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Be careful. They are nice people, but when you get the contract, sm

Posted By: LTMT on 2008-08-27
In Reply to: Inscribe Job - pinky

it has a clause in there that if you send something to QA that they think you could have gotten, then you are charged for QA's time, cannot remember how much, and it is docked from your pay.  My objection to that is, who is to say I could have gotten it or not?  What sounds like mumbles to me might be clear as a bell to someone else.

However, if this is your first time at an at home job, they would probably understand that and give you a break.  I agree with the other poster.  Just do the best you can.  Most all companies would rather have you leave a blank than guess.

Good luck! 

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Lots of people have been burned by them..be careful, very careful. NM
Very nice people, nice place to work. nm


Yes, nice QA (and nice people in general), but very little work right now. nm
For nice people.....:)
Hey, I'm nice. Can I post?

Hmmm.....what made me happy today? Bf sent flowers; that did it! LOL

Thanks for starting this post, nice to see a good one once in awhile. :)
Nice people ????
I worked at FN for a year and found the people there (with the exception of a couple) to be very difficult and not really caring about their workers whatsoever. I got tired of the ESLs, the people there, and running out of work...so I found another job. I suggest you do the same...you'll be much happier!

Very nice people
I couldn't disagree more with Olive Oyl.  I've worked there almost a year myself, and I find everyone to be very nice.  I don't get the feeling at all that they do not care about my well being!
Really nice people
I have worked there in the past, and the administrative staff/owner are reallyk nice, understandable, and easy to work with.  I would recommend them.
Nice People

From what I remember this Tracey had a conflict with the operating system on her laptop and there were problems with initial installation but her overall experience with GIS ended up pretty good.  I think she had to leave because she could not afford to continue her training as she had just graduated MT school.  The people at GIS are awesome to work for.  I have been there a little more than 2 years and I love it.  There are no bipolar supervisors.  I think I know who made that post and she was given a one in a lifetime opportunity to slide into management and she failed miserably.  Don't know why she blames it on GIS.

Really nice people there,
but it is the only company I have ever quit on the spot with no notice.  They had me completely at my wits' end.  They didn't have enough work on the accounts they gave me so they kept switching me around - I think I had 4 different accounts in about a week and a half.   Because there was no training pay, I couldn't keep putting in all that time learning new stuff.  I wouldn't have been able to pay my bills.  The people there are really nice though.  
Very nice people....sm
I did general transcription for them briefly, I loved it, the sound quality was awesome!!!!!!!, but I could not handle it with working my full time employee position.  It was just too much for me. They paid me on time, but for general transcription, the pay for general transcription may be low for some, but I was only doing this for extra money part time....
This is too bad! Why would such nice people
go through this? Every Christmas they would have a party for us, and they would never forget us! I left for personal reasons, just to take some time off and be with my children. I hoped to go back b/c I thought they were so family oriented. I hope that things turn around for everyone there.
Nice to see people who like where they
work and what they do.  Question for all you TTers out there.  I looked at their web site and they say they want 5 years of experience.  Do you know if they'll consider people with 2 years?  thanks for your input.
For nice people only no bashers

This is a peaceful message.

Post here only if you have something nice to say.

Ugly messages not allowed!

Worked for them, nice people, low pay. nm
Nice people, but I was switched from
account to account because they ran out work. I also agree with Regina about the non-stop e-mails, etc.--too much distraction during the work day. They pay on time as agreed, but not too much. I'd say keep looking.
Nice people, but the pay scale is quite
complicated and very low. You can only get the top line rate if you're a CMT and trained on multiple accounts. They do send you a computer, but they don't charge for it. The most telling thing is that my former supervisor left shortly after I did. I say keep looking.
Be nice, people - it's Friday

Nice people to work for.
Pay is higher than other MTSO.  QA is very helpful and always encouraging.  I never heard anything negative, even when I did make a mistake.  The only reason I left is because I was offered a local account with a surgery center.  I would go back in a heartbeat if I needed work. 
Nice people at Amphion, but there
were workflow issues and the pay is rather low. I gave it half a year, but I had to move on. There was also an issue with having to fill in demographics, which burned a lot of time.
yeh, forget it if the people are nice.

Yes, Precyse provides everything, very nice people there.
I like Phoenix, very nice people there sm
If you are okay with being IC, give them a try.
What did you want to know? Nice bunch of people. nm
I am one of those nice helpful people (sm)

who work there but am just a worker bee...ain't management and don't ever wanna be management.  I'd love to know what the lie was, just 'cause curiosity killed the Hayseed 


Nice people at Spheris
You are so right; however, with horrible unitelligible dictators and lousy sound quality, I could not make a living there. Also, too many inconsistencies and subjective QA-ing. When the dictator says duh x-ray, and you type the and get counted off because QA thnks it should be an or ptient's x-ray that gets under one's skin in a hurry.
They are nice. If you do something wrong, they tell you. That is their job, isn't? You people.
Nice people but be aware....sm
they do not pay for spaces, even if they tell you they do.  You need to definitely get this is writing (the spaces part).  You will find your check short about 20% and you won't get the money either.  Bad experience for me.  Most people probably don't check their line counts.  Maybe this has changed but I know others had this problem too (old posts here).  Good luck.
Nice people, pay on the low side
I worked for them about 3 years ago. The managers were all very nice. They have an odd payscale which is based on your expereince, production and how much work your send to QA. And I thought the pay was a little low.

Hope I helped.
They are not nice people to deal with and
only a few of the chosen can get away with even making suggestions. The rest of us are called unhappy and just told to find another job. This starts at the top and falls all the way down the ladder in management. No one cares about you, you are just a number and you are not as important to them as the Indians. Their efforts to try to retain good MTs is just a facade, there is no truth to it. They would rather we all just left.
Great for some maybe....but they are nice people...nm
The Amphion people are nice but
I got laid off after months of no work. This was back in January, I think. Because of the lack of work, I kept bouncing back and forth from different accounts, had to use EditScript (ASR) and couldn't make my lines. They did me a favor by laying me off. It was not a good fit for me and I went back to my old job, making 9 cpl; however, that job is transitioning to EditScript as of June 1st. Just can't win, I guess.
AMEN! Very nice people and they sm
WILL work with you, but they do tell you anything to get you into something then you find out it is a bunch of bull.

Nice doesn't cut a paycheck!
Nice people, but they need a major upgrade.
totally agree - nice people though -nm
Very happy with PS. Extremely nice people. sm
Their platform is fully over internet. It has a few bugs, but they are working these out all the time. These are just plain nice people running that place. I really have enjoyed them and am so happy to have shed the stress of the uncertainty with MedQuist. Proscript does not offshore, either.

The big thing I like about Proscript is that they all work together pleasantly. With MQ, we are left out there alone without the tools to do a good job. With Proscript I actually feel I am part of an organization that is genuinely dedicated to doing a good job - and provides the tools and the feedback to do that. I like the QA people, too. They provide good feedback done in a diplomatic way - and they know we are all just human, which helps.
I worked for them for a few weeks. Very nice people (sm)
I just could not make their minimum and found platform to be cumbersome - but it may have just been me.
Thank you! that was really kind of you. didn't know nice people were still around, LOL. sm
we all know as with everything, time and circumstances change. sorry to hear your outcomes. i too hope TT will hold up to its end of the bargain as they have something great going on now and we need companies like this.
I do. Very nice people. I have plenty of work sm
Pay is on time. Nobody bothers me. I have a great account and wonderful software that is Word based,but they have several accounts a couple of different platforms, so not sure what the others are like.
I had the same problem. Nice people and benefits,
Just because people are super nice, doesn't SM
mean the company is so great. Everyone at Spheris is real nice too, but don't think you would like working there.
Talked to them last summer. Very nice people.
CPL depends on shift worked and how well you do on the test.
Future-Net as IC, although work can be low. Nice people. nm
Nice people there. Depends on what platform. sm
It was Inscribe. Cumbersome with lots of entries to make in demographics fields, many doctor addresses to look up and fill in, and differing specs for each account. They have a lot of work, but I had to be put on several different accounts to stay busy. I had a hard time getting the minimum lines in each day because I spent so much time fiddling with other things and looking up doc names, specs, jumping between accounts, etc. It was far too much hassle for ME for the line rate, which was 7-8 cpl depending how many lines you did per week. It wasn't just me, either, because I spoke to another experienced MT who hired on around the same time and she was feeling the same way.

The cons are very nice and helpful people, pay was on time and correct, the doctors were clear with hardly any ESLs, and there seemed to be plenty of work, albeit on several different accounts. I would've probably stayed there if not for that platform. http://forum.mtstars.com/smileys/sowhat.gif
Same here...super-nice group of people (nm)
Yep. Me too. Nice people, great place to work!
Second the motion.. Nice people.. Best company I have worked for.
They really care about their employees and it shows..
Calling other people's gifts "cheesy", are ya? Not nice
Nice people to work with. Lines never added up though.
I couldn't tell you about the benefits because I was part-time and didn't need them at that time. They use Dragon MT as their platform. I personally didn't like it.
Nice people. I constantly ran out of work and had to move on. nm
Nice people, agreed; very frustrating to work for, though.
I have to agree that the people are very nice. That's about as far as goes, however. The platform is clunky (We're working on a new one has been the constant refrain for years, with no real sign of it's birth anytime soon).

To answer the original question, I'm able to average about 250 lph, even with the craptacular platform (mostly due to a few docs with regular patter lending themselves to a lot of canned text); that said, I would likely be getting 350 lph or more with similar effort elsewhere.

Back on the negative side, however, the communication there sucks. Maybe 1 in 10 e-mails to management is acknowledged, let alone answered.

Very frustrating.
Proscript is a great place. Nice QA people. nm