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Diskriter-Hospital Employee Status

Posted By: Texas MT on 2006-07-11
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I've recently accepted a hospital employee status position with Diskriter.  Is there anyone else out there that works one of these positions that would be willing to network with me?

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Diskriter hospital employee
Is there anyone working on the hospital accounts through DR? I would like more information from those that are currently working or have previously worked on the hospital side. Good, bad, and ugly. Thanks!

Diskriter hospital employee
I wanted to post this again as nobody responded to my previous post. Does anyone work as a hospital employee through Diskriter? If you are currently working for Diskriter at all, could you give me some insight on the company and benefits from your perspective? Thanks!
To be a hospital employee (Diskriter), do you have
Diskriter - Anyone go from their employee to hospital employee with them?
Thinking about giving up on being their employee and applying for a hospital employee position through them, they have one in PA right now that looks good.  How is it for scheduling?  Do you keep your line rate or get whatever the hospital pays? Who manages those accounts, is it the same PM and DR that are on the other ones?  I have DR and feel like she doesn't have a clue what she is doing and it is so annoying, but I just don't have the guts to let the company know she needs to step it up a notch because the transcriptionists are not happy under her.  Are QA the same people or through the hospital.  They have 1 QA that is constantly asking us questions on doctors and format, things we should be asking that QA person.  Annoying that new people move up to QA but people who've been there 2 or 3 years get treated like dirt and jumped account to account.
anyone work as hospital employee for/through Diskriter?
Was wondering how that works out, if that setup is better than working for a service. Better benefits, workload?
I'm a new hospital employee through Diskriter and you are correct. Ins kicks in 1st month after h
You cant beat the benefits and that is why I chose hospital. You get PTO, holiday pay, downtime pay, and sick time. The insurance is one of the best out there.
Agree..with IC status, equip. is your responsibility; employee status - you should SM
not have to pay out-of-pocket for use of their equipment. I would never work employee status for a company who required me to purchase or lease their equipment. The only thing I would find acceptable is to have a small security deposit taken out of paycheck when starting with a company. This will protect the company from those few who might abuse the equipment.
Anyone know of Escription companies that offer IC status. I do not want employee status but would
like to stick with the Escription platform at all possible.
Employee status w/benefits vs IC status??? Dilemna enclosed

I am caught between a rock and a hard place and figure this is the place to get the best advice from those in the know.  I have been an IC for the past 5 years and love the flexibility but was interested in a job with benefits.  I started a new job about a month ago with good pay (2 lph more than I was making) and benefits......very happy with company but as an employee, obviously have a schedule.  I am working both jobs currently and starting to burn out.  On the new job, I am struggling to get the 1200 lines per day required but on my old.... I can easily get 150-400 lph depending on the dictator but again, it is IC and less lph than the new job.  Obviously, the platform is different and not paid for template headers/footers wheras the old one, I am paid for those.  Now to my question.  Is it just me?  Is it because I really enjoyed the freedom of ic status and therfore seem to be struggling?   Anyone else experienced this before?  Tempted to go back told job and lose benefits/more pay because in the end, maybe it works out be the same pay because of amount of time I spend getting the job done?   Not sure if this makes sense but hoping you can all offer some advice!!  TIA

Diskriter off off offshores - and on some hospital accounts - they have not informed the hospital
Should have added that I would especially like to hear from those with hospital emp status. nm
I went and got my own hospital account, at home, IC status. nm
Agree somewhat. I have done transcripion at a hospital and we did have benefits for PT status.
You just acrue it at a different rate but I certainly never had them take back all of my PTO I had earned when my status fell to less than FT. I even earned PTO time but just less per pay period, but to each his own. They do it because they can.
Thanks, I think employee status though
I applied 2 months ago and checked the ad again on their website. The hours stink. SO, I'll go and see what they offer, but not sure. Hours, days are Monday, Thurs,Fri,Sat, Sun. 3 to 11:30 pm, then Sat and Sun 7am to 3:30pm. YUCK! I don't remember those hours from when I applied that long ago! Am curious to see what they offer though. Will post after I find out. Job is in Minnesota, Twin Cities metro, but will be home-based.
0.738 cpl actually if employee status sm
To figure out what a line rate would be for employee status - you just subtract 7.65% from the IC line rate.  My neighbor is an HR specialist and teaches the tax classes at a bank here.  She said the only difference is that you pay the 7.65% FICA instead of the employer paying it.  There are so many ignorant people out there saying you pay 30% more - you don't.  You pay the same, plus the above amount - for me equals about 28% total, not 30% additional. 
No they are not IC. Employee status
and I believe 1,000 lines is FT. No pressure. Very easy going. Not sure of benefits yet. Not sure if you can be IC or not.

I am FT and plan to stay FT and can easily do 1,000 but struggle with 1,2000 because of lack of work and crap I am stuck with because of cherrypicking the work.

They pay less than I am making now and cannot really afford to go just yet.

Also they count spaces and headings for line count.

FT & PT - employee status - sm
I work for them too and love it there.  The specialties they are hiring for are probably Ortho and Onc.  Great place to work, nice people.  Very happy.
Employee status

Amphion has all employee-status positions.

Employee status only. nm

Employee status?
Does ScribeRight offer employee status or just IC? Thanks.
Employee Status?
Do they offer regular employee status?
No employee status, IC or SE...SM
and absolutely no benefits I don't care what state you live in. Horrible dictators, 90% ESL.....office staff is great, pay always on time and there is usually plenty of work.
Employee Status?
Do they hire ICs or employee status as well? Do they hire remote transcriptionists or local only? Do you furnish all of your own equipment? Thanks!
The TH QA is employee status.
They have employee status as well.
IC to employee status
Would appreciate any recommendations for companies to check out that offer IC or SE status with the option of becoming an employee with benefits if things work out. Been burned too many times to jump ship anymore without testing the waters first. Looking for acute care and/or radiology. Thanks.
my employee status seems to be different...
I get paid $21/h plus incentive. My employee status seems to be different from those below. We do not have to produce by line because we ACTUALLY get paid by the hour. Minimum is 75 minutes per 8-hour shift, 50 cents incentive (I wish it was more) after the 75 minutes. If there is no work, we still get paid $21/h. We are backed up by a union who renews/ratifies our contract every three years with the hospital. Of course, if we wanted to, we could figure out how many lines we actually type an hour but we don't need to. Our MTs used to work in the hospital before they sent us home to save money. I admit, because of this benefit, I slack every now and then to watch TV or do laundry knowing I get a set pay every two weeks, but in order for us to stay qualifed to work at home, we need to meet the minimal requirement of 75 productive minutes, which is actually not hard to do. With that said, if we say, lose electricity, we can use 1-hour downtime. After that, we have one hour to get to the office to continue our work.

We had an earthquake in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago resulting in total black out on all islands (Oahu 16 hours). Some of the MTs took PTO, some made up time on another day.
Employee Status
You might actually end up with a little more if you type the same number of lines/reports since you only have to pay half your taxes and FICA but remember then no deductions either.
IC status vs. employee

IC means different things to different companies.  I was an inhouse (employee) at a local company doing both rad and acute care, mainly rad.  Due to supervisor's pets not pulling their weight and management's refusal to hire help for growing accounts, me and one other coworker were stuck working all the time.  Every time I left the house for an errand, dinner, etc., and got on the computer, I had Yahoo instant messages waiting on me like ARE YOU THERE?,  Where are you?! We need your help! These jobs are out of turnaround time and Ms. X from ABC hospital is complaining!  Regardless of the fact I worked late, sometimes till 4 a.m., I was not appreciated.  I finally decided this was not worth 8 cents per line and left there.  Both as an employee and as an at-home IC, I was done dirty numerous times and had my pay docked once because another MT was sick and left me to do her (backed up) work.  Just because it was my weekend, when the account complained I was docked.  I started looking for another job that very hour.  

Sorry to ramble but my point is, it doesn't matter (from my experience anyway) what status you are, how you are treated and whether or not you are overworked depends on the company.   

Employee status
You are an employee when they pay your taxes, and then if you use their computer, they own you......
Employee vs. IC status
I agree with the not-so-great aspects of IC status...I'm single, what if I get disabled, or laid off, or any number of different scenarios...you have NO PROTECTION then...there is a reason all the labor unions battled for these kinds of worker protections! If you have got back up then maybe IC is a good thing...but if you are on your own...not so sure...
Is this for IC or employee status?
It sounds like their ER accounts are for employee status, or do they offer IC? They seem like a good company from what I've read. Good luck!
If you are employee status, can you...sm
say what the benefits cost, time off, etc. is.   Thanks very much.
Employee status only
Have you read the MQ board?? Are you sure you want to do this?? 
I had always been employee status and had never been an SE or IC before.. (sm)

I did like the freedom of being able to basically set my own schedule.  But I was so used to having taxes taken out and having the benefits and realized after I took the job that I just wasn't going to make enough money to cover my own insurance policy. It was a great company. I think if it had been at a different point in my life it might have worked out.  But I had just left Medquist and was deeply in debt because all my accounts at MQ dried up and I was getting no work. I decided to go with Keystrokes then and I'm glad I did because they take out my taxes, I have benefits again AND they are very flexible. I know there are a lot of SE's and IC's that are very happy...it just wasn't for me at that particular time.

No ICs -- employee status only.
Employee status only. nm
All employee status
They are hiring for full-time status with great benefits.
Are you IC or employee status? nm
employee status
I sued the company which was national at the time along with 10 other MTs. Yes, the time sheets were altered but I had the originals which were not tainted. I sued them for OT and downtime and won along with the other MTs. It can be done and companies will stop doing this to people.
If you are employee status I'd think
maybe depending on your state and their temporary disability plan you'd possibly be covered under that.  In my state it's 6 weeks maternity allowed.  I worked right up until the end with my kids so I could use my entire 6 weeks postpartum.  If you have to leave earlier with your doctors approval you can actually have the 6 weeks increased. 
employee status...sm
I do not work for an MTSO as an employee. I was actually hired by the HOSPITAL (union, 5 months pto in a year, sick leave, etc). Work is slow today for us also, but we are still getting paid with time and 1/2. Maybe you should apply at an actual hospital?
Employee status........sm
My pet peeve is when hired on as an employee, the minimal line count say for instance is 1200 lines.....BUT....they also require you to work 8 hours...A friend works as an employee for a large national, and she gets her 1200 lines in less than 8 hours....BUT...they still want her to type...To me, that is crazy.  Why don't they just pay hourly if that is the case....Asking for 8 hours AND a certain number of lines....i have never understood that...and this company does not EVEN offer benefits!!  I think all national companies are run by Idiots!
IC Status - Employee
Sorry, I must not have mentioned this - But I was hired by SoftScript as an Employee but as an IC as I am in Canada and they are in the US. SO, I am technically an employee but have to be paid as an IC because of where I live. And to tell you the truth, I only get paid 7 cpl as I am in Canada, but that is something that I have to accept seeing as I do live in Canada and finding an MT position with a canadian company is really hard right now. So, I am quite happy with my pay scale given my circumstances. What I was saying in my previous post was that if some IC's and/or employees don't like what they are getting paid, they need to be self-employed, purchase the necessary software, and go on their own, seeking out their own clients so that they can be paid what they want.
Diskriter Hospital
I was considering working for Diskriter on the hospital account in Florida.  There are lots of comments in the archives, but I was wondering if anybody has recent experience with the account manager and that account.  It seems like a revolving door, and I want to avoid becoming part of that action.  I want the hospital work and insurance, but is it flexible enough? Do they train well? How's the pay? Would my boss be available to me?  Any advice would be appreciated.  I am deciding between them and TransTech. Thanks
Statutory Employee Status sm
Use Bayscribe platform.
Incentive will be for both IC and employee status. sm
I know that rates will be higher for ICs than employees but ICs do not have benefits. Toss up if you ask me. I did not need them until recently (thanks to divorce from a loser who quit his job rather than pay child support).
Whether MDI-FL hires IC or just employee status.
I am thinking of applying but only want IC right now. I am not really interested in being tied to a schedule or need the benefits. I like the flexibility that IC offers..Thanks
IC versus employee status

I am considering a job offer which will make me an employee after being IC status for the past 9 years.  This job is 2 cents/line lower than what I make as an IC.  I also have extra expense now with unlimited LD and equipment rental that I won't have as an employee.  I am concerned about dropping 2 cents/line, but without the headaches of dealing with taxes every year, it might be worth it.  Any thoughts from anyone who has gone from IC to employee?


they offer employee status only.
Unless they changed it
Employee status does not work 4 me