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Diskriter, contractor or regular employee

Posted By: Carol on 2008-02-19
In Reply to: Diskriter - former Diskriter MT

I was just wondering if Diskriter hires on an IC basis or as a regular company employee? 

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Statuatory employee versus regular employee....
Can someone tell me the difference between a statuatory employee versus a regular employee?  My company offeres IC or SE status....I am confused about whether switching over the SE would benefit me more than IC status that I have been for some time with them?  What are the benefits and disadvantages of being an SE versus IC?  Thanks for all of your help!
Employee versus Independent Contractor


I have read this article (you have to scroll down a little, but I have found it helpful in explaining some things regarding IC vs Employee.  Just wanted to share for anyone who is interested.      


Independent contractor or employee status
Me again.  Does Transcription Relief hire independent contractors, or are you considered an employee?
Independent contractor versus employee?
Can someone please tell me the difference between independent contractor and employee status?  I was employed for a company about 6 years ago where I was an independent contractor and they didnt take out federal taxes.  I then went to a company as an employee status where they did take out federal taxes out of my check?  As an independent contractor, do they all not take out federal taxes and can you request that they do if that is the case?  I have almost 10 years experience and have been applying for jobs left and right with no response and have only been answering ads for employee based work because of the federal taxes?  I can not understand why I am not getting any responses.  What am I doing wrong?
SC meaning SE (statutory employee) and or IC contractor.
Still looking for help on employee positions with no VR which are good. Thanks.
Do they offer both statutory employee and independent contractor status? Thank you! NM
Youch, MQers, how do you handle DQS timesheets if you're a regular employee with no set schedule?
Diskriter - Anyone go from their employee to hospital employee with them?
Thinking about giving up on being their employee and applying for a hospital employee position through them, they have one in PA right now that looks good.  How is it for scheduling?  Do you keep your line rate or get whatever the hospital pays? Who manages those accounts, is it the same PM and DR that are on the other ones?  I have DR and feel like she doesn't have a clue what she is doing and it is so annoying, but I just don't have the guts to let the company know she needs to step it up a notch because the transcriptionists are not happy under her.  Are QA the same people or through the hospital.  They have 1 QA that is constantly asking us questions on doctors and format, things we should be asking that QA person.  Annoying that new people move up to QA but people who've been there 2 or 3 years get treated like dirt and jumped account to account.
Diskriter employee
I am starting with Diskriter mid July.  I also got you email today.  Keep in touch.  It is good to hear fellow employees. 
Diskriter employee
I am an employee of Diskriter and have been so since July 2006. They are really wonderful to work for. They are very understanding of being a mother especially. Their insurance it a little expensive, but it is probably the best around. I would recommend them to anyone. The pay rate is pretty average for the profession.
Diskriter employee
I work for Diskriter right now and I have to say my primary account has only 1 ESL and he is British. So...his accent isn't all that bad. I really like working there and I would recommend them. Now sometimes it is hard to meet the 1200 lines. It's just some days are better than others for me.
Diskriter employee
I am currently working for Diskriter and I love them. They are very nice to work for. I have a really good QA team and my supervisor is great. My primary account has very little ESLs, practically none. But, my secondary has quite a few. Anyway, once you get used to them they aren't too bad. I would recommend Diskriter. The pay basically average and the ability to make your line count really depends on you. But...again...I like it here and would recommend them as an employer. Pretty good insurance too.
My skills are gone. I am a Diskriter employee
I have worked for Diskriter right out of school for awhile now.  In the past 3 months, I have failed over 25 employment tests.  At first, I thought how could this be I work for a national company, Diskriter, so how come I cannot pass an employment test.  How can I get the skills to pass an employment test?  When hired at Diskriter, I only took a written test.  Q and A at Diskriter barely exists.  I thought this was a dream job, but now I am limited because I cannot pass an employment test.  Am I the only one in this situation?  At Diskriter the important thing is making 1200 lines per day.  If you make your line count, you can send everything to the site, which I have done to make my line count.  Now it is coming back to haunt me.  Please do not judge me.  All I want to do now is get a better job.  Diskriter is not the company for me, even though QA is nonexistent.  Thanks
Is Diskriter really employee owned?

My perceptions were that they are one of the most coercive and oppressive companies I have ever interviewed with -- things like.....  drug testing as a ROUTINE part of the application, very adamant about working your assigned shift and contacting you if you're not typing, not allowing you to have anything on your machine (including your own word expander).  Is the employee owned thing a gimmick or business angle?  I would think an employee owned company would be more pro-employee. 

Diskriter hospital employee
Is there anyone working on the hospital accounts through DR? I would like more information from those that are currently working or have previously worked on the hospital side. Good, bad, and ugly. Thanks!

Diskriter hospital employee
I wanted to post this again as nobody responded to my previous post. Does anyone work as a hospital employee through Diskriter? If you are currently working for Diskriter at all, could you give me some insight on the company and benefits from your perspective? Thanks!
To be a hospital employee (Diskriter), do you have
Diskriter-Hospital Employee Status

I've recently accepted a hospital employee status position with Diskriter.  Is there anyone else out there that works one of these positions that would be willing to network with me?

anyone work as hospital employee for/through Diskriter?
Was wondering how that works out, if that setup is better than working for a service. Better benefits, workload?
Only if you work directly for their hospitals, not as a Diskriter employee. nm
I'm a new hospital employee through Diskriter and you are correct. Ins kicks in 1st month after h
You cant beat the benefits and that is why I chose hospital. You get PTO, holiday pay, downtime pay, and sick time. The insurance is one of the best out there.
A contractor is a contractor

My brother is a painting contractor, doing primarily office/industrial jobs.  When he bids on a project the buyer can make certain reasonable conditions: You can start any day after May 15 and we want you finished by our big open house June 1.  You have to work after business hours, i.e., from 6 p.m. to 7 a.m. or weekends.  We want high-quality washable semi-gloss paint.  Don't splatter paint on the floor, furniture or woodwork; you are responsible for damages.

He tells them what he charges.  If that works for both parties and everyone's needs can be met, then they sign the contract. 

What the buyer cannot do is specify:  Your crew will consist of 5 men.  You will clock in from 6:01 p.m. to 6:59 a.m. every day from May 16 through May 31.  You must use a 2 boar bristle brush and 12 rollers with 1/2 nap.  You must mask off all woodwork and use 12' x 12' vinyl drop cloths.  (It is understood that you are hiring a professional and he already knows how to do the job.) You will use 100 galons of  XYZ brand paint which you can only buy from my cousin Vinnie.

Only the most general control can be exercised by the company hiring the contractor.  Obviously the location where this type of work will be done is fixed.  The date and time parameters are much less specifc.  The methods and materials are completely up to the contractor. 

Independent contractor
I hope I'm on the right board here.  Can someone tell me the perks of being an IC?  Is it just that you can set your own hours?  What does being an IC consist of?  Do you pay all your own taxes, SocSec, etc?  I've always been an employee and exploring new opportunities, but from what I see being an IC looks like a pain, with no benefits!! Thanks!
Independent Contractor..........nm
Independent Contractor
Can any of you IC's give me some info on what it is like to be an IC? I know you get paid by the line, but how many lines do you generally average a day/hour? Is there always a lot of work to keep you busy? Also, do you get to choose what hours you want to work instead of having set hours like you do as an employee? I just got hired by Terra Nova and would love any feedback on them as well. Thanks!
Independent Contractor
Thanks for the relys! If you don't mind me asking, which company do you work for? Is it a national company? It sounds like a great job!
Independent contractor
I need some help deciding on whether to take an independent contractor position. I was just offered 0.08/line being an independent contractor. Is this typical pay for an independent contractor position? I currently make that as an employee. How does the paying into Social Security work? Any feedback on employee position versus independent contractor position would be greatly appreciated.The good thing about this job is no set schedule. The paying taxes, getting own insurance, and paying into Social Security is the things that I am worried about. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Independent contractor
They hired me as an independent contractor, and I was told that during my interview.
I worked for them through a contractor.
And I loved it, loved the platform and they were very nice. Unfortunately when I tested for them a few months ago I got 96% and they require 98% DRATS! I will try again though!
Are you an independent contractor?

Here's the link:

In the simplest of terms ... if you are looking for someone to hire you, then you're not independent contractor. However, if you see yourself as a one-person MTSO, and you conduct yourself in that fashion, then you are an IC.

I hope this helps at least one person. 

IC status (independent contractor) sm

is just like it sounds.  You are contracting work independently from the company.  You pay all your own taxes including the other half of your SS which is called self-employment tax.  They cannot set your hours, but most places like to know an approximate time when you will be working.  I was IC for MQ for years and then they went to SE status where they had a little more control and then this.

Also, because you are IC you get no benefits whatsoever.  You are self-employed.  So if benefits are what you need, this is not for you.  But, if you need the flexibility it may work for you.  It worked for me for years.  Supported a family on it.  It was much better than what they have now.  In my case, I could actually pay my own insurance and disability insurance and still come out better. It just depends on the production you are able to do.  If you have any more questions, feel free to e-mail me.

Independent contractor status
Am nervous about this status as I have never been an IC before, but am willing to try it, just don't want to be highly disappointed.

Definition of an Independent Contractor
Defining the Independent Contractor

No consistent, uniform definition distinguishes an employee from an independent contractor. Some statutes contain their own definitions. The U.S. Supreme Court has held that when a statute contains the term employee but fails to define it adequately, there is a presumption that traditional agency-law criteria for identifying master-servant relationships apply (National Mutual Insurance Co. v. Darden, 503 U.S. 318, 112 S. Ct. 1344, 111 L. Ed. 2d 581 [1992]).

One comprehensive test that takes into account agency-law criteria and numerous other factors courts have created to define independent contractor status was developed by the Internal Revenue Service. Known collectively as the twenty-factor test, the enumerated criteria generally fall within three categories: control (whether the employer or the worker has control over the work performed), organization (whether the worker is integrated into the business), and economic realities (whether the worker directly benefits from his or her labor). The twenty factors serve only as a guideline. Each factor's degree of importance varies depending on the occupation and the facts involved in a particular case. Twenty-factor test [nl] 1.

A worker who is required to comply with instructions about when, where, and how he or she must work is usually an employee.


If an employer trains a worker requires an experienced employee to work with the worker, educates the worker through correspondence, requires the worker to attend meetings, or uses other methods this normally indicates that the worker is an employee.


If a worker's services are integrated into business operations, this tends to show that the worker is subject to direction and control and is thus an employee. This is the case particularly when a business's success or continuation depends to a large extent on the performance of certain services.


If a worker's services must be rendered personally, there is a presumption that the employer is interested in the methods by which the services are accomplished as well as in the result, making the worker an employee.


If an employer hires, supervises, and pays assistants for a worker, this indicates control over the worker on the job, making the worker an employee.


A continuing relationship between a worker and an employer, even at irregular intervals, tends to show an employer-employee relationship.


An employer who sets specific hours of work for a worker exhibits control over the worker, indicating that the worker is an employee.


If a worker is working substantially full-time for an employer, the worker is presumably not free to do work for other employers and is therefore an employee.


Work performed on an employer's premises suggests the employer's control over a worker, making the worker an employee. This is especially true when work could be done elsewhere. However, the mere fact that work is done off the employer's premises does not necessarily make the worker an independent contractor.


If a worker is required to perform services in an order or sequence set by an employer, the employer has control over the worker that demonstrates an employer-employee relationship.


A worker who is required to submit regular oral or written reports to an employer is likely an employee.


Payment by the hour, week, or month tends to indicate that a worker is an employee; payment made by the job or on a straight commission points to an independent contractor.


A worker is ordinarily an employee if an employer pays for the worker's business or travel expenses.


An employer who furnishes a worker with significant tools, materials, or other equipment tends to show that the worker is an employee.


A worker who significantly invests in facilities used to perform services and not typically maintained by employees (such as office space) is generally an independent contractor.


A worker who can realize a profit or loss resulting from her or his services is generally an independent contractor.


A worker who performs for more than one firm at a time is generally an independent contractor.


If a worker makes his or her services available to the general public on a regular and consistent basis, that worker is generally an independent contractor.


An employer's right to discharge a worker tends to show that the worker is an employee. An employee must obey an employer's instructions in order to stay employed; an independent contractor can be fired only if the work result fails to meet the agreed-upon specifications.


If a worker has the right to terminate her or his relationship with an employer at any time without incurring liability, such as breach of contract, that worker is likely an employee.

See: Employment Law; Labor Law; Master and Servant.
this may sound dumb but what exactly is an independant contractor?
I've always been an employee
Does that $0.9/65 Independent Contractor job come with food stamps?/sm

Does that $0.9/65 Independent Contractor job come with food stamps?







lines/8 hr day/40 hr wk



















Health Ins @ 60+





2 wk off/pd vac/PDO





op costs





minus taxes











Who hires for TRUE independent contractor sm

positions..  Ones where they give you a set amount of lines and you set your own hours just as long as you get the transcription done within that period of time. 

I SAW a book on it once, too. It was called The Independent Medical Contractor.
Same here, about 40-50 regular drs on my acct, with
probably 10 of them being so awful, I can hardly attempt them. I'm happy to say that some I hated at first are now ones I enjoy, so hopefully I will keep finding that to be the case. Others though, UGH!
If you have a regular phone that has a
foot pedal control connected to it, you can use that for transcribing rather than a c-phone. And there are quite a few generic telephone transcribe units that are compatible and cost a whole lot less than the c-phone. Also, DVI compatable.
Do you keep regular phone?
Thanks everyone.  I do use a c-phone and I wondered with Vonage if you have to give up your regular phone.  Sorry, I am technically challenged.  LOL  I appreciate all the input.  Also, I live in Nevada.......anyone from this state use vonage....everyone is giving mixed reviews and I will check out that other site also.  Man......what a dilema....cannot believe some wise person has not come up with something for this type of business to have ULD.  Thanks to all you wonderful people giving me a response so quickly.  I will keep watching for more suggestions.
They can pay you on regular pay day if you quit. nm
Same here in MT, always last check on a regular pay day. nm
Yes, just regular rate
They have never paid for any OT. When I first started and they asked for OT, I asked them if it was line and a half rate or how they calculated it, and she said what do you mean, you get paid the lines you type. Thinking she didn't understand me, I repeated the question and asked what we got paid extra for the OT pay, and she said nothing, you get paid for what you type. I thought it was illegal too, but obviously they are getting away with it. I know I refuse to work OT...never have and never will. When they cry about being out of TAT, I politely tell them that when I get paid extra for doing extra that I'll be more than happy to help.

I also work 2nd shift, and I'll have to check to see if I've been getting my differential due to what the above poster said. I'm going to be even more mad if I didn't, but it wouldn't surprise me none.

This company is going down hill fast since SPi took over. I think they forgot we are Americans and have a different way of doing things here. They want to pay us like they do over in their neck of the woods, and it's just not happening. It's getting to be quite insulting actually. I know I'm definitely looking for something else!
No just put your regular shift
Just put your regular schedule unless you work approved OT. That is all that is necessary for the payroll people because they go by line count anyway.
ASR sound seems to be better than regular. Even if
help you figure it out.  It seems like it's the same dictators with the worst sound quality no matter whether it's ASR or regular.  Try it, you can always tell them you don't like it. 
You sound like me! I went from ASR to regular MT
this week and loving it! I'm still part-time with the ASR company but I sure enjoy getting back to the typing I love to do. I know that sounds crazy, but I love MT-ing some much more than editing (and of course it will ultimately pay more since this BIG company's ASR/voice recognition SUCKS).

my regular rate is 10 cpl
They did not *cut our pay* for regular transcription sm
We were told how we would be paid for VR editing straight up. Yes, it pays less but at least it pays a lot more than the 2-3 cpl straight pay that most MTSOs pay; at least you get 70% of your regular line rate for editing.

As for *not telling their clients* - How do YOU KNOW what they tell their clients? Unless you are management (and obviously you aren't), how would you know what the clients are or are not told about VR?? How do you know they don't offer a line rate cut to those to use it?

You don't. I'm sick of the bashing. There are plenty of jobs out there with other companies (where you won't be treated nearly as well as Webmedx). If you don't like the company, go somewhere else.
Where does it leave regular MTs?
It leaves a lot of them complaining on these forums about always getting lousy jobs or not enough work, etc.
I do both regular transcription and VR
My biggest complaint, like everyone's is the ridiculous pay scale. Because of the low rate for VR, I am still not making the money I used to, but I don't think it is because Cornerstone is slowing me down so that I can't do as many lines as I need for the same pay I used to make. I would have to do 3000 lines of VR a day to make my former income, which I've been able to do once or twice on a day when the volume of work was there. I have way too many people that end up as secondaries in my account which is very frustrating in the mornings when the work is low in all the accounts.

I work mostly in my primary account, but do have 2 secondary accounts. I could have more but choose not to ask for any, because my primary account generally has enough work most of the time.

I don't even remember when I started on VR, but I think it's been about 9 months.

Because most of the better dictators are on VR, that does leave the crappier ones on regular transcription, which, in my opinion, now makes the pay rate for regular transcription too low because you are now only dealing with the harder dictators. I used to be able to use macros for many of the easier doctors that were more accurate than Speech, so now I am getting paid half as much and having to do more work on those easier doctors also.

Nothing about the pay scale is fair, and their little pilot program to figure out why was a complete joke. We all know the outcome of that should be that they are simply not paying us enough and they overestimated what VR could really do. The slightly better ramp-up pay was not good enough to compensate. I was way beyond the ramp-up lines so I got a measly $89.00 extra on one check to make up what I would have made on the new ramp-up pay. My income has dropped by several hundred a month and that 89 dollars was a joke. The only thing that would truly be fair would be to raise the rates overall, but we all know that isn't going to happen. That being said, Spheris does pay a higher rate than a lot of the companies for VR, so switching companies doesn't seem to be the answer either. They are all ripping us off.

And as far as the new blanks procedure, that one has me pretty angry. The whole thing is ridiculous, the training was ridiculous, and in the survey at the end, I answered their question about it making me more efficient with a big NO!, and I put in the comments that they need to pay us more to make up for the time it will take for such nonsense.

As I said, I can complain about pretty much everything else at Spheris, but I don't find Cornerstone to be the problem that so many others seem to think it is.

I make very good use of Instant Text, and use the mouse more than they recommend, but I find the mouse faster for me then some of their shortcuts.

If they would simply pay us fairly, it would be easier to put up up with the rest of the crap this company has to offer.