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Cymed offshores. I have 20 years' experience and

Posted By: me on 2006-05-18
In Reply to: Cymed/Diskriter - mtmtop

they offered me 8 cpl, 8.5 cpl if I did over 18,000 lines a pay period. 

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CyMed offshores, pay so-so, don't know about other.
Cymed offshores and pay isn't very good.
I have 20 years' experience and was offered 8 cpl/ 8.5 cpl over 18,000 lines, which is my average line count. 
Cymed offshores work and their pay isn't great.

I have 20 years' experience, can do the most difficult of ESL and they offered me 8 cpl and if I did 20,000 lines then 8.5 cpl.

Many posts in archives about TRS and how difficult it is to get lines and their formula takes a rocket scientist to figure out.  They are also looking into offshoring to Trinidad, also supported by Cymed.

Transolutions - lots of negatives in the archives, not sure I have ever seen anything positive.

Don't know about Silent Type, but read the archives.



Cymed offshores, pay is average, vacation/PTO
kicks in in 3 or 6 months (can't remember now, but the recruiter made a big deal about it).  I was told lots of opportunities for bonuses - of course you have to work more hours to get it - not worth it to me.   I don't remember about platform, because I was done with them as soon as the answer to my do you offshore question was yes.
I was with Cymed for 2-1/2 years
and pretty much got screwed by SPI. I could pour out a lot of vitriole but, suffice it to say, so far, all those negative posts about SPI have been my experience also. The thing that really got me was that I had an account manager and QA person tell me You're the best one here and a senior account manager tell me doctors requested that I type them...yet they all seemed powerless to give me enough lines to type. Yep...they discovered that anyone can be replaced. Gone With The Wind
Huh??? CyMed hasn't been around for almost 2 years now.
They were bought out by SPi, which is one of the worst companies out there! I know this for a fact as I worked for Cymed for about 2 years until they were bought out by SPi in the mid to late summer of 2006, so they don't even exist anymore.
Unless my info is old, they were bought by Cymed abt 2 years ago
I haven't heard anything else on them lately.
7.25 cpl - 12 years experience
With how many years of experience ?
I have 18 years of experience and yet
I got sent a letter telling me to reapply when I had more experience.

They would not tell me what I missed on their testing. I know I did not do that badly.

You can have them.
I have 20 years experience....
they wanted to pay me $10/hr for the first 30 days. Puleeze.
And how many years experience do you have?
I have 10 years of experience, that's how.nm
5 years experience?
All of the companies I'm finding want someone with 5+ years experience.

Does anyone know a good nationwide company that would be happy with 2-1/2 years experience?

Gee...I have over 30 years experience

and I STILL use reference books and websites to look things up and verify spellings, words, etc.  Maybe that explains why you were let go better than anything else.  With the rapid advances and changes in medicine...I don't think that anyone ever gets to know enough to stop using references. 

19 years experience was not enough. Wow!
I'm kinda curious who did get the job, maybe someone with 40 years experience =)
I have 23 years experience
and I still run into grammar errors; part of it was the last company I worked for made me do some very strange things. But, also, it's because since my schooling 23 years ago, somethings really have changed, and I myself have gotten fairly lax about it. The last company I worked for didn't correct anything; be thankful for the criteria, and LEARN from it. This will make you a BETTER mt.
I have nearly 20 years' of experience and have

recently started exploring options.   I have been offered 10 cpl as employee and 11 as an IC with a couple of companies.  The lowest I've been offered is 9 cpl as employee.  

It should be 20 years' experience OR 20 years of experience

the apostrophe takes the place of the OF.

Well, my experience is from a few years ago (sm)
but at that time they were fine to work with. They always paid on time. I actually had to re-record on my account, but like I said, that was probably closer to 4 years ago now. I remember that the people were nice as well. I ended up moving on because for one reason or other they lost the account I was working on, and I was already an IC for another company at that time, but the parting was on good terms. I'd work with them again.
17 years experience.
Loved your toast!!
I have 5 years of experience
going on 6, and I was just offered 9.5 cpl for straight typing on an ER account, and I can't wait to start this week.
Ten years experience and
Yes I listen 100%.... I could never do blanks only on any of the MTs as they still all make enough errors to make the dangerous.
I have more than 15 years of experience.
It was not my fault that they could not get their ducks lined up in a row.

Just because you have 30 years experience (sm)
doesn't mean there isn't much to still learn. I too have almost 30 years experience. Believe me, when I first started with WMX, I was shown how much I didn't know that I thought I did.

I have learned so much in the last couple of years with WMX. That's the difference between a company with a good, responsive QA dept as opposed to one with no or limited QA.
I have over 20 years of experience - sm
I can't get them to answer my resume when I sent it TWICE.  I know they employed a gal who had absolutely no experience so maybe they thought I knew too much or wanted to much $$ and didn't even ask??
over 30 years rad experience -
not worried about the test.  Just can't afford to give up insurance where I am, so looking for a good part-time option.  Thanks for all the replies!  I will definitely look into it further.
Even with 20 years of experience

I did work on-site, and when I left, they had to realize the hard way all that I did for them.  I am the one laughing now all of the way to the bank. 

Hey on-site job, thanks for the experience because I'm making close to $50.00 an hour now.  Thanks to you and your networking, I gained my own accounts and a great name for myself!!! 

Again - it was several YEARS ago when I had a bad experience
PS & that was with 20 years' experience
many years of experience
You can't expect to make 35-40K per year with just one year of experience under your belt -- it takes a LOT of time and patience as well as discipline -- meaning ignore the phone during the day and set one or two days to do all your errands -- plus its a lot of hours.
I have 15 years experience
and I get paid 6 cents for speech recognition and 10 cents for transcription.  But all of their dictation is being moved to speech recognition, from what I have been told.
With 25 years' experience...
I can get a job anywhere...For a company to let a skilled MT go simply because he/she cannot be manipulated would constitute complete idiocity on the part of the company.  I would never accept such a position.  My time is MY TIME and my life is MY LIFE.
Anyone???? I have 15 years experience, sm

I know the pay scale is lower now but need to know roughly what the starting pay is before I waste my time testing. 

I do all work types.

Thanks in advance.

I have almost 10 years of experience...
and have never worked for a national - therefore, I've never seen this kind of information come up in demographics. I get a copy of the patient list from the clinic that only has the patient's name and clinic ID number, no social security number or anything like that and there's only a DOB if it's a new patient.

We should be screaming harder about all this information going off shore, but not at each other - take out your anger on our government that has allowed this to happen!!!!! Write your senator, write your representative, write Obama!
Almost 4 years of experience and I have

2 jobs.  Both pay 9 cpl.  One job has a very nice production bonus and if I type over 12,000 lines in a pay period, I get 9.5 cpl for all lines typed.  If I type over 13,000 lines in a pay period, I get 9.75 cpl for all lines typed and if I type over 15,000 lines in a pay period I get 10 cpl for all lines typed. 

These are both clinic accounts specializing in cardiology, so I only type one specialty.  I consider myself very lucky.  My first day of transcription work was March 29, 2005, so I am right at 4 years.  I don't believe it will get any better and realize that I am probably maxed out as far as line rates.

I have 10 years experience here
For the record, I have been in the business for almost 10 years.  Maybe I did read more into my supervisor's statement, maybe not.  I just think that was the last thing I needed to hear after finding my father an hour before that.  As far as quitting, I didn't want to.  I''m no idiot.  I realize i have a family to support and thank god I have a wonderful husband who I share the financial aspect equally with.  As far as the unemployment goes, when I had our daughter, my company didnt want to pay unemployment then when i was on maternity leave.  I was not ready physically to go back to work just after 6 weeks but did so to survive.  My employer said to set up the baby at our work stations to take care of their needs.  They gave us a 30 minute break for an 8 hour shift.  Well, sorry but a baby needs to eat and have diaper changes more than one 30 minute break so here I am working my butt off while at the same time feeding her and changing her diaper so I could get my 8 hours in and its not an easy thing to do trying to type, edit, and feed a baby all at the same time.  I gave myself to this company and was a very dedicated worker more so than I can say for the ones who just chose to not work hardly at all and still have a job there.  Holdays with families?  Yeah right, not until you got your 8 hours in when there was no work.  I was told by unemployment when I had my daughter that i could get unemployment if i voluntarily quit my job which is exactly what I did when I lost my father. 
Have probably more years experience than most here
Almost to 40 years pretty soon and I have not run into the garbage you speak of. I make a decent salary and if I had to do VR with what others say they have to work with, then I would just retire. I have never edited work by a Transcriptionist but I do not think their's could be any better than what I use at present. As far as how much experience a person has now, do you think with these companies it matters? They all basically seem to pay the same, except and I hate to see this coming, most now advertising for VR seem to be dropping their line rates. Did I mention retirement?
Sorry, but I have 30 years experience
I'm not about to put up with their nit-picking to improve myself. I think I know how to do MT after all the years of experience I've had. It was not just the first review that made me decide I didn't want to work for them. The platform they put me on sucks as well, and I had specifically asked for a VARIETY of work types, i.c. basic four, and all I was given were op reports with terrible quality of dictation. For all my pain and torture, I was paid $38. It was not worth it to me. The newer MTs don't know how nice it was years ago when you were actually allowed to do your job instead of being micromanaged to death. By the way, I always turned out quality work with 99.9% accuracy at other places, so I hardly think I needed to improve in order to work for them.
For 20 years of experience & as an IC, that's WAY too low.
That's equivalent to about 6 cpl MT and 1 cpl VR as an employee with benes.... I have 15 years and currently make 10 cpl as an employee with benes, which is equivalent to about 12 as an IC. Of course, you also have to weigh how good or bad the work is, if they switch you between a hundred accounts or let you work mainly on a primary, if the audio and dictators are good, etc. In general, though, that is way too low of an offer.
I have had a great experience and have been with KS for 4 years. sm
Unfortunately, I think that everyone has a different experience at each company and it really depends who you deal with. I am happy at KS, as is my sister and a friend of hers but another friend of mine did not have a good start up and left after two weeks. It is all in who you work with, and this seems to be the norm at all the companies.

I do know that they have been growing steadily for the past 5 years or so and continue to grow. The things that are important to me are covered in that I make good money, love my account, get paid on time and am left alone as long as I do my work. I get good feedback and have had good experiences when I needed time off unexpectedly.

The best way with any company is to call and get your own "feel" for the company.

I am sure that if you were hired, quit your job, had everything installed and then did not hear back, that you are leaving something out here. If you were installed, why did you not start working?

I started at 10 cpl also- 20+ years experience
what do you think someone with 30 years experience should be paid ?


They offshore, I have 20 years' experience and
they only offered me 8 cpl. 
Offered 7.25 cpl for 30 years experience - sm
Your offer sounds like a good deal compared to mine, but neither is what we are worth.
Three years is plenty of experience....no one is just...sm
giving her a chance. So ridiculous. Three years is only considered not enough experience so that companies can get away with the crap wages they pay because they consider you a newbie.
should read ŕ-3 years experience"
Three years Escription experience and 5 cpl which is better than 4 cpl
but wouldnt 11 cpl be nice.. bummer for us..
I was hired with 4-1/2 years of experience
by a company that said they required 5 years of experience. They had no problems with it. I would just go ahead and start applying. You really shouldn't have any problems at all. Good luck!
not newbie -10+ years experience
it is on a p.r.n. basis work
I have seen people with 15 years of experience
that cannot type anything correctly, so you may want to look at your work more closely.