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Clarification regarding OSi and Opti-Script

Posted By: Sandy Kovacs on 2007-02-13
In Reply to:

Please note that the company OSi that is being referred to on these boards is Outsourcing Solutions, Inc., NOT Opti-Script, Inc. out of State College, PA. 

Thank you.

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Just clarification. This is not the old QA Jo. nm

Thanks for the clarification. Will try it! nm
sorry, clarification.

I am a Psych. transcriptionist, but my training does not apply to MT.  I am really interested in the medical field, but would need to complete a program such as Career Step to becoome familiar with the vocab and the format.

Where I live now, Psych. transcription is not a big market, and I woud like to expand what I have to offer.

Sorry if it was unclear before!

DSG Clarification

I would like to be perfectly clear, as I have received emails asking me why I stayed so long since I said DSG was bad. 


Yes I am yelling here, so please hear me clearly.  I no longer work for DSG.  I worked for them and left 3 times due to..... once not meeting my line count, and twice due to health issues of my own and my MIL.  I was more than ready and happy to go back to DSG.  I was very disappointed that I was not welcomed back as my understanding was if there were openings I would be welcomed back. 

DSG always paid on time every time!  Only once (once in 4 years) was my paycheck off, less than $5 and they corrected it right away on the next paycheck.  They were really great about correcting it, not fights, no trying to prove me wrong or anything.  They just took care of it. 

Jodi, Kim and others always answered my emails and questions without making me feel ever like any of my questions were silly or unnecessary.  They went way, way, way above and beyond with me and my health issues. 

I am very happy where I am at.  I am simply glad that I did not miss this opportunity, which I believe I would have if I had gone back to DSG, as I would not have been looking.  I am very sorry for people who have had a bad experience with DSG.  I am very glad for the ones who have found happiness there.

I always thought that I had found my home with DSG until I was not welcomed back after my leave of absence due to MIL's illness. 

I would still recommend to give DSG a try to anyone, and as a matter of fact I did to someone who emailed me privately based on earlier positive posts about DSG.  She was acute care and always running out of work at her old job.  I told her that I almost never saw acute care being out of work and as a matter of fact that DSG was training me on acute care a little at a time, which I have never been offered that opportunity by any other company. 

So, in conclusion, overall my experience with DSG was good, very good.  Management always nice, attentive, and easy to reach.  As a matter of fact if they ever had openings and I could fit it into my schedule with this new job, I would gladly go back!   

PT clarification
My choice was to take Sun-Thur rather than Tue-Sat. I was asked to work certain hours to meet needs of my accounts, which fit OK with what I wanted. I've been there over a year.
The above post meant for *Mute point* SM poster

While all the things Stick Finger said are true, and she may make $50 to $75 an hour, it is NOT possible for most MTs.  If she is making this kind of money, and I am not calling her a liar,  there is more to the story than what she is saying.  I say this as one who came from the day when making $100,000/year was quite achievable.....BEFORE computers, using an IBM Wheelwriter, which most of you probably never heard of. 

 What does AAMT have to do with it?  Weren't they the ones who were suppose to be for the MTs?  Aren't they the ones who came up with the 65 cpl pay?  In my opinion they are the ones who sold us out.  I USED to be a member of AAMT and I was certified.  I quit when I realized they were NOT for the MT, they are for making money for themselves.  At least I'm glad they apparently took the American out of their name.

I could say a lot more about the MT business and how and why it has gone to hades in a handbasket but I'm off to paint gourds.


You've had incentives based on minutes? I was SO surprised to see that I had to ask you to clarify. I've been with MDI for years on several different accounts and they do offer incentives when backlogged, but I've never seen one based on minutes, only lines, even on a heavy ESL account. So I was very surprised to hear that. And I haven't seen one in ages and ages, because my accounts have been slow all summer and remain so. I sure hope they pick up in September, or I'll have to either ask for another account or find some backup work to pay my bills. I am very loyal to MDI, so don't want to have to get work anywhere else if I can avoid it.
So...are you saying that if I get a report with 200 lines that has blanks...I only get paid for 15 lines? What is the logic behind that? For how long did they make you type before doing QA?

If you have found a better place to go for QA, please let me know where as I desperately need a good QA position. Email me if you'd like.
I don't mean a reduction of 1.5 cents per line from typing, I mean we have been getting paid 5.5 cents per line for the past year, and now they are dropping us down to 4 cpl to be more in line with the rest of the competition.

In some ways you are correct.  I have even called my pharmacist to give me the spelling of a new drug.  I would call that conscientious enough.  What I was referring to was ONE word blanks.  I don't know how many reports she went through to find the word or if she left it out, made it up or what but I do know the words were words that I think God Himself would have had trouble understanding as there was nothing in the context to indicate what they even MIGHT be.  That being said, I consider one of TT's Q.A. people among my good friends and we still chat.

I have never  had a problem with Q.A. before except another one of those high fulutin Q.A.s that happened to work for MQ. (NOT the Herndon office but another I was transferred to).    She as much as called me an idiot when she sent back a routine Q.A. and  had changed at the point of INTROmission to read at the point of interim admission.  The report was about a sexual problem.  I was so furious I called the supervisor and her thoughts?.....Oh, I see you are correct but she was just doing her job.  Doing her job!!!!!!????  A few more episodes like that and  I was out of there.  During the several years I worked for ddi, who was reported to have the strictest Q.A. in the industry, I never had anything but compliments.  I don't know whether you do Q.A. or not.  If you do and you are one of the good Q.A. people, who offer feedback when asked and refrain from trying to lord the Q.A. position over the lowly MT, then my hat is off to you.  If, on the other hand, the shoe fits...............

Golden Isles Medical Transcription
Hey, thanks for the clarification.
That's not the one in my town.
Thanks for the couple of email replies I've gotten.  Just to clarify, I'm not looking for IC work at Webmedx.  I already have a job here.  I'm looking for IC work outside of Webmedx that will supplement my pay I'm not receiving here as well as tips from people who have been in this situation before, How you know when it's finally time to give up and move on.  I've been here for years and see them buying companies and hiring people outside the company to do the work that employees should be promoted to do.  They're not passing along the money they're making as the company grows.  There's probably an excuse like they're not making more money, they're actually spending more investing in these other companies and investing in products for us.  There's usually an excuse.  But it comes down to the fact that my pay isn't going up and I can't make it here on the QA pay I get.......and there's no hope in sight of any raises or promotions. 
The scenario that I was referring to was that the recruiter told me that the other MTs were perfectly happy with the situation.  Even though they are ICs, they are treated as employees and apparently very happy.  Those happy individuals have taught the company to treat their ICs as employees and save money for the employer in the process.
I just wanted to clarify on my above post, to show how great the TT people are, that the ONE night I ran out of work, my supervisor was going to train me from home that very night on her own time so I would not be without work and could get my lines in.

I thought it was important to point that detail out to show just how well this company treats their MTs.

If anyone gets an offer from TT, I'd very strongly suggest grabbing it.
Let me clarify.  I quit because I was told i was given three days but then asked if i NEEDED three days.  Big difference.  I understood being given three days but in the same breath being asked if NEEDED three days seemed not right to me. 
My point is that if potential applicants express their concern about payment issues, the MTSO may resolve open issues (faster) and/or have an explanation.

Clarification. sm
I was referring to the OP as a possible trollomplicate
spelling and clarification
Did not mean to offend.  You're right, it was in bad taste.  I was in my Gone With The Wind phase today.  Sorry, but some of the responders need to find something else to do, like playing with their keyboards for a change.  What a lack of intelligence is on this board.  Hope it does not show up in the doctor's reports.  One of the best MTs I ever worked with was black and we dished each other all the time, in fun, in good humor, and in love. 
Keystroke clarification..
I mean being paid by the keystroke, not the company Keystroke.  Sorry for the confusion.
there seems to be some confusion about the email I posted. This is NOT a personal email address of a particular person that I am trying to contact.

What has happened is I have received four resumes from four people in south Florida, however, their email addresses are their name or addy, or whatever word you wantto use, PLUS that email ending. It is like Yahoo, or hotmail or aol, or any one of those.

In fact, I was able to get in touch with one of the transcriptionists by phone, and it is legitimate. It is carrier in south Florida. However, the email addresses keep kicking back as undeliverable.

All I am trying to do is get a hold of the people that sent me resumes who live in south Florida.

I hope this clears up the confusion.

Thank you

Clarification - outsourcing
The article did not say that it was 'overseas' outsourcing...outsourcing - meaning that it was not MTs employed by Grady...as in an outside transcription company.
Quig's clarification
Sorry didn't mean to be scary. I meant in a labor sense they can certainly give you a bad reference and could possibly (but not legally) hurt your good reputation as a transcriptionist. This is odd behavior for a company so I would leave as soon as financially possible, especially as you have two offers. Not literally out of town, sorry.

amother clarification
Actually you are right, they should not give a bad reference as they may end up being sued. Certainly they can give a bad reference, but it is usually not in their best interest to do so. Some potential employers look down the line of your jobs, meaning employers in the future. This company sounds so strange and so petty that they may be the type to give a bad reference, but only you can forecast that as you work for them and know them and I do not.

They seem so strange acting, that is why I say leave and don't look back, especially since you have offers.

Thanks for the company clarification

Quick clarification...
A lot of the accounts have the ability to go back to old reports and you pull several lines of information, those lines are paid at a different rate than the lines you actually type. It is basically getting paid for free lines I guess you would say. Nice enough company. Pay normally on time. They bascially leave you alone if you are doing your job.
clarification - "this"
when I say this would be abused..., I mean being paid an hourly wage or salary.

A little clarification on the binders issue
at least from my perspective. My account binder has maybe a handful of pages regarding account specifics and then admittedly more samples than I needed. It's definitely not 5 inches of rules and specifics. QA is picky because we have a reputation for good quality.
Clarification....I am not Diane ^^^also want to know which company

To Gourd Painter - Need Clarification
Sorry but your answer isn't clear to me. Would appreciate more specifics. What does AAMT have to do with it anyway?
clarification - oh no I can't type 8 hours straight

with that average... Actually I can't even type 4 hours straight with that! I wear down after a couple of hours. So what I do is I will type and really tear it up for a couple hours straight and take a nice break, do it again for another couple hours, take another break. Fortunately (at least until December 31 anyway...AKA the foreseeable future lol-inside MDI joke) I can do this because of my 24-hour window. I'm going to have to come up with a new game plan as to how I do my work once I have to stick to a set 8-hour schedule.



Clarification about Keystrokes' current openings, hiring, etc. sm

There have been a few posts that Keystrokes is hiring and a few that Keystrokes is not hiring.  Right now, we are working with our current MTs to make sure that they have the volume of work that they want, accounts that they are happy with and changing our benefits package.  We are transitioning to having primarily full-time MTs, with a few exceptions and have been helping some of the part-time MTs increase their work load to full time.

We continue to grow and will be hiring in the very near future, once we make sure that current employees have everything they want/need.  There are definite gaps that we need filled, all full-time positions, but the openings will not be posted until each and every current employee has had his/her needs addressed.  We are also working on a formal training program for new employees, building a new office and working with MTIA and AAMT on the new apprenticeship program. 

We hope this clears up some of the confusion and questions we have been getting.

I jsut sent an e-mail to my STM to get clarification. The thing that upsets me most is that sm
I do love my job, and I look forward to working each day. I can do all worktypes, I am very productive, very accurate. This is upsetting because my family depends on me for insurance. Thanks for your reply :-)
Is OSi the same as Opti-Script Inc? nm
Opti-Script. Anybody have any
recent info on them?  Prior posts sound promising, but wanted to hear from some current employees. 
Opti-Script. sm
I recently started there (going on 3rd week) and I am absolutely loving it! I think I finally found my home!! They are great people, good accounts (so far) and good communications! I also love Ex-Text!!! Pay is very comparable to other offers I have received! If you are a CMT, they offer a small increase for that!!
Anybody work for this company?  Thinking of applying.  Good/bad info would be appreciated.  Thanks!!
Opti-Script, Inc

Can anyone give me info on this company?  Interviewed with them, was impressed, but would like to hear other side of the story from anyone who does or has worked for them.  Thanks.


I'm really liking it so far.  The people are great.  The account I'm on is good.  Can't complain a bit.


Has anyone ever heard of or worked with Opti-Script before? I received an email from a recruiter responding to my MTStars Resume that I had posted. The email reads: We provide a complete computer system at no cost to you.  We work with the Dictaphone ExText system.  Our pay is based on experience with differentials paid for 2nd and 3rd shift and weekends.  We also offer a CMT differential.

I appreciate your advice..


I would appreciate any information about Opti-Script as far as being a good company to work for, do they pay on time, good accounts, etc. Thank you in advance for your help.
Anyone care to share the good, bad, and ugly on Opti-Script.  I have looked in the archives but am looking for fresh information.  Thanks
Any info on Opti-Script?
Someone I know went to Opti-Script.
I am planning to start with Opti-Script soon, I hadn't read much on these boards until a recent post, that was negative. Before I take this leap, does anyone have any more information, positive or negative, they'd be willing to share? Thank you...
I can't help you much, but to say that I interviewed with them and all went well until they found out I did not have any hospital type experience. I was turned down for the position. Other than that the person who interviewed me seemed really nice and the job description was decent enough.
Opti-Script ... sm
They provide the computers and you can use satellite internet. Been here over 2 years and very happy.
I have been with Opti-Script since September and absolutely love it. It is the best change I have ever made and a great company to work for.
On the Job Seeker's Board, this company sounds interesting.  Has anyone had any experience or know anything about Opti-Script?  Thanks.