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Can you be more specific on what you'd like to know? sm

Posted By: Happy Webmedx-er on 2007-07-24
In Reply to: Can anyone give me the pros and cons of Webmedx? - Thanks! nm

Good benefits (PTO, pd holidays, life, medical, dental insurance); good amount of work available (except this week has been slow on some accounts); they provide equipment (you do pay deposit, returned at time of leaving); direct deposit, always on time pay; easy to use platform (but you need high speed Internet); good training and I LOVE my manager (responsive to emails and phone calls, doesn't micromanage me).

Weak spot would be tech support (depends who you get).

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Maybe it was just directed to the people on specific accounts or a specific software platform. nm
Sorry, I should have been more specific. sm

Mostly, just the usual -- are you happy there?  Would you recommend it to your friends?  Pay on time?  Work flow consistent? 


More specific please- MS in NJ or FL? nm
Can you be more specific? nm

Were they at all specific about SM

what they meant when they said typing skills?  That is so vague. 

You need to be more specific, such as ....

Employee status or IC?


Work type?

Set schedule?


Okay, but that's not very specific (sm)
I guess I should have asked for all opinions happy and otherwise. If you work for Webmedx, would you mind telling what has been the problem?
Can you be more specific?
Turns out they are not hiring for a month or two anyway!
Sorry, I should have been more specific.sm
MDI MTs will be getting a call in October/November and will find out then what the offer is.
TT..please be more specific about platform..sm
You say you like the co...please tell me what kind of platform you work on and are you able to increase your line count using the platform easily? Good incentives?
Yes, they do. Maybe your specific experience
does not match up with the positions they have available right now?

Can you be more specific? This doesn't help at all. nm
I don't know about these specific companies
Ablescribe in the mid-TN region and they are hiring. Pretty simple work, a nursing home same 4 or 5 docs and a lot of the same patients daily too. My sis works there and loves it.

I am from TN too!

ablescribe.com, I believe.
could you be more specific on what you love so much about it?
Ask about specific companies. (NM)

Could the replies be more specific
I am considering them also and would like more substantial information than vague statements.  That is no help at all.  Please if anybody has any experience with them or works for them, please I would also like to know how they are.
Could you be a little more specific? Your post
completely... too many metaphors. Not a lot has happened at my end, but who's to say other people have heard other things. What finally prompted you to jump ship, other than the obvious India-based thing?
This is when you turn over specific
examples to your supervisor and get some answers. I would keep a record of every inconsistency and send them in.
Cannot name specific accounts.
specific answers ..
hi ..

1. Does the ShortHand Expander work on DocQScribe?

not sure .. pretty sure it does.

2. How easy is the platform to learn?

very ... just use keyboard commands instead of mouse

3. How easy is the platform to navigate around when you are in a report -- and are there a lot of steps to saving, sending, etc?

I find it easy and there are not a lot of steps ..

4. Can you look up prior patient reports?


5. Can you make your own templates?

You have to put them in the expander and it depends on company policy; they do not want cut and paste as it can affect formatting on client end

6. How is the spellchecker?


7. Can a fast typist make good line counts?

yes .. friend does over 300

8. Is the line count mechanism accurate?

mine has been when I checked it

From my experience, it is a great system.

I too lost production but I started using it but that has been true for me with any windows-based program I have worked on ..
give me back my DOS and WP .. .that is when I used to make good money .. LOL

good luck to you .. you will be fine

PS - However, The speech recognition of MQ (ASR) is terrible unless you have really great dictators.

you dont need your specific

numbers to do your FAFSA.  There's a question on the renewal that asks if you've filed your taxes yet, you just say no.

I've not gotten my W2 from TT, and I don't see ANY excuse for that.

specific company name?
Then, obviously, be more specific in your posts
When you post something as vague as your post, you should realize you're leaving far too much open to question. And if you'll read my post, you'll see I tried to clarify in which direction you were attempting to with your ambiguity.

Before you get your feathers ruffled, re-read what you're posting to make sure it conveys the message you are trying to get across.

Glad you weren't sniping at her, though.
Which mediscript?? What are your specific questions? nm
Can you please be more specific regarding "play favorites?"
Can you please be more specific regarding "play favorites?" I used to work there and never had a problem with QA in general; maybe it depends on the account you are assigned to. Although, I do doubt the competency of management there and agree with the other post that you pratically have to "work like a horse" to make any money.
Translutions..good/bad? please be specific..nm
Does DRC assign specific worktypes or do you sm
get a regular account like with the big nationals?  TIA
It probably would depend on the specific software.
In my case, I have no problem.  My IC position is done strictly in Word with downloading and uploading files to FTP, so it really does not require any particular software.  
Ask about specific companies in a new post, please.

I would not cite the specific reason
just say not working out as you had hoped.  Good luck
answers to your specific questions
12 hour window - no, you give them your schedule of hours you want to work and if it works for them, they approve the schedule and you stick to it. However, they are flexible if things come up and you need to start an hour late or early - just let them know ahead of time. Also flexible for appointments or if you need to trade a day for the most part.

Expander Program is ShortHand for PC.

You would have to ask their IT guys about transfering your entries into their computer. I just sat my two PCs next to each other and created the entries on the SH on the work PC, only took an hour or so to do and well worth it.
Ad seems very specific about acute care.
Yeah I think you'll need to be more specific...
It's specific to the software Emdat sm
I understand you could possibly get your Infinity pedal to work with Emdat's software but it takes quite a bit of time and finagling and then still might not work.
To be specific, how they deduct for headers
They deducted a flat 17% from the line count. You all know that all headers are not created equal and some have hardly anything in them and very few of them are 17% of the total lines typed. I remember when this head honcho went in one day and revised all the headers to make them with even fewer characters but that 17% did not change. I could not accept the politics of this company any longer and immediately started pounding the pavement for my own accounts because I didn't need the benefits anyway. This company was not Transtech by the way. I don't know what percentage Transtech deducts because I have never worked there.
I agree, I think it's probably account specific.
On both my accounts I log directly into the facility system, so if that account were to want coverage for particular hours, then I think that's probably what KS tries to provide. Luckily my two don't care so long as the work gets done and they stay in turnaround.
yes, but you get hired on a specific account (nm)
Please be more specific about pay when someone starts working for you and this will never be a
problem again!
What are some specific ways that you are appreciated?
Sorry, I didn't mean specific hospitals, I would
like to know if these always busy accounts are C-phone, Lanier, or internet, or all of the above so I'd have some idea. 
How about making your question a bit more specific. nm
What specific information? You can e-mail me.
are you assigned specific jobs?
Looking for IC job with specific schedule - where to apply? sm
I am looking for a new job as an IC (acute care only).  I want to work three 12-hour shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Any ideas of where to apply?  Seems most IC jobs now the company is dictating the hours you work, which I thought was illegal to do?
How is this issue specific to escription?

Unless you giving specific details, not
general comments, they cannot know who individuals are.
Specific examples more helpful.
I'm sure you are correct but specific work type problems encountered are more helpful.
True only for one specific client,

not all of their (not there) clients.  There are some people who have kept two computers running routinely for different reasons and would be ideal for that position.  It is not two separate montly internet fees if the computers are hubbed together.

It will vary. Within a specific period of time, if they SM
post profit and how much profit, then they determine how much they will contribute, so you do not kwow when you sign up. Perhaps someone else can explain it better, but that is about it. I would not base my retirment on it.
Any companies out there who assign a specific group of

dictators instead of accounts with hundreds of dictators?  TIA. 

Is this doc lists and addresses or MT-specific stuff? nm