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Consider yourself in the inner circle. She is great to people she likes but

Posted By: Nina on 2006-03-08
In Reply to:

quite the opposite if she does not. There is no pattern either, all a whim. I am lucky that she likes me, but I am afraid that the knife will someday be in my back.

JLG as a company has been great to me. Do not let the recruiter spoil the opportunity to work for a great company. Just grin and bear it because once you are in, you do not have to deal with her.

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    System great, pay good, everything great, but most managers from old Edix, problems, poor people ski
    when you are out of work, you are out of luck. If you are good at brown-nosing, are tough enough to be without any self-esteem, and have maybe money coming into the household on the side in case you tick someone off, then you may succeed, for a little while.

    Don't ever ask questions or have problems with anything. Don't ever have a problem. Don't think you will have any control over anything you do, either.

    A few 'good' managers remained when I left, but the new ones were all from the old Edix, and were completely into numbers, cared nothing for individual MTs...if there is work, you BETTER be working. If there no work, you will hear nothing, no one will help you.
    Great, there are people out here who...

    are the sole support of their families (who usually need to eat regularly, wear clothes and shoes and need electricity and other "luxuries."

    You would tell someone in that position to be grateful for the opportunity to spend time with their children in that case?  How much quality time can a parent have with kids if they are worried about paying the bills?

    Great people....
    I was hired by Alltype a couple of weeks ago.  Everyone is professional and friendly.  They pay excellent and they hire both employee and IC status.  When the account that I was hired for was having technical problems they offered me an hourly wage compensation becuase it was not my fault.  Now thats a company that cares about their transcriptionists.  I'm pretty sure I'll be with them for a long, long time.
    Great people nm
    These people who think 40K is great sm

    weren't around when this was a real career, when the pay scale was 11 cpl+ as an employee with benefits and a normal amount of paid time off during the year, equipment provided by the company, internet paid by the company.

    Fast forward from then until today and what you have is a clerical job with clerk salary.

    Yep. Great people.
    I worked for them many, many years ago, but absolutely love the owner, Cindy, and her husband. (Back then, not sure about now), the pay was great and I felt like a member of the family. Highly recommended.
    The people are great to work with
    and the pay is good and on time. I do find the work isn't as steady as I'd like though, but hey, that's the MT business, right?
    Pay is a bit low, but great bunch of people. sm

    Clinic work is super easy -- 7 to 7-1/2 cpl -- and I think acute care pays 8-1/2 cpl.  They pay once a week, direct deposit, work is done in Word.

    Hope this helps.


    Great for some maybe....but they are nice people...nm
    That was great. My heart goes out to the MDI people, too. nm
    Seems like the problem is becoming more widespread. Well, the people that think MQ is so great may
    not after they are in the same situation. You know, things are great until they arent. One thing is for sure, it will change and all these people that are getting bonuses etc with tons of work are bound to be right along with us in the very near future. Guarantee it. MQ is after very VERY short TAT and so that will become companywide as it is already. Cant run a 1 hour TAT and have people not running out of work constantly. That also is a given.
    Great people..AWFUL platform!!!nm
    I work for Allegiant too - great people and a
    Yes, some really great, talented people have left, and that's
    always a danger sign to me. If upper management keeps being mentioned as a reason these good people are leaving, somebody should take notice. This company seems to be hemorrhaging talent and keeping an incompetent, power-hungry suit. It's hard to know whether to leave or stay. I would not recommend them to anyone right now.
    Great people, IC only, low pay, easy accounts, sm

    direct deposit, paid weekly, always on time.

    Hope this helps.  Good luck!

    Good! Great people to work for!
    Just by posting that here will help a great deal of people
    Thank you!
    Forever, people had 2 jobs, not just MTs. And great
    This is what i mean by you pilot your life, your life shouldnt just be floating you thru life.  Over the course of about 2 years, I have made conscious effort to make my life work for me. Figured out what platforms I like, what type accts.  What kind of equipment works best for me, how to efficiently handle docs and files.  In word based platform, I am Speedy Gonzales as far as how I get in and out, how I process docs. Still spend same amount of time on actual edit and type, those you can only do so fast and be correct but all other aspects, I am fast. You find your fit, which is not a one size fits all.  But, working 2 jobs is not the territory of onlyl the MT world. My dad did it while my mom also worked as RN. 
    I actually came full circle...
    I'm back working with the same wonderful ladies who hired me back in 2002 when I first moved to Maine.  They are just a small local MTSO and they are absolutely the bees knees to work for...I couldn't be happier.  Well, I mean, unless I won powerball or something--then the grin would be really hard to smack off my face. 
    Full Circle
    Was wondering if anyone has heard of this company or has worked there? Appreciate any info... TIA!
    full circle
    I have never heard of this company before their post. What puts up a flag to me is I believe this is the same Donna Heusner that worked with Debbie at eTranz that did not like to pay, but PLEASE do your own research to make sure.
    Full Circle
    Did not mean to sound nasty, just did not want anyone who did not know to confuse one with the other and get eTransPlus in any trouble.
    Yep. Me too. Nice people, great place to work!
    Worked for them years ag. GREAT people to work for. nm
    Proscript is a wonderful company, great people. nm
    Great place. People are super to work sm
    with and answer your questions, etc.  Pay well and always on time.  If I ever work at home again, I will go back there first.
    Great bunch of people, plenty of work sm
    pay on time, around 9 cpl depending on account (without spaces) or 8 cents line (with spaces). Some accounts use long distance with Laniers others use Emdat, others use a different word-based platform that is real easy to learn.IC only, you commit to a set amount of lines per day, 24 hour turnaround time, they leave you alone to do your work. I would have stayed forever but I needed the benefits.
    Transtech has great people but work has been low for 5 months...nm
    I only worked there briefly, but great people, and pay always on time. sm

    They do have a thing where you have to get a paper check for the first 90 days, then you can have direct deposit.   The account that I was on used ExText.

    Hope this helps.  Good luck. 

    Proscript is a great place. Nice QA people. nm
    Platform is easy to use, and the people are great to work with. sm
    I only work there part-time, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  Good luck on whatever you decide. 
    I've heard the pay isn't that great, nice people tho. NM
    Full Circle Transcription

    Hello out there!! Does anyone have any info on Full Circle Transcription? 


    The inner circle takes care of itself...
    One of the inner circle had a death in her family and the world stopped for everyone else in the inner circle to do whatever. Everyone else in the company seem to be the foster child or step-child.
    the circle game of resumes and ads

    Same old ads, same old resumes.  Nothing is going to change, people.  We are stuck with each other. 

    Happy Labor Day.  Or should I say Groundhog Day?  If you catch my drift.....


    Good accounts, great people, plenty of work. sm

    I'm past that "honeymoon" stage of the first few months that another poster mentioned.  I still find them to be the best for me.  Never run out of work, always there for questions, including timely responses, great people (QA and otherwise). 

    I'd highly suggest contacting either your supervisor or Jane (as she offered) about lack of work.  As you should see on the daily reports, there is plenty of work out there. 

    Good luck & I hope it works out for you. 

    great friendly people, IC work, pay so-so (9-1/2 cpl), clumsy platform. nm
    Do you know what scares me? The great disservice you are doing to the people whose medical reports


    Metro in Georgia is one. Give them a call. Great people. nm
    I love it there. Tons of work, great people. I am 100% happy.
    Great people, difficult details on accounts to remember...nm
    Not being in the 'inner elite circle' I used to be offended
    because they were always posting about so-and-so making a kazillion lines and how happy and wonderful for them, and on and on - yeah right, while I would be sitting there struggling with the really bad dictators, losing hundreds of dollars a month doing VR - not even able to make my minimum.

    People should not be forced to be social on the job. If you had a private site somewhere for those who do then you would not be offending anyone. Then you could all go warm and fuzzy over each other.

    This business is cut-throat in reality, and it seems to me there are always a certain group of MTs who get all the good meaty work, but you always have the people to clean up the garbage.

    Not nice to have it thrown in your face.
    full circle/eTranz/etransplus
    eTranz is not eTransPlus, and one has nothing to do with the other. eTranz is/was the problem company.
    I love the company -- great people, good tech support, sm

    good benefits.  The pay could be more, but at least there is a production incentive tier that is not too tough to achieve.   Overall, I would say this is probably one of the best places I have ever worked.  If the no work situation continues, I guess I will just have to call them and ask for a secondary.  Everyone in the office has always been very helpful and supportive.   I just get nervous when it is not a holiday or anything and no files are available.  That is just my little thing, I guess.  I still would not hesitate to recommend the company to anyone.


    Hope this helps.

    FN is a great company full of wonderful people who treat you with respect. SM.
    But they only want to pay 4.5 cpl for SR, 5.5 for heme/onc. Can you believe that? Also, workload has been very, very low for a very long time.
    Dontcha just love the pic of the sewing circle and gossping
    We have no one to represent us who demands we be compensated for our knowledge and experience. Any organizations created appear to be pro-business and pro-CEO and administration/management.

    I guess we MTs are too meek to stand our ground.
    Great bunch of people to work with, pay on time, my only problem is that QA is paid by line instead
    of by the hour and you must listen to all reports 100% instead of just jumping and filling in the QA markers.
    Great advice. Is people stop working for them, maybe they will start paying attention. I wonder if .
    their clients know they do not pay their MTs to do the work. You can bet that Rapid Transcript is getting paid by the client. What a ripoff. Just the fact that they have an F rating by the BBB woudl be enough of a turn-off for me. Crappy business practices.
    "The most miserable group of people in the world"? Great attitude for a Lead.
    Hope you're not one for long.
    Full Circle Transcription in Acworth, GA. Does anyone know who owns this company? SM
    Please email me if you do.  I may like to contact them and would just like to know ahead of time whom I'll be emailing. 
    I think when you have someone who likes
    their co that that does not mean they are a cheerleader. I would think they are in a better position of judgment that someone who does not work there.

    People are much more willing to listen if someone has facts to go with a statement. The OP did not give one fact in this thread that backed up the claim of dishonesty