yes or no or maybe or in a few months--nothing!) Instead, I'm getting more and more operative reports, which I love, but when you're making far too little, well, sometimes you just have to move on. I'll miss them, but I don't think I'll regret it.